5 Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2018

For some people, September marks the beginning of the autumn season. Grocery stores are stocking up their candy aisles. And the pumpkin spice fever is already well underway.

Still, many people consider it too early to commemorate the start of the Halloween season. But if you drool over the thought of horror movies and haunted houses, it’s never too early to celebrate.

Nor is it ever too early to start perusing scary makeup ideas for Halloween!

Do you dress up as something downright terrifying every year without fail? Or, are you looking to spread your horror wings for the first time this upcoming Halloween?

Either way now is the time to start planning and practicing your scary Halloween makeup. And you’ll need some bone-chilling inspiration straight from the pros. Here are 5 scary ideas for Halloween makeup to help you get started!

1. Speak No Evil

The world of horror is no stranger to the concept of sewn mouths. Films like Strangeland and The Crazies featured memorable scenes depicting stitched mouths. And in recent years, this concept has garnered the name “Speak No Evil” in the realm of special effects makeup.

The Speak No Evil look is a terrifying way to play on some people’s worst fear. There are a variety of horrifying looks that manipulate the appearance of the mouth. No matter which looks you’re going for, you’ll need liquid latex, first and foremost.

If you’re going for a cleaner look, you may only need concealer or foundation, needle, and thread. You won’t actually sew your mouth, silly! You will sew layers of the liquid latex once it’s completely dry, however.

For example, if you’re going for a simple scary makeup look, you can follow a_skeleton’s method. Her method involves building layers of latex and toilet paper and then sewing the latex. She then uses black and red face paint to make it look like a very bloody sewing job.

a_skeleton / @macabremakeup

We’re also a fan of @_harlequinade’s concept of Speak No Evil. Instead of sewing the dried latex, this makeup artist applied twine.

But there are many horrifying ways to manipulate the mouth that don’t involve sewing. Take it from Sara Clauson of Glam&Gore. She perfected the See No Evil look using cotton balls and liquid latex. Her Speak No Evil resembles what a zombie’s rotting or melting mouth would look like.

No matter which Speak No Evil look you go for, one thing is certain: You’re bound to make bystanders do a double take.

2. Zombie Superhero

Marvel and DC Comics have dominated the box office in recent years. So, it’s only expected to see some Wonder Women and Batmen walking around this Halloween. If you love superheroes but want to try scary makeup ideas for Halloween, you’re in luck! You can zombify any superhero your inner dark and horror-loving heart desires.

First, you’ll need to decide which superhero you’ll revive from the dead this Halloween. Then, you’ll need to recreate or acquire their costume so you can zombify it! Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Spritz brown/black food coloring or bleach onto the costume
  • Tatter up and make rips in the cloth
  • Dip areas of the cloth in fake blood
  • Smear and rub dirt on the cloth

Chances are, your superhero’s mask didn’t come out unscathed during the zombie apocalypse. So, you’ll also want to tatter or rip it up, as well. That way, you can show off some terrifying zombie makeup.
Zombie makeup can be as simple as powdering your face and applying dark circles around your eyes. It’s the easiest way to create a gaunt and sunken appearance. Add some fake wounds and white colored contacts, and you’ll be ready to walk the earth once again.

Of course, you can go the extra mile by channeling the skills of the industry’s finest makeup artists. Take the makeup and special effect artists from The Walking Dead, for example. The TV series is, after all, based on a comic series, too.

You can also keep your makeup in the spirit of comic books. No one does this better than makeup artist Argenis Pinal.

His Zombie Wolverine looks straight out of a Marvel comic!

3. Trypophobic

Are you looking for scary Halloween makeup that will play on people’s nightmares?

If so, playing on trypophobia is quite possible with makeup. Trypophobia is, by definition, a pathological fear of holes. Whether it’s a honeycomb, coral reef, or actual holes in the skin… Some people are downright disgusted by the images of holes.

More makeup artists are manipulating their skin to look like its infected with holes. Check out @bulldozer_speech_demon’s trypophobic look:

There are varying methods of how to create the illusion of holes in the skin. We like artist Cynthia Koning’s method of creating a tacky base with spirit gum. Then, she uses flesh-colored wax and applies it onto the sticky base. The final step involves (you guessed it) digging out tiny, irregular holes from the wax layer.

If you’re looking for a simple scary makeup idea that will make trypophobics shudder, this look is for you!

4. Demonic Nun

Every Halloween, there’s always someone, somewhere, dressed up as a nun. For some non-religious people, dressing up as a nun is an ironic jab at their lack of faith. For others, Halloween is a chance to channel all those years of Catholic school and Sunday school.

But this year, you can expect to see some pretty terrifying nun costumes out there. The Nun is one of the biggest horror movies to come out this year. It’s a prequel to The Conjuring 2, which tells the story of how Valak, the demonic nun, came to be. And now, makeup artists are drawing on Eleanor Sabaduquia’s work from The Nun.

Makeup artist Adela Mejia has kicked off her Halloween series inspired by Sabaduquia. For fans of the movie, they too can recreate the demonic nun using Adela Mejia’s tutorial.

The Valak look from The Conjuring universe is just one style people can grace this Halloween. But there are other simple scary makeup ideas that revolve around nun costumes. Take the idea of the weeping nun, for example. You may be familiar with this look from American Horror Story: Asylum.

First, you’ll paint your face completely white. Lips, eyelids, ears, and all. Then, you’ll apply blacked out colored contacts. Taking black face paint, create a melting stream of tears pouring out from your eyes. After that, all you’ll need is a nun costume to make people around you whisper a Hail Mary to themselves.

5. Sea Monster

Step aside, Ariel. In folklore, traditional mermaids were nothing like the Disney princess. In fact, they were once believed to enchant sailors and shipwreck them.

Mermaid costumes have grown in popularity over the years. But after the premiere of The Shape of Water, the fascination with sea monsters has been reborn. So, whether you’re looking to be a demonic mermaid or the Gill-Man, pay attention!

First, you’ll need fishnet stockings. These vary in size and design, but it’s good to acquire one with large knits and one with smaller knits.

There are plenty of ways to create the illusion of fish scales on your face. Not to mention, you can use just about any color makeup you desire. But this tutorial is perfect for an underwater simple scary makeup look.
If you want a concept more on the monstrous side, consider going as a piranha or angler fish this Halloween. Madeyewlook’s tutorial is great inspiration whether you want to go as an anglerfish or some other underwater monster this year.

Make people think twice about going swimming by channeling your inner sea monster this Halloween!

Find Inspiration with Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween

It may still feel like summer in some parts of the U.S. But Halloween is right around the corner – and now is the time to start planning and practicing your scary Halloween makeup look!

Once October rolls around, where’s the best place to rock scary makeup ideas for Halloween? The good news is that you don’t need to wait until October 31st to wear your makeup. Haunted houses are the best place to show off your scary makeup and meet others who are just as scary as you.

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