Three Urban Legends Centered Around Haunted Houses

An urban legend is basically a tall tale; a kind of bizarre farce just plausible enough to be believed, that somehow goes viral until people have heard it so many times in so many places that they believe it to be true.

People love to spread a good urban legend, and what better subject to base one on than a haunted house? After all, there’s no better time to spread a mythic story than while waiting in line, anticipating the thrills to come and building up the suspense. Here are three urban legends that have been circulating for some 50 years or more.

The All You Can Eat Haunted House

Kind of like the monster-sized ribeye steak, or the chili that’s too spicy for anyone without a Teflon gut to consume, rumors abound about a haunted house so terrifying that no one is able to make it all the way through, and a refund is offered to any intrepid guest that does.

While Cutting Edge’s (DFW Haunted House) manager does carve a notch in the handle of his chainsaw each time a guest runs screaming through an emergency exit, there is no prize – nor refund – for making it all the way through the attraction, save the nightmares that will haunt your slumber for many nights to come.

We have it on good authority that there is not, nor has there ever been a haunted house that promises to refund the price of admission to anyone brave or foolhardy enough to make it all the way through. That’s just silly.

Haunted Houses are Associated with Demons and Devil Worship

Haunted houses are created for one thing only, and that’s to scare the living daylights out of all these who want to have the living day lights scared out of them. To that end, we may depict some pretty frightening, eerie and even bizarre things, certainly pushing the bound arise of that which is odd, strange and spooky, all in the name of fun. As a matter of fact, many Haunted Houses donate heavily to local and national charities. Many church groups host haunted houses as a way of fundraising and as safe alternatives to door to door trick-or-treating. Cutting Edge Haunted House relishes in providing a creepy environment where you can, at your request, get scared silly, scream with terror and laugh until your sides hurt and all the while know it’s not real…..presumably!

Rest assured however, were all just good ole boys having fun, and the only thing we really want is to hear the shrieks and screams from our satisfied albeit terrified guests.

Some Haunted Houses Have Real Ghosts

Haunted houses create elaborate back stories in order to develop their themes and enhance the experience for guests, and if a rumor gets around about the possibility of a real haunting, so much the better for the box office. Just like what you read on the Internet, however, you have to take these stories with a grain of bone dust – except of course, for the strange apparition that’s been spotted by members of the crew at the Cutting Edge, because it IS a very old building, you know, and we’re not really sure what all kind of meat was being processed here, just saying.