Some Little Known Zombie Trivia

Books, movies and folklore are full of stories about zombies, portraying them as slow-moving, brain-eating undead dullards with little to no cerebral function, but zombies actually have many qualities of which most people are unaware. Dallas-Fort Worth Haunted House Cutting Edge has been making scientific observations of the zombies that reside on their premises for many years now, and offers some surprising, little-known bits of information.

Few people realize, for instance, that zombies actually have quite a sophisticated palate. In addition to brains, they like to snack on Escargot (snails), Pate de Fois Gras (creamed goose liver), Steak Tartare (raw beef) and various preparations of Tripe (cow intestine).

Zombies like to read, too, and spend many a lazy afternoon engrossed in their favorite novels. Some popular titles among our undead friends are The Way of All Flesh, Slaughterhouse Five, The Day of the Locust, Fear, Something Wicked This Way Comes, We The Living, and Lolita.

Another favorite zombie activity is dancing, with many favoring traditional ballroom styles such as the Viennese Waltz. A few prefer hot Latin Samba and Tango styles, while still others like to experiment with popular dance crazes, such as the Dougie, the Harlem Shake, the Stanky Legg, and of course, Gangnam Style.

Those who have visited Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, of course, are all too familiar with zombies’ penchant for musical instruments, particularly drums. In addition to an all-zombie marching band, Cutting Edge has an intensely macabre, undead precision drumline of competition calibre!

Cutting Edge will be open five nights this week, Wednesday through Sunday, giving zombie enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to observe them in their natural habitat. See zombies eating brains, zombies waving chainsaws, zombies playing musical instruments and if you’re lucky, maybe even zombies doing the Gangnam style!