Bigfoot Sighting at Cutting Edge

Patrons of Cutting Edge, Fort Worth’s world-renowned haunted house, claim to have sighted the elusive hominid known as Big Foot, actually inside the 200,000+ square foot former meat packing plant located in Fort Worth’s notorious “Hell’s Half-Acre.”

Coming directly on the heels of recent announcements by a group of scientists calling themselves The Sasquatch Genome Project that they had sequenced DNA from the creatures, a Big Foot has been sighted right here in Fort Worth, Texas.

Patrons at Cutting Edge Haunted House reporting catching sight of the creature actually inside the building.

“I could barely make it out in the darkness, but it was big and hairy, and it touched me,” exclaimed one female patron, who declined to be named. “And it smelled bad, like a wet dog.”

When asked whether the creature in question could have been one of the cast and crew of the attraction, Haunt Master Todd James replied, “No, I don’t think so. Our guys may smell a little funky by the end of the night, but they wouldn’t touch anyone, at least not on purpose.”

A daylight inspection of the attraction this morning revealed suspicious claw marks on several wooden posts, and a wad of chewed gum stuck to a wall – too high up for most of the patrons to be able to reach.

“We do get some tree toppers in here sometimes,” said James, “but I don’t remember any basketball players coming through the line last night.” The gum, along with some discarded gum wrappers, will be sent to the Sasquatch Genome Project for DNA testing.

“You never know. I mean, why shouldn’t a Sasquatch chew gum? Everybody needs fresh breath, ” said James. And what’s Big Foot’s favorite flavor? “Oh, that’s easy; Juicy Fruit, what else?”

Stay tuned for more information on the Big Foot sightings at the Cutting Edge Haunted House, or better yet, come on down and take a look for yourself!