Do You Believe in Vampires?


With the publication of the book series and unavoidable blockbuster movie resulting from The Twilight Saga, a fresh craze of vampire worship seems to have struck teenage girls the world over. Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer purports that the vampire stories came to her in a dream, one that left her writing feverishly, night and day, until the four-part series of vampire romance novels was finished.

Was it a dream?

Vampires are purported to have mystical powers to hypnotize and enslave people to do their bidding.

Beginning with The Vampyre by John Polidori and Bram Stoker’s popular Dracula, vampires have been the subject of a great many fictitious tales, romance novels and horror movies for hundreds of years. What is it about these mythical creatures that so fascinates us?

Although the ancient Greeks and Romans, among others, had myths of spirits and demons considered to be early precursors to the modern vampire, today’s vampire can trace his roots directly back to 18th century Europe. Many ethnic groups of the region believed that malevolent spirits came to possess corpses, which then rose from their graves to wreak havoc amongst the living.

Vampires were said to be created in a variety of different ways. One belief held that an animal, particularly a dog or cat, leaping over a corpse would cause that corpse to become undead. A body that had a wound which was left untreated was also fair game. Suicide victims were prime suspects for vampirism. And of course, being bitten by a vampire became a favorite method of propagating the flock.

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