It’s almost Halloween; Do You Know Where Your Pumpkin is?

A rash of pumpkin thefts around the country has been brought closer to home as a 100-pound pumpkin was stolen Sunday night from the front lawn of a Southlake family. The pumpkin was part of a large, illuminated Halloween display, only Monday morning, the display had a conspicuously empty spot.

“I hope they enjoy it,” said pumpkin-mom Cynthia Bishop, graciously. “It is Halloween. Halloween is all about fun.”

All around the country, pumpkins have been vanishing from porches, yards and pumpkin patches, in a veritable outbreak of Grand Theft Pumpkin.

A West Knoxville business owner was out a dozen pink pumpkins that were supposed to be sold as part of a cancer fundraiser. The pink-painted gourds disappeared from the store’s display overnight. Neighbors and local celebrities rallied, however, and the fundraiser went on to raise double the previous year’s totals, despite the absent pinkies.

An entire crop of around 600 pumpkins was filched from a farm on Long Island recently, putting police on high alert for pumpkin thieves, on the heels of a number of smaller pumpkin thefts in the area. According to the article in the Independent News, “supernatural causes for the disappearances are being ruled out at this stage.”

In York, Pennsylvania, a 255 pound pumpkin was stolen and then later returned, along with a note apologizing for the pumpkin napping. The pumpkin had been won by a 9-year-old boy who had correctly guessed the weight of the giant squash at an Oktoberfest event, and the would-be thief apparently had second thoughts about depriving the lad of his prize.

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth is no stranger to pumpkin-napping. “We can’t seem to keep pumpkins on the property,” says Haunt Master Todd James. “The clowns like to use them for Zombie Bowling.” Not only that, the zombies themselves like to use pumpkins for chainsaw practice. “We’ll go through 100 pumpkins in a season, easy,” adds James.

The question remains: Will the Southlake pumpkin find its way home? And how many zombies do you have to knock over for a strike?

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Don’t miss out – and for Pete’s sake, keep an eye on those pumpkins!