The Weird History of Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition that nearly every child across the country looks forward to. Halloween is the one night of the year a kid can dress up as anything they want, roam around the neighborhood at night with their friends, and return home with a big bag of goodies.

We’re all familiar with this timeless tradition, but how and where did it begin? Here’s a glimpse into the weird history of trick-or-treating.

Samhain Origins

Trick-or-treating may have origins dating back thousands of years ago. The Celtic festival, Samhain, historically marks the end of the harvest season and the slow descent into winter. But this ancient festival may have also inspired trick-or-treating as we know it today.

During Samhain, Celtic villagers would dress themselves in masks and animal skins to ward off demons and spirits rising from the dead. It was believed that the real demons would be confused by their costumes and leave them alone instead of harming them. Some poor Celtic villagers would dress up and go door-to-door, exchanging songs and prayer in hopes of food and other goods.

All Saint’s Day

Later, the Catholic church began adopting and reforming all of the existing holidays so that they better fit the Christian religion. Eventually, Halloween became “All Saints Day” where people were encouraged to dress as saints, angels, and even some demons. This led to the mixture of both evil and happy costumes that we see today.

The tradition of trick-or-treating eventually took on a new form, known as “souling.” During All Saints Day, “soulers” would visit the homes of the wealthy townspeople and sing for cakes, also known as “soul cakes.”

The tradition of “souling” also occurred in Ireland and Scotland, but was instead referred to as “guising.” It consisted of children singing songs or offering other deeds in exchange for nuts, coins, and other household goods.

20th-Century Trick-or-Treating

When immigrants fled the potato famine in the late 19th Century, the tradition of “souling” and “guising” made its way over to the American colonies. These immigrants helped popularize Halloween in the United States; however, by the 1920’s, rowdy children and adolescents began using Halloween as an opportunity to pull pranks and cause damage. The pranks became so notorious that eventually, communities began implementing the nationwide tradition of trick-or -treating in hopes of putting an end to the craziness.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little, old-fashioned Halloween fun. But if you’re going to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, make sure you’re following the proper Halloween etiquette so everyone around you has a fun time.

During World War II, the sugar ration led to families refraining from trick-or-treating for a few years. Eventually, though, the tradition returned and is now back with a vengeance.

Understanding the History of Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is one of the many fun Halloween traditions the entire family can enjoy. Now that you understand the history of trick-or-treating, what will you do to celebrate this Halloween season?

Even if you don’t have kids to take out on Halloween, there’s still plenty you can do to get into the spooky holiday spirit. If you’re looking to start a new Halloween tradition this year, buy your tickets to Cutting Edge Haunted House today! There’s plenty of opportunity to dress up, have fun with friends, and brave all the scares lurking around every corner.

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. If you haven’t bought a Halloween costume yet, you may be in a frenzy to get one together.

But never fear! There are lots of great costume ideas that you don’t have to pay top dollar for, and with a little DIY magic, you can make this Halloween truly unforgettable!

What are some of the best DIY Halloween costumes? At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, TX, a lot of our guests pull off awesome costumes at the last minute. They’ve shared their tried and true methods and ideas with us, and we’re here to help you create a fun and exciting Halloween costume without having to break the bank!


If you’re a secret creature of the night, going as Dracula is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can pull off. Throw on some face white face powder, black eyeliner, and maybe colored contact lenses if you already have them. When it comes to your attire, black is the mantra. You’ll need a black cape, black pants, and whatever black you can grab from your closet (along with a creepy Transylvanian accent, while you’re at it.)

If you want to go for a full dramatic effect, paint on a little bit of fake blood from the corners of your mouth. At first sight, people will think you’ve just devoured your last feeding.

Little Red Riding Hood

Are you a fan of spooky fairy tales? If you are, and you’re looking for effortless DIY Halloween costumes, it’s time to head on your way to grandma’s as Little Red Riding Hood. You’ll need a simple dress covered with a red cape and a red hood. Try to acquire an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket, and stuff it with your favorite goodies that you can pass out to friends and pedestrians.

And for the full Little Red Riding Hood effect, skip from place to place wherever you go!


Are you a free-spirited who loves to dance or aimlessly wander? Channel your inner gypsy this year and layer up on a cold Halloween evening. A gypsy costume is great because you can piece together a mixture of colors and loose-fitting fabrics.

Every gypsy needs plenty of jewelry in their arsenal, so be sure to include lots of jingly bracelets, dangling earrings, and don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver. For a real gypsy allure, make your hair messy and carefree, rock a pair of sandals (weather-permitting), and wrap a head scarf around your head.

Minnie or Mickey Mouse

Fans of Disney can go as Minnie or Mickey Mouse if they’re looking for last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. Mickey and Minnie Mouse also make a great idea for couples costumes!

Make a set of round mouse ears with cardboard (and add a pink bow if you’re going as Minnie.) Paint your nose black and flaunt long, fake eyelashes (if you have them). If you’re going as Mickey, red pants and a black sweater will suffice. For an added effect, rock some suspenders. If you’re going as Minnie, you can get away with any sort of dress or tutu.

The Mickey and Minnie accent might be a little hard to pull off, but if you can master, it you’ll definitely be spreading laughter wherever you go.


If you’re looking for an easy and scary Halloween costume, why not channel the inner witch in you? There’s not one right way to go about the witch costume, as there are many variations of it. You could go as a cackling old woman with green skin or a hooked nose. You could go as a sleek and evil witch whose dressed in black with a pointed hat, a magic wand, or a broom. Or, you could go as a dark magic mistress in an extravagant, medieval dress.

While creating this costume, the best thing you can do is think long and hard about the type of which you’d want to be. What types of magical powers would you want to harness? From there, you can decide what to wear in accordance with your witchy personality.


Going as a puppet makes for a super creepy Halloween costume. The best part is that you can wear almost anything to your heart’s desire. It all depends on the type of puppet you want to be! If you want to be a classic entertainment puppet, wear a suit, bow tie, and top hat. Or, if you want to go as the puppet version of yourself, rock your favorite outfit.

The highlight of this costume is all about the puppet mouth. Using face paint, create lines from the corners of your mouth down to your chin. If you want to go all out, attach strings to your wrists and pretend you’re a puppet on the loose!

Sugar Skull

Are you on the artistic side and have an eye for detail? If so, why not harness your inner Los Muertos spirit with a beautiful sugar skull design? You can wear anything you please, so long as you take the time to paint your face. After all, you are soon to transform yourself into a riveting and ghostly calavera. For the best effect, go for all black attire, or amp it up with bright colors, lots of layers, or traditional Mexican attire.

Celebrate with DIY Halloween Costumes

There’s no reason to stress during the best and spookiest time of year. When it comes down to it, you don’t need to shell out lots of time and money to create an awesome and memorable costume. With these DIY Halloween costumes, you can celebrate Halloween in true spirit and focus on enjoying the festivities with your loved ones.

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Top 7 Creepiest Sea Creatures That Really Haunt Our Oceans

Not everything spooky thing is the star of a horror film. In fact, some incredibly eerie creatures are very real and are located in the depths of our oceans. The ocean is home to a number of pretty creepy fish and other marine life. They almost never see the light of day, though. It’s probably a good thing because you’ll soon learn that you don’t want to see them either.

Here are some of the creepiest creatures that really haunt our oceans:

Frilled Shark
This ancient sea creature looks like the ancestors of the hammerhead but crossed with a massive snake. Its terrifying appearance is incredibly archaic, but they have apparently shaped that way for a reason. Some think that it bends its body much like a serpent and launches forward, striking its prey with massive force. They live in the deepest depths of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, but given the chance, they wouldn’t hesitate to take a bite out of you.

gray shark decor

Giant Squid
Many people thought the giant squid was a thing of legends since only a few real-life accounts have ever been recorded. However, the giant squid is very real and just as terrifying as you probably assumed. They live in the deepest parts of the ocean, and because of this suffer a condition called deep-sea giantism. This causes them to reach monstrous sizes, up to 43 feet from top to bottom. They are definitely carnivorous, and there isn’t much doubt that they could eat a human whole if they wanted to. They are also known to be pretty violent, and sometimes beat their prey to death again rocks or the ocean floor before finally chowing down on the remains.

Gulper Eel
Eels are already admittedly creepy, but the gulper eel has a few special features that make it downright terrifying. Perhaps the freakiest feature is its massive jaw. It looks almost like a pelican’s beak and is several sizes too large for its body. Lined with razor-sharp teeth, they can devour things much larger than they are, much like a snake. Eels are much creepier than snakes, though, because they swim through the darkest, deepest oceans, waiting to swallow their prey whole.

Blue Ringed Octopus
The blue-ringed octopus is actually quite aesthetically appealing. Make no mistake, though, because it’s definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They might have some of the worlds strongest venom, which could kill you in minutes depending on your size. There is no anti-venom either, making it one of the worlds most dangerous predators, so you should probably steer clear at all costs.

selective focus photography of octopus

Goblin Shark The goblins we see in freaky films are terrifying enough, but this real-life creature is easily one of the most terrifying animals you’ll ever witness. With a massive snout and a retractable jaw, it is the ultimate predator. Not much is known about this terrifying beast though, since only a few have ever been caught, usually by deep sea fishermen. They definitely look as old as time, so we are guessing there aren’t many left.

The Black Swallower
It kind of looks like the archaic, fish-bone version of Charizard. But instead of a cute, snuggly demeanor, it has razor sharp teeth and a massively distended stomach. It can easily eat and digest prey that is up to ten times its size, which means nobody is safe. Not even humans. Again, it lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, so your chance of coming in contact with one is fortunately pretty slim.

The Anglerfish is one of the most terrifying creatures in the original Finding Nemo, but even that depiction is mild compared to the real thing. This fossil-like creature has large, needle-like teeth, as well as the iconic glowing orb protruding from its head. Its one of the best predators in the ocean, since most of its prey swim right to its light, and then into its mouth. It isn’t the slightest bit friendly, either, and will attack you if given the chance. It looks pretty threatening too, like a swimming skeleton with a neon bulb above its head.

Selective Photo of Gray Shark

Although it could easily be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever experienced, a deep sea dive might be a bit out of season (or out of reach) for the Halloween season. If you’re looking for an alternative that’s equally as terrifying, grab some haunted house tickets for the entire family. At Cutting Edge Haunted House we can scare the pants off of you, and you don’t even have to get wet. We have enough terror for the entire family, but we won’t eat you whole like some of these creepy creatures will. Enjoy your Halloween season with a night full of fright at the largest haunted house in Dallas area.

Top 5 Haunted Hospitals Across America

One thing is for certain: hospitals and asylums are pretty creepy even when they are up and running. So it’s no surprise that thrill seekers flock to the abandon establishments after they’ve been shut down. When a hospital has a dark history of patient abuse, there’s a chance that some unfriendly ghosts will even sweeten the deal. We’ve uncovered the truth about five of the scariest hospitals and asylums in the country. And if these spooky stories aren’t enough to quench your Halloween thirst, try a haunted house this holiday season.

  1. Alton Mental Health Hospital, Illinois
    The Alton Mental Health Center was built in the early 1900’s and is still open today, but we aren’t sure just how safe and sound it is for patients and visitors. The hospital’s history features a long line of patient abuse and mistreatment, followed by lawsuits (which they mostly won). The Alton Mental Health center was known for its regular use of cruel mental health therapies, like electrode shocking patients to “rewire the brain,” forcing frontal lobotomies to “unruly” patients, and utilizing cold water treatments when a patient was out of hand. Many patients that were committed to the center were committed for life, and many patients died during their stay. Many people believe the deaths were due to the cruel treatment, and that these “murders” were covered up by the patient’s pre-existing mental health conditions. Some patients simply died of old age, but it’s apparent they weren’t looking back on the place from the afterlife with fond memories.

Now, workers, patients, and visitors alike report strange occurences in the hospital. Doors slam on their own. Torturous screams can be heard from the ends of the corridors. Vicious whispers haunt the quiet nights. Because the hospital is still running, you can’t tour the creepy facility. However, that hasn’t stopped visitors from snapping photos of their spooky experience when visiting loved ones. Some of these photos reportedly revealed an orb with the face of a man who appeared to be in excruciating pain. There were so many deaths in the hospital over the years, there’s no telling exactly who’s unsettled spirit may remain in the center, but most reports agree that there’s definitely something there.

2. ByBerry Mental Hospital, Pennsylvania
This mental hospital has an interesting history, and when it opened in the early 1900’s was a working farm designed for the mentally ill. As if using mentally ill patients for capital gain isn’t bad enough, the center was later expanded into a mental hospital and stuffed full of patients in order to increase profits. The patient list grew and grew, and within a few years, there were way more patients that could be properly cared for. The lack of space and overpopulation led to extreme abuse and neglect, and eventually, the hospital neared bankruptcy. The lack of funds severely impacted patients, most of which had no family to care for them or were committed by the state. Patients survived with very little clothing, food, or personal necessities. Many patients were without a bedroom, and instead were docked in the hall, strapped to beds or restraint chairs. The halls, bathrooms, and bedrooms were filled with sewage due to lack of funds to repair plumbing damage. Treatment by the staff was more than inhumane, and patients were regularly beaten into submission, forced into frontal lobotomies, electroshock, or solitary confinement.  When confined, patients were restricted to a closet-sized padded cell without access to a toilet or shower and very little access to food or water.

These conditions continued until 1990 when the hospital was thoroughly investigated and then closed down. However, the building still stands to this day, and according to many reports, so do the angry spirits of those who suffered the terrible fate of being committed to the hospital.

After the hospital was closed, it became a meeting place for gangs, satanic cults, and even shelter for homeless men, women, and children. Some patients were released when the hospital is shut down, and many that had nowhere else to go stayed at the abandoned building. It is said that one patient in particular, a mentally deranged and violent old man, still resides in the tattered building today and waits patiently with a blade to kill anyone who enters.

Other reports tell of vicious screaming and painful whaling that can be heard from the building. Many visitors have gone to check out the haunted hospital, and some have reported physical scratches appearing on their body during their tour. Others report human-like growling noises, and others claim to have seen apparitions. One frequent report in particular claims to have seen a young woman, bound in a straight jacket, bleeding from the temples of her head. Of course, reports vary wildly, so the best way to discover the truth about ByBerry Hospital is to take a look for yourself.

3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia
With such an unpleasant name, it’snot  hard to imagine that any wrongdoings went on at this “Lunatic Asylum.” The building was constructed in the 1880’s and was designed only to hold 250 patients. By the 1950’s there were more than 2,400 patients admitted to the asylum, with only very few expansion projects taking place to increase space.

Many patients were women who were committed for absurd causes, like “desertion by husband” or “imaginary female troubles.” Patients could have been committed to the center for things like laziness, over-sleeping, or falling from their horse. It wasn’t long after the center opened that patient treatment got out of hand. The center was known for cruel “experimental therapy” and was one of the leading “mental health research” centers in the area.

It is said that many angry spirits haunt the building, which was shut down in the ‘90’s due to the poor condition of the building and the tightening of laws concerning the treatment of mental health patients. Now, visitors experience truly chilling experiences. Most reports claim to hear women’s voices, as well as screams from the room that was previously used for electroshock therapy. One nurse who worked in the center decades ago reported that she once saw 40 doors simultaneously slam. Another report claims to have seen a little ghost boy walking down the halls asking “Where is my mother?”

4. Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania
The history of Pennhurst Asylum is no secret and includes a long line of patient abuse and neglect and absurd treatment. Some reports claim that children were left in cribs for years at a time and patients were chained to walls. Several murders were said to take place.

The asylum was opened in 1908 and was originally a state school for the mentally ill, which would easily house over 10,000 people at a time. However, it was closed in the ‘80’s and accused of “dehumanization” of patients, and many former patients filed accusations of abuse. The building was abandoned as it, including patients belonging and medical equipment. Many well-known ghost hunting crews have explored the building. They found and documented sudden temperature changes, objects that move on their own, and voices screeching things like “Why won’t you leave?”

5. Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio
This asylum opened in early 1874 and was meant to specialize in the treatment of the criminally insane. The center began as a peaceful place that genuinely helped patients recover, but quickly took a turn for the worst when it was overcroweded. Many patients suffered neglect, but one patient in particular suffered neglect that ended in her death. Margaret Schilling, a young girl, was playing hide and seek with a nurse in the cold month of December, 1978. The nurse got distracted and forgot about Margaret, where she lay hidden until her body was recovered the following January. It is said that a clear imprint of her body and clothes still stains the floor, despite decades of cleaning.

Many patients died in the center, and the ones without families were buried in the center’s cemetery. However, graves were not marked with names, but numbers instead. This resulted in a mass of unknown graves. Visitors who visit the center and the cemetery have reported sightings of apparitions, strange, sudden smells, and even unexplained screaming in the middle of the night.

These are definitely some of the eeriest places in the country, and they’d make for a spooky experience indeed. If these locations are a bit out of reach for your seasonal thrills, you can get your kicks at the top haunted house in Texas. Cutting Edge Haunted house is sure to give you the Halloween thrill you’re looking for, so grab your Cutting Edge tickets for you and your whole family today!

The Truth Behind The Spookiest Texas Urban Legends

Texas is anything but scary. In fact, you’ll probably be met with the cutting edge of hospitality and an endearing southern drawl by the locals. But there are some deep dark secrets of the past that have stuck around to haunt the Lone Star State. In fact, Texas may just have some of the spookiest urban legends around. If you dare to venture out to these spooky spots this Halloween, you may get the thrill of your lifetime.

1. The Death Shift Nurse

Genene Jones, a  licensed vocational nurse, started her career at the Bexar County Hospital in the neonatal ICU. It wasn’t long after her start that the county witnessed indescribable misfortune. Several children in the unit suffered mysterious emergencies, and before long, other nurses noticed a trend. These children were dying, all of conditions that should have been easily handled, during Jones’ night shift. The occurrence was so regular that hospital staff began referring to Jones’ shift as “the death shift.”

The hospital did not want any publicity on the matter, and Jones’ could not be linked directly to the death of any children. Instead of calling authorities, they booted her out, and she soon began working at a pediatric clinic. The trend continued, with several patients experiencing near-fatal emergencies, and one little girl passing away. Eventually, Genene Jones was tried and later convicted for the murder of up to 60 infants. Bexar County Hospital wanted no such connection to the serial killer and was later convicted for destroying evidence of the untimely deaths within their own ICU.

Now, locals say that Genene’s ghost has risen at the county hospital. Some say that you can see her creeping past the ICU windows during the death shift. Others report hearing the faint sound of a baby’s cry during their hospital stay. Fortunately, the murderous trend has not continued, but if you are so unfortunate to have an overnight stay at that hospital, she might pay you an untimely visit.

2. La Llorona

This one could date back as far as the Aztecs, but only gets creepier with age. La Llorona, which translates roughly to “weeping woman,” is a tale about a young woman and her children. Legend says that she married a young man in San Antonio, and together they had two children, one girl and one boy. Later, her husband fell ill and died, leaving her and the children behind, as well as a mountain of bills and very little money.

The woman, in all her grief, eventually spotted a young man around town. He was handsome and rather well off, and she saw him as a solution to all of her problems. She struck up a conversation, and eventually he began courting her, finding interest in her as well. He proposed, asking her hand in marriage. Until one day he learned of her kids, who she had kept a secret, and broke off the engagement, stating he was not ready to be a father. The woman was shattered, angry even, and did not take kindly to the heartbreak.

She packed a basket and told her kids they were going on a picnic. She had no such intention and instead carried them to the river. Grief-stricken, she drowned her children in the water, hoping that the man would love her once again once her children were gone. Seconds after holding her lifeless children in her hands, she realized the sin she had committed. Her children floated downstream, and in an attempt to catch their bodies, the woman drowned too.

Now, Texas locals say you can still see the woman wandering up and down the river. According to the tales, she is tall and thin, wearing white, and weeping loudly. She’s still searching for her children, and you are unfortunate enough to cross her path or hear her cries, she’s likely to cause you some trouble.

3. Arlington’s Screaming Bridge

The Screaming Bridge, located on what is now known as Greenbelt Road, is a local hotspot for tourist, teens, and paranormal investigators due to the local’s stories of the “haunting screams of girls” that can be heard coming from the demolished bridge. This legend has some background, though, and can be linked back to a fatal car crash in the 1960’s. A group of girls who had just left an evening movie and were out for a ride on the town crossed the bridge at a fair 45 mph, and quickly plunged to their death below.

The local fire department at the time confirmed that the bridge has been partially burned, probably by “hoodlums” in the area. Some local’s say a few of the girls had picked the wrong bones. Later the boys’ were found and brought to trial, where their case was dismissed. The burning bridge was determined to be “just a prank” and local news reports say they “had no malice in their hearts.” Either way, their spirits have stuck around the let us know about the wrongdoings that were done to them. Legend says that you can hear the screams of girls when you approach the bridge, and it’s a sound you’ll carry with your wherever you go.

4. Demon’s Road

Any winding dirt road is sure to be a little spooky at night, but they have nothing on this haunted road in Huntsville, TX. Nobody is sure where exactly the legend originates, but locals will warn you about the dangers of traveling the path, especially at night. The road leads to a small gravesite, Martha Chapel Cemetery, at its winding end, which might explain the demonic apparitions and hooded figures that have been spotted on its course.

Over the years, reports have surfaced of satanic rituals and witchcraft ceremonies that took place on the edge of the path. Perhaps the eeriest part of this haunted legend is the child-like phantom handprints spotted on people’s cars after passing through. Be careful if you choose to take this path, formally known as Bowden’s road, because its phantom tenants may just try to run you off the road. If you are brave enough to take the old dirt road, be aware you’re likely being watched.

These local hotspots might give you all the thrill you need this Halloween, but if you are looking for a more all-in-one destination, grab your Cutting Edge tickets for one of the best haunted houses in Texas.

10 Best Spooky Couples Costumes

There are plenty of cute couples costumes floating around on Halloween, but what better way to really capture the spooky spirit of the night than to draft up something terrifying with your partner. If you’re looking for something bold and bone-chilling, check out this list of couplings that are truly grotesque. And if you’re looking for somewhere to showcase your hair-raising wardrobe, try Cutting Edge Haunted House. We can add some serious fright to your Halloween night.

  1. The Possessed and The Priest

    Look towards the classic Halloween horror film, The Exorcist, for inspiration here. There is nothing more creepy than demonic possession, and the overall look should be pretty easy to pull off. A little blood and scratch marks, smeared eyeliner, fake vomit, and you’ve got a pretty convincing (and creepy) costume. The priest costume will be equally easy to fashion. Bonus points if someone learns to grumble a few freaky Latin phrases.

  2. Victor and Emily (Corpse Bride)
    You’ll have to have some makeup skills to pull off Tim Burton’s iconic Emily. Pulling inspiration from arguably one of his best films, the lady in blue is unmistakable. Her withered gown and exposed bones give this outfit a ghastly touch, but she would be nowhere without the love of her life, Victor. A pale face, dark under-eye circles, and a tailored suit is all it takes. Then go on with the normal lovey dovey stuff and you’ve got a match made in he— you get the point.
  3. Betelgeuse and Lydia
    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Be— very aware that this costume coupling will easily be the talk of the night. Beetlejuice’s suit will probably need to be specially ordered, but all you will need to pull off Lydia’s iconic look is some pretty rad bangs. Get your quotes ready and “turn on the juice to see what shakes loose.”
  4. Kim and Edward (Edward Scissorhands)
    You’ll need to pull off some special effects (or maybe just look for a “scissorhand” glove on the web) to nail this one down, but if you do it right you and your partner will be the stars of the night. Another Burton classic, the artificial man is dressed in full black and unbelievably creepy. When paired with the soft skin and blonde hair of his co-star, Kim, they give off a pretty frightening vibe. If you can get your hands on the 1950’s style off-the-shoulder all-white dress, you’ll have no trouble pulling this look together. Be aware, though, Winona Ryder is a tough act to follow.
  5. Moira and the Rubber Man
    If you’re an American Horror Story fan, then this is right up your dark alley. Moira and the Rubber Man, appearing in the first season, are arguably two of the eeriest characters on the show. The latex suit and maid outfit should be easy to acquire, and a little special effects, colored contacts, and fake blood can bring Moira’s missing eye into the mix. Add a feather duster and you two will quickly be the life of the party
  6. Morticia and Gomez
    The Addams Family has been a household name for generations, and their spine-chilling romance is a great opportunity for couples to let their spooky love glow. A long black gown and pinstripe suit is all you need to recreate this aesthetic. Just make sure you don’t forget the ‘stache. If you’d like, make it a family event and throw Wednesday and Pugsley in the mix.
  7. Frankenstein and His Bride
    If you’ve ever seen this spooky sequel, you know that the awkward love between these monsters is unmatched. You’ll definitely need to seek out a wig, but you should have no problem pulling together the wardrobe for this iconic duo. Spend a little time mastering the “Frankenstein walk” and you and your bride will be well on your way to a hair-raising night.
  8. Dracula and His Wife
    This sinister pair comes straight from the depths of Transylvania. And yes, we know Dracula has a laundry list of wives, but that’s the beauty in this costume match up. You can essentially choose any one of his eerie brides. You’ll need a couple sets of vampire teeth and some thoughtfully placed blood, but it shouldn’t take much to recreate the Count and his eternal lover. Rewatching any one of these legendary films will help you perfect that uncanny accent.
  9. Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll
    There’s a myriad of movies we could reference here, but the end result is all the same. The witch doctor’s outfit is the perfect opportunity to get a little wild. Go for a top hat and cane, or choose something a little more tribal. The voodoo doll has button eyes but is anything but cute. Be careful where you place the push pins, you never know who could get hurt.
  10. Puppet and Puppeteer
    Ah, puppets. Generally created for the entertainment of children, but somehow they are undeniably creepy every time. This costume duo is a great way to switch it up since there are no gender roles here. There’s a lot of room to play around with this one. All it takes is a little makeup and some strings, but if you want to step it up a notch, try adding some fake flood, matching top hats and three-piece suits. There’s something blood-curdling about a puppeteer parading around a puppet that looks exactly like himself.

No matter what you
choose, you and your partner can be in for some spine chilling fun this
Halloween season. Don’t forget to grab ahold of your haunted house tickets this
year, or you’ll risk missing out on a sinister show.