Are You a Halloween Junkie?

Halloween is fast approaching, but for some of us, it just can”t get here fast enough. Are you one of those people? Here are a few sure signs you could be a Halloween junkie.

o PETA is after you for dying all of your cats black.

o You have an actual skeleton in your closet.

o You frequently post selfies wearing vampire teeth.

o Your music collection consists of organ music and the Michael Jackson “Thriller” album.

o You think candy corn is one of the four food groups.

o Instead of a wok, you prefer to cook in a cauldron.

o You own more fright wigs than Dolly Parton.

o You take your kids trick-or-treating and you come home with more candy than they do.

o You’re positively giddy with excitement that Cutting Edge Haunted House is opening this weekend! Yeah!