Friday the 13th: Famous or Infamous History

downloadFriday the 13th: Famous or Infamous History.. Here are a few fun facts that you may not know about the history of Friday the 13th.

Remember that Ethan Hawke movie, “Alive,” about the plane crash, where the survivors were forced to eat the flesh of the passengers who died in the crash? That was based on a true story! The plane was carrying a rugby team from Uruguay to Santiago, Chile when it crashed in the Andes Mountains with 45 crew and passengers on board. When they were finally rescued two months later, only 16 remained alive. The date of the crash? Friday, October 13, 1972.

All you can count on is death and taxes — who said that? It was Benjamin Franklin, only he phrased it thus: “Everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” And he was waxing melancholy on Friday, November 13, 1789.

Blitzkrieg! During Hitler’s strategic WWII bombing campaign, five German bombs hit Buckingham Palace, destroying the Palace Chapel on Friday, September 13, 1940.

Friday the 13th just doesn’t seem to be a good day to fly. In the summer of 1952, a Swedish military DC-3 with an eight-man crew disappeared over international waters in the Baltic Sea, never to be seen again. Two Catalina rescue planes searched for the plane, and subsequently one was fired on by Soviet forces, leading to the designation, the “Catalina Affair.” Many years later in 1991, the Soviet Air Force admitted to having shot down the ill-fated DC-3 on Friday, June 13th of 1952.

Arguably the first big computer virus was unleashed on Friday, January 13, 1989, infecting hundreds of IBM computers across Great Britain, wiping out program files and causing considerable anxiety and even panic. What was it? The “Friday the 13th Virus,” of course.

Black Friday! Back in October of 1989, the Dow Jones plummeted 190.58 points in one day. Although today that drop wouldn’t even make the top ten of large drops, at the time it was the second largest drop ever. And that was on Friday, October 13th. They called it the “Friday the 13th Mini-Crash.”
Famous people born on Friday the 13th include Samuel Beckett – April 13, 1906, Margaret Thatcher – October 13, 1923, Fidel Castro – August 13, 1926, actor Steve Buscemi (the creepy guy from Fargo) – December 13, 1957 — and — Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Olsen twins, were born on Friday, June 13, 1986.

Had he survived, Master of the Macabre Alfred Hitchcock would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday, August 13, 1999.

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