Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cutting Edge’s hours of operation?
Generally, hours are from 8 to 10 pm, however on select Fridays and Saturdays in October, as well as Halloween, we run from 7 pm to midnight. Please check our Hours of Operation page for the day you plan to attend. Closing time, by the way, means the time the last ticket is sold. We don’t actually close the doors and go home until the last guest has run the gauntlet.

What time does the line start forming?
Guests start arriving as early as 5 o’clock on some nights. It’s kind of like a tailgate party in the waiting area, so they come for the atmosphere.

How long is the wait?
Depending on when you arrive and what night you come, it may be anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. There are refreshment stands, souvenir booths, photo opportunities and live entertainment in the waiting area, including our zombie marching band, to keep you occupied, so it’s actually part of the fun.

Do you have restrooms?
We have an ample amount of “Porto-lets” in the waiting area outside the building. They do tend to attract zombies, however. You might think about using the facilities before you get here if you’re timid about doing your business with monsters lurking about.

Do you accept credit cards?
Credit cards are accepted for online purchases only. We can’t get the zombies in our ticket booth to give them back, so bring cash if you don’t purchase your ticket online.

Do you offer discounts?
Groups of 15 or larger get 15% off. Also, give us your email and/or cell phone number to receive our newsletter, special offers and discount coupons, as well as notifications of special events, contests and Cutting Edge news.

When can I use a coupon?
Anytime you have one to use.

Where can I get a coupon?
Go to our Coupon page and fill out the request to receive a coupon by email. One coupon per person, per email address, please.

Do you offer discounted rates for children?
Children 10 and under receive $5 off the regular $30 price of admission.

Can I buy tickets in advance?
Do zombies eat brains? Of course you may! And you may even use a credit card! Just visit our Tickets page and tell us when you’d like to visit!

Do you offer group rates?
We love large groups – the more the merrier, the scarier! Groups of 15 or more get 15% off when reserved through our Web site.

Can I make a group reservation?
Do zombies play drums? Okay, well ours do, and you may certainly make a group reservation on our Web site, except on certain really busy nights – check the site for details.

Can I wear sandals or flip flops?
If you think you can get away from zombies wearing sandals or flip flops, be our guest. If you’re going to trip and sprain your ankle like some sort of cheesy B-movie heroine, however, maybe you should think about more sensible shoes.

Are there live animals, reptiles or insects inside?
No. Everything inside is undead.

Can we touch the actors or props?
If you don’t touch them, they promise not to touch you.

Will the actors touch me?
Our actors are trained in “terrorizing without touching” techniques. You may inadvertently get bumped by SOMEONE during your trip through the haunt, as people tend to lose their way in the dark, but it is not part of our actors’ modus operandi.

Do you have any clowns?
Yes. If you suffer from Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, we suggest you do not attend.

Do you have any chainsaws?
No, but many of our actors do. Don’t worry, the chains have been removed so that they will not harm you, much…

Do you have strobe lights, loud noises or fog?
We wouldn’t be much of a haunted house without them, now would we?

Can I get out if I want to?
Yes. There are emergency exits throughout the attraction should you decide you cannot continue. You will, however, be added to the list of patrons who “failed to finish.” No shame, really…

If I get scared and leave early, can I get a refund?
No. If you get so scared that you are forced to exit before the end of the tour, then we have done our job.

Do you sell refreshments and souvenirs?
There are a number of refreshment and souvenir stands in the waiting area before you enter the attraction, along with portable restroom facilities for those with a really fast metabolism.

Do you sell alcoholic beverages?
No. And please do not enter the haunt if you are intoxicated. It’s disorienting enough if you are sober.

Is the attraction the same every year?
It’s in the same location every year. Otherwise, all bets are off.

What can’t we bring inside with us?
Knives, guns, Tasers, bazookas, weapons of any sort, alcohol, pets, food and drink, obnoxious drunks and farm animals.

Can we take pictures or video?
No video or flash photography is permitted. Our monsters are sensitive to light.

Is smoking allowed?
Are zombies vegetarians? Seriously, think about it. Get your nicotine fix in the smoking area outside the building before you enter.

Are there any warnings?
Was Dracula a Vampire? This attraction is not recommended for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, back, neck, health, hearing or heart ailment or phobias, including snakes. No pacemakers! No children under 12 admitted without a guardian. Beware: You’ll receive electrical shocks! The floors are uneven. The slides are fast and dark. You will be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors. Watch your step!! This is not Disneyland, so enter at your own risk! For a full list of warnings and notices, please see our Warnings page.

Can we be thrown out or denied entry?
You will not be admitted or may be asked to leave if you violate any of the rules of conduct. These rules are for the safety and welfare of our guests and we will not allow anyone’s misconduct to put them in jeopardy.

Do you have security?
We have a cast and crew of over 100 working in all areas of the haunt in many different functions, including paramedics and off duty police officers who enjoy being part of our family and work to keep guests and crew members safe and (relatively) sane.

Is Cutting Edge wheelchair accessible?
Yes – No – Maybe so – Er?

Can I go through if I’m pregnant?
No. This is just not a good idea. We love kids. We want you to take good care of yours from the very beginning.

Is there any age restriction?
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. It’s up to their parents to determine if they’re able to handle the excitement. We’ve had 8-year-olds who have loved it, and 30-year-olds who have peed their pants.

Are you open if it rains?
Neither sleet nor snow nor blackest night – sorry, yes.

Can we wear our Halloween costumes inside?
Sure, but please remove your masks. We don’t want you to trip over anything.

Is there a maze?
There is a 3,000 square foot human maze you may negotiate with the aid of a single chem stick. If you make it all the way through, we’ll give you a piece of cheese.

Is it dark?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Seriously, um, yes.

Are there any rides involved?
Not unless you somehow get stuck on the meatpacking plant’s conveyor system, in which case you’ll be going home in a bunch of little boxes.

How long does it take to go through the Cutting Edge?
That depends – how fast can you run? Most guests take the better part of an hour to make it all the way through. There are a few, however, that we’re still searching for…