Introducing – Buttercup!

Lights, Camera, Action!
Cutting Edge has a new star!
Making his acting debut on the horror stage this year is
“Buttercup” the scariest pet dragon/dinosaur this side of Jurassic
Park. Buttercup lurks in a dark rainforest
with the other dinosaurs, just waiting for unsuspecting visitors to stop by and
admire the scenery. Then suddenly,
without warning, out he springs with a loud, ear-splitting, blood curdling roar
sure to make your heart leap into your throat.
Frozen in your tracks, face to face with the monster, though your
reasoning mind knows this couldn’t possibly be real, you think just maybe – he
– is – going – to – EAT YOU! Poor Buttercup,
we haven’t been feeding him lately, and he’s all skin and bones, well bones
anyway. So when you come to the Cutting
Edge Haunted House this year, be on the lookout for our newest pet. He can’t wait for you to come and visit –
he’s just dying for a bite.