Halloween Myths and Legends

Did you know?

One of the scariest things imaginable is the prospect of being mistaken for dead and inadvertently buried alive. This actually used to happen, when someone would fall into a coma or perhaps have a cataleptic seizure, and their heart rate and breathing would slow sufficiently for them to be mistaken for dead. Back in the day, if you couldn’t be awakened, and you didn’t have a robust metabolic rate warming your skin and keeping your heart pumping, it was assumed that you had passed on to the great yonder.

It happened so frequently that many caskets were equipped with above-ground bells, which were routed down into the casket so that if the unfortunate victim should happen to awaken, they could ring the bell, and (hopefully) the cemetery night watchman would be alerted. Many old cemeteries still have these bells, which play a spooky melody on windy evenings.

It also tended to contribute to the myths around zombies and vampires during the 18th and 19th centuries. As people got sicker and sicker with tuberculosis, their skin became paler, and they often spit up blood. Then imagine if they were presumed dead and buried, only to re-emerge from their coffins for one last gasp of air. Or imagine someone going into a cataleptic seizure and being presumed dead, and then being buried only to come back to life. Surely the one would seem a vampire and the other a zombie.

Halloween brings its own special myths and legends, among them:

According to superstition, a person born on Halloween, October 31st, has the unique ability to see and talk to spirits.

If you see a spider on Halloween, it means that a dead relative is watching over you.

To prevent owls from swooping down and feasting on your soul on Halloween night, turn your pockets inside out and let them hang.

Bury animal bones in your front yard to protect yourself from evil spirits that roam the earth on Halloween.

If you want to see a witch on Halloween, wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards.

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