Do you believe in ghost?

downloadDo you believe in Ghost? That is the question! This exact question has come up time and time again in our profession. Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House we do believe there are spirits that roam this old building. If you stop to think about it for just a minute, this entire area is known as Hell’s Half Acre. It was dubbed this name in the late 1800’s when famous gun slingers and cowboys from all over the country began coming around for the booming cattle industry and needed a place to “unwind”. Many local business men were more than happy to offer their saloons and gaming parlors for this purpose and Hell’s Half Acre was born. Have you heard the story of Sally? Sally was a young “soiled dove”, many said she was a beautiful young thing and very popular with the “gentlemen” of the area.images Not much more than that is known regarding Sally’s sad story though. One early morning, Sally was found murdered. Her body found nailed to an outhouse door not far from the gaming houses she frequented. Some say Sally still roams the area where she was so gruesomely murdered and placed on display. Many people say it was a unrequited lover who committed the tragic act, angry and hurt that she would not leave her profession to be with him. There are many old timers that tell stories like this about the people in Hell’s Half Acre district. These old buildings have many seen many such unhappy stories play out.images (1) The Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of those buildings. Built over 100 years ago, during the rough and rowdy days when Fort Worth was growing faster than it could keep up. This old Meat Packing Plant has seen more than few tragedies. Sometimes when you are alone you’ll hear it whisper echoes from a not so happy time. You’ll catch a shadow dart out of the corner of your eye, footsteps where there is no one and voices when you are completely alone. So the Answer to the question… Yes… we believe in ghosts. We believe they are all around us. Think about the history of where you are the next time you are asked “Do you believe in Ghost?”

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