Top 7 Creepiest Sea Creatures That Really Haunt Our Oceans

Not everything spooky thing is the star of a horror film. In fact, some incredibly eerie creatures are very real and are located in the depths of our oceans. The ocean is home to a number of pretty creepy fish and other marine life. They almost never see the light of day, though. It’s probably a good thing because you’ll soon learn that you don’t want to see them either.

Here are some of the creepiest creatures that really haunt our oceans:

Frilled Shark
This ancient sea creature looks like the ancestors of the hammerhead but crossed with a massive snake. Its terrifying appearance is incredibly archaic, but they have apparently shaped that way for a reason. Some think that it bends its body much like a serpent and launches forward, striking its prey with massive force. They live in the deepest depths of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, but given the chance, they wouldn’t hesitate to take a bite out of you.

gray shark decor

Giant Squid
Many people thought the giant squid was a thing of legends since only a few real-life accounts have ever been recorded. However, the giant squid is very real and just as terrifying as you probably assumed. They live in the deepest parts of the ocean, and because of this suffer a condition called deep-sea giantism. This causes them to reach monstrous sizes, up to 43 feet from top to bottom. They are definitely carnivorous, and there isn’t much doubt that they could eat a human whole if they wanted to. They are also known to be pretty violent, and sometimes beat their prey to death again rocks or the ocean floor before finally chowing down on the remains.

Gulper Eel
Eels are already admittedly creepy, but the gulper eel has a few special features that make it downright terrifying. Perhaps the freakiest feature is its massive jaw. It looks almost like a pelican’s beak and is several sizes too large for its body. Lined with razor-sharp teeth, they can devour things much larger than they are, much like a snake. Eels are much creepier than snakes, though, because they swim through the darkest, deepest oceans, waiting to swallow their prey whole.

Blue Ringed Octopus
The blue-ringed octopus is actually quite aesthetically appealing. Make no mistake, though, because it’s definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They might have some of the worlds strongest venom, which could kill you in minutes depending on your size. There is no anti-venom either, making it one of the worlds most dangerous predators, so you should probably steer clear at all costs.

selective focus photography of octopus

Goblin Shark The goblins we see in freaky films are terrifying enough, but this real-life creature is easily one of the most terrifying animals you’ll ever witness. With a massive snout and a retractable jaw, it is the ultimate predator. Not much is known about this terrifying beast though, since only a few have ever been caught, usually by deep sea fishermen. They definitely look as old as time, so we are guessing there aren’t many left.

The Black Swallower
It kind of looks like the archaic, fish-bone version of Charizard. But instead of a cute, snuggly demeanor, it has razor sharp teeth and a massively distended stomach. It can easily eat and digest prey that is up to ten times its size, which means nobody is safe. Not even humans. Again, it lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, so your chance of coming in contact with one is fortunately pretty slim.

The Anglerfish is one of the most terrifying creatures in the original Finding Nemo, but even that depiction is mild compared to the real thing. This fossil-like creature has large, needle-like teeth, as well as the iconic glowing orb protruding from its head. Its one of the best predators in the ocean, since most of its prey swim right to its light, and then into its mouth. It isn’t the slightest bit friendly, either, and will attack you if given the chance. It looks pretty threatening too, like a swimming skeleton with a neon bulb above its head.

Selective Photo of Gray Shark

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