Bloodthirsty Thursday at the Cutting Edge

As Halloween draws near and just one day before October’s full moon, DFW Haunted House Cutting Edge opens its doors on Thursday night, October 17!

Derived from Thor, Thunar and Thunraz, Norse and German names for the God of Thunder, Thursday would surely have to be a day of great importance, or so one would think.

Apart from Thanksgiving, however, Thursday goes largely neglected in our modern calendar, with neither the kick-your-shoes-off pizazz of Friday, nor the “halfway there” relief of Wednesday – “hump day” – not even the dread and angst of a Blue Monday. Poor Thursday.

In music, however, Thursday makes a comeback, with the ever popular Thursday Afternoon by British artist Brian Eno in 1984, Thursday’s Child by The Chameleons in 1983 and David Bowie in 1999, and a New Zealand hit called Outlook for Thursday by Dave Dobbyn. Yay Thursday!

This year, Thursday has the added distinction of hosting the Halloween holiday, on one of the darkest nights of the year, with only the faintest sliver of the moon present to witness the event. In fact, the moon will be full this coming Friday, October 18, and nearly so on the preceding night, the first Thursday that Cutting Edge will be open this month.

Will we see werewolves, vampires, ghouls and other bloodthirsty undead creatures of the night? Most definitely! Will there be zombies playing instruments and evil clowns with chainsaws? You betcha! Will there be specially discounted ticket prices? Well, let’s not get carried away hereā€¦

What you will get is shorter lines, so it’s like getting a Speedpass ticket at the regular ticket price! What a deal! Plus, if you go to the Cutting Edge front page right now, click on Coupon and fill out the form, a discount coupon will be emailed to you right away so DO IT NOW!

See you Thursday!