The Real Story Behind Creepy Leprechauns

Think you know all about leprechauns?

If you tuned into our last blog post, then you probably heard about our latest evil leprechaun infestation.

We might know a thing or two about them here at the Cutting Edge. But with St Patrick’s Day 2019 right around the corner, it’s high time you brushed up on your own knowledge of them.

The history of the leprechaun is actually quite creepier than you probably ever imagined. Where do creepy leprechauns come from and are leprechauns real? What should you do if you encounter one yourself this St Patrick’s Day?  

Read on to find out!

What Are Leprechauns?

When you think of a leprechaun, what do you imagine?

Most people tend to think of a short and stout bearded man clad in green. He could be wearing a hat, carrying a pot of gold, or throwing four-leaf clovers around.

A lot of people equate leprechauns to elves. Contrary to popular belief, the leprechaun is not an elf. In Irish folklore, leprechauns are actually fairies.

They’re not like the typical winged fairy you may imagine in a bed of flowers or on a lily pad. Irish mythology may portray them similarly to how we know them today. Miniature. Stout. Bearded. But they fall under the fairy family in mythological terms. The word “leprechaun” comes from the word, leipreachán. In the Irish language, the word refers to fairies and elves. Luchrapán is an older variation within the Celtic language family.


If you imagined a leprechaun to resemble the Lucky Charm leprechaun, think again! A leprechaun is traditionally an old man – and a wrinkly one at that. In early portrayals, leprechauns also wore red – not green.

Did you also know that the role of a leprechaun is not gold hoarding? In Irish folklore, the leprechaun is, in fact, a shoemaker. They tend to reside in wooded areas, caves, and gardens. But they’re quite handy with shoes and shoe buckles, and this is how they have so much gold. They also like to dance and play the fiddle. Even the creepy leprechauns like to jig and enjoy a pint or a whiskey every now and then.

However, they also prefer to be alone and rarely congregate with other leprechauns. Their true nature is introverted, solitary, and colder than commonly portrayed.

The True Nature of Creepy Leprechauns

Now, if you’ve heard anything about leprechauns being joyous and friendly creatures, you heard wrong. Popular culture likes to portray leprechauns as fun-loving beings. Yet, they’re anything but.

The leprechaun is actually a trickster by nature. They’re known to deceive anyone who crosses their path – especially those after their gold. They’ll even go as far as to capture anyone who tries to lay out a leprechaun trap.

Perhaps it’s all that isolation in the gardens or forest that makes them such volatile creatures. They’re certainly more introverted than commonly believed. And like a true fairy in Irish folklore, they’re unpredictable… and even a bit cunning and ruthless. They enjoy causing damage and hurting others.

You may have heard about how they’ll even grant their captors three wishes. But not all creepy leprechauns are this generous. If you don’t choose your wishes wisely, you could fall victim to the leprechaun’s trickery and regret what you wished for.

What Should You Do If You Encounter a Leprechaun?

So, are leprechauns real?

The answer is likely no. But if you’re a believer in the mythological, they could be… and as creepy as Irish folklore portrays them to be.

Leprechauns made their way from the lush forests and hills of Ireland and settled across the US. Around this time of year, they’ll start to come out of their corners and caves. After all, they like to commemorate Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, too.

But beware!

They also think all humans are out to steal their gold. And should they come across a leprechaun trap, they’ll grow angry and even a bit vengeful.

So, what should you do if you encounter a leprechaun this St Patrick’s Day 2019?

There are all types of ways you can set a leprechaun trap. You could leave a trail of shamrocks to yours. Or, you could leave out a handful of gold, chocolate coins. Whatever you do, don’t do what Baron Verdun and Lady Cassandra did at Thrillvania Haunted House Park. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a leprechaun infestation.

If you capture one, it might grant you three wishes. You should release it as soon as it grants you your wishes. If you choose not to, you could be in for some trouble.

What else should you do if you encounter creepy leprechauns this St Patrick’s Day? Unless you’re clever and daring, don’t attempt to steal their gold. You could look for them at the end of a rainbow and maybe you’ll get lucky. But you could fail in the process and wind up having a real menace on your hands.

St Patrick’s Day 2019 is Right Around the Corner

Corned beef and cabbage. Guinness. Irish music. Shamrocks. AND creepy leprechauns?

Cutting Edge Haunted House wishes we could be celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2019 with you all. But it is possible to celebrate a scary St Patrick’s Day this year no matter where you are. 

Have a safe and happy St Patrick’s Day. Until we see you all in October, stay spooky!