Countdown to Opening Night: 71 Days!

Halloween is still 133 days away, but don’t despair: Cutting Edge Haunted House will be opening up for a “Sneak Peek” on Saturday, August 30 – just 71 days from now!

That sneak peek will officially kick off the haunting season in Fort Worth, home of the World’s Longest Walk-Through Haunted House, followed by 26 more nights of thrills, chills and frightfully delightful entertainment.

So put a big red X on your calendar on August 30 this year. Cameron Diaz will turn 42 on that day, and Anne-Marie, titular Queen of Greece will turn 68. Happy birthday, ladies!

Historical events of note on August 30: Nazi Germany annexed Luxembourg in 1942, Hurricane Carol struck Long Island and Connecticut in 1954, killing 72 and causing $462 million in damage, and President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a killer rabbit while on a fishing trip in Georgia in 1979. Apparently the unfortunate creature leapt into the water in order to escape a pack of hounds, and swam toward the President’s boat in a panic. The Commander-in-Chief fended off the would-be attacker with a paddle and the rabbit swam away, but not before being captured on film by a White House photographer.

According to former Press Secretary Jody Powell: “The animal was clearly in distress, or perhaps berserk. The President confessed to having had limited experience with enraged rabbits. He was unable to reach a definite conclusion about its state of mind. What was obvious, however, was that this large, wet animal, making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth, was intent upon climbing into the Presidential boat.”


Here at Cutting Edge, we know all about killer rabbits!

So remember to keep Halloween in your heart always, and just hang on for 71 more days. You can do it. Stock up on horror flicks on DVD, put plenty of ketchup on your French fries, pretend that Grandpa is really a zombie and practice screaming at the top of your lungs in a dark closet. The time will seem to fly by, and before you know it, you’ll be screaming for real as you race through the Cutting Edge with a chainsaw-wielding maniac slashing at your back!