Keeping it Real at the Cutting Edge

“Danger Dave” doesn’t like to talk about how he got his nickname. As head of the maintenance department for the Cutting Edge Haunted House, he’s had a few close calls, sort of like Tim Taylor on Home Improvements fictional “Tool Time.”

Of course, he’s been with the Cutting Edge since 1996 and still has all of his fingers, so he must be doing something right. During that time he’s seen a lot of changes, as the attraction continues to grow and expand. “This year we’re attempting to make more changes than we’ve ever done in one year,” he says of the frenzy of production going on at the massive old converted meat-packing factory.

Dave favorite new section of the attraction? Ruckus Land, a chaotic boneyard of old sets and props haunted by chainsaw wielding acrobats. “It’s going to be really, really cool.”

Not everybody in Dave’s family shares of his love of haunted houses. “My mom still refuses to come,” he says, “that’s not her cup of tea.” Dave’s wife and her family, however, are another story altogether. “Her family comes up pretty regularly,” he says proudly. And his wife, does she share his enthusiasm for the venue? “We all love it. That’s why we’ve worked there so long.”

Of his nearly 16 years with the Cutting Edge, Dave says, “We’ve all been together so long and worked together so much that we’ve all become family,” and he describes the core of regulars who have been with the Cutting Edge through the years as, “guys that I’ll do anything for.”

And his job, “It’s like hanging out with my friends every day. How many people can say they get to go to work and hang out with their friends?”

As to the overwhelming popularity of The Cutting Edge? “We take away many things that are really dear to you, sight and sound are my favorites.” You only see what we want you to see, and hear what we want you to hear, and being able to do that throughout the whole show, keeping that kind of consistency is one thing that really throws people off.”

It’s got to be an overwhelming experience, on a treacherous trail that is extremely long. “People ask ‘how long does it take?’” says Dave. “I don’t know, how fast can you run?”