The Scares are Bigger in Texas

People are fond of saying that everything’s bigger in Texas, and here at the Cutting Edge Haunted House,we have to admit that’s true.

Just waiting in line is one gigantic block party, with DJs, raucous music, zombies and ghouls running amok everywhere, creeping you out in the parking lot, lurking around the porta-potties. We’ve got more scares going on outside the attraction than other places have in their whole haunted house.

As for the zombies, you can’t hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a zombie at the Cutting Edge. We’ve got zombies with chain saws, zombies playing in a marching band, zombies in a drum line – heck, our zombies are downright musical prodigies!

And as for the attraction itself, well it’s a colossal 200,000+ square foot meat-packing plant, with bodies hanging from a conveyor belt traveling overhead. We’ve got disturbing tableaus and dioramas, dinosaurs and dragons, crazed clowns and maniacal monsters, more animatronics than a Disneyland ride and a cast of hundreds so that you’ll never know for sure whether something or somebody is real or not.

In fact, it’s all about the illusion. Your rational mind knows that you’re safe, but part of you isn’t quite sure.

The Cutting Edge is so big that people often ask how long it takes to get all the way through once they cross into that netherworld of illusion. The answer? Well it depends, how fast can you run? Last year it took most folks the better part of an hour, but this year it’s longer – a whole lot longer. And don’t forget, you also have to negotiate an actual maze and a giant wall of foam.

So yes, things are bigger in Texas, especially here at the Cutting Edge, but don’t take our word for it, come on out and see! One thing though, you’d better make sure you take the opportunity to use the porta-potties before you come in, because we’re going to scare the crap out of you!