Leprechaun Infestation at The Cutting Edge

Not all leprechauns are as nice as some would have you believe. Just try stealing a leprechaun’s gold, and you’ll find out! Although a leprechaun is supposed to be able to grant you three wishes if captured, it’s more likely the leprechaun will trick you, and leave you poorer than when you started!

And leprechauns have a fierce temper. Some leprechauns have been known to get downright murderous and go on a killing spree upon discovering that someone has stolen their gold.

At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, a virtual infestation of evil leprechauns have been known to prey on guests, darting out and nipping at their ankles as they run screaming through the darkness. Leprechauns have been spotted swinging from the rafters, poking at people with sharp sticks, snarling viciously and laughing like hyenas.

Unfortunately, Cutting Edge fell prey to the leprechauns’ twisted sense of humor this year, when the sneaky little devils put superglue on all the toilet seats, virtually shutting down the attraction and leaving cast and crew, well, indisposed. Cutting Edge, regrettably, was unable to open for St. Patrick’s day shenanigans.

The next opening day will be Friday, June 13th, for those of you willing to walk under a ladder, step on a crack, break a mirror and have an encounter with a dark-colored feline. But bring your lucky shamrocks to protect yourselves from the little green men. Just because it’s not St. Patrick’s day, doesn’t mean they won’t be waiting for you in the dark!