The Frost is on the Pumpkin and Cutting Edge is Open for Business

As a cold front moves into Dallas-Fort Worth, temperatures are predicted to drop into the upper 40s and bring some welcome cool, dry weather to the area this weekend.

Visitors to Fort Worth’s legendary haunted house Cutting Edge this weekend will want to bundle up, for although the weather promises to be clear aside from a slight chance of rain on Friday, temperatures are predicted to drop as a cold front moves into the area.

That’s right, along with the evil clowns, ghoulish undead zombies and things that go bump in the night sending a chill up and down your spine, the fall weather has finally arrived to add even more chills to your thrills. The mummies will be adding an extra layer of gauze to their wraps, and the werewolves will be sporting warm fur coats this weekend, thanks to Friday’s full moon!

Just in time to take advantage of the refreshing fall weather, Cutting Edge will be open for four chilling nights this weekend, starting with Thursday, October 17. Thursday is a great night to avoid the crowds, and since Cutting Edge was voted the number one “must see” haunted attraction this year by fans who weighed in at, crowds of rabid fans are a distinct possibility!

Ah, fall – the crisp, cool air with a hint of wood smoke, the rustle of leaves, the baying of werewolves and the roar of chainsaws, who could ask for anything more? And what better way to celebrate the season than by screaming in terror as you fumble through the darkness, stalked by evil bloodthirsty creatures of the netherworld?

Don’t wait – get your tickets now at, make like a cow pie and hit the dusty trail out to the Cutting Edge to see what all the fuss is about. And remember – it’s a full moon. Anything can happen!