Stay out of Lover’s Lane…head to the Cutting Edge Haunted House Fort Worth for a great Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day may not seem the time to reflect on scary stories or those scary tales we tell around the campfires but there are tales of horror that revolve around love or the ongoing search for love and romance that continue to be shared in the dark. Everyone is familiar with the young man who took his young lady to the local lover’s lane on their way home. He parked in the dark, turned on the radio, and started making his moves. All at once, the announcer breaks in with a bulletin, a crazed murderer with a hook in place of one hand has broken out of the insane asylum and is being searched for in their area. The young lady is understandably nervous and scared and let’s face it, the mood is shot! Lover boy insists that they are safe, the doors are locked, and entices her back to romance. All of a sudden, they hear something in the brush and this time, he cannot persuade his lady love that everything is fine. A little upset, and not just a little frustrated, he starts up his engine, and tears out of the woods and heads for her home. Feeling a little put upon and out of sorts, he refuses to go around and open the door for her, insisting she just slide out after him on the driver’s side. She hurries to scamper out on his side and they start toward her door. He stops just short of the porch, ready to leave and she turns back to him and begins screaming in terror. He slowly turns to look back at where her terrified eyes are staring and sees a hook dripping blood hanging from the passenger door handle… obviously someone was definitely looking for love in the wrong place… As you travel through the dark hallways of the Cutting Edge Haunted House Fort Worth on Valentine’s Day, there are many young lovers looking for love, whether they, like you, are enjoying a night out on the town, or whether they didn’t make it out of lover’s lane one dark and lonely night, well, who can tell…it’s just a story, right…
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