Cutting Edge Haunted House is Holding Auditions

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 24, 2011 — Ever wanted to work at a Haunted House? Now you can, thanks to the Cutting Edge Haunted Houseʼs BooUniversity.“Itʼs a class that we put together for our monsters to help them learn the proper way to scare, so they will be able to make it through the audition processes,” said Todd James, of the CuttingEdge Haunted House.The haunted house, listed as the worldʼs largest haunted house and ranked among the scariest haunted houses in America, is searching for people who can add horror and excitement to its well-established reputation for being one of the Best Haunted Houses in America.Those successful in the audition will become a part of a team that prides itself on providing the ultimate haunted house experience.“We use different scare tactics in our haunted house,” James said. “Actors do not speak the whole time they are on set. We follow the pattern of the old school Halloween movies as in Friday the 13th, Halloween, the creepy girl in the Ring.”Bryan Grant, 22, of Fort Worth, said being a monster would be like a dream come true for him.“Iʼve always wanted to be one of those guys who scare the daylights out of someone,” said Grant. “I am a huge fan of the old classic Jason movies, so to have a chance to become one of those monsters at the World’s largest haunted house would be awesome. I will definitely inquire to see if thereʼs a chance for me to become a monster.”James said those interested can stop by the Cutting Edge Haunted House, 1701 E. Lancaster Avenue, from 7-9pm Tuesday, August 30 or 7-9pm Wednesday, August 31.For more information about becoming a monster or the Cutting Edge Haunted House itself, visit: