Searching for a Few Good Zombies – Cutting Edge Haunted House

Taking on a part-time job for the holidays is a great way to earn a little extra money, but before applying as a greeter to the local big box store, consider another possibility.

How about a job that involves nights and weekends, where you can be completely anonymous and vent your frustrations by screaming your head off? What if you could unleash your inner werewolf, howl at the moon, act completely demented and not only get away with it, but actually get paid?

If you’re searching for a killer job with the ultimate in career satisfaction, where you get to brandish a chain saw and have a frightfully good time, where your coworkers would rather stab you in the chest than the back, where the boss is a real monster and the working conditions are simply hideous, then working at a haunted attraction is right up your dark alley!

That’s right, as the dark and dangerous Texas nights grow longer, the area’s haunted attractions are gearing up for a season of unprecedented thrills, chills and hair-raising good times. And they’re searching for a few good zombies to take up arms and defend Fort Worth – Dallas reputation as the scare capital of the world.

The benefits of working at a haunt are many, including free uniforms, a complimentary hair and makeup consultation and make-over, scream therapy sessions, inspirational background music, plenty of on-the-job exercise opportunities and more. Working at a haunted attraction is the most fun you can have with your rags and bandages on, while actually getting paid at the same time. Every night is “ghoul’s night out” when you’re working on the fright line!

Take advantage of this spooktacular seasonal employment opportunity by visiting the employment pages at to find out where and when to apply. But be warned; it’s frightfully addictive!