Scare Somebody for Fun and Profit!

Fort Worth Haunted House offers $10,000 for best scare video

If you haven’t yet entered Cutting Edge’s totally awesome Scare Somebody video contest, it’s not too late!

All you have to do is scare the daylights out of somebody and be sure to catch it on video! Then enter your short video clip – maximum of 15 seconds – for a chance to win $10,000 smackers! That’s dollars, folks, not whacks on the head with a rubber chicken.

Upload your video to YouTube, Vine or Instagram, then locate the contest on Cutting Edge’s Facebook page and enter the URL of your video. You can also use #scaresomebody to submit your entry via Instagram, Twitter or Vine.

So break out the rubber snakes, plastic spiders, gorilla masks, air horns or whatever you can think of and set a trap for someone you know who screams like a little girl when startled. Or bring them to the Cutting Edge and let us scare them for you! Just remember the most important thing – get it on video!

Voting is already taking place, but you have until midnight Halloween night to submit your entry. Then don’t forget to get your friends and family to vote for your video on the Cutting Edge Facebook page (find a link to the contest on our home page).

Cutting Edge reminds the budding Alfred Hitchcocks, Martin Scorseses and Steven Spielbergs out there to please scare responsibly. If Grandma has a pacemaker or Grampa is on blood pressure medicine, they might not be good candidates for your video. Remember, burial expenses could eat up the majority of your $10,000 prizeā€¦

So grab your video camera, cell phone or tablet and get out there and scare somebody!