Top Ten Ways to Spend the Labor Day Holiday

Get in the holiday spirit — the Halloween holiday spirit this Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day, the last lazy holiday of the summer, a time for cookouts, picnics, last trips to the beach and for some unlucky husbands, time to clean out the garage along with various other “honey-do’s.”

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day signals a time to change wardrobes, as the days grow shorter and markedly cooler. It’s also — just 54 days till Halloween! So skip the garage and the clothes shopping, and let’s get down to what’s really important. Here are ten important ways you could be spending your Labor Day holiday:

10. Get to work on your Halloween costume. Break out the band saw, arc welder, paint gun and Dremel tools and let’s get this baby started!

9. Put up your Halloween decorations. It’s never too early, really.

8. Unwrap your mummies and take their wraps to the fluff ‘n fold. Remember, a clean mummy is a happy mummy. And as they say, if mummy’s not happy, nobody’s happy…

7. Binge watch the last three seasons of “The Walking Dead” on NetFlix.

6. Start shopping for Halloween candy. You don’t want to be the one giving out last year’s favorites. Invite some friends over for a “tasting” party.

5. Put a fresh coat of whitewash on the backyard cemetery. We don’t want little ghosties tripping over tombstones in the dark, do we?

4. Oil the chainsaw, clean out the fog machine and take the hearse in for a good detail job.

3. Take the Hounds of Hell in for a rabies shot and a flea dip.

2. Freshen up the bloodstains on your front porch and maybe add some bloody handprints on the railing.

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