Project Runway at Cutting Edge?

Unconfirmed sources are whispering about the possibility of an upcoming episode of television’s acclaimed fashion design competition “Project Runway” being filmed at legendary Fort Worth haunted house Cutting Edge.

While Halloween-related fashions are largely dismissed as “crass” and “too costumey” when it comes to New York Fashion Week’s haute couture clientele, there are those who consider the genre to be edgy, fashion forward and “undead.”

“Everybody likes to look sharp,” says self-made fashion mogul Todd James, “even Zombies.” In fact, it’s said that the Fort Worth haunted house’s crew of undead horror mavens likes to spend lazy afternoons watching taped episodes of the Project Runway television show. “They don’t have a lot of other things to do,” says James, adding “it keeps them out of trouble.”

If indeed an episode of the long-running hit television series were to be filmed at Cutting Edge, there is quite a bit of speculation as to which competition would be best suited to the venue. Would it be, perhaps, the “unconventional materials” challenge, where contestants must construct fashionable clothing from non-fabric items?

“I could see something being fashioned from chainsaw dust or fake scar putty,” says James. Or would the “avant garde” challenge be a better match, evoking images of mummies layered in bandages dripping with Swaroski crystals? “There’s nothing that says you can’t have a red carpet look just because you don’t have a pulse,” says James.

One of the major drawbacks that would have to be overcome, according to our source, is the short amount of time allotted for the runway competition portion of the show. “Zombies are kind of slow when it comes to walking the runway,” she admits. “And the whole show only lasts an hour.”

Still, if you’re into Goth, stark black and white fashion with just a splash of red, Cutting Edge could be just the place for a fashion extravaganza. If not Project Runway, perhaps a Sunday Zombie Fashion Brunch would be just the ticket!