7 of the Creepiest Romances in Film

How will you ring in Valentine’s Day 2019 this year? Do you and your lovebird prefer the stranger side of life?

If so, there are all types of dark Valentine’s Day dates you could try. You could get a cactus massage followed by a blindfolded dinner. You could even visit the world’s largest haunted house.

But cuddling up on the couch with a movie may be more of your thing. So, should you choose to watch a scary movie or a romantic one?

Why not both?

There are a handful of movies to feature the creepiest romances of all time. That’s why we’re bringing you a countdown to the 7 creepiest movie love stories of all time. Let’s begin!

7. Bride of Chucky

A murderous, red-headed doll is creepy enough on its own. Add in a second murderous doll and make them fall in love… Now that is creepy!

Horror movie fans are all well aware of the Child’s Play franchise and its star, Chucky. But in 1998, Chucky meets his match in Tiffany Valentine, and the two embark on a journey to leave their doll forms once and for all. 


1998’s Bride of Chucky is chock full of resurrections, soul transporting, cold-blooded murder… and did we mention it’s a comedy, too? If you’re looking for a truly unconventional romantic film to watch, Bride of Chucky is a good one to start with.

6. Fatal Attraction

A brief affair gone horribly wrong… Look no further than 1987’s psychological thriller Fatal Attraction. The film stars Glenn Close as the obsessive antagonist who takes clingy to a whole new level. 

Michael Douglass plays Dan, a married man who has a short weekend affair with Alex (Glenn Close). Dan believes the affair was only a fling and that it’s over. But Alex’s persistence escalates into full-blown obsession.

The film became iconic for one of the most disturbing scenes of all time. (Spoilers ahead!)



Who could forget the scene when Alex boils the rabbit of Dan’s daughter and leaves it on the stove for his wife to find? Back in 1987, this scene was all movie-goers could talk about, and it’s still etched in our memories to this day.

Sometimes the creepiest romances take vengeful and bloody turns. Nothing is more painful than unrequited love. Just ask the jilted, forgotten lovers who will be at the “Twisted Love” event this year at Cutting Edge Haunted House… if you dare.

5. Ghost

Even when people pass on, we still love them and learn to cope with their absence. But what if their soul doesn’t pass on and remains in this world as a ghost? Can we still love them even when we cannot see them?

1990’s Ghost stars Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. In this heartfelt story, Patrick Swayze plays Sam, a banker killed in a mugging. But his soul becomes stuck in this physical world until he can accomplish what he needs to finish. 


With the help of a medium (played by Goldberg), Sam not only uncovers the truth behind his murder. He races against the clock to protect his girlfriend, Molly, who is in danger from the men who murdered him.

Ghost may not be your typical creepy love story. In fact, it contains a blend of steamy romance, heartfelt humor, and edgy thrills. But the ghostly romance between Sam and Molly made for one of the most memorable movie love stories of all time.

4. Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire doesn’t portray a romance between lovers. But it does tell the story of two companion vampires who have love for one another. 

The film version of Anne Rice’s novel occurs as a series of flashbacks. Immortal Louis (played by Brad Pitt) tells his life story as a human and vampire to an interviewer. The entire film follows the story of Louis and his companion vampire, Lestat (played by Tom Cruise). Early in the film, Lestat turns a dying little girl into a vampire. Her name is Claudia (played by a young Kirsten Dunst). 



Though trapped in a child’s body, Claudia matures and grows close to Louis. The two attempt to break away from Lestat and find new meaning in immortality.

Movie love stories don’t always have to be romantic. Love can take many forms. The companionship between Claudia and Louis in Interview with the Vampire is a testament to that, and the film will make for a dark and heartfelt night this Valentine’s Day 2019… especially if you’re a fan of vampires.

3. Bride of Frankenstein

Even Frankenstein needs loving, too! After cheating death, the monster meets his match in 1935’s Bride of Frankenstein. Mad scientists, Frankenstein and Pretorius, embark on creating the perfect companion for Frankenstein. But will she love him back or ultimately reject him? 


Bride of Frankenstein not only portrays one of the creepiest romances in film. It was one of the earliest portrayals of blind dating in cinematic history. This Valentine’s Day 2019, find out for yourself if the Bride will accept Frankenstein as her match made in monster heaven.

2. Get Out

When it’s time to meet the parents, you know your relationship is getting serious.

All seems to be going well for Chris and Rose in 2017’s Get Out. They’re embarking on a weekend getaway to meet Rose’s family. But like any horror film, the weekend takes a very disturbing turn. It’s not long until Chris realizes that something is horribly wrong with Rose’s family.



Get Out is not only considered one of the scarier movies in recent memory. It also combines elements of science fiction and thrills. There’s even a bit of romance – although fleeting.

1. The Shape of Water

The concept of a human falling in love with something non-human is not a foreign concept in film. But Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water took this concept to a whole new level… and the story made for one of the creepiest romances of all time. 

In the film, protagonist Elisa encounters a humanoid amphibian at the laboratory she works at. Elisa is a mute and communicates with sign language. This makes it easier for her to bond with the Amphibian Man. It’s not long until she’s going to any length to save the Amphibian Man from the throes of scientific experimentation.


The love between the Amphibian Man and Elisa seems like a doomed romance from the start. How can a human love a non-human? But The Shape of Water makes for an unforgettable love story… even if it’s a little bit creepy at the same time.

Watch the Creepiest Romances in Film This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2019 is only days away. If you plan to spend it snuggled up at home, be sure to pop in a romantically creepy flick. If you plan to watch one of the top 7 creepiest romances in film, let us know which ones you choose by leaving a comment!

Still, you could always save the flick for the end of the night. Before you get cozy on the couch, take your special someone out on a date they’ll never forget.

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