Happy Holidays from Cutting Edge

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Haunt,
All the creatures were grimacing, hungry and gaunt.
See Halloween was over, no more could they feed
On the many lost souls who came there to bleed.

Came to scream and to shout and to wail and to faint,
When they realized, in horror, it was blood and not paint!
For months they had preyed on these hapless visitors,
Those nosy, most curious and silly inquisitors.

But now in the stillness, all dark and quite silent,
Not even the Werewolves had the heart to be violent.
It was oh, so depressing, and really quite dismal,
The thought of the long winter break was abysmal,

It was pitiful enough to make a grown Zombie cry,
To make the undead just lay down and die.
No more bloodcurdling screams, no more shudders of fear,
No more nothing at all, through the end of the year.

Then quite suddenly, the silence was shattered
By a crash on the roof — boards splintered and tattered
And gave way with a groan, and who should appear,
But a jolly old elf, and eight tiny reindeer!

Having fallen four floors, from the roof to below,
The old fellow was shaken, and covered with snow.
He struggled to his feet and brushed himself off,
His red velvet cap, he proceeded to doff.

Merry Christmas! He said, as he bowed with a grin,
I hope you don’t mind that I let myself in.
Seems we’ve gotten quite lost, my reindeer and me.
Perhaps you could tell us, where exactly are we?

The Haunt came to life with a jolt and a stir,
Somewhere a chainsaw began to whir,
The Zombies, the werewolves, the goblins and ghouls
All awoke and surrounded the silly lost fools.

The Jolly elf’s face, all rosy and gay
Turned a good 12 shades paler, and became quite gray.
His eyes lost their twinkle, he shook and he shivered,
And all of his reindeer trembled and quivered.

Without a moment to lose, he hopped back in his sleigh,
Shouting “On Dasher, on Dancer – on all of you, away!”
Back out through the hole in the roof they did vanish,
In a jolly good state of unmistakable panic.

And that fear, and that panic, that terror and dread,
Gave such joy to the Zombies, as they shuffled back to bed,
That they spent the night dreaming of blood and foul play,
How they just couldn’t wait for St. Valentine’s Day!