Running Naked in the Dark

As if you don’t already feel vulnerable enough, fumbling through the darkened hallways of a haunted house in Fort Worth, not knowing what might be concealed in the darkness, waiting around every corner to jump out at you while wielding a bloody axe or a roaring chainsaw, one haunted house in Pennsylvania wants to take away your last little bit of protection; your clothes.

Yes, a place called Shocktoberfest in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania came up with a new twist on haunted attractions this year, called the “Naked and Scared Challenge.” Inspired by the Discovery Channel show, “Naked and Afraid,” in which castaways must survive in the wild without any clothing, this is a trip you take in the buff – seriously.

Participants get to walk through one of Shocktoberfest’s haunts called “The Unknown,” designed to resemble a former industrial park infested with Zombies. You have a choice of “Nude” or “Prude,” in which case you get to keep your undies on. There’s also a cleaning charge if you get so scared that you have an accident inside the haunt.

While Fort Worth haunted house Cutting Edge salutes these enterprising entrepreneurs for their creativity and ingenuity, we must insist that our guests remain fully clothed at all times while on the premises. Our Ghouls and Zombies are rather sensitive, and might be offended by even partial nudity on your part. Also, OUR attraction is terrifying enough for those with clothes on; we don’t want to be responsible for anyone having a heart attack or worse, a bladder accident. No cleaning fee is worth cleaning THAT up.

Late breaking news reveals that due to a tremendous amount of consternation from local officials in the township of Sinking Spring, the “Naked and Scared Challenge” has been cancelled, at least as far as the “naked” part. Patrons will still have the option of facing their fears in just their skivvies, for a hefty surcharge, of course. Less costs more, after all.