Cutting Edge’s Long Lost Chupacabra Sighted in Mississippi

Residents of Picayune, Mississippi may have sighted Cutting Edge’s long lost Chupacabra, a Spanish word for “goat-sucker,” given to the animal for its penchant for draining the blood from farm animals.

Sort of a legendary canine Sasquatch, Chupacabra sightings abound throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Central and South America.

Some speculate that these strange, hairless beasts may simply be coyotes afflicted with a bad case of sarcoptic mange, which would leave the animal with little fur, thickened skin and an odor that could kill all by itself.

Only residents of Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth know the creature’s true origins.

Chewie was Cutting Edge’s resident Chupacabra up until he wandered off in the midst of a particularly violent thunderstorm two years ago. “We looked for him everywhere,” said Cutting Edge Fear-Master Todd James. “We’d pretty much given up hope.”

The recent sighting of a Chupacabra in Picayune, Mississippi could very well be the missing Cutting Edge mascot. A woman who spotted the creature described it this way: “If a zombie had a dog, it would look like that.”

“As soon as we heard that,” said James, “we knew that had to be our little Chewie.”

Neither local animal control nor state Fish and Wildlife workers have been able to capture the mysterious beast.

“Of course not,” says James. “You can’t catch a Chupacabra!” Still, will the wandering Chewie ever return to Cutting Edge? “I have a feeling he’ll come home when he’s ready,” says James.

Chupacabra or no, there are plenty of other frightful creatures waiting for you at the Cutting Edge tonight. There are just five nights left, so don’t miss out! Don’t worry about the weather – just bring a good umbrella and a change of underwear!