Sinister Skies Herald Cutting Edge Grand Opening


Forth Worth, Texas

Dubbed “the Dog Days of Summer,” this playful cloud formation made headlines across the country in recent weeks, and seemed to signal the dwindling days of barbecues and beach parties, and the approach of brilliant fall leaves, pumpkin patches and towering corn mazes.


Now a much more sinister apparition has skywatchers agog as a popular Fort Worth haunted house prepares to open Saturday night for a long awaited “Sneak Peek.”


As if to herald the beginning of the 2014 haunting season, the roiling clouds over Fort Worth paused for just a moment, long enough for one lucky photographer to capture this uncanny formation.

Anyone on the fence about whether to brave the crowds — and the clouds — and be first in line at Cutting Edge Haunted House on Saturday night must surely be swayed by this cunning visual illusion.

According to Fort Worth Psychoanalyst Kenu Seemy, if you think you see Cutting Edge in this purely innocent cloud formation, then it’s likely that your subconscious is telling you:

“Take me to Cutting Edge Saturday night. I want to be scared out of my mind. Go online and buy a ticket NOW, or I’ll bite you!”

So if you see what I see, don’t wait — get your tickets now for Saturday night’s Grand Opening Sneak Peek and get ready for an all-out extravaganza of terror!

Oh, and you might want to go get something to eat now. I think your subconscious is hungry.