Howling at the Harvest Moon

Visitors waiting to enter DFW haunted house Cutting Edge this weekend will be serenaded by the light of a brilliant harvest moon, which will rise around sunset and stay in the sky all night long!

The moon officially turns full when it reaches a spot in the sky 180 degrees from the sun, which will occur on Friday night at 6:38 pm CDT.

October’s full moon is the one nearest to the September equinox this year, making it the Harvest Moon. Because a harvest moon has a smaller angle with the Eastern horizon when seen from northern latitudes, instead of rising an average of 50 minutes later each night, it rises only a little later, and sets around sunrise, giving farmers extra moonlight to bring in their crops.

It also provides werewolves, vampires, zombies and ghouls more time to reap havoc on the countryside.

Popular lore has long associated the occurrence of a full moon with strange behavior in people and animals, leading to violence, aggression and even suicides. While scientific studies have never been able to verify this association, many who work in hospital emergency rooms and police dispatch strongly attest to this notion.

Myth or not, this belief has persevered since the middle ages, and even the words lunacy and lunatic are based on the Latin word for moon.

One thing that HAS been confirmed scientifically is that the moon’s gravitational pull at different times of the month is responsible for tidal surges, with the most powerful one occurring during a full moon. New research shows that not only does this affect water, but land masses as well. A tidal rise and fall of some 23 centimeters on the Earth’s crust has been measured at the equator, and 10 centimeters at 50 degrees north and south latitude. Dallas-Fort Worth is situated just under 33 degrees north latitude.

Animals have been observed to get agitated just before an earthquake, due to their sensitivity to the movement of the earth’s crust. Perhaps this tidal pull explains why many animals also seem to get anxious around a full moon.

Recent sleep studies have also found that people tend to get less sleep as the moon gets full. Sleep deprivation has been known to lead to odd behavior…

An October Harvest Moon occurs on average about once every four years, with the last one occurring in 2009 and the next one in 2017. Moonrise tonight is at 6:05 pm. Friday night the moon will rise at 6:43, Saturday at 7:22 and Sunday at 8:04.

What better way to enjoy the Harvest Moon than with friends and strangers, clowns, zombies and lunatics as you wait to enter the Cutting Edge, this year’s “Victim’s Choice” number one must-see haunted attraction in Dallas-Forth Worth! Come on out and find out for yourself if the legends about the full moon driving people to lunacy really hold water. Let your hair down. Channel your inner werewolf and give us a howl!