It Ain’t Over till it’s Over!

With Halloween now past and Thanksgiving just around the corner, you would think that the zombies and ghouls of the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth would be chilling out, resting on their laurels and cracking open a brewskie. And you would be wrong!

No, Cutting Edge’s hard-working, long struggling, tireless chainsaw champions have been busy screening the many entries to the $10,000 Scare Somebody Video Contest, sent in by devilish pranksters and budding filmmakers from all around the country. And after weeks of hard work, they have winnowed the clips down to 12 finalists, and now they’re counting on YOU to help them out – that’s right, YOU.

How can you help? Just go to the Cutting Edge Facebook page where you’ll see an announcement of the finalists on the top left hand page entry. Click on the URL for each of four brackets, and you’ll be taken to another page where you can view three videos. Vote for your favorite on each page.

Winners in each bracket will move up every week until there are just two finalists, so be sure to come back every week and vote again! The battle for first place will run from December 6 through 13. Votes are reset weekly, so just because you voted once doesn’t mean your vote will count for the next round.

Halloween may be over, but you can bet your last candy corn, SOMEBODY’s going to have a very nice Christmas!