Romance Gone Awry – Valentine’s Day at the Cutting Edge

Ah Valentine’s Day, the romance, the candlelight, the roses, the – zombies? That’s right, zombies! Jealous, lovelorn, bloodthirsty ghouls who are positively green with envy will be making the rounds at Cutting Edge Haunted House this Valentine’s Day, looking for a date, anybody’s date – even yours! Cutting Edge puts the adrenaline back into Valentine’s Day with our “Twisted Love” monster date night extravaganza, chock full of chills, thrills and twisted romantic themes you’ll never see on a Hallmark card.

The World’s Largest Haunted House will be illuminated by candlelight for this one special event, so that you and your date can enjoy the ambiance as you run screaming through the hallways, stalked by monsters wielding roses, chocolates and chainsaws. You’ll think you’ve wound up at a zombie prom, complete with 60’s and 70’s Motown love music; only the zombies are more interested in your brains than your dancing ability – eating them, that is. Don’t worry, they’re zombies; you can outrun them. Now, as for the rest of the monsters – well, just be sure and wear good running shoes!

And whatever you do, hold tight to your date and don’t let go. Cutting Edge cannot be held responsible for dates that are lost, stolen, misplaced or um, you know, eaten. For a fright to remember this Valentine’s Day, plan to spend a romantic evening of “Twisted Love” at Cutting Edge Haunted House. Because nothing says “I love you” like a bloodcurdling scream.