How To Make A – ZOMBIE, by Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth, Texas


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Do you love Haunted Houses? Zombies? Have you ever wanted to create a Cutting Edge Army of Zombies..?  I know… we all have, right!  Well the Makeup Artists at a Fort Worth Texas based  Haunted House have put together this easy step-by-step tutorial to help you create your own Walking Dead Army.  So grab your sponges and brushes and get started creating your own legion of the undead.

Have Some Fun!







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Untitled-1 copy1. Start with a clean dry face!

2. Apply a makeup grade liquid latex to selected areas of the models face. Be careful to avoid hairline, brow and delicate area around eyes. We used Ben Nye, Liquid Latex.

3. When latex is dry, carefully pick/pull selected areas away from skin to create a loose, peeling flesh look.

4. Use an airbrush or sponge applicator to apply a light basecoat over entire face. Then add a dark creme makeup to add contour to face and depth inside selected areas. We used Ben Nye, Cadaver Grey for the basecoat and Ben Nye, Death Purple for the contour.

5. Add Black or Dark Brown for additional depth inside selected areas, under and around eyes and below cheekbones to give the face a sunken and drawn appearence.

6. Add Yellow or Green around the outside of selected areas for highlight and to simulate decay. We used Ben Nye, Goldenrod and Sallow Green. Blend all with a sponge applicator or blending brush.

 7. Add Red, inside selected areas, we used Ben Nye, Fresh Cut. Set makeup with setting powder. Add Blood to selected areas after setting, We used Ben Nye, Fresh Scab.

Makeup Artist:  Ray Mitchell, Model:  Lori Wisakowsky,   Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins

The products used in this tutorial are basic stage cosmetics and can be purchased at most local costume suppliers.

Images used in this tutorial are the property of Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth, Texas.  Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of Cutting Edge Haunted House or its agents.