Story of Sally- Cutting Edge Haunted House

You know, history, is a funny thing. History is recorded facts, statistics, public information, architecture, artifacts. History is also legend, remembrances, stories told over and over to relay a part of history that isn’t written down, doesn’t always have a physical representation, it is the thread of our lives, knitted together in individuals, families, towns, countries… Many cultures revere their story tellers, they are accorded an enormous amount of respect and gratitude. They keep the very core, the very soul of their culture alive for the young ones. They also sometimes keep hidden the dark secrets that could tear apart a village, a tribe, a family. Among the stories, legends, and tales are always the ghost stories. Ghost stories have always been told, shared, and used!
In the Fort Worth / Dallas area, the infamous Hell’s Half Acre, a notorious section of old Fort Worth, was known for just about every kind of depravity of the day. Prostitutes, drugs, gangs, murderers, thieves, you name it, if you wanted to partake of vice, Hell’s Half Acre was where you would end up. Hell’s Half Acre sprawled out across the south end of town and would eventually grow to occupy over 2 ½ acres. Many attempts were made to clean it up but, just as today, money talked; the argument was made by the leaders of Fort Worth, if they started closing down the trouble makers, they would hurt the legitimate business man.
There are many documented reports of the gangs and outlaws that used the Half-Acre for a hideout, the Sam Bass Gang, famous for the largest single robbery of the Union Pacific, before Sam was shot and killed by Texas Rangers when he was 27. There are even pictures of Butch Cassidy and members of his Hole in the Wall Gang, among others.
And then there was Sally. Sally was a young prostitute, many said she was a beautiful young thing and very popular with the “gentlemen” of the area. Sally was found murdered and nailed to an outhouse door. Many reports of a special beau of Sally’s circulated, but no one could really identify him or even remember ever seeing him. Her murder was never solved. It is believed that Sally still walks the streets of the old area. Is she looking for her lover, is she looking for her murderer, was he one and the same?
At this time, the cattle were slaughtered down at the stock yards and old timers of the area remember a processing house being located down on what is now East Lancaster Street, currently home to the Cutting Edge Haunted House. The carcasses were taken by wagon to the process house, slung up on the conveyer belt that went up through the building to the butchers, processed, and dropped through chutes, that exist in the oldest building still on site, to the cool room down in the basement. As the story goes, this building was built by a foreigner, a man that could speak English, but preferred to speak only his native tongue. He was a quiet, mysterious man; the locals really knew nothing of him. The workmen that he brought in to work the processing were from his homeland; they spoke no English and kept to themselves. Though these men must certainly have found the opportunity to partake of the “amusements” offered in the Acre, there are no recorded stories of any trouble particularly attributed to them.
Old rumors would have that Sally’s lover was this man, that he abhorred her profession, and wanted her to leave it, but Sally wanted marriage and security if she was to leave the only thing that was providing her a living, pitiful though it was. All we really know is that Sally was murdered and records of what happened to the owner and men working the cattle carcass processing house are lost to recorded history. The employees at the Cutting Edge know that there still untold stories that fill the buildings where they walk today, they know that they are not alone. A few years ago, some paranormal investigators came to the Cutting Edge Haunted House and reported the vision of a young woman chained and bleeding and cries that would chill the blood. Visibly shaken, they could not identify this young woman. Could this have been Sally, is she still reliving that horrible deed?
History is funny, is this just a ghost story that old timers tell to get out a rise out of the young or is this one of those tales that is wrapped in the shadow of time but has some element of fact? Are you brave enough to do your own research, to walk the halls of the Cutting Edge? Who knows… one of the cast members in the halls of the Haunted House may really be Sally…, still wandering, still looking for her love, or she could be looking for revenge; tread carefully…
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