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    Cutting Edge Haunted House. Located in Ft. Worth, TX
    Guinness World Record Holder - World's Largest Haunted House.

MedalPEColorsAutumn has officially arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, and with it, the opening of world-renowned Cutting Edge Haunted House for the 2014 haunting season.  And every fall, as the leaves turn to brilliant shades of orange and red and pumpkin patches spring up almost overnight around Fort Worth, HauntedHouseRatings.com announces the winners of their Victim’s Choice Awards, a who’s who of the top 31 “must see” haunts around the nation.  And coming in at the number two spot this year is Fort Worth’s own Cutting Edge Haunted House!

Haunted attractions cannot pay to get on the Top 31 list at HauntedHouseRatings.com, nor can they bribe the Russian judge.  There are no paid judges in this competition. The judges in the Victim’s Choice awards are the general public; the avid fans who go online and vote for their favorite haunted houses every year, and the fans they have spoken.  Cutting Edge rocks!

While just making it on the list at all is an honor worth breaking out the old baseball bat and knee-capping someone, Cutting Edge Haunted House is a heavy hitter that routinely finishes near the top, and this year has the attraction squarely in second place, behind powerhouse 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“This is Texas, what do you expect,” explains Cutting Edge’s haunt-meister, Todd James.  “We’re bigger, we’re badder and we’ve got more zombies than anyone else.  It’s a no-brainer.”  And what does James plan to do now that he’s achieved this latest honor?  “Well we’re sure as heck not going to Disneyland,” he says.  “I’d rather go to Cutting Edge Haunted House!”

And so can you!  Because Cutting Edge Haunted House is open every night through Halloween weekend!  Get your tickets online using the code “Fear 33″ and save $5 off your admission for Thursday and Sunday night (that’s October 23rd and 26th for those of you who have been spending too much time drinking vodka with the Russian judge….)

You have nothing to fear but fear itself — Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …


Top 10 Places You Might Find a Goblin

Posted on 21 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

TOP10 copyAccording to Wikipedia, a goblin is a “legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like creature.” They vary in size and description from country to country, but nearly every culture has some sort of goblin-like creature in their mythology. Halloween is the goblin’s favorite time of year, and as the magic night approaches, they become more active and possibly even a little careless. If you keep your eyes open, you just might see one. Here are the top 10 places you might spot a goblin:

10. Hiding under your bed, ready to gnaw your toes off with his sharp teeth.

9. Lurking in your closet, wearing your Dior blouse and your favorite Manolo Blahnik pumps.

8. Behind the refrigerator, snacking on a petrified brown 3-year-old banana.

7. In your toilet bowl, waiting to bite your bare buns when you stumble into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

6. In your laundry room, playing hide and seek with your socks.

5. In the back seat of your car, munching on stale French fries.

4. Hiding under your desk at work, breaking wind so that everyone thinks it’s you.

3. In the copy room, “fixing” the copy machines.

2. In your boss’ office — no wait, that’s your boss!

1. At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this Thursday night, and every night after that until November 2nd, just waiting to give you the fright of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Halloween is almost here. Get your tickets online and let the screaming begin!


10 Bodacious Bits about Bats (and Vampires)

Posted on 18 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Halloween is getting closer, and so we continue to dig up interesting bits of trivia around some of the most noted and notable traditions and icons associated with our favorite holiday.  Without further ado, here are some fascinating bits about bats!

1.  While most people associate bats with Halloween and blood-sucking vampires, there are actually over 1000 species of bats, most of which feed on insects, nectar and fruit.  Some bats also feed on fish, while only 3 species of vampire bats feed exclusively on blood.

2.  Bats are actually mammals, and flying mammals at that. While some mammals, such as flying squirrels, are capable of gliding as much as 300 feet, bats are the only mammals on the planet capable of continuous flight.

3.  Most species of bats find their way around in the dark using something called echolocation. Similar to radar, which uses radio waves, echolocation uses sound waves emitted by the bats, who listen for the echo to determine distance and direction of objects in their path.

4.  With a lifespan of 20 years or more in some cases, bats may live by themselves in your attic or in a cave with thousands of other bats.

5.  Vampire bats have tiny, razor sharp teeth with which they can slice open an animal’s hide — or a human’s skin — without them even noticing.

6.  The common vampire bat, known as Desmodus rotundus, and its cousins, the hairy-winged and the white-winged vampire bats, are the only known parasitic mammals. While the other two feed primarily on birds, Desmodus rotundus prefers the blood of livestock.  Found mainly in Mexico, Central and South America, this sneaky night prowler uses its razor-sharp teeth to cut open the skin of its prey while they are sleeping, then laps up their blood with its very long tongue.

7.  With a wingspan of nearly 5 feet, Pteropus bats, also known as flying foxes, are the largest species of bats in the world. Fortunately for us, they are NOT related to vampire bats and only feed on nectar and fruit.

8.  Even before Bram Stoker’s Dracula, bats were associated with witchcraft, black magic and darkness, especially in Europe. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, written circa 1603-05, the Weird Sisters incorporate the fur of a bat in their noxious brew.  In 1847, the gothic horror fiction novel Varney the Vampire contained illustrations of the main character sporting a pair of bat-like wings.  Much of vampire fiction since then is heavily influenced by the character of Varney, including Dracula, which came on the scene 50 years later in 1897.

9.  Bram Stoker took the bat-vampire connection one step further in his Dracula novel, having his character shapeshift into the form of a large bat on a number of occasions. Real vampire bats, however, are actually quite small.

CEHHBatsignal. 10.  Legendary comic book creator Bob Kane attributes part of his inspiration for his Batman series to a 1930 movie called The Bat Whispers. One of the earliest talkies, the film is a remake of an earlier version, which originated with a hit Broadway play called The Bat. Ironically, the bat-like character in these productions is not the hero but rather a sadistic serial killer.

 If you like dark places, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this weekend and channel your inner bat!  Students, get $10 off online purchases for Sunday night, October 19th, using the promo code “Brain 33.”  Student ID required to enter with discounted ticket.


Ten Stupid Halloween Costumes for Pets

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Believe it or not, pet owners spend over $370 million annually on Halloween costumes for their pets, dressing them up as everything from Hollywood celebrities to fast food items.  For your amusement, we’ve broken them down into the top ten categories, in no particular order.

TMNT1.  Superheroes are always a popular theme for pet costumes, with Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman leading the pack — but don’t forget about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

2.  Star Wars is big as ever in the dog world, with Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia costumes everywhere, but don’t forget about Star Trek, especially Mr. Spock.

3.  Famous icon costumes abound, including Where’s Waldo, Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, Elvis, Hello Kitty, Astro, Spongebob Squarepants and Gumby.

4.  Christmas-themed costumes do double-duty for Halloween AND Christmas. Look for Santa costumes, Santa’s elves, doggie-in-a-box Christmas presents, stocking stuffers, and on a related note, leprechauns and garden gnomes.

5.  Popular brand names are lending their licenses to doggie costumes this year, including the officially licensed Tootsie Roll dog tunic, Crayola Crayon, Heinz ketchup bottle and even an official Whoopee Cushion costume.

AlpineBoy6.  Don’t count out the old standards, such as a doggie skeleton hoodie, striped pumpkin sweater, pumpkin costume, pirate, devil, wizard, striped prison suit, burglar, hippie, rock star, princess, sailor and jester. We like the Alpine Oktoberfest dog, complete with lederhosen.

7.  Celebrity pet costumes abound, including Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga (billed as Lady Dogga), Marilyn Monroe, Snookie, Pauly-D, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Natalie Portman.

8.  Dressing your dog up as a different kind of animal is popular, including a shark, ram, alligator, frog, dinosaur, tortoise, bat, butterfly, peacock, zebra, walrus, panda bear, tiger or skunk.


Costume Kingdom Zelda Cave Dog

9.  Of course, everyone dresses their Weiner dog up as a hot dog, but what about a taco, slice of bacon, banana split, baked potato, hot fudge Sundae, cannoli, Thanksgiving turkey, donut dog, sushi dog or even a pumpkin spice latte.


10.  Wizard of Oz-themed costumes are still popular, and if you have a little terrier mutt, of course you’re going to go as Dorothy and put him in a basket, but you’ll also find the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, flying monkey, wicked witch AND — there’s even a Dorothy doggie costume, complete with a tiny little stuffed dog in a basket.


So what’s the stupidest pet costume ever?  We like this Zelda Cave Dog getup from Costume Kingdom, which combines two categories — icons (Zelda from the Zelda greeting cards) and traditional (cave man).


And while you don’t have to look too far to find more stupid pet costumes than you can shake a chainsaw at, (Amazon, Halloween Express, Party City, Rubie’s Costume, Costume Kingdom, Costume Supercenter), the absolute silliest costume we found was a do-it-yourself number called “Chia Pet.”  Find all the instructions to make it at Inhabitat.com!


NOTE: No dogs were injured in the making of this post. We absolutely can’t promise they weren’t humiliated, however.


For a REAL howlin’ good time, come out to Cutting Edge Haunted House this Friday, Saturday or Sunday night! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHOOF! WHOOF!


10 Fun Facts around Ghosts and Spirits

Posted on 10 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News


From MacBeth to the Bible, ghosts have been popular subjects of storytellers since people first started telling stories.  The idea that the departed remain with us, in spirit at least, comforts us somewhat, and provides a convenient explanation for many of life’s weirder occurrences.  In survey after survey, it becomes apparent that some 45 percent of the population believe in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity.  Here are some fun stories and beliefs around ghosts and spirits.

1.  Spirits become more active at night, possibly due to a reduced electronic disturbance from appliances and other devices, which compete with or drown out ghostly apparitions. For this reason, you’re more likely to detect ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet

2.  Spirits can manifest in various ways, including orbs, streaks of light, dark shadows, mists and strange blurs. Full-body apparitions are possible, but highly unlikely.

3.  Children and animals are more likely to “see” a ghost. Some children perceive ghosts as imaginary friends.

4.  If a candle flame burns blue or suddenly goes out with no apparent draft or breeze, it’s a sure sign that ghosts are present.

5.  Spirits can often be helpful, and even protective of the families they “haunt.”

6.  Albert Einstein himself may have postulated a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change its form, what becomes of our energy when we die?  Could it be somehow manifested as a ghost?

7.  Albert Einstein wasn’t the first. The concept of ghosts as a form of life after death goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where people believed that death was merely a transition from one form of existence to another.

8.  The White House is haunted by a number of ghosts, including that of Abigail Adams, who has reportedly been seen hurrying toward the East Room, where she used to hang her laundry.

9.  During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, the incoming first lady ordered the gardeners to dig up Dolley Madison’s prized Rose Garden. It’s said that Dolley’s spirit turned up and put such a fear of ghosts into the workmen that they fled without turning a single spade. The garden has continued to bloom for nearly two centuries.

10.  Psychics believe that President Abraham Lincoln has never left the White House. For more than 70 years, presidents, first ladies, guests and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen Lincoln or felt his presence.  Lincoln’s ghost was particularly prevalent during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the country struggled through a devastating depression followed by a world war.  The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina was a guest at the White House during that period, and was awakened one night by a knock on her bedroom door.  Upon opening the door, she saw the figure of Lincoln, top hat and all, standing in the hallway.  The queen fainted, and upon recovering consciousness, she found herself lying on the floor.  The apparition had vanished.

For a super-natural good time, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this weekend — open Friday, Saturday and Sunday night!


Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes

Posted on 8 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

TOP10 copy

As Halloween draws near and we stock up on sweets for trick or treaters, the more creative among us strain our brains to come up with unusual costumes with which to terrorize our friends and neighbors. As the saying goes, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” so the first two on our list seem oddly appropriate. From there, we’ve had to use our imagination. Here is our top ten list of the scariest people you hope not to see at your door this Halloween:

10. Boogeyman / IRS Auditor

9. Grim Reaper / Dr. Kevorkian

8. Any member of the Kardashian clan

7. Disappointed soccer fan from Brazil

6. “Flo” from the Progressive commercials

5. Justin Bieber with a U.S. passport

4. Anyone holding an ice bucket and a video camera

3. Donald Trump having a “bad hair day”

2. Department of Homeland Security screener with a latex glove

1. Anyone wearing an isolation suit when you’re not

For some good old fashioned scares that don’t involve celebrities behaving badly, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend!  We’re open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights!  Buy your tickets online with the promo code “scare 33″ and get $5 off on Sunday night!


10 Weird Halloween Superstitions

Posted on 3 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

521684_483925564981396_240663036_nDressing up as ghosts and goblins on Halloween night actually originates from an old Celtic superstition that spirits of the dead wandered the streets on the night they knew as Samhain.  Celts dressed up as spirits themselves in order to blend in and not be noticed.  Here are some other weird superstitions around Halloween:

1.  In Scotland, young girls often hung wet sheets in front of a fire on Halloween, hoping to see images of their future husbands. Seems like a strange way to do laundry.

2.  Another Scottish superstition is that if a girl looks into a mirror while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween, she will see her boyfriend’s face. So why doesn’t she just go trick or treating with him and ditch the mirror?

3.  In China, Halloween is celebrated with Teng Chieh, a lantern festival in which homes and streets are festooned with lanterns shaped like dragons and other animals. The lights are supposed to help guide spirits of the deceased back to their earthly homes for the night, where family members have placed food and water next to their portraits.

4.  In Hong Kong, Halloween is known as Yue Lan, the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. Offerings of food and gifts are left near bonfires to placate angry spirits who might be seeking revenge.

5.  One Halloween superstition has it that if you walk around your home backwards three times and then counterclockwise three times before the sun sets on Halloween, you will ward off any evil spirits nearby.

6.  Some believe that anyone born on Halloween has the ability to see and talk to dead people.  I talk to dead people all day long in the office…

7.  If you light an orange candle at midnight on Halloween and let it burn till sunrise, it’s supposed to bring you much good luck. As long as you don’t burn your house down; now that wouldn’t be very lucky, would it?

8.  If you see a spider on Halloween, don’t squash it. It may be the spirit of a dead relative who has come to watch over you.

9.  If a bat flies around your house three times on Halloween night, someone in the household is going to die. Or maybe you’ve just got bats in your belfry…

10.  If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, whatever you do, don’t turn around and look. It may be Death himself, and if you look Death in the face he will come for you within the next year.  Or it could be a mugger.  Maybe you should just run…

And if you hear footsteps behind you at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend, it might be your girlfriend, or it might be a chainsaw-wielding zombie!  Open Friday and Saturday nights, 8 to 10 p.m. — get your tickets online and come on down!


10 Fun Facts About Halloween Candy

Posted on 30 Sep 2014 In: Haunted House News


October is upon us, and soon we’ll hear the pitter patter of little goblin feet crunching up the garden path, accompanied by nervous giggles and the ubiquitous “Trick or Treat!” screamed at the top of tiny lungs, as though we were so old we needed a hearing aid. Ah Halloween, the world’s sweetest holiday. Let’s get in the mood with some fun trivia about Halloween candy, shall we?

1. Who wants gum? According to dubious polls taken somewhere in the United States, only 10% of kids prefer to receive gum for Halloween, while 50% prefer chocolate candy and 24%, non-chocolate candy.

2. Desperately seeking sugar-free: With type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity on the rise, people have been resorting to handing out sugar-free candy for Halloween. What else can they take out of our annual sweet treats? Google reports 20 percent more people are searching online this year for gluten-free candy. What’s next? Candy-free candy?

3. The truth will out: Candy actually accounts for only 6% of the added sugar in the American diet. Soft drinks and juice add up to 46%.

4. In fact, candy has long been a scapegoat for health problems. Over a hundred years ago, doctors blamed candy for the spread of polio. Then starting in the mid to late 1900s it was blamed for tooth decay. Today it is blamed for type 2 diabetes and obesity. Go back and read number 3, people!

5. Take a little trip with me: Panic ensued when the news reported that five-year-old Kevin Toston allegedly ate Halloween candy laced with heroin in 1970. Turns out the drugs belonged to the boy’s uncle, who was trying to throw off drug dogs by mixing his stash in with the tot’s haul.

6. Just don’t eat the stuff you get at home: After eight-year-old Timothy O’Bryan died of cyanide poisoning allegedly from eating Halloween candy, savvy investigators dug a little deeper and discovered that his father had taken out a $20,000 life insurance policy on each of his children. He not only poisoned the boy himself, but also attempted to poison his daughter.

7. In Canada they call it beaver tail: Vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry flavorings in candy are sometimes made with castoreum, an extract made from beaver butt excretions.

8. Still going strong: Candy corn has been around for more than 100 years. It was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderle Candy Company. In 1900, the Goelitz Candy Company started producing candy corn and still produces it today — only you know them as the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

9. Candy-free Halloween: During World War II, sugar rationing put a serious damper on trick-or-treating, which lasted for a number of years. Maybe that’s when people started giving out the non-candy alternatives…

10. What happened to the third Musketeer? Or for that matter, the second? Introduced in 1932, Three Musketeers started out as a package of three separate candy bars, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Later it morphed into just a fluffy chocolate center coated with chocolate — less than one bar, but they still kept the name.

Got a sugar high? What better way to work it off than screaming your head off at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend! Open Friday and Saturday night, 8 to 10 pm!



What’s more fun than running through the darkness and screaming like a little girl at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas? Running through the darkness and screaming like a little girl for a good cause! And when it comes to worthy causes, Cook Children’s is one of the best.

Serving over one million children with life-threatening illnesses every year, Cooks Children’s has one of the country’s largest pediatric transport teams and one of only five neonatal transport teams accredited worldwide from CAMTS. These caring professionals continuously strive to make miracles an everyday occurrence and ensure bright futures for their patients and families. Learn more at www.cookschildrens.org.

In the spirit of Halloween, a holiday beloved by children of all ages, Cutting Edge CEO Todd James announced recently that proceeds from ticket sales on Friday, September 26th will go to benefit Cooks Children’s, adding, “Running a successful entertainment business can be difficult at times, but when we all slow down and look at what challenges many families face who have children with life threatening illnesses, it is truly our honor to donate in hopes to have a positive impact on their lives.”

So run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer, smartphone or tablet – oh wait, you’re already on one – and get your tickets for Friday night at Cutting Edge Haunted House. And if your significant other gives you any grief, just tell the ball-and-chain you’re doing it for the kids!



Often associated with bad luck, death and dying, black cats are also a key symbol of Halloween. Feared and revered in different cultures around the world, few other creatures have achieved the cult status of the black cat. Here are some fascinating factoids about black cats:

1. The black cat’s reputation as a vessel of evil dates back to the witch hunts of the Dark Ages. Elderly, solitary women were most often the ones accused of witchcraft. Since they tended to keep cats for company, these animals were said to be their witches’ “familiars,” given to them by the devil. In fact, one myth has it that Satan turned himself into a black cat in order to socialize with witches without being recognized.

2. Western mythology holds that if a black cat crosses your path it will bring you bad luck. If this should happen while driving, you should turn your hat around backwards and mark an X on your windshield. You may feel better, but won’t you look silly!

3. Black cats aren’t considered unlucky everywhere. In Japan and the U.K., black cats are actually said to bring good luck.

4. If a funeral procession meets up with a black cat, it’s believed to foretell the death of still another family member.

5. People in 16th century Italy believed that if someone was ill, that person would die if a black cat were to lie on their bed.

6. While a black cat may bring bad luck, if the animal has a stray white hair, that’s considered good luck. But don’t pluck it or your luck will run out!

7. According to Scottish lore, if a strange black cat turns up on your porch, it will bring prosperity to the owner of the house.

8. Pirates of the 18th century believed that a black cat could bring both good and bad luck. If the animal walks towards you, you will have bad luck. If it walks away from you, then you will have good luck. If a black cat strolls onto a ship and off it, the vessel is doomed to sink on its next voyage.

9. In the early days of television in America, TV stations designated VHF channel 13 often made sport of being located on such an unlucky channel number by featuring a black cat as their mascot.

10. Published in Boston, MA from 1895 to 1920, The Black Cat was an American literary magazine that specialized in short stories of an “unusual” nature.

All kidding aside, black cats have only half as much chance of being adopted from an animal shelter as others, due to their unfortunate association with bad luck. Just something to think about next time you’re in the market for a furry companion!

And if a black cat crosses your path this week, turn your hat around backwards, put an X on your windshield, then go online and buy a ticket to Cutting Edge Haunted House. Use the promo code “COOK33″ for 20% off the ticket price! A portion of every ticket sold this weekend will go to Cook Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth!

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