Visit Cutting Edge Haunted House this Week at Your Peril

With each passing night, the moon wanes to but a sliver, the nights grow darker, and a feeling of dread looms over the land. Halloween, the night of the walking dead will soon be upon us, and the denizens of the underworld are quivering with excitement. They just can’t wait to meet you…

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas plays host to some of the most foul, wicked and horrendous creatures ever to emerge from the bowels of the earth, in a musty, 100-year-old meatpacking plant. Smack dab in the middle of the lawless old west neighborhood known as Hell’s Half Acre, this historical old building attracts these tormented souls like a magnet, and they grow stronger and more numerous as All Hallow’s Eve draws ever nearer.

As you stumble through the musty, dark hallways of the attraction, murky figures appear nearby. Is it a mannequin? Is it an actor? Or could it be something much more sinister? Just as you’re convinced that you’re looking at a mannequin, it moves! You scream, and run away. You look back and it’s gone, vanished into the darkness.

Granted, Cutting Edge is a world class haunted attraction, but the thing is, sometimes patrons come out raving about terrifying characters who don’t exist, and scenes that aren’t part of the set. And the closer it gets to Halloween, the stranger and more bizarre the occurrences. Are these people seeing things? Letting their imaginations get the better of them? No one knows for sure.

There are strange and powerful forces populating the darkness these next few nights, and they’ll be waiting for you at the Cutting Edge. Come and make their acquaintance, if you dare!

And don’t forget, tonight (Tuesday) is for SIN – that’s Service Industry Night, where service industry workers and students can save $10 by showing their check stub or student ID at the coupon booth!