Cutting Edge will be Open this Sunday!

Fort Worth Haunted House Cutting Edge will be opening this Sunday, October 13, and the following two Sundays in October.

Sunday, Sunday – starting this weekend, Cutting Edge is open on Sundays! Did you know that in New Jersey, it’s illegal to sell cabbage on a Sunday? So what’s the deal with Sunday?

In Puritan times, it was considered a sign of great sin to be born on a Sunday, since Puritans believed that children born on the Sabbath Day were also conceived on this sacred day. And since sexual intercourse on Sundays was a sacrilege, Benjamin Franklin’s birth on Sunday, January 6, 1706 was something of a disaster. His father had him baptized the same day to take away the devil.

Dubbed “the Hungarian suicide song,” “Gloomy Sunday” written by Hungarian Composer Rezso Seress in 1933 and recorded in various versions in several countries including the U.S., has been linked to over 100 suicides and was banned by the BBC in the U.K. In 1968, Seress himself committed suicide.

And then there’s Black Sunday. In addition to being a 1960 Italian horror film, a 1975 novel by Thomas Harris and a 1977 film adaptation of that novel, Black Sunday has a number of other connotations. Most notably, it refers to the 1918 attack of a German U-boat on a fleet of U.S. ships off the coast of New Jersey, sinking 37 ships.

Black Sunday was also the beginning of a particularly fierce dust storm that occurred in America’s Dust Bowl on April 14, 1935, displacing some 300,000 tons of topsoil from the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Described as a large, black curtain that obliterated the landscape, this was the worst of many such storms that occurred in the region during the 1930s.

Did you know – Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.

And more silly laws about Sundays:

In Huntington West Virginia, it’s legal to beat your wife so long as it’s done in public on a Sunday – and on the courthouse steps.

No store in Providence, Rhode Island is allowed to sell a toothbrush on Sunday.

In Michigan, it’s illegal to buy or sell a car on Sunday.

In the Midwest, laws were once passed that prohibited the selling of soda water on a Sunday. One of the first towns to pass this law was Evanston, Illinois around the year 1890. Local soda fountains were forced to sell ice cream sodas minus the soda, which left only ice cream and syrup, which became known as the Ice Cream Sundae.

Thank goodness Fort Worth has no silly laws about scaring yourself silly on Sunday. So grab the family, load up the pickup and drive on down to the Cutting Edge for a riotous good time this Sunday, and tell them Benjamin Franklin sent you!