Happy Halloween from the Cutting Edge

Quick question:

Where’s the spookiest place on Earth to spend Halloween?


The Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth!

If you’re not here, you’re missing out!

It’s the party of a lifetime, and everybody’s having a blast.

They’re dancing, they’re screaming, they’re partying like it’s 1999…

We’ve got Zombie marching bands.

We’ve got vampires and werewolves and ghouls, oh my!

We’ve got dark mazes, and huge walls of foam!

We’ve got clowns.

Lots and lots of clowns!

We’ve got monsters and dragons and snakes and giant man-eating lizards.

We’ve got awesome, thumping music and really cool special effects.

We’ve got Evil Wabbits.

We’ve got everything you could ever want in a haunted house, and we’ve even got Mom!

All that’s missing is you! So what are you waiting for? Get on down here! We’ll be open through Sunday, and we won’t take NO for an answer!

And don’t forget to enter your videos to our Scare Somebody contest by midnight tonight!