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Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted on 13 Feb 2016 In: Haunted House News

valentines-day-cutting-edge-2014 copyWondering what to get your sweetie pie for Valentine’s Day? Did you wait till the last minute? Oh no! Before you run out to the nearest convenience store to browse the seasonal aisle, here are a few items you should definitely avoid.

10. Scratch and win lottery tickets. Sure, the fantasy of possibly winning a fortune can briefly heat up the moment, but as soon as she’s done scratching, it’s a nothing but a big fat zero. And that’s what you’ll be getting from HER tonight.

9. A diamond ring keychain. Think you can hint at taking it to the next level without actually going there? Think again. While you’re at it, avoid any jewelry that comes in a ring-sized box that isn’t actually a ring.

8. A self-help book. This is not the occasion to suggest there is anything wrong with her that she needs help with. She just might help you right out the door. If you disregard our advice, at least make sure it’s a paperback so it won’t do as much damage when she throws it at you.

7. Pornography. This is a bad gift for so many reasons. Men, suffice it to say, you don’t want her comparing you to the studs in the flick. And gals, if you’re thinking of buying something smutty for your man, he’s probably already got a more extensive collection than you ever dreamed of.

6. Cooking utensils. Are you hinting she’s a bad cook, or too cheap to take her out to a fine dinner? Better make sure it’s not a set of knives…

5. Viagra. This is just downright humiliating, no matter which one gives it to the other. Think about it.

4. Facebook gifts — send her a Valentines Day present on Facebook and watch how quickly she changes her status.

3. A gym membership. This is 100 times worse than answering in the affirmative to “does this make me look fat?”

2. Lingerie. Guys, you can’t win. If it’s too big, she’ll accuse you of thinking she’s fat. If it’s too small, she’ll cry hysterically. Even if, by some miracle you choose the right size, she’ll think it makes some sort of insinuation about her virtuosity, or lack of it. Better not go there, but if you do, spend the money for some silk. Cheap nylon panties cause yeast infections.

1. Spanx. Okay, are you just a complete moron?

So what should you do? Don’t panic. It’s not too late. Show your sweetie-pie some Twisted Love at Cutting Edge Haunted House, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 10 p.m. After all, what’s more romantic than a candelight romp through a meat-packing plant, being chased by a horde of blood-thirsty zombies? Buy your tickets online and get $5 off with the code “Rose.” Guaranteed to get your blood pumping!

A Rose, By Any Other Color…

Posted on 31 Jan 2016 In: Haunted House News

Black Rose CE SmallThe symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Over thousands of years, people have used the various colors of roses to convey a variety of emotions, from affection to sympathy to undying love. Before you spring for a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, you might want to think about what message you’re trying to send.

Red is traditionally the color of love, beauty, courage and respect, romantic love and, congratulations, and a single red rose is used to say, “I love you.”

Dark red or deep burgundy symbolizes unconscious beauty.

Pink roses signal appreciation, thanks, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, and can also be used to say, “please believe me.”

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness, worthiness, heavenliness, and are a favorite for weddings and bridal bouquets.

Yellow roses are used to indicate friendship, joy, gladness, delight, new beginnings, welcome back, jealousy and caring.

Yellow roses with a red tip symbolize friendship and falling in love.

Orange roses signify desire and enthusiasm.

Red and white roses given together demonstrate unity.

Red and yellow roses together demonstrate happy feelings.

Lavender roses are a symbol of enchantment, and love at first sight.

Coral roses indicate desire.

Black roses are a rose of another color. They are used to signify death, sadness, bereavement and farewell, and are often used in funeral arrangements. They may also be sent to the living, as an ominous warning, or reflection of a desire on the part of the sender that the receiver might soon perish unexpectedly. Black roses are also symbolic of dark magic, evil, witchcraft, and revenge, and play a role in numerous works of fiction and fantasy.

Apart from a few extremely rare and exotic varieties, black roses, by and large, are not actually black, by nature. They start out as a very dark shade of red, purple or maroon. Cut roses are placed in a vase of water mixed with black floral dye, and as they absorb the water, they darken in color. Alternatively, they may be dipped in a dye solution or sprayed with a floral spray paint, which is a faster, yet messier method of creating truly black roses.

Black roses are also a favorite of goth girls, so if your sweetheart is into the black nail polish and spiked dog collars, a bouquet of black roses might actually be a hit, as long as they’re live black roses, not wilted or dried out with a dead rodent thrown in the box for good measure…

Or, you could just bring her to Cutting Edge Haunted House on Valentine’s Day Weekend, open Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 10 p.m. Because nothing says “I love you” like a bloodcurdling scream…

Cutting Edge to Open for Valentine’s Day!

Posted on 18 Jan 2016 In: Haunted House News

VD12016Fort Worth’s Cutting Edge Haunted House will open Saturday and Sunday, February 13 and 14th from 8 to 10 p.m. for some Valentine’s Day shenanigans.

Christmas is over but the bills have just started coming in, and you’re still reeling from the season of sweet confections; cookies, cakes and pies, not to mention all the chocolates and candy canes. Instead of giving your sweetheart still more sugar for Valentine’s Day, why not treat her to an hour of blood-curdling cardio at Cutting Edge Haunted House!

Nothing gets the heart racing like a lovesick zombie, wielding a box of chocolates in one hand and a chain saw in the other. She’ll cling to you like a wet T-shirt as you run the gauntlet together, dodging fresh horrors around every corner while your hearts pound in sweet synchronicity.

Make memories of a lifetime as you stumble through more than a mile of madness in the world’s longest walk-through haunted house, illuminated only by candle light for the perfect touch of Valentine’s Day ambiance. Just imagine the calories you’ll burn!

For a romantic candlelight evening she’ll never forget, get your tickets now for Valentine’s Day weekend at the Cutting Edge Haunted House! After all, there’s a fine line between romance and terror…

Top 10 Zombie New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on 31 Dec 2015 In: Haunted House News

CENewYearsIt’s New Year’s Eve, and all around the world, zombies are busy making plans for what to do better in the New Year — how to be healthier, happier, scarier, all the important things that zombies have on their worm-eaten brains. Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we polled our zombies to come up with the top 10 zombie resolutions for 2016, and here they are:

10. Eat more brains, and less cats.

9. Get more cardio “shuffling to the oldies” with Richard Simmons.

8. Use public transit more frequently, and leave the hearse at home.

7. Buy “Energy Star” rated chainsaws to protect the environment.

6. Quit smoking brains — eat ’em raw!

5. Spend more time reading and less time watching the Kardashians.

4. Learn a new language — maybe English.

3. Update wardrobe with fresh bloodstains.

2. Spend more quality time with fellow zombies.

1. Scare the living daylights out of as many people as possible in 2016!

Happy New Year, America, and we look forward to frightening you again in 2016! We’ll leave the lights out for you…

The Perils of a Full Moon at Christmas

Posted on 26 Dec 2015 In: Haunted House News

CEWerewolfMoon Santa’s not the only creature roaming the Earth this Christmas Eve…

Early Christmas morning marked the first occurrence of a Christmas full moon in 38 years, and it will be the last until the year 2034. The full “cold moon,” the last full moon of the year peaked Friday morning just as Santa Claus was finishing his Yuletide rounds.

What are the ramifications of a full moon occurring at the same time as the jolly old elf is circling the globe, with a sleigh full of goodies, a big fat jelly belly and nine juicy morsels of venison? Clearly he’s a prime target for a wide variety of night stalkers, not the least of which is the ravenous bloodthirsty werewolf.

We all know Santa ranges all around the globe, even to some parts of the planet where angels fear to tread. Imagine the perils of delivering Christmas gifts to homes in Transylvania, under the ominous glow of a blood red moon, surrounded by dark, somber forests of twisted, leafless tree trunks silhouetted against the cold, snow-covered ground. Brrrr. That’s enough to make anyone’s egg nog freeze over.

Not to worry, we have it on good authority, courtesy of NORAD, that Santa Claus did indeed make it back to the North Pole safe and sound on Christmas day – or did he? Might he have had a close encounter along the way, with say, a werewolf? Even Santa Claus is not immune to the bite of a lycanthrope, and could be changing at this every moment into something not so jolly. Imagine a bloodthirsty werewolf with the magical powers of Santa Claus, and things could get a little, well interesting, to say the least.

So as you’re taking down your Christmas decorations, you might want to close the chimney flu, lock your doors and windows and be sure to hide the milk and cookies the next time a full moon rolls around, because Santa CLAWS might well be on the prowl!

This heartwarming seasonal tale brought to you by Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, wishing you and yours a Very Scary Holiday Season!

The Cutting Edge of Christmas

Posted on 9 Dec 2015 In: Haunted House News

HoHoHOBetter watch out, better not cry…

Just run, run like Forest Gump, ’cause someone’s coming to Cutting Edge Haunted House and it’s not a jolly fat man!

Tis the season of fear and loathing, and all things creepy at the world’s longest walk-through haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without creepy clowns, evil elves and maniacal chain-saw-wielding zombies, now would it?

If too much sickly sweet holiday cheer is giving you a toothache, then come on out to Cutting Edge and taste the dark side of the Yuletide! We’ve been bad. We’ve been very, very bad, and every one of our elves is on the naughty list. We’ve got Christmas spirits — lots and lots of evil Christmas spirits, and they’re just dying to jingle your bells.

It’s all happening this Saturday, December 12th, from 8 to 10 p.m. Buy your tickets online using the promotional code “Frosty” and pay just $19.95! That’s the best deal of the season — buy one for a friend! They’ll thank you at the top of their lungs as they run screaming through the dark Texas night. What’s more precious, after all, than the gift of fear?

Remember, Christmas comes but once a year, and so does Cutting Edge’s Nightscare Before Christmas, so get your tickets now while there’s still time! Ho, ho, ho — we’ll be waiting for you…

It’s a Very Scary Christmas

Posted on 30 Nov 2015 In: Haunted House News

Holiday blues got you down? Small wonder. Black Friday sales are over, and Thanksgiving is but a Pepto-Bismol coated bit of indigestion lingering in your mid-gut. What to do for fun? Put up Christmas lights? Much too dangerous, especially after you’ve been swilling eggnog spiked with Uncle Bubba’s special brand of greased lightning. Sing Christmas carols, decorate a tree, send out Christmas cards? Bah humbug. If all the sickly sweet yuletide sentiments are rotting away your soul, then we have just the thing to put the “holy crap!” back into your holiday: The Nightscare Before Christmas!

That’s right, Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas is opening once again for our annual Nightscare Before Christmas creepy crawly spooktacular extravaganza, on Saturday, December 12th from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.

There’s nowhere to run to, Santa baby, and nowhere to hide, when the elves turn into zombies and break out the chainsaws. It’s madness and mayhem with a peppermint twist. So put down the cookies, fat man, and start running, because Rudolph’s sharpening his antlers and he’s got you in his sights.

That’s right, nothing screams Christmas like a good old fashioned slaying. So don’t delay — get your tickets online for this one-night-a-year special performance. Halloween may be over, but the 12th Night is coming….

Friday13BlackSo, that special day of the week is coming around again, Friday the 13th. Are you feeling lucky? Sure, it’s probably just mere superstition, however, paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th, affects people the world over, leading to responses ranging from mild dread to full blown panic attack whenever the two dates shall clash.

Should you be afraid? Just because the 13th guest at the Last Supper was Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, and the Code of Hammurabi omits the 13th law for fear of it’s being evil, hey, who’s to say that’s bad?

Most hotels and many high rise buildings around the world have opted to skip the 13th floor. Traditionally, doomed prisoners climbed 13 steps to the gallows. And an old superstition says that those with 13 letters in their name are doomed to a life of misery. Think Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo. Apollo 13 was the only moon mission which failed, with near disastrous consequences. Still feeling lucky?

On Friday, Aug. 13, 2010, a 13-year-old boy was struck by lightning at 1:13 p.m. — that’s 13:13 hundred hours, in Suffolk, England. According to Rex Clarke, a St. John Ambulance team leader, “Suddenly there was this huge crack of lightening really close to the seafront and really loud thunder. Seconds later we got a call someone had been hit. The boy was breathing and was conscious.” The boy had only a minor burn. Clarke said, “It’s all a bit strange that he was 13, and it happened at 13:13 on Friday 13.”

History is filled with tales of horrific happenings that have occurred on Friday the 13th, such as the date of two fatal plane crashes, Friday October 13, 1972. Not only did the infamous Swiss rugby team end up battling for survival in the Andes (think “Alive”), but a much larger flight crashed that same day near Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, killing all 174 passengers and crew.

While you may be tempted to stay home and curl up in bed in order to avoid the ravages of this unlucky day, history has proven that there is no safe place when Friday the 13th rolls around. Witness an unfortunate gentleman by the name of Daz Baxter, who attempted to bury his head beneath the blankets of his bed on Friday, August 13th, 1976 to avoid any possible peril. He was killed that day when the floor of his apartment building collapsed.

So what is there to do? Why not venture out, seize the bull by the horns, look fate in the eye and laugh like a maniac! Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth and show the world you’re not afraid of any silly old superstitions! Laugh in the face of peril! Embrace the dark side! Open this Friday the 13th. We’ll keep the lights out for you…

Happy Halloween from Cutting Edge

Posted on 31 Oct 2015 In: Haunted House News

Tis night for revel, set apart
To reillume the darkened heart,
And rout the hosts of Dole.
‘Tis night when Goblin, Elf, and Fay,
Come dancing in their best array
To prank and royster on the way,
And ease the troubled soul.

The ghosts of all things, past parade,
Emerging from the mist and shade
That hid them from our gaze,
And full of song and ringing mirth,
In one glad moment of rebirth,
Again they walk the ways of earth,
As in the ancient days …

—J.K. Bangs, Harper’s Weekly, Nov. 5, 1910.

Merry Samhein!

It’s not too late to get your tickets for Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, open tonight and tomorrow night for your ghoulish pleasure!

Walk Like a Zombie

Posted on 28 Oct 2015 In: Haunted House News

From Phoenix to Fayetteville, Zombie Walks continue to entice die-hard living dead/Walking Dead fans into getting out and enjoying some fresh air — and brains, zombie style.

Zombie walks originated in North America shortly after the turn of the century, with the earliest one being hastily assembled at the Gen Con gaming convention in August of 2000. It was actually more of a flash mob with around 60 participants, that was organized to poke fun at Vampire: The Masquerade LARPers who were monopolizing the convention.

As zombie movies became more popular, so did zombie walks, as well as zombie fests and other zombie related events. Let’s face it, this country just loves their zombies!

In downtown Phoenix, the annual Zombie Walk has been luring teeming masses of zombie fans to Heritage & Science Park every fall for six years now. The event has attracted upwards of 20,000 people in recent years, some 15,000 of them in costume.

Starting at sundown, the walk covers a whopping 1.5 miles of downtown Phoenix, serenaded by live bands and lined with food and drink vendors. While 1-1/2 miles might not seem much of a distance for you marathon runners, at a zombie’s pace, well let’s just say you’ve got time for a few beers along the way.

Over in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a similar event takes place every October on the weekend before Halloween. Starting at the Headquarter Library at 7:45 p.m., the zombies parade down Maiden Lane through the streets of downtown Fayetteville to the corner of Hay Street and Ray Avenue, where they can chill and rock out to some cool zombie style live rock music.

In fact, zombie walks are going on all across the country, in Portland, Oregon, Rochester, New York, Fort Collins, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Rome, Georgia and even in the nation’s capital. In good old New York, New York, aka party town, they’re calling it a “Zombie Crawl.”

If you can’t find a zombie walk in your neighborhood, don’t despair. We’ve got more zombies than you could shake shstick at! Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas and crawl, walk or run through Zombie Central! Open every night through November 1st — get your tickets on line and save some zombie bucks!

Countdown to Halloween: Just 3 days!!!

10 Freaky Facts About Spiders

Posted on 26 Oct 2015 In: Haunted House News

CESpiderWebWhile most people have at least a credible amount of fear or aversion to all forms of creepy crawlies, spiders in particular tend to get a bad rap. Household spiders perform a valuable service by keeping the insect population in check, and while a notorious few can have dangerous bites, the vast majority are perfectly harmless to humans. Spiders are, in large part, nocturnal, and mostly keep to themselves. In other words, if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you.

Nevertheless, arachnophobia affects some 3-1/2 to 6 percent of the population, and the mere sighting of a spider has been known to make grown men squeal like a little girl. What’s the big deal? Well, could it be because all spiders are predators, and together they make up the largest group of carnivores in the world? Here are ten more freaky facts about spiders:

1. All spiders are venomous, except for one (the hackled orb weaver). They use their venom to paralyze their prey.

2. Spiders transfer venom to their prey by biting them with sharp fangs. In the case of the South American goliath birdeater, those fangs can be over 3/4 of an inch and reach up to 1-1/2 inches!

3. All spiders produce silk, which they use for different purposes. Some use it for shelter, to protect offspring and/or to assist them as they move. Some use it to capture prey, and most use it to keep their victims immobile while they wait for them to liquefy.

4. A spider’s digestive process actually takes place outside the spider’s body. Using its fangs, it injects digestive enzymes into its prey, which cause the tissues inside the exoskeleton to liquefy. It then sucks out the liquefied matter, leaving the insect’s empty shell intact. Some spiders use a slightly different method to break down their prey, but you get the idea.

5. Spiders use a combination of muscle and blood pressure to move their legs. They do this by contracting muscles in their cephalothorax (fused head and thorax), which increases blood pressure to the legs. Jumping spiders can use this sudden increase in blood pressure to spring as much as a foot, horizontally. Yikes!

6. The jumping spider family, or Salticidae, as the eggheads call it, comprises around 13% of all spider species, making it the largest family of spiders. Jumping spiders have exceptional eyesight, owing to their four pairs of eyes. Jumping spiders have no need for webs; they simply pounce on their prey.

7. Like jumping spiders, wolf spiders don’t bother with webs, preferring to hunt down their prey using superior strength and exceptional eyesight, especially at night. Wolf spiders can be found all over the world, are solitary hunters and sometimes mistaken for tarantulas, due to their large size and predilection to remain on the ground, using vegetation or leaf litter for cover. Female wolf spiders are known to be aggressive when they’re carrying around an egg sac, and after hatching, carry the hatchlings around on their backs for several days.

8. Male spiders are generally smaller than female spiders, and risk being eaten by them if the female is hungry enough. For this reason, male spiders of different species are known to perform elaborate courtship rituals to identify themselves as potential mates before approaching a female spider. Jumping spiders perform dances from a safe distance, and then await approval before getting too close. Male orb weavers and other web builders wait on the outer rim of a female’s web, where they gently pluck at the silk to transmit a signal to the female. If she likes the vibes, she’ll send back a signal that it’s safe to approach.

9. The black widow actually comes from a whole family of widow spiders (Theridiidae), so named for their penchant for eating their mates after copulating. The bite of a black widow spider secretes a neurotoxin called latrotoxin, which causes a condition known as latrodectism, both terms deriving from the name of the black widow species: Latrodexus. While rarely fatal in humans, the condition causes pain, vomiting, sweating and muscle rigidity; so you may only wish you were dead. Domestic cats, however, have been known to die from it. Brown recluse, or violin spiders, on the other hand, inject a venom that sometimes leads to necrotizing ulcers that destroy soft tissue, take months to heal and leave deep scars. Rarely, the bites can lead to systemic illness, organ failure and even death in small children or those with a weakened immune system.

10. Arguably the largest species of spider is the South American goliath birdeater, whose leg span can reach up to a foot (about the size of a dinner plate). Found in coastal rainforests of Surinam, French Guiana and Guyana, a few have been spotted occasionally in Brazil and Venezuela. With a reported lifespan of 10 years, the birdeater can weigh more than 6 ounces and has hardened tips and claws on its feet that produce a distinctive clicking sound when it walks. Now THAT’s creepy!

Although some would argue that the giant huntsman is larger since it has a slightly larger leg span, it’s body is much lighter and more delicate. It’s somewhat like comparing a giraffe to an elephant.

In addition to its long fangs, which can reach up to 1-1/2 inches, the birdeater is capable of sending out clouds of hairs from its body which wreak havoc in the eyes and mucous membranes of its enemies. While venomous and quite painful (like driving a nail through your hand), the bite of a birdeater is not deadly to humans.

Contrary to its name, the birdeater doesn’t usually eat birds, although it will attack most anything it encounters and is capable of killing small mammals. Fortunately for the birds, this gargantuan spider mostly hunts for frogs, insects and especially earthworms which come out on humid nights. If a birdeater does happen to stumble on a bird nest, however, it has no qualms about puncturing and drinking bird eggs, and could easily kill chicks and parents as well.

Do creepy crawlies give you the heebie-jeevies? You never know WHAT might leap out of the shadows at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas! Come on out and face all of your fears, be they spiders and snakes or creepy clowns with chainsaws! Open every night through November 1st!

Countdown to Halloween: 5 DAYS!

The Corn Maze: An American Tradition

Posted on 24 Oct 2015 In: Haunted House News

Halloween is almost upon us, and all around the nation families are visiting local farms to pick out pumpkins, go on hay rides and navigate through elaborate mazes carved in fields of corn. A relatively new fall tradition, corn mazes have become a popular way for small farmers to supplement their incomes and attract customers to their pumpkin fields.

In fact, the first corn maze was created in 1993, Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania, as a fundraising effort to aid Midwest farmers whose farms had been damaged by severe flooding.

Disney World producer and LVC Alumnus Don Frantz and LVC student Joanne Marx teamed up with Adrian Fisher of Minotaur Designs in England to design a maze, based on the UK’s popular country garden variety. Fisher had designed some 70 mazes including one in the shape of a dragon, but nothing of the size and complexity envisioned by Frantz.

The final creation was open to the public for just two weekends in the fall of 1993, and drew national attention. With an admission of just $5 per person, the college drew nearly 6,000 visitors and raised over $27,000 over the opening weekend alone. All the proceeds went to the Red Cross to aid the stricken farmers.

Since that first effort, corn mazes have become popular tourist attractions in North America, and are created in a variety of artistic shapes and designs. Some are based on a particular theme, or created to tell different stories. Most feature a path which traverses the entire pattern, finishing either in the middle or at the outside, with intermittent false paths leading away from the main trail.

Interestingly, corn mazes have also caught on back in the United Kingdom, where they are known as “maize mazes” since the Brits tend to refer to wheat as “corn.” Especially popular on small family farms in the east of England, these mazes are normally combined with hay rides, petting zoos and picnic areas.

Dixon, California is home to the world’s largest corn maze, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007. Measured at 45 acres in 2010, the attraction has since been unofficially surpassed by Adventure Acres in Bellbrook Ohio, whose 62 acre corn maze features 8.5 miles of trails. Wow — you could be in there a while!

Contrary to popular belief, corn mazes are not simply cut from an existing crop. Corn maze fields are carefully planned, with farmers selecting an appropriate hybrid species to deliver the desired height and stalk strength and spacing the plants for optimal denseness. Also, corn maze fields are generally planted two to three weeks later in the season than crops planted for harvest.

What’s better than a corn maze? A haunted corn maze! As if navigating your way through a complex series of hairpin turns and passageways isn’t scary enough, imagine doing so at night, with ghostly scarecrows, ghouls and monsters lurking around every corner!

Corn Mazes America estimated there were over 800 corn mazes around the country back in 2008. Since many corn mazes are private and not registered anywhere, it’s difficult pinpoint how many are created annually.

Although only a fraction of corn mazes are also haunted, that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of scaring the popcorn out of somebody. In 2011, police in Danvers, Massachusetts (a short distance from Salem) got a 911 call from a family of four who had been lost in a corn maze for several hours. Night had fallen, and the farmer who owned the maze had departed to run some errands and was unable to hear their cries for help.

He returned to his farm a short time later to find squad cars, police and tracking dogs searching for the errant tourists. The family was quickly located just 25 feet from the exit.

Farm owner Bob Connors hadn’t been worried when the family didn’t come right out. “People like to take their time and we don’t like to rush people out of the maze,” Connors said. “We like to give people their money’s worth.”

If you’re into mazes, monsters and scary good times, come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, open every night through November 1st. There’s nothing CORNY about US! (Bring a change of underwear).

Countdown to Halloween: 7 days!

How Much Do You Know About Scarecrows?

Posted on 20 Oct 2015 In: Haunted House News

IMG_3359The Halloween holiday brings with it a slew of iconic images, from Jack o’lanterns, witches and ghosts, to haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides and scarecrows. Used primarily to discourage crows and other avian pests from devouring corn and wheat before they could be harvested, scarecrows quickly became associated with fall, and make superb Halloween decorations.

It’s easy to see what makes a scarecrow a natural for spooky décor; after all, it is a SCARE crow, and farmers often endeavored to make them as hideous looking as possible.

While scarecrows have been found in ancient Greece and Rome, and even Japan, (the Japanese used rotting meat and fish to make them smell wretched and called them kakashis, meaning something that smells badly) the country that really embraced the scarecrow was Britain. After the population was so reduced by the Great Plague in 1348, farmers could no longer find enough young boys to patrol their wheat fields with bags of stones, and so they resorted to stuffing sacks with straw and carving faces in turnips or gourds. These straw men were then placed on poles in their fields.

So fond are the Brits of their scarecrows, that every year a myriad of festivals crop up, from one end of the United Kingdom to the other. In Meerbrook, Staffordshire, the festival has a storybook theme, featuring animated hay-stuffed Humpty Dumpty’s, Miss Muffets and Little Bo Peeps, among others. Many of these festivals are actually trails, where participants go from display to display, finding clues and solving riddles.

In the U.S., frustrated farmers forsook scarecrows and took to putting a bounty out on crows, and fairly decimated the crow population by the late 1700s. With the crows out of the picture, corn borers and other worms and insects moved in, and were soon doing more damage to the corn and wheat than the crows ever had. So, farmers stopped killing crows and went pack to using scarecrows to keep crop loss to a minimum.

In a small village in modern-day Japan, scarecrows outnumber people. A woman by the name of Tsukimi Ayano started making scarecrows 13 years ago, creating the first one in the likeness of her departed father, as a tribute to him. She has since created more than 350 of them, 150 of which reside in various parts around the town, in homes and businesses of people who have died or moved away. The rest of the straw people have fallen victim to time and the elements.

In fact, the population of the village of Nagoro has dwindled over the years from 150 to just 35 living residents, well outnumbered by the straw people. In the village school, which was closed in 2012 after the last two pupils graduated, scarecrows sit at the desks, and fix their button eyes on a scarecrow teacher standing at the chalkboard. Ooh, that’s too creepy!

ZombieCollegeSpeaking of schools, Thursday is COLLEGE Night at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth! Show your college student ID and get $8.00 off online tickets or $4.00 off at the door. For online tickets, use the promo code “FBThurs8” — valid for October 22nd only!

Countdown to Halloween: 11 Days!

skeleton2Got a skeleton in your closet? Since the early 1800s, if not earlier, this was a phrase that was meant to imply that you were concealing something of such a serious nature that it might damage your reputation if revealed. In a more sinister connotation, it could refer to past criminal activity, perhaps even the existence of an actual decomposing corpse on the premises.

To this end, skeletons have been turning up unexpectedly in backyards and domiciles for thousands of years. Some have innocent origins and explanations, everything from homes built on ancient burial grounds or forgotten, unmarked graveyards to “Grandma died of a heart attack and we couldn’t afford a cemetery plot.”

On the darker side of the proposition, attics, crawl spaces, walls, chimneys, basements, gardens and backyards have long been favorite hiding places for serial killers or even your seemingly friendly neighbor to stash the bodies of their victims. Often these unfortunate corpses languish for decades or more before being discovered, usually long after the culprit has moved on (or passed on) and some unwitting new homeowner embarks on a remodeling project.

And then, sometimes skeletons are legitimately obtained for some purpose or other and then forgotten about, only to cause hysteria and consternation upon their inadvertent discovery by later generations. Such is the case with a charitable organization dating back to 17th Century England called the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows.

Pledged to “visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan,” the fraternal order was composed of wealthy society members who wished to aid the lower classes, which was considered “odd” during that period in history, and hence the name.

But it seems their penchant for charity wasn’t the only thing that was odd about the Odd Fellows.

Similar to Freemasons and other secretive societies, the Odd Fellows practiced clandestine rituals involving human bones and skeletons, witnessed only by members of the inner sanctum who were sworn to silence.

The first American Odd Fellows lodge opened in Baltimore in 1819, and after a minor setback during the civil war, the organization flourished. Known as the “Golden Age of Fraternalism” in America, the period of 1860 through 1910/1920 saw the Odd Fellows building lodges in every state, beating out the Freemasons to become the largest of all fraternal organizations according to the 1896 World Almanac.

Although events of the 20th century (depression, wars) led to a serious decline in membership for the Odd Fellows and fraternal organizations in general, membership in the 21st century has begun to rebound. Nonetheless, as the organization evolves and changes, old ways — and old lodges — have fallen by the wayside.

And as those old lodges are closed and sold, skeletons are turning up willy nilly, in places like Warrenton, Virginia, where a contractor found a ritual skeleton in a black wooden box hidden between two walls of the Warrenton Odd Fellows Lodge.

In recent years, the discovery of Odd Fellows skeletons has sparked police investigations in Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. In Oklahoma, the discovery of human remains prompted a work crew to flee in terror.

Owing to the clandestine nature of the society, no one is talking, and therefore no one knows where these skeletons came from or what they were used for.

Famous members of Odd Fellows include Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Wyatt Earp, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Burl Ives and Red Skelton. The first national fraternity to accept both men and women, the society also welcomed into its ranks Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Georgia Dwelle, the first woman physician of African American descent.

Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, we have more than a few skeletons in our closets, along with evil clowns, zombies and bloodthirsty psychopaths. It’s actually kinda crowded in there. Come on down and take a look — we DARE you! Open Thursday through Sunday nights!

Countdown to Halloween: 18 Days!!!

How Long do Zombies Live? Ask Igor!

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AskIgorAt Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we consider ourselves to be subject matter experts on all things supernatural. From ghosts and goblins to werewolves and wicked witches, we’ve had experience with all kinds of spooky beings and paranormal phenomenon. So we are proud to offer up our resident Master of the Macabre, Igor, to answer your questions on the subject.

Our question for this week was sent in by Silly Sally from Selman City, and she asks, “How long do zombies live?” Take it away, Igor!

Well Sally, that’s kind of a trick question, since zombies aren’t actually alive in the first place. They’re not quite dead, either. What they are is undead, and in that state they tend to stumble around for quite a while, frightening people and eating their brains. So what I’m guessing you really want to know is, how long can a zombie be undead before he becomes just plain old dead?

There are a lot of things that factor into this equation, Sally, including decomposition. While a zombie doesn’t decompose as quickly as someone who’s just plain dead, his flesh does eventually rot away, depending on things like temperature, humidity, and insect activity. Accordingly, a zombie in a tropical region might only last a few weeks, while one in Alaska could keep going for decades.

Then there’s the matter of sustenance. A zombie does not live on bread alone, after all. Actually, zombies don’t eat bread, they eat brains. Consuming the brains of living creatures is what gives a zombie his life force — or death force — or undeath force — whatever. If a zombie can’t find brains to devour, he loses his mojo, and will eventually turn into a door stop. No brains no brawn.

The last thing to consider is the amount of physical damage inflicted on the zombie. A zombie who’s had his head blown off may only stumble around for a few hours, while I’ve personally seen zombies hop around on one leg for weeks at a time. A zombie with missing limbs, however, is usually somewhat compromised in his ability to capture prey, and without a fresh supply of brains, once again, we’re talking doorstop city.

So, I guess the answer to your question then, Sally, is — it depends. And no, we’re not talking about incontinence here. That’s another subject entirely.

Are you off your rocker with supernatural infestations? Got bats in your belfry? Send your quizzical queries to Ask Igor! And be sure to provide a home address, so my friends and I can drop in for a bite!

And if you want to see a whole herd of zombies up close and personal, come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth — We’ll leave the lights out for you…

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The rare combination of a near-earth super moon and a lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon was seen roiling the skies above Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth Sunday night, and is suspected to be a possible cause of some other odd sightings at the world’s longest walk through haunted house.

Although the haunt was closed for the night (open Sunday nights in October), satellite imagery revealed some strange goings on around the grounds of the old converted meat-packing plant. Zombies, vampires and rabid clowns were seen running amok, chasing each other with chain saws across the roof of the building, swinging from the parapets and baying at the moon. One blurry photo appears to reveal a zombie wearing what could only be a pair of ladies panties on his head.

While eminently disturbing, this kind of phenomenon is not unheard of during a lunar eclipse, when it is said that animals’ internal clocks get out of whack and creatures on the fringes of humanity seem to drift even further from their human roots. Accordingly, a great number of myths and superstitions have sprung up through the years around both solar and lunar eclipses.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that children conceived during a lunar eclipse would be born with demons inside them. A somewhat more recent superstition holds that if a pregnant woman touches her belly during a lunar eclipse, the baby will be born with a birth mark on the area that was touched.

In India, some believe that if you sleep with wet hair during a lunar eclipse, you will awake stark raving mad, while others believe that you should bathe before and after the event, to wash away evil spirits — and also wash your eyes out with urine to keep them from hurting… To KEEP them from hurting?!

Some Eskimos turn their utensils upside down during an eclipse to keep the “sick” sun and moon from shining poisoned rays onto them, bringing on disease and famine. In Thailand, many citizens still bang on pots and light off fireworks during an eclipse to scare away the evil spirits that have devoured the sun or the moon.

It is said that Christopher Columbus used his foreknowledge of an upcoming lunar eclipse to trick hostile native chiefs into giving him food by threatening to darken the moon unless they did his bidding. After initially refusing, the chiefs caved when the moon went dark, seemingly on cue, at the intrepid explorer’s spoken command.

And so, if things got a little weird Sunday night, or if you work for NASA and you happened to capture some very bizarre satellite images, just chalk it up to the blood moon. Not to worry; there won’t be another one until 2033!

Cutting Edge Haunted House, however, is open every Friday and Saturday night in September, plus Sundays and selected weekdays in October. So if you REALLY want to see some super scary supernatural beings just being themselves — come on down!

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Coming to a Night Sky Near You…

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A rare, super moon/lunar eclipse combo is set to occur late Sunday evening, September 27th. If you miss this one, you won’t see another until 2033!

Seasoned celestial observers and whuffos alike (“whuffo you looking up at the sky?) will be craning their necks late Sunday evening to get a peek at a rare giant blood moon. Starting around 8 p.m. in the United States, the earth, moon and sun will begin to align, and as the moon passes through the shadow of the earth, the darkened moon will appear to have turned a deep reddish color, hence the moniker, “blood moon.”

Don’t have a telescope? Don’t need one! This particular lunar eclipse coincides with a “super moon,” when the moon happens to be at the closest point in its orbit of the earth, causing it to appear around 30% brighter and 14% larger than the norm. Unlike a solar eclipse, no special viewing equipment is required to observe the lunar variety, although binoculars or a telescope can certainly enhance the experience.

The eclipse is expected to reach its peak during the 10 o’clock hour, for those who just want to step outside and take a brief gander. The whole thing should be over shortly after midnight.

It’s great opportunity to host a viewing party. It’s likely a bad time to be out and about, however. After all, if a plain old full moon can trigger all kinds of strange behavior, we shudder to think what frightening occurrences might be brought on by a super blood moon! Stay safe out there!

Get psyched up for the blood moon by visiting Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend, open Friday and Saturday nights! Do it for the kids —

Because Cutting Edge believes Halloween is about the Child in all of us, this weekend a portion of every ticket sold will benefit the Cook Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth!

Countdown to Halloween: 37 days!

Trick-or-Treating Etiquette

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Countdown to Halloween: 43 Days!

With the advent of global media, a certain amount of understandable paranoia has developed around the practice of trick-or-treating, and sadly, in this safety-minded, child-proofed world we live in, many parents choose to eliminate it altogether from their children’s life experiences. We think that’s just sad.

Those of us raised in an earlier era have such fond memories of racing around the block at sunset, trying to collect as much candy as possible before midnight. No silly little plastic pumpkins for us — we carried sturdy pillowcases, and made pit-stops at home to empty them before heading out to a new neighborhood.

We started planning our costumes at least a month in advance, and spent weeks fashioning papier-mâché masks and props. We lay awake the night before, too excited to sleep just thinking about the adventure ahead, and the treasure trove of sweets that would soon be ours for the taking (or the asking).

For those of you lucky enough to live in a community where trick-or-treating is still alive and well, we offer a few tips on proper trick-or-treating etiquette to keep things fun and safe for all concerned.

1. Masks are great, but make sure yours allows you plenty of visibility, both directly ahead and peripherally. Not only will this help you stay alert to your surroundings, but could save you the humiliation of a black eye when you keep bumping into your sister’s back with your big papier-mâché mouse nose and she finally loses it.

2. Only go to houses that are lit and clearly participating in the holiday. There was a time when we used to throw eggs at houses where people were hiding inside with the lights off because they were too cheap to give out candy, but these days there are just too many of those, and have you seen the cost of eggs lately? Ditto toilet paper. Just leave them alone if they don’t want to play.

3. Wear a real costume. It’s not “cool” to go trick-or-treating in jeans and a T-shirt. If people can make the effort (and spend the money!) to buy candy, you can make the effort to put on a costume. It’s Halloween, not free candy night.

4. If you see a bowl of candy with a sign that says, “take one,” step back and let someone else go first, and encourage them to take a handful. Better to spring the trap than be the patsy.

5. Carry your stash in a dark pillowcase, and hold out a Halloween-themed decoy bag with just a small amount of candy. People will be more generous if they think you haven’t collected all that much.

6. When you sort through your loot at the end of the night, discard anything that’s unwrapped, appears to have been tampered with or is homemade, unless it’s from someone you know and trust (even then it’s likely to be something yucky.)

7. Don’t forget Mom and Dad. They have a sweet tooth too, and if you award them a generous cut right off the bat, they might not confiscate the entire stash and ration it out to you through Christmas, all the while sneaking an occasional piece for themselves.

Need some scary costume ideas? Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Forth Worth for some inspiration! From evil clowns to bloodthirsty zombies, we’ve got a horrific cast of characters that will scare the nuts right off your chocolate bar!

Are You a Halloween Junkie?

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Halloween is fast approaching, but for some of us, it just can”t get here fast enough. Are you one of those people? Here are a few sure signs you could be a Halloween junkie.

o PETA is after you for dying all of your cats black.

o You have an actual skeleton in your closet.

o You frequently post selfies wearing vampire teeth.

o Your music collection consists of organ music and the Michael Jackson “Thriller” album.

o You think candy corn is one of the four food groups.

o Instead of a wok, you prefer to cook in a cauldron.

o You own more fright wigs than Dolly Parton.

o You take your kids trick-or-treating and you come home with more candy than they do.

o You’re positively giddy with excitement that Cutting Edge Haunted House is opening this weekend! Yeah!

Get in the holiday spirit — the Halloween holiday spirit this Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day, the last lazy holiday of the summer, a time for cookouts, picnics, last trips to the beach and for some unlucky husbands, time to clean out the garage along with various other “honey-do’s.”

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day signals a time to change wardrobes, as the days grow shorter and markedly cooler. It’s also — just 54 days till Halloween! So skip the garage and the clothes shopping, and let’s get down to what’s really important. Here are ten important ways you could be spending your Labor Day holiday:

10. Get to work on your Halloween costume. Break out the band saw, arc welder, paint gun and Dremel tools and let’s get this baby started!

9. Put up your Halloween decorations. It’s never too early, really.

8. Unwrap your mummies and take their wraps to the fluff ‘n fold. Remember, a clean mummy is a happy mummy. And as they say, if mummy’s not happy, nobody’s happy…

7. Binge watch the last three seasons of “The Walking Dead” on NetFlix.

6. Start shopping for Halloween candy. You don’t want to be the one giving out last year’s favorites. Invite some friends over for a “tasting” party.

5. Put a fresh coat of whitewash on the backyard cemetery. We don’t want little ghosties tripping over tombstones in the dark, do we?

4. Oil the chainsaw, clean out the fog machine and take the hearse in for a good detail job.

3. Take the Hounds of Hell in for a rabies shot and a flea dip.

2. Freshen up the bloodstains on your front porch and maybe add some bloody handprints on the railing.

1. Go online and get your tickets to the season opening of Cutting Edge Haunted House this Friday and Saturday night! Use the promo code FBSave50 and get 50% off tickets for this weekend!

Haunted Colleges: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

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SaintMarysOfTheWoodsWhen it comes to apparitions that truly terrify, few come close to that of the Catholic nun. Enveloped in crisp black cloth which rustles eerily when crossing a room, she naturally presents a dark and ominous specter that becomes human only when one catches a glimpse of her face (sometimes). Now imagine seeing one with only a vast darkness where her face should be – now THAT’S creepy!

That’s what is rumored to prowl the campus of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, a Roman Catholic liberal arts college just northwest of Terror Haute — excuse me, Terre Haute, Indiana!

The oldest Catholic College in Indiana, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods was founded as an academy for young women by Saint Mother Theodore Guerin in 1840, and granted the first charter for higher education of women in the state of Indiana in 1846. Saint Mother Theodore Guerin became Indiana’s first saint after being canonized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006.

So how did the campus become haunted? Well, any institution as old as this one, forged from the wilderness of Indiana by six brave nuns nearly 200 years ago is bound to have its share of legends, and SMWC is no slouch in that department. From the Dark Angel of Guerin Hall and Ghosts of Le Fer to the Black Bird, stories abound about paranormal sightings and encounters. Students have even claimed to have felt ghost touching them while they were sleeping.

The faceless nun, however, is the most well-known and easily recognized of the restless spirits that prowl the campus. As the story goes, one of the sisters at the school had a talent for painting portraits, and spent many an afternoon in Foley Hall capturing every nuance of her current subject at hand, always saving the face for last. Insisting that the face was the most important part of the portrait, she gave it her full attention only after completing all the rest of each painting.

Lacking a subject for a time, the nun decided to do a self-portrait, and spent countless hours working out every detail of her painting until it came time, finally, to recreate her own face. Unfortunately, she fell ill that very day and was rushed to the infirmary. Although the doctors could find nothing wrong with her, she mysteriously died, leaving the portrait unfinished.

Shortly after the nun’s passing, paranormal sightings began to occur, with students and staff reporting a shadowy nun roaming Foley Hall and its courtyard. One of the sisters was said to have heard sobbing coming from the hall where the unfinished portrait stood, still on its easel. Upon entering the room, the sister saw the back of another nun who stood weeping in front of the painting. She moved to comfort her, but as the mysterious nun turned, the sister saw that there was only darkness where the woman’s face ought to have been.

Foley Hall caught fire and was torn down in 1989, but paranormal activity has persisted throughout the campus. In the conservatory next door, pianos are have said to play themselves from time to time.

The lesson to be learned here is, if you’re going to do a self-portrait, for Heaven’s sake, paint the face first!

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The Haunting of Pemberton Hall

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Pemberton Hall

After nearly 100 years, two tortured spirits still roam the dormitory of Pemberton Hall at Eastern Illinois University.

In the early 1900s, few women went to university let alone actually resided on campus, so the groundbreaking of Pemberton Hall at Eastern Illinois University in 1909 was truly a groundbreaking event. Named for Illinois State Senator Stanton C. Pemberton, the building was the first residence hall to provide on-campus housing for female college students in the state and is registered as a historic landmark.

Designed to house approximately 100 students, Pemberton Hall featured a spacious first-floor parlor that was a popular spot for parties and meetings on campus. The building also featured a fourth-floor music room, which was the scene of a horrific crime which would lead to nearly 100 years of paranormal occurrences.

On a bitterly cold winter’s night one January around the year 1917, student counselor Mary Hawkins was awakened by a faint scratching at her door. Not much older than her charges, Mary was a popular young woman with long blonde hair and a sunny disposition. But what she would find at her door that night would change her life forever.

Just a few hours earlier, one of the residents of the dormitory, restless and unable to sleep, had made her way to the fourth floor in order to soothe her jangled nerves by playing softly on the piano. With her back to the door, she was unaware of the arrival of her attacker, thought to be a campus janitor who had somehow gained access to the building.

Brutally beaten, raped and left for dead, the young woman somehow managed to drag her mangled body back down to the residence floor, where she spent the agonizing last moments of her life desperately scratching at doors, trying to awaken the sleeping students, to no avail. Her trail of bloody handprints ended at Mary’s door, where she finally succumbed to her injuries.

A light sleeper, Mary Hawkins was awakened by the sounds and rushed to her door but was too late to do anything but break down in tears at the sight of the murdered student. She was so distraught over the loss of her charge that she sank into a deep depression, was finally institutionalized and eventually committed suicide.

Soon after the killing, students began to report hearing the sounds of scraping in the hallway at night, faint scratching at their doors, and soft piano music coming from the fourth floor. Although the music room was locked and the fourth floor was converted to a storage attic, the old piano remained, and was thought to be the source of the ghostly tunes. After Mary’s suicide, students reported hearing her pacing the hallways, as she had done in the months after the murder, racked with guilt and despair over the young student’s demise.

In the early 1960’s, Pemberton Hall was expanded with the addition of a new section, and now houses as many as 200 students in single, double and triple rooms. A plaque in the foyer is dedicated Mary Hawkins, and each new generation of students quickly learns of her legacy, and of the many ghostly sightings of Mary pacing the halls, bloody hand prints on the walls and vanishing pools of blood in the hallway where the unfortunate girl was found.

Her murderer was never captured.


Infamously Haunted Schools and Colleges

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Ohio University entrance
Ohio University, one of the scariest places on Earth.

Every year as the nation suffers through the sweltering dog days of summer, high school graduates everywhere are packing their bags with a great deal of excitement and just a modicum of dread, in anticipation of heading off to college. Starting college heralds a whole new chapter in a young person’s life, exposing them to a cornucopia of new experiences, hopefully most good, some bad, and possibly even some paranormal!

In celebration of this time-honored fall ritual, Cutting Edge Haunted House presents a multi-part series of blogs on haunted colleges and universities around the country, starting with Ohio University.

Located on 1,850 acres in Athens, Ohio, this major U.S. public research university was chartered on February 18, 1804 and first opened for students in 1809. As of 2014, Ohio University boasted 39,201 enrollees, equivalent to 30,878 full time students.

According to the British Society for Psychical Research, the town of Athens, Ohio is rated as the 13th most haunted place on Earth, and its famous university is no slouch in the paranormal department either. In fact, there have been so many instances of spooky encounters that the college was featured in an episode of Fox’s “Scariest Places on Earth, hosted by Linda Blair in October of 2000.

One theory for all of the paranormal activity is that five ancient cemeteries form a pentagram around the town of Athens, Ohio.

And while there are a mind-boggling number of places on campus where students and faculty have claimed to see and hear spirits moving about, by far the most famous (or infamous) one is Wilson Hall, said to be located in the exact center of the pentagram.

Room 428 in Wilson Hall has been sealed off, and is no longer assigned out to students. Why? In 1981 a female student reportedly committed suicide in that room, dying in a violent and somewhat perplexing manner. Students who were subsequently assigned to that room claimed to hear footsteps and strange noises. Some purported to witness objects moving on their own, flying off of shelves and smashing into walls.

Campus legend has it that the student who died had spent a good deal of time practicing the occult in her dorm room, attempting to contact the dead and teaching herself astral projection. The circumstances surrounding her death were vague and mysterious, and the subject of much rumor and innuendo.

Deeming the room uninhabitable, University officials finally removed it from service and sealed it off from all access.

That’s just one of many spooky stories surrounding Ohio University; just one of many haunted schools and colleges where not every student has made it out alive…

Cutting Edge Haunted House opens September 11th — tickets are on sale now! And for the next 48 hours — that’s through noon on Sunday, use the promo code FbSave40 and get 40% off tickets online!

The End of a Long Haunted Summer

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CuttingEdgeFourth copy

As Summer draws to a close in Fort Worth, Texas…

Cue the music — It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, summer is winding down and the kids will soon be headed back to school!

Now’s the time to start getting ready for the haunting season with some end-of-summer Halloween themed activities to whet your appetite. Here are just a few suggestions:

Start planning your costume. It’s never too early to start collecting beer cans to build that giant robot suit!

Throw a backyard zombie barbecue, complete with brain-burgers, slabs of ribs and deviled eyeballs. Instead of flag football, consider a good old fashioned game of zombie tag. Carve jack o’lanterns out of watermelons and bob for peaches and nectarines. Then after the sun goes down, have everyone light the tiki torches and run through the neighborhood screaming, “He’s headed for the castle!”

Put red dye in your decorative fountain and surround it with lighted skulls. Then order a pizza late at night and answer the door in a goalie mask (and maybe a bullet-proof vest just in case the pizza guy is packing more than just a hot pie…)

Beat the heat by lounging in a kiddie pool filled with cubes of black cherry Jell-O. Squirt some ketchup on your neck for good measure and pose for a selfie.

Stuff your mouth full of fresh blackberries and go out to greet the postal carrier with a big smile. Be sure to wear a personal body camera to capture his expression when you let a spittle of blackberry juice dribble down your chin.

Go to the beach and have someone bury you up to your armpits in the sand, then cover you up with a large beach towel. Place a cooler of cold beverages nearby with a sign saying “free sodas.” Then reach out and grab the ankles of anyone who gets near.

Fill a jar with 80 pieces of candy corn and eat a piece every day. When the jar is empty, it will be Halloween!

Don’t worry, your friends at Cutting Edge Haunted House are already hard at work, gearing up for a haunting season that will make your hair pop out, your eyes crawl and your skin stand up on end…

ZombiesAhead1Zombie APOC Army Sets Amazing New World Records

Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, we’re no stranger to the concept of setting world records.

It’s widely known that everything is bigger in Texas, and as the holder of the Guinness Book of World Records title of longest walk-through haunted house, we’re rightfully fond of saying, “go big or go home.”

And so it’s no surprise that during the 2015 Zombie Summer, aka Zombie APOC Army, we have once again set some new, if unofficial and somewhat unorthodox firsts here at the old meatpacking plant on Lancaster Avenue. Here are just a few:

o  Most zombies under one roof at one time, ever.

o  Most zombies killed while eating an ice cream sandwich.

o  Most zombies blown away by girls wearing pink sneakers.

o  Most recorded instances of a man screaming like a little girl in one hour.

o  Most attempts to frag one’s own team members during a laser weapon competition.

o  Most times somebody yelled, “Die, Zombie, die!” in a 30-minute time span.

o  Most firefights within one square mile outside the set of a “Rambo” movie.

o  Most hits taken by one single zombie in one weekend (“One-Eyed Bob”)

And don’t forget the most important one, most fun had on a Saturday night with your clothes on!  Be sure to visit our Facebook page to see the scores of the winning teams!  And if you missed out on all the fun, hang in there — Halloween is on its way…


The Guns of Cutting Edge

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Guns don’t kill people — they kill Zombies! At least the super-realistic, military-grade training replicas at Cutting Edge do, but only if you aim for the head!

That’s right, slide your safety switch to Zombie and get ready for a grueling, high-energy Zombie hunt this weekend at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth. Four-person teams of apocalypse survivors will be sweeping through the legendary house of horrors, looking for Zombies to put out of their misery. May the best team prevail!


It’s like an interactive video game on steroids, only it’s LIVE, and you’re right there in the middle of it, down and dirty, fighting for your life against Cutting Edge’s massive horde of rabid zombies! Can you survive? Can you find extra lives? Can you distinguish friend or foe in time to react appropriately? Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

Only time will tell. The invasion begins Friday, July 17th and plays out over two weekends, culminating on the 26th. If you haven’t yet staked your claim, do it now, before it’s too late! These events have sold out quickly in the past, so don’t miss out.

Zombie Summer is drawing to a close. Come and join the adventure while it lasts!

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Zombie Days of Summer

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Ah summer, a time for lazy afternoons, trips to the beach, backyard barbecues and zombie hunting. As the pungent smells of sizzling burgers, suntan lotion and exploding firecrackers waft on the afternoon breeze, all thoughts turn to the upcoming Zombie APOC Army at Cutting Edge Haunted House, just two weeks away on the 17th and 18th of July.

And why not? What better way to spend a sultry summer evening than racing through a nightmarish post-apocalyptic landscape on a real live, honest-to-goodness zombie hunt? Grab three of your best buds and get your tickets now, before they’re gone! You’ll be equipped with military grade training weapons, complete with live bang, recoil and muzzle flash as you flush out the zombies, encountering other survivalists along the way. Are they friend or foe? You decide. Your life could depend on it.

The zombies will be wearing cutting edge head-shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be killed. Always aim for the head!

Don’t forget to wear your end-of-days survivalist clothing to enhance the experience even more. Listen closely to your orders if you hope to make it out alive. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, on a hot summer night here in Fort Worth. So skip the boring nightclubs, pass on the lame summer blockbusters and monster truck rodeos. It’s time to save the world and kill some zombies!

Tickets went on sale yesterday so don’t delay! If you missed the 17th and 18th there will be another apocalypse on the 24th and 25th. Go to http://bit.ly/shootzombies to get your tickets before they’re sold out.

Happy Independence Day from Cutting Edge Haunted House!

10 Things You May Not Know About Mummies

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In honor of Mother’s Day, which we here at Cutting Edge Haunted House like to call “Mummies Day,” we go all out to pay homage to our beloved mummies.  We take them to brunch, shower them with roses and get their wraps freshly dry-cleaned.  And now, for your enjoyment, here are ten things you may not know about mummies.

1.  Ancient Egyptians started making mummies around 3400 BC, however they were not the first to do so. People in South America beat them to the punch by about a millennium, give or take.  Rather than developing elaborate processes like the ancient Egyptians, however, early South Americans often left their dead to mummify in naturally dry or frozen areas, although some did perform surgical preparation when mummification was intentional.  Hmm, saves the cost of a burial plot…

2.  Why mummification? People had their bodies turned into mummies because they wanted to preserve them forever.  By preserving them, they believed they could still use them in the afterlife.  Nowadays they just freeze them.

3.  It wasn’t only kings and pharaohs who were mummified. In ancient Egypt, anyone could be mummified when they died, as long as they could afford it.  I wonder if someone will discover an Egyptian Donald Trump…

4.  Pet Cemetery? Some animal mummies have been discovered in ancient Egyptian ruins, including cats, jackals, baboons, horses, birds, gerbils, fish, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, and even a lion.

5.  In Victorian era England, unwrapping mummies was a popular party event. The party host would purchase a mummy and invite guests to amuse themselves by unwrapping it.  Not exactly a pinata…

6.  England’s King Charles II was under the delusion that the dust that came from mummies harbored the secret to greatness. Accordingly, he kept mummies on hand around the palace, and he would gather up the dust that fell from them and rub it on his skin.  Maybe just a little talc would be better for the chafing, Chucky boy.

7.  In the 1800’s, those who so desired could purchase “Mummy Wheat,” said to be grown from grains of wheat found in mummy coffins. I wonder if you could use it to make “Mini Mummy Wheats” cereal?

8.  Using x-rays and cat scans, scientists can tell what kinds of diseases mummified people had, from cavities to spinal deformities, and even nutritional deficiencies. King Tut, for instance, was found to have been suffering from a broken leg, brittle bone disease and malaria at the time of his death, at the ripe old age of 18.  And HE was the KING.  Talk about crappy medical care!

9.  Modern uses for mummies: Mummies have been used in hospitals for calibrating CAT scan machines, at levels of radiation much too dangerous for a patient.

10.  The world’s tallest mummy was found not in Egypt, but in the Ying Pan region of China, and is a perfectly preserved 2000-year-old Caucasian man with a blonde beard and a 6 foot 6 frame. Keep digging fellas, there’s got to be a basketball hoop in that dig somewhere!

Happy Mummies Day from Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas.  Everybody, hug your mummy!

Top Ten Ways to Kill a Zombie

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ZombieWithChainSawIt’s coming!  The Zombie Apocalypse is coming!. It’s just a matter of time, so for the uninitiated, we’ve come up with the top ten ways to kill a Zombie. Print it out and stick it on your fridge, so you’ll be ready!

10. Run them over with your car. It’s best to back into them, so you don’t risk damaging your engine and get stalled out like the ninnies in the movies. If you’re not good at backing, don’t worry, Zombies are slow moving targets, so you can just keep trying until you manage to squash him flat.

9. Slice one in half with a razor-sharp Japanese Samurai sword. This will look really cool and impress your girlfriend.

8. Cut off his head with a chain saw. Just remember to wear your personal protective equipment. Safety first!

7. Toss him in a wood chipper. Then you can use him to fertilize your lawn.

6. Pretend her head is a baseball and hit one out of the park with a very sturdy bat.

5. Douse him with gasoline and have a bonfire. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

4. Build a Zombie catapult and see if you can, actually, hit the side of a barn.

3. Cast her in a television soap opera and then kill off her character.

2. Tie him to a chair and force him to watch a marathon of “Keeping up wth the Kardashians.”

1. If you’re at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend, just shoot ’em in the head with your super high-tech laser rifle!

If you missed out on tickets to this weekend’s Zombie Apocalypse Live, we have it on good authority that the Zombies may be back for another session later this summer. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!

Will Zombies Pay Taxes?

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Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In thinking about this — today being the last day to timely file income taxes, and with the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse Live at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we got to thinking, what about the UNdead. Do THEY have to pay taxes?

According to Law Professor Adam Chodorow, the United States Tax Code — and indeed the entire system of law in the U.S. is completely unprepared to deal with a full blown Zombie Apocalypse. The fatal flaw in the system hinges around the basic assumption that once one is dead, one ceases to exist for all eternity. We here at Cutting Edge know that that simply is not true.

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, as Professor Chodorow stresses, a large portion of the nation’s living taxpayers would be either killed or converted to Zombies. Accordingly, the government, already struggling mightily to remain fiscally viable, would immediately dissolve into chaos.

Clearly, then, there needs to be a system of taxation that includes Zombies, witches, vampires, ghosts and all other forms of undead beings, in order to help keep the country running smoothly in the event that we all turn into Zombies or vampires or whatever.

The problem here lies in the definition of undead verses deceased. Does a person die before they turn into a Zombie, in which case, should they be subject to a death tax? If they are undead, do they retain ownership of their estate?

Professor Chodorow does a deep dive into the fine details of the various tax laws and how they could or should be applied to Zombies and other undead beings, but to our thinking there’s an even bigger, more important question at hand. Do Zombies earn money? Sure, the independently wealthy might resort to deliberately becoming Zombies in order to exploit this gaping loophole in the tax code, but what about the rest of the population? Can Zombies hold jobs?

It doesn’t seem likely there would be a robust job market for Zombies. What kind of work could a Zombie do, after all? Forget anything that involves any sort of intelligence or reasoning skills. Maybe they could be a bouncer at nightclub, or a doorman or a bellhop. I’ve seen the occasional cab driver I thought was a Zombie. But even if there were jobs for Zombies, would they be willing to do them? Nevermind getting them to report to work in the first place, the first whiff of human scent and they’d walk off the job and go looking for brains to eat.

Even if we could tax Zombies, and they could hold down a job and figure out how to fill out an income tax form, it wouldn’t be of much help once the whole infrastructure became infested with Zombies. For instance, a Congress and Senate full of Zombies wouldn’t be able to develop and pass a federal budget… Hey, WAIT A MINUTE…

Adam Chodorow is a Law Professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona. Download his complete thesis at: http://www.law.asu.edu/portals/31/chodorow_death_taxes_zombies.pdf

And if you missed out on tickets to the Zombie Apocalypse Live at Cutting Edge Haunted House, you still have a chance to shoot Zombies at Thrillvania Haunted House Park on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd!


Help! The zombies are running amok at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, and it’s up to YOU to stop them!

Get your tickets now for Zombie Apocalypse LIVE! April 24th, 25th and 26th and join the adventure!

You and your team will go on a mission to clear zombie-infested areas of a post-apocalyptic nightmare world. You’ll need to listen closely to your orders and rely on your wits and reflexes to sort the zombies from other survivalists. Pull the trigger of your state-of-the-art military-style training weapon and experience a live bang, recoil and muzzle flash. Aim for their heads! It’s the only way to kill them!

Zombies will be wearing cutting-edge head-shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. But beware! Some zombies need to be hit more than once for a kill.

It’s Dawn of the Dead meets Rambo in this exclusive action-packed thriller and YOU are the star. Except there’s no retakes, no stunt doubles and no breaks in the action. It’s up to YOU to survive and bring your team out alive. Get your tickets now before they’re sold out! Then gather your posse and start putting together your best Walking Dead style post-apocalyptic survivalist clothing and gear! See you there!

Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we love a good April Fool’s Day joke as much as the next ghoul, but then, not everybody has our raucous sense of humor. We advise you to keep this in mind when selecting the target of your seasonal pranks. Here’s an example of a classic prank that nonetheless, was little appreciated by its intended victims.

On April 1st of 2002, two Kansas City disc jockeys decided to play an April Fools prank on their listeners by announcing that the water in the nearby town of Olathe contained high levels of dihydrogen monoxide, a naturally occurring substance which caused side effects such as urination, sweating and pruniness of the skin.

Okay, if you think back to science class, dihydrogen monoxide, or DHMO, is most commonly annotated as H2O — water.

At least 150 listeners who never made it past the sixth grade panicked and called the water department, while a further two dozen dialed 911.

Fast forward to April, 2013, two other DJs at Gator Country 101.9 in Lee County, Florida, decided this was a pretty good prank, and proceeded to tell listeners that dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of their water taps. This time the joke was on them. The station’s general manager didn’t find the joke funny, and pulled the two off the air in the middle of the show. The local water utility was forced to send out notices saying that the water was safe, and there was talk of possible felony charges being pursued against the pair of miscreant DJs. One public official explained “From my understanding, it is a felony to call in a false water quality issue.”

Sheesh, talk about not having a sense of humor!

In the end, no charges were filed, and the pair returned to the air after a three-day suspension. This particular hoax, however, actually dates back to 1983, when a weekly paper in Durand, Michigan announced in their April 1st edition that dihydrogen monoxide had been found in the city’s water pipes, warning that it was fatal if inhaled, and could produce blistering vapors.

In 1994, UC Santa Cruz student Craig Jackson started a parody organization, “Coalition to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide” and posted the following warnings about the pernicious substance on his website:

Dihydrogen monoxide:

• is also known as hydroxyl acid, and is the major component of acid rain.
• contributes to the “greenhouse effect”.
• may cause severe burns.
• contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.
• accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.
• may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes.
• has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.

Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:

• as an industrial solvent and coolant.
• in nuclear power plants.
• in the production of Styrofoam.
• as a fire retardant.
• in many forms of cruel animal research.
• in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical.
• as an additive in certain “junk-foods” and other food products.

And finally, the hoax gained widespread public attention in 1997 when 14-year-old Nathan Zohner gathered petitions to ban DHMO as the cornerstone of his science project, titled “How Gullible Are We?”

Pretty darned gullible, Nathan, pretty darned gullible.

Have a safe but humorous April Fools Day everybody!


March is Women’s History month, and so we at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth bring you the story of a famous woman in history renowned not only for her evil deeds, but who has also been featured in numerous works of fiction including Countess Dracula, Daughters of Darkness, Stay Alive and Fright Night 2: New Blood. That woman was Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed.

Born in Hungary in the summer of 1560, Elizabeth was engaged at ten and married at the age of 15 to the son of a baron, and set up housekeeping in a family-owned castle which was their wedding present. Before the marriage, however, at the age of 13, Elizabeth became pregnant by one of the castle servants, whom her husband-to-be promptly had castrated and thrown to the dogs. Elizabeth was secreted away until she gave birth to a daughter, whose fate remains a mystery.

Around the age of 25 — just two years after the birth of her first child with her husband, Elizabeth, left largely to her own devices while her spouse was off at war, began a killing spree that would earn her the label of most prolific female murderer by Guinness World Records.

Charged with the management and protection of her husband’s estates, Elizabeth had tremendous power over a significant number of Hungarian and Slovak people, and quickly discovered a penchant for torturing and mutilating servant girls, sometimes even biting off the flesh of their faces. When she was finally brought to trial in 1611, some seven years after the death of her husband, Elizabeth and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing as many as 650 young girls. The stories of her brutality and serial murders were testified to by more than 300 witnesses and survivors, and confirmed by physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest.

Elizabeth was imprisoned in a set of rooms in her castle until she died in 1614, however her legend lives on. Years after her death stories surfaced around her vampire-like tendencies, including one bizarre tale of how she bathed in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth. Her infamy became part of Hungary’s national folklore, and she is often compared with Vlad III, the Impaler of Wallachia, one of the roots of the Count Dracula character. Appropriately, her nicknames are Countess Dracula and The Blood Countess.

Now who says a woman can’t do anything a man can do?

MaskWhy are we so afraid of Friday the 13th?  What makes it so different from Thursday the 12th, or Wednesday, the 11th?  Perhaps it simply stems from our fear of the unknown.  Up until the age of 12, our world is fairly finite.  We’re children.  We have a home and family. We think we know it all.  And then — that 13th year of life, things begin to happen.  We start growing hair in places we didn’t know it could grow.  Voices change.  Body parts metamorphose.  Hormones start to ricochet and we become that most terrifying creature of all, a teenager.

We’re simply conditioned to be afraid of the number 13.  Everything comes in 10s and 12s.  A dozen of something is good; 13, not so good.  Sometimes bad things happen and we just can’t explain why.  And that makes us afraid.  Maybe it will happen to me.  Maybe it will happen on Friday the 13th.

Instead of fearing the day, embrace it.  Go to the pound and adopt a black cat.  Black cats are euthanized all the time because few people want to adopt them.  Black dogs, although not considered particularly unlucky, share a similar fate, so how about making Friday the 13th the luckiest day of their life for some deserving fuzzy companion?

Throw a Friday the 13th party and serve Bloody Mary’s, show Friday the 13th movies and hold a séance to contact deceased relatives.  Dig out your old Ouija board and interrogate the spirit world.  Order a pizza and answer the door wearing a goalie mask when the delivery guy shows up.

Or if you just don’t feel that creative or motivated, don’t worry; we gotcha covered.  Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted house for a Friday the 13th evening that nightmares are made of.  What better way to celebrate than laughing and screaming till you cry and wet your pants?  Why just watch scary movies when you can be right in the middle of one?  And don’t forget to bring a change of underwear…

Are You Afraid of Friday the 13th?

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Top 10 Reasons Why Cutting Edge Haunted House is the Safest Place to Be this Friday the 13th


If you’re inclined at all to be superstitious, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about the upcoming occurrence of Friday the 13th this weekend.  You’ve got paraskavidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th; what should you do?  Should you call in sick to work?  That might get you fired, and that WOULD be unlucky.  Should you carry a lucky rabbit’s foot, wear your lucky underwear, carry a salt shaker, eat a clove of garlic for breakfast?  Sure, why not do all those things — except the garlic might be a little beyond the pale, but the rest won’t hurt.  But come nightfall, rather than hiding under your bed and waiting for the bell to toll midnight, we’d like to tell you why Cutting Edge Haunted House is the safest place you could spend your evening on Friday the 13th.  He’s our top ten reasons:

10.  No black cats, ladders to walk under, mirrors to break or cracks to step on.

9.  Our mummies all wear OSHA-approved fire-retardant wraps.

8.  Monsta Hearse has monsta-sized airbags.

7.  Our werewolves get annual rabies and distemper vaccinations.

6.  All of our zombies undergo regular chainsaw safety training.

5.  No faulty flight controls, exploding oxygen tanks or snoozing pilots involved.

4.  Likelihood of a tsunami: zero.

3.   No lead-based paint or Chinese drywall used on the premises.

2.  No one will shoot you for making too much noise or throwing popcorn.

1.  Studies show that 77% of accident-related injuries happen in the home, so GET OUT OF THERE! Save yourself, and come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, where we take every precaution before SCARING YOU TO DEATH!




As IF you needed a reason to load up the pickup and mosey on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this weekend, we’ve got not just one, but ten good reasons!

10. It’s cheaper than a box of candy and a dozen roses — have you seen the price of flowers lately?

9. It’s Friday the 13th weekend combined with Valentine’s Day; you might as well face all your fears at once.

8. She said she wanted a romantic candlelit evening — you can’t get more romantic than this!

7. You’re not likely to be embarrassed by any sappy proposals or over-the-top romantic gestures.

6. She’s always complaining you never take her anywhere that doesn’t involve an ice chest and a jon boat.

5. The Super Bowl is over and football season doesn’t start back up for six more months.

4. Chainsaw fumes are a known aphrodisiac.

3. If you don’t make Valentine’s Day plans quick — SHE will! (Remember last year? Nuff said!)

2. The “Tunnel of Love” lasts less than five minutes; this is a whole HOUR of groping each other in the darkness…

1. It’s the weekend and we’re open — do you need any more than that?!

So come on out for some Twisted Love, Friday and Saturday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. Buy your tickets online with the promo code “Twisted 33” and get $5 off!


As if Valentine’s Day weren’t fraught with enough perils and booby-traps for the hapless, lovelorn and completely clueless, this year it follows yet another day of dread and danger, Friday the 13th! To save you from making any grievous blunders on this frightful clash of pernicious tidings, we’ve compiled a short list of things to avoid, aside from the obvious black cats, walking under ladders, stepping on cracks and appearing on reality television shows.

First of all, stay off the computer. Resist the temptation to send your beloved one of those cutesy animated greeting cards. If your computer is infected with the legendary “Friday the 13th” virus, every program you attempt to run on Friday the 13th will be deleted rather than activated. First detected in Jerusalem in 1987 and also known as the “Jerusalem virus,” this program can hibernate undetected for years until the unlucky user inadvertently trips it on a Friday the 13th.

Most definitely DO NOT propose or tie the knot. According to old English folklore dating back to the 1800s, “A couple married on a Friday are doomed to a cat and dog life.” If that isn’t enough to convince you, try surfing around the Internet on the subject. You’ll find a plethora of YouTube videos and tales of woe around marriage proposals gone awry and weddings absolutely decimated on Friday the 13th; and don’t think Valentine’s Day will save you!

Don’t buy lingerie for your sweetie. With the collision of Valentine’s Day and Friday the 13th, it’s more likely to buy you a truckload of woe than a scintilla of affection, when it turns out to be the wrong size (too big or too little — either one is just as bad) or worse, she finds it in your closet and you’ve already removed the tags…

In fact, maybe you should just avoid the whole love-fest thing altogether. Seriously, any romantic Valentine’s Day plans have a strong possibility of backfiring this ill-fated weekend. This would be a good time to leave town; take a trip, just make yourself incognito until the whole thing blows over.

However, if you have a desire to take charge of your own destiny, to look danger in the eye and toss your head back and laugh like a deranged maniac, if you just can’t figure out what to get for your beloved Valentine, we have just the thing! Go online now and get your tickets for a fright to remember, an evening of Twisted Love at Cutting Edge Haunted House, where the screams are delicious and the ambiance is just to die for!

On February 14, 1929, members of Al “Scarface” Capone’s South Side Italian gang ambushed seven members of Irish gangster George “Bugs” Moran’s North Side gang in a Chicago garage and executed them, literally decimating their bodies with a hail of rounds from several Thompson sub-machine guns.  It was a Valentine’s Day never to be forgotten and was quickly dubbed the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  Here are some interesting factoids you may not know about that event.

1.   Two of the killers were disguised as policemen while the rest wore business attire. After the shootings, the phony coppers emerged from the garage pretending to escort the others at gunpoint, making their getaway and creating persistent rumors that it was the police who had executed the mobsters.

2.  Although Bugs Moran was the intended target of the attack, he actually escaped unharmed. He and one of his lieutenants arrived at the garage late for the scheduled meeting, and spotted the phony policemen getting out of a car.  Not wanting to tangle with law enforcement, they ducked into a nearby coffee shop and missed the whole thing.  Capone’s lookouts probably mistook one of Moran’s lieutenants for the mob boss himself, as he was wearing the same color overcoat and hat.

3.  Al Capone claimed to have been at his home in Florida at the time of the massacre. Who knew Scarface was a snowbird!

4.  The only two survivors were gang member Frank Gusenberg, who died at the hospital three hours later after telling police “nobody shot me,” and a German shepherd named Highball, who was miraculously unscathed, and he wouldn’t talk either.

5.  Despite an exhaustive investigation, no one was ever convicted of the murders.

6.   Seven men were killed by 70 rounds of ammunition on that February the 14th. Lucky number seven, anyone?

7.  Although Al Capone and his men were never arrested for the massacre, they didn’t get away scot free. Alarmed by an increase in mob-related violent crime that cumulated in 64 related murders that same year, John Q Public put increasing pressure on law enforcement to put an end to the violence.  Labeled “Public Enemy No. 1,” Capone soon became the target of multiple federal investigations, which ultimately landed him in the slammer.

8.  Capone served a considerable portion of his 11-year sentence in Alcatraz, and after his release in 1939 he remained an invalid recluse at his Florida home until passing away eight years later.

9.  The most notorious crime boss of his time, who ruthlessly eliminated his rivals in the illegal trades of bootlegging, gambling and prostitution, was brought down not by the FBI but by the IRS, for failing to pay his income taxes.

10.  All but 100 of the bricks from the garage wall against which the gangsters were lined up and executed are now on display at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, a step up from their previous engagement in a Nightclub men’s room in Vancouver. The other 100 bricks were sold to gangster buffs over the Internet.

Remember — nothing screams Valentine’s Day like murder and mayhem.  Come join us at Cutting Edge this Friday the 13th of February and Saturday, the 14th for a Valentine’s Day Fright to Remember!


BloodyHeart2It’s official!  Cutting Edge Haunted House will be open for Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day this February, in a special two-night presentation that will make you sit up and slap your mummy!

That’s right, folks, there’s no place more romantic than the Cutting Edge Haunted House for a Valentine’s Fright to Remember, and no better way to make your sweetheart cling to you like a wet T-shirt.

We’ll have candle light, black roses, chainsaws and more to get your heart pumping and your fear-amones flowing.

And, if you’re really brave, if you really want to tempt fate and dance with the devil, you’ll get your tickets now for the Friday night performance.  You guessed it, it’s Friday the 13th of February, 2015!  It’s hairy!  It’s scary!  It’s creepy and freaky!  It’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a Friday night with your clothes on!  So what are you waiting for?  Don’t delay — get your tickets online and come and be our guest for the evening — we devil-dog dare you!


Well, it’s been nearly a month since the NightScare Before Christmas, and already the natives grow restless at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas. In an effort to keep busy, some of the zombies put together a musical quartet, and are polishing up their act with the hopes of competing on American Idol or America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, zombies can’t count.

The Cutting Edge Zombie Quartet -- Zombies Cant Count!

The Cutting Edge Zombie Quartet — Zombies Cant Count!

Not all zombies have musical talent, however (okay, not really any, but don’t let on), so the “jocks” of the zombie population organized a scratch football team, and have been hosting some local contenders from around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Things were going well for the team from Cutting Edge, known as The Blocking Dead, and so last week they went on the road for some away games against the True Bloodsuckers in Irving.


Unfortunately, sportsmanlike conduct quickly went the way of the unbiased news report, with the True Bloodsuckers complaining that the Blocking Dead were bloodless, leaving them feeling dried out and dehydrated. The Blocking Dead, in turned, quickly tired of the Bloodsuckers turning into bats and flying away with the ball. After the Blocking Dead resorted to lighting the ball on fire, all hell broke loose and that’s when the earthquakes started.

For the record, Cutting Edge Haunted House categorically denies any connection whatsoever to the mysterious series of tremors experienced in the Irving area that just coincidentally occurred while their zombie football team was visiting.

Fortunately, the first Friday the 13th of 2015 is but five weeks away, on February the 13th. Hmm, sounds like a joint Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day Extravaganza at the Cutting Edge. Is it possible? Check back and find out!


TOP10 copyContrary to popular belief, New Year’s resolutions are not just for the living. The undead, including zombies, also have a desire to improve their lot in life, and although they seldom keep them, they do come up with goals for the New Year, just like the rest of us. And what are the most popular New Year’s resolutions for a zombie? Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we took a survey of our resident zombie population and came up with our last top 10 list of 2014. And here they are, the top 10 zombie New Year’s resolutions:

10. Eat less brains. Brains are high in cholesterol, and even zombies are prone to clogged arteries. Ever try getting a triple bypass when you’re already dead?

9. Keep the chainsaw oiled. Can’t have the thing jamming up when you’re hacking somebody up, after all.

8. Stay out of the bubble room. The soap bubbles (temporarily) wash away that exquisite aroma of decomposing flesh.

7. Eat more white meat. We zombies have to watch our weight, too. Eat less brains and fat, more lean protein, particularly cats, the other white meat.

6. Get TiVo, so we stop missing new episodes of The Walking Dead.

5. Hit the gym and pump some iron. Those chainsaws are heavy, and by the end of the night our arms are killing us!

4. Take up yoga. Scaring the crap out of people night after night can be very stressful. Yoga is a great way to relax and decompose — I mean, decompress…

3. Get a makeover. Even zombies like to change things up every once in a while. You know, some new threads, maybe a haircut and some new makeup.

2. Clean out the closets. Between the bats, the spiders, the snakes and the evil clowns, the closets at Cutting Edge are just packed to the gills.

1. Quit smoking, drinking and chasing women. Nah — just kidding! That’s the best part about being undead!

Whatever your goals are for 2015, we at Cutting Edge wish you a fruitful and productive New Year. Or, just do like the rest of us and blow it off in a couple of weeks…


We at the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas wish you and yours a very scary Christmas. And just so you don’t get too bored with all the sickly sweet sentiments, annoying Christmas carols and general tidings of good cheer, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you keep Halloween in your heart during these trying times.

Slip a tarantula into Aunt Martha’s stocking. Won’t she be surprised when she reaches in for a gift and comes out with a giant hairy spider instead! After all, nothing says Christmas like a blood-curdling scream!

Slip a piece of rotten meat into the base of the Christmas tree. That’ll do away with that cloying pine scent and make the whole house smell like a crime scene.

Put a wreath made of dead branches on your door. They’re readily available from any craft store. Only don’t put anything on it, except maybe some spider webs and a plastic spider.

Bring your Haunted House CD to your neighbor’s Christmas party, and when they’re not looking, swap it out for their “Bing Crosby Christmas” album.

Wrap up a goalie mask for little Susie. Don’t forget to put “From Jason” on the label. She’ll have nightmares for weeks!

Put red food coloring in a glass of eggnog and leave it for Santa, in lieu of milk and cookies. Tell the kids it’s blood, because Santa got turned into a vampire.

Use black wrapping paper for all of your presents, and instead of a bow, embellish each one with a “bloody” handprint using red poster paint. Now THAT’S festive!

Wear fake vampire teeth and smile broadly for all your Christmas pictures, especially opening gifts Christmas morning. And be sure to keep your camera ready for when Aunt Martha reaches into her stocking. One viral YouTube video could pay for all of the hospital bills!

Above all, remember to keep Halloween in your heart, always, and have a very scary Christmas!

NightScareBeforeChristmasIf you didn’t make it out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth for the NightScare Before Christmas, you missed one heck of a night. We’re still cleaning up the mess.

Shortly after midnight, the zombie marching band and the drum line got into a smackdown and there are drumsticks, instruments and body parts everywhere.

Santa’s evil elves got into the eggnog and proceeded to paint lewd graffiti all over the walls with DayGlo paint.

Some wascally wabbit went nuts and cranked up the bubble machine, and now the whole place is full of soap bubbles.

We’re not sure where the snakes are.

There are 13 cars left in the parking lot, so if you left without your car, please come back and get it. If you’re still here, please go home.

If you found a keychain with a skull on it that says Cutting Edge Front Door Key, please return it. We’d like to go home too.

And if you’re one of the people who have filed a missing persons report because a friend or relative hasn’t made it out yet, rest assured, we’ve got the cadaver dogs — I mean, sheriff’s deputies out searching the grounds.

If you had a great time, you’re welcome. If you left without pants, we’re sorry. If you’re still here, please go home.

We at Cutting Edge want to wish you a Very Scary Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the second day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the third day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the fourth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the fifth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the sixth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the seventh day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the eighth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the ninth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, nine zombies marching, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the tenth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, ten monsters mashing, nine zombies marching, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the eleventh day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, eleven mummies rapping, ten monsters mashing, nine zombies marching, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — five evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the twelfth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, twelve ghouls a twerking, eleven mummies rapping, ten monsters mashing, nine zombies marching, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas I saw at Cutting Edge, thirteen people screaming, twelve ghouls a twerking, eleven mummies rapping, ten monsters mashing, nine zombies marching, eight goblins dancing, seven chainsaws roaring, six creepy drummers — fiiive evil clowns — four werewolves, three dinosaurs, two anacondas and a giant scary monster truck hearse.

Come see the 13 Days of Christmas at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this Saturday, December 13th from 8 to 10 p.m., at the Nightscare Before Christmas!

Because it just isn’t Christmas if nobody’s screaming...


Better watch out — yes, indeed, you’d better watch out, it’s that time of year and the big man is coming to town. Before you get all agog with visions of dancing sugar plums, let us open your eyes to 10 creepy things you might not know about Santa Claus:

1. Santa wears red to cover up the bloodstains from all the naughty boys and girls.

2. If you feed Santa’s elves after midnight they will turn into evil gremlins.

3. Before Santa got the cute little reindeer, he had a team of giant Norway rats.

4. If Santa’s so rich and famous, how come he’s always hanging around outside the grocery store looking for a handout?

5. Is Santa really an anagram for Satan? Has anyone ever seen what’s really under that red hat?

6. There are more Santa impersonators than Elvis impersonators — and they all want you to sit on their lap. Now that’s disturbing!

7. What’s really in that bag he carries, and where is Mrs. Claus?

8. Santa has more aka’s than the shiftiest of confidence men.

9. Since the elves formed a union, all of Santa’s toys now come from a sweatshop in Honduras.

10. He sees you when you’re sleeping — ’nuff said!

Discover the dark, disturbing side of Christmas at Cutting Edge Haunted House’s Nightscare Before Christmas! This one-night only event takes place Saturday, December 13th from 8 to 10 p.m. Get your tickets online now and don’t miss out. Because nothing says Christmas like a bloodcurdling scream!

You plan the perfect holiday meal, with a golden brown roast turkey and all the trimmings, invite all your friends and relatives and anticipate spending an afternoon feasting, laughing and making merry. And then a zombie goes and ruins it all by acting out and behaving badly, as zombies are wont to do. So how’s a Martha-Stewart-wannabe to know if there’s a zombie at your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few clues:

1. When you ask if he wants white meat or dark, he says “I prefer grey matter.” (Wait a minute, zombies can’t talk!)

2. He smears cranberry sauce all over his face and it looks eerily like blood.

3. You offer him a drumstick and he tries to beat you over the head with it.

4. He has a fixed, “1000-yard-stare.” (Check his I.D. — could just be a teenager.)

5. You try to make small talk and he just grunts. (We told you, zombies can’t talk.)

6. Whenever he enters the room, the pleasant aroma of roasting turkey is replaced by the odor of rotting flesh.

7. Instead of flowers or wine, he brings a chainsaw.

8. He’s the only one that didn’t come in a car.

9. He goes outside for some fresh air and your dog mysteriously goes missing.

10. After all the other guests are full, you find him rummaging in your refrigerator looking for some raw meat.

If your Thanksgiving meal does get ruined by a zombie, don’t despair. Just go online and get tickets to Cutting Edge Haunted House’s Nightscare Before Christmas one-night-only spectacular event on Saturday, December 13th. After all, as they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!


Santa’s gone, and the elves have been very, very bad…


Aww, Halloween is but a memory, and now you have nothing to look forward to until next October? Wrong!!!

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth is offering Halloween lovers a chance to escape the sickly sweet joy and good cheer of the holidays, with a one-night-only Fear Extravaganza on Saturday, December 13th from 8 to 10 p.m.!

Dubbed the Nightscare Before Christmas, this special holiday performance will feature a look into what happens when the North Pole goes dark, and evil creatures of the night swoop in to gobble up all the candy canes.

After all, what’s Christmas without a few sinister clowns, chainsaw-wielding zombies and things that go bump in the night? Who needs caroling when you can scream at the top of your lungs to some heavy metal and acid rock on high def stereo? What’s the aroma of pine boughs and gingerbread cookies against the tantalizing odors of decomposing flesh, sweat and fear?

If you love Halloween, scary monsters, zombies, snakes, vampires, werewolves and all things creepy, save the date and get your tickets early. Saturday, December 13th at the Cutting Edge Haunted House is sure to be a night you can only hope to forget!

The big day has arrived – Halloween, and what a haunting season it has been! Scoring top honors as usual, including your second place pick in HauntedHouseRatings.com’s Victim’s Choice Awards, the third place slot in Fangoria’s Top Ten Scariest U.S.-based Haunted Attractions, and the number three spot in Fox News’ Five Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in America, Cutting Edge was also recently featured on Fort Worth’s Channel 11 morning show.

We’ve all had a wonderful time doing what we love to do — scare the living daylights out of everyone who dares to enter. We’ve had record attendance, and enjoyed every minute of every performance. Thank you all for making this such a terrific season!

But it’s not over yet! It’s Halloween, our biggest night of the year, and we hope you’ll include us in your festivities. It’s sure to be a real scream of a celebration! We’re going all out to make this the best Halloween ever — a night you can only hope to forget.

In fact, we’ll be open through November 2nd, so if you haven’t had your fill of Halloween after the big night has passed, we’ve got you covered! If you haven’t made it out to Cutting Edge this season, what are you waiting for? It’s killer entertainment!

Top Cutting Edge 10 Halloween Jokes

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TOP10 copyIt’s almost here!  It’s almost here!  All Hallow’s Eve is just two days away!  As you put the finishing touches on your costume, here are some Halloween jokes that will tickle your gizzards!

10.  Why did the zombie cross the road?  To eat your brains!

9.  How many evil clowns does it take to change a light bulb? Three.  One to unscrew the bulb, and two to smother you in the ensuing darkness!

8.  What do you get when you cross a vampire with a zombie? A politician!

7.  A vampire, a werewolf and a French golf pro walk into a bar. The vampire orders a Bloody Mary, while the werewolf orders a Wolfram.  The bartender looks at the golf pro.  “What about you?” he asks, “French Connection?  Four Score?”  “Mais non, Monsieur,” answers the French golf pro.  “I am driving!”

6.  What did one haunted house owner say to another? “My mummy can beat up your mummy!”

5.  What’s the relationship between demons and ghouls? Demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

4.  What do mummies do on vacation?  Relax and unwind.

3.  Dracula, Frankenstein and a zombie are in a small plane that’s about to crash, and there is only one parachute. “Save yourselves,” says Dracula.  “I’m a bat, I can fly.”  “I’m already dead,” say the zombie, handing the parachute to Frankenstein.  “You take it.”  So Frankenstein puts on the parachute and leaves the airplane.  “Finally, he’s gone,” says Dracula, starting up the plane’s engine.  “Now we can light up without him wrecking the plane.  Pass me a cigarette!”

2.  How do you know a werewolf has been using your shower?  Your towels have that wet dog smell!

1.  Knock knock? Who’s there?  Snow.  Snow who?  Snow use screaming; your worst nightmare has arrived!

Don’t wait for your nightmares to come to you — beat them to the punch, at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas!  Open every night through Halloween weekend.  Or are you too scared?


Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for Halloween

Posted on 27 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Finally, it’s Halloween week, and the big night is just days away! If you’re like us, you’ll want to savor every moment as our favorite holiday approaches, to get the most out of this most fantazmagorik time of year. So here are ten fun things to do to get you in the spirit of Halloween!


10. See how many different costumes you can create using just your cat.

9. Hone your pumpkin carving skills by carving evil faces into the guest bathroom soap.

8. Eat all the Halloween candy that you bought for trick-or-treaters — hey, you can still get more.

7. Hide in the bushes and scare the living daylights out of your postal carrier.

6. Put up crime scene tape in your front yard and draw a chalk outline of a body on your driveway.

5. Hard boil all the eggs in the fridge and put them back in the carton, so your teenager will get a big surprise when he goes to egg someone’s house on Halloween night.

4. Wear black lipstick and heavy eyeliner to work every day this week, and sip tomato juice from an IV bag with a straw.

3. Rig your doorbell to play spooky organ music and answer the door in a Morticia Adams wig.

2. Get out your chainsaw and hack up everything you can find in the back yard.

1. Get your Halloween on at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, open every night through Halloween weekend!


10 Fun Facts Around Gargoyles

Posted on 25 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Do you know the difference between a gargoyle and a chimera? Read on to find out!

1. Gargoyles were originally designed as water spouts, to carry rainwater from a roof and away from the side of a building, so that it wouldn’t run down the masonry and erode the mortar. A trough cut in the gargoyle’s back catches the rainwater, which then exits through the open mouth.

2. The longer the gargoyle, the further the water would be carried from the walls, which is why they’re usually carved into a very long, fantastic looking creature.

3. Although gargoyles come in many forms, most are carved into grotesque, hideous looking creatures in order to frighten off evil spirits from the buildings which they guard.

4. An ornamental gargoyle that is not constructed as a waterspout is technically called a chimera or boss.

5. Running from 1994 to 1996, “Gargoyles” was Disney’s most popular cartoon series, inspiring an intense fan following. It was so popular it even inspired an annual fan convention starting in 1997, called “The Gathering of the Gargoyles.” Sadly, it was officially discontinued in 2009.

6. Many of the character voices on the Gargoyles show were those of regular Star Trek cast members, including Marina Sirtis, Colm Meaney, Jonathan Frakes, Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn, Avery Brooks, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Kate Mulgrew, David Warner and Paul Winfield. What, no Patrick Stewart?

7. The empire strikes back — not to be left out, the dreaded Star Wars villain Darth Vader is featured as a gargoyle — or chimera, actually, on the northwest tower of the Washington National Cathedral. While the towers were under construction in the 1980s, a nationwide children’s competition was held to design decorative sculptures for the building, which were then sculpted, carved and placed high on the rooftops. Submitted by third-place winner Christopher Rader, Darth Vader is perched high on the northwest tower, where you’ll need a good pair of binoculars to spot him.

Gargoyles8. While England basically put the kaybash on gargoyles around the end of the 18th century, passing a law that all modern buildings must have drainpipes, they continued to be popular in the U.S., particularly New York and Chicago throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Most notable are the stainless steel gargoyles fashioned after hood ornaments on the world famous Chrysler Building.

9. The term gargoyle originates from the French word gargouille, which means throat or gullet. Appropriately, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is famous for its gargoyles and chimeras, which are clearly visible from the ground and look out over Paris.

images (1)10. The most beloved haunted house gargoyle (although technically a chimera) is “Junior,” a 35-foot grotesque statue busting through the roof some 35 feet tall at Cutting Edge Haunted House. Come see Junior and all of his freaky friends, now through Halloween weekend right here in Forth Worth! And tell ’em Junior sent you!

MedalPEColorsAutumn has officially arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, and with it, the opening of world-renowned Cutting Edge Haunted House for the 2014 haunting season.  And every fall, as the leaves turn to brilliant shades of orange and red and pumpkin patches spring up almost overnight around Fort Worth, HauntedHouseRatings.com announces the winners of their Victim’s Choice Awards, a who’s who of the top 31 “must see” haunts around the nation.  And coming in at the number two spot this year is Fort Worth’s own Cutting Edge Haunted House!

Haunted attractions cannot pay to get on the Top 31 list at HauntedHouseRatings.com, nor can they bribe the Russian judge.  There are no paid judges in this competition. The judges in the Victim’s Choice awards are the general public; the avid fans who go online and vote for their favorite haunted houses every year, and the fans they have spoken.  Cutting Edge rocks!

While just making it on the list at all is an honor worth breaking out the old baseball bat and knee-capping someone, Cutting Edge Haunted House is a heavy hitter that routinely finishes near the top, and this year has the attraction squarely in second place, behind powerhouse 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“This is Texas, what do you expect,” explains Cutting Edge’s haunt-meister, Todd James.  “We’re bigger, we’re badder and we’ve got more zombies than anyone else.  It’s a no-brainer.”  And what does James plan to do now that he’s achieved this latest honor?  “Well we’re sure as heck not going to Disneyland,” he says.  “I’d rather go to Cutting Edge Haunted House!”

And so can you!  Because Cutting Edge Haunted House is open every night through Halloween weekend!  Get your tickets online using the code “Fear 33” and save $5 off your admission for Thursday and Sunday night (that’s October 23rd and 26th for those of you who have been spending too much time drinking vodka with the Russian judge….)

You have nothing to fear but fear itself — Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …


Top 10 Places You Might Find a Goblin

Posted on 21 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

TOP10 copyAccording to Wikipedia, a goblin is a “legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like creature.” They vary in size and description from country to country, but nearly every culture has some sort of goblin-like creature in their mythology. Halloween is the goblin’s favorite time of year, and as the magic night approaches, they become more active and possibly even a little careless. If you keep your eyes open, you just might see one. Here are the top 10 places you might spot a goblin:

10. Hiding under your bed, ready to gnaw your toes off with his sharp teeth.

9. Lurking in your closet, wearing your Dior blouse and your favorite Manolo Blahnik pumps.

8. Behind the refrigerator, snacking on a petrified brown 3-year-old banana.

7. In your toilet bowl, waiting to bite your bare buns when you stumble into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

6. In your laundry room, playing hide and seek with your socks.

5. In the back seat of your car, munching on stale French fries.

4. Hiding under your desk at work, breaking wind so that everyone thinks it’s you.

3. In the copy room, “fixing” the copy machines.

2. In your boss’ office — no wait, that’s your boss!

1. At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this Thursday night, and every night after that until November 2nd, just waiting to give you the fright of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Halloween is almost here. Get your tickets online and let the screaming begin!


10 Bodacious Bits about Bats (and Vampires)

Posted on 18 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Halloween is getting closer, and so we continue to dig up interesting bits of trivia around some of the most noted and notable traditions and icons associated with our favorite holiday.  Without further ado, here are some fascinating bits about bats!

1.  While most people associate bats with Halloween and blood-sucking vampires, there are actually over 1000 species of bats, most of which feed on insects, nectar and fruit.  Some bats also feed on fish, while only 3 species of vampire bats feed exclusively on blood.

2.  Bats are actually mammals, and flying mammals at that. While some mammals, such as flying squirrels, are capable of gliding as much as 300 feet, bats are the only mammals on the planet capable of continuous flight.

3.  Most species of bats find their way around in the dark using something called echolocation. Similar to radar, which uses radio waves, echolocation uses sound waves emitted by the bats, who listen for the echo to determine distance and direction of objects in their path.

4.  With a lifespan of 20 years or more in some cases, bats may live by themselves in your attic or in a cave with thousands of other bats.

5.  Vampire bats have tiny, razor sharp teeth with which they can slice open an animal’s hide — or a human’s skin — without them even noticing.

6.  The common vampire bat, known as Desmodus rotundus, and its cousins, the hairy-winged and the white-winged vampire bats, are the only known parasitic mammals. While the other two feed primarily on birds, Desmodus rotundus prefers the blood of livestock.  Found mainly in Mexico, Central and South America, this sneaky night prowler uses its razor-sharp teeth to cut open the skin of its prey while they are sleeping, then laps up their blood with its very long tongue.

7.  With a wingspan of nearly 5 feet, Pteropus bats, also known as flying foxes, are the largest species of bats in the world. Fortunately for us, they are NOT related to vampire bats and only feed on nectar and fruit.

8.  Even before Bram Stoker’s Dracula, bats were associated with witchcraft, black magic and darkness, especially in Europe. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, written circa 1603-05, the Weird Sisters incorporate the fur of a bat in their noxious brew.  In 1847, the gothic horror fiction novel Varney the Vampire contained illustrations of the main character sporting a pair of bat-like wings.  Much of vampire fiction since then is heavily influenced by the character of Varney, including Dracula, which came on the scene 50 years later in 1897.

9.  Bram Stoker took the bat-vampire connection one step further in his Dracula novel, having his character shapeshift into the form of a large bat on a number of occasions. Real vampire bats, however, are actually quite small.

CEHHBatsignal. 10.  Legendary comic book creator Bob Kane attributes part of his inspiration for his Batman series to a 1930 movie called The Bat Whispers. One of the earliest talkies, the film is a remake of an earlier version, which originated with a hit Broadway play called The Bat. Ironically, the bat-like character in these productions is not the hero but rather a sadistic serial killer.

 If you like dark places, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this weekend and channel your inner bat!  Students, get $10 off online purchases for Sunday night, October 19th, using the promo code “Brain 33.”  Student ID required to enter with discounted ticket.


Ten Stupid Halloween Costumes for Pets

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 In: Haunted House News

Believe it or not, pet owners spend over $370 million annually on Halloween costumes for their pets, dressing them up as everything from Hollywood celebrities to fast food items.  For your amusement, we’ve broken them down into the top ten categories, in no particular order.

TMNT1.  Superheroes are always a popular theme for pet costumes, with Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman leading the pack — but don’t forget about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

2.  Star Wars is big as ever in the dog world, with Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia costumes everywhere, but don’t forget about Star Trek, especially Mr. Spock.

3.  Famous icon costumes abound, including Where’s Waldo, Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, Elvis, Hello Kitty, Astro, Spongebob Squarepants and Gumby.

4.  Christmas-themed costumes do double-duty for Halloween AND Christmas. Look for Santa costumes, Santa’s elves, doggie-in-a-box Christmas presents, stocking stuffers, and on a related note, leprechauns and garden gnomes.

5.  Popular brand names are lending their licenses to doggie costumes this year, including the officially licensed Tootsie Roll dog tunic, Crayola Crayon, Heinz ketchup bottle and even an official Whoopee Cushion costume.

AlpineBoy6.  Don’t count out the old standards, such as a doggie skeleton hoodie, striped pumpkin sweater, pumpkin costume, pirate, devil, wizard, striped prison suit, burglar, hippie, rock star, princess, sailor and jester. We like the Alpine Oktoberfest dog, complete with lederhosen.

7.  Celebrity pet costumes abound, including Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga (billed as Lady Dogga), Marilyn Monroe, Snookie, Pauly-D, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Natalie Portman.

8.  Dressing your dog up as a different kind of animal is popular, including a shark, ram, alligator, frog, dinosaur, tortoise, bat, butterfly, peacock, zebra, walrus, panda bear, tiger or skunk.


Costume Kingdom Zelda Cave Dog

9.  Of course, everyone dresses their Weiner dog up as a hot dog, but what about a taco, slice of bacon, banana split, baked potato, hot fudge Sundae, cannoli, Thanksgiving turkey, donut dog, sushi dog or even a pumpkin spice latte.


10.  Wizard of Oz-themed costumes are still popular, and if you have a little terrier mutt, of course you’re going to go as Dorothy and put him in a basket, but you’ll also find the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, flying monkey, wicked witch AND — there’s even a Dorothy doggie costume, complete with a tiny little stuffed dog in a basket.


So what’s the stupidest pet costume ever?  We like this Zelda Cave Dog getup from Costume Kingdom, which combines two categories — icons (Zelda from the Zelda greeting cards) and traditional (cave man).


And while you don’t have to look too far to find more stupid pet costumes than you can shake a chainsaw at, (Amazon, Halloween Express, Party City, Rubie’s Costume, Costume Kingdom, Costume Supercenter), the absolute silliest costume we found was a do-it-yourself number called “Chia Pet.”  Find all the instructions to make it at Inhabitat.com!


NOTE: No dogs were injured in the making of this post. We absolutely can’t promise they weren’t humiliated, however.


For a REAL howlin’ good time, come out to Cutting Edge Haunted House this Friday, Saturday or Sunday night! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHOOF! WHOOF!


10 Fun Facts around Ghosts and Spirits

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From MacBeth to the Bible, ghosts have been popular subjects of storytellers since people first started telling stories.  The idea that the departed remain with us, in spirit at least, comforts us somewhat, and provides a convenient explanation for many of life’s weirder occurrences.  In survey after survey, it becomes apparent that some 45 percent of the population believe in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity.  Here are some fun stories and beliefs around ghosts and spirits.

1.  Spirits become more active at night, possibly due to a reduced electronic disturbance from appliances and other devices, which compete with or drown out ghostly apparitions. For this reason, you’re more likely to detect ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet

2.  Spirits can manifest in various ways, including orbs, streaks of light, dark shadows, mists and strange blurs. Full-body apparitions are possible, but highly unlikely.

3.  Children and animals are more likely to “see” a ghost. Some children perceive ghosts as imaginary friends.

4.  If a candle flame burns blue or suddenly goes out with no apparent draft or breeze, it’s a sure sign that ghosts are present.

5.  Spirits can often be helpful, and even protective of the families they “haunt.”

6.  Albert Einstein himself may have postulated a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change its form, what becomes of our energy when we die?  Could it be somehow manifested as a ghost?

7.  Albert Einstein wasn’t the first. The concept of ghosts as a form of life after death goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where people believed that death was merely a transition from one form of existence to another.

8.  The White House is haunted by a number of ghosts, including that of Abigail Adams, who has reportedly been seen hurrying toward the East Room, where she used to hang her laundry.

9.  During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, the incoming first lady ordered the gardeners to dig up Dolley Madison’s prized Rose Garden. It’s said that Dolley’s spirit turned up and put such a fear of ghosts into the workmen that they fled without turning a single spade. The garden has continued to bloom for nearly two centuries.

10.  Psychics believe that President Abraham Lincoln has never left the White House. For more than 70 years, presidents, first ladies, guests and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen Lincoln or felt his presence.  Lincoln’s ghost was particularly prevalent during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the country struggled through a devastating depression followed by a world war.  The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina was a guest at the White House during that period, and was awakened one night by a knock on her bedroom door.  Upon opening the door, she saw the figure of Lincoln, top hat and all, standing in the hallway.  The queen fainted, and upon recovering consciousness, she found herself lying on the floor.  The apparition had vanished.

For a super-natural good time, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this weekend — open Friday, Saturday and Sunday night!


Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes

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TOP10 copy

As Halloween draws near and we stock up on sweets for trick or treaters, the more creative among us strain our brains to come up with unusual costumes with which to terrorize our friends and neighbors. As the saying goes, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” so the first two on our list seem oddly appropriate. From there, we’ve had to use our imagination. Here is our top ten list of the scariest people you hope not to see at your door this Halloween:

10. Boogeyman / IRS Auditor

9. Grim Reaper / Dr. Kevorkian

8. Any member of the Kardashian clan

7. Disappointed soccer fan from Brazil

6. “Flo” from the Progressive commercials

5. Justin Bieber with a U.S. passport

4. Anyone holding an ice bucket and a video camera

3. Donald Trump having a “bad hair day”

2. Department of Homeland Security screener with a latex glove

1. Anyone wearing an isolation suit when you’re not

For some good old fashioned scares that don’t involve celebrities behaving badly, come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend!  We’re open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights!  Buy your tickets online with the promo code “scare 33” and get $5 off on Sunday night!


10 Weird Halloween Superstitions

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521684_483925564981396_240663036_nDressing up as ghosts and goblins on Halloween night actually originates from an old Celtic superstition that spirits of the dead wandered the streets on the night they knew as Samhain.  Celts dressed up as spirits themselves in order to blend in and not be noticed.  Here are some other weird superstitions around Halloween:

1.  In Scotland, young girls often hung wet sheets in front of a fire on Halloween, hoping to see images of their future husbands. Seems like a strange way to do laundry.

2.  Another Scottish superstition is that if a girl looks into a mirror while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween, she will see her boyfriend’s face. So why doesn’t she just go trick or treating with him and ditch the mirror?

3.  In China, Halloween is celebrated with Teng Chieh, a lantern festival in which homes and streets are festooned with lanterns shaped like dragons and other animals. The lights are supposed to help guide spirits of the deceased back to their earthly homes for the night, where family members have placed food and water next to their portraits.

4.  In Hong Kong, Halloween is known as Yue Lan, the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. Offerings of food and gifts are left near bonfires to placate angry spirits who might be seeking revenge.

5.  One Halloween superstition has it that if you walk around your home backwards three times and then counterclockwise three times before the sun sets on Halloween, you will ward off any evil spirits nearby.

6.  Some believe that anyone born on Halloween has the ability to see and talk to dead people.  I talk to dead people all day long in the office…

7.  If you light an orange candle at midnight on Halloween and let it burn till sunrise, it’s supposed to bring you much good luck. As long as you don’t burn your house down; now that wouldn’t be very lucky, would it?

8.  If you see a spider on Halloween, don’t squash it. It may be the spirit of a dead relative who has come to watch over you.

9.  If a bat flies around your house three times on Halloween night, someone in the household is going to die. Or maybe you’ve just got bats in your belfry…

10.  If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, whatever you do, don’t turn around and look. It may be Death himself, and if you look Death in the face he will come for you within the next year.  Or it could be a mugger.  Maybe you should just run…

And if you hear footsteps behind you at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend, it might be your girlfriend, or it might be a chainsaw-wielding zombie!  Open Friday and Saturday nights, 8 to 10 p.m. — get your tickets online and come on down!


10 Fun Facts About Halloween Candy

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October is upon us, and soon we’ll hear the pitter patter of little goblin feet crunching up the garden path, accompanied by nervous giggles and the ubiquitous “Trick or Treat!” screamed at the top of tiny lungs, as though we were so old we needed a hearing aid. Ah Halloween, the world’s sweetest holiday. Let’s get in the mood with some fun trivia about Halloween candy, shall we?

1. Who wants gum? According to dubious polls taken somewhere in the United States, only 10% of kids prefer to receive gum for Halloween, while 50% prefer chocolate candy and 24%, non-chocolate candy.

2. Desperately seeking sugar-free: With type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity on the rise, people have been resorting to handing out sugar-free candy for Halloween. What else can they take out of our annual sweet treats? Google reports 20 percent more people are searching online this year for gluten-free candy. What’s next? Candy-free candy?

3. The truth will out: Candy actually accounts for only 6% of the added sugar in the American diet. Soft drinks and juice add up to 46%.

4. In fact, candy has long been a scapegoat for health problems. Over a hundred years ago, doctors blamed candy for the spread of polio. Then starting in the mid to late 1900s it was blamed for tooth decay. Today it is blamed for type 2 diabetes and obesity. Go back and read number 3, people!

5. Take a little trip with me: Panic ensued when the news reported that five-year-old Kevin Toston allegedly ate Halloween candy laced with heroin in 1970. Turns out the drugs belonged to the boy’s uncle, who was trying to throw off drug dogs by mixing his stash in with the tot’s haul.

6. Just don’t eat the stuff you get at home: After eight-year-old Timothy O’Bryan died of cyanide poisoning allegedly from eating Halloween candy, savvy investigators dug a little deeper and discovered that his father had taken out a $20,000 life insurance policy on each of his children. He not only poisoned the boy himself, but also attempted to poison his daughter.

7. In Canada they call it beaver tail: Vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry flavorings in candy are sometimes made with castoreum, an extract made from beaver butt excretions.

8. Still going strong: Candy corn has been around for more than 100 years. It was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderle Candy Company. In 1900, the Goelitz Candy Company started producing candy corn and still produces it today — only you know them as the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

9. Candy-free Halloween: During World War II, sugar rationing put a serious damper on trick-or-treating, which lasted for a number of years. Maybe that’s when people started giving out the non-candy alternatives…

10. What happened to the third Musketeer? Or for that matter, the second? Introduced in 1932, Three Musketeers started out as a package of three separate candy bars, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Later it morphed into just a fluffy chocolate center coated with chocolate — less than one bar, but they still kept the name.

Got a sugar high? What better way to work it off than screaming your head off at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend! Open Friday and Saturday night, 8 to 10 pm!



What’s more fun than running through the darkness and screaming like a little girl at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas? Running through the darkness and screaming like a little girl for a good cause! And when it comes to worthy causes, Cook Children’s is one of the best.

Serving over one million children with life-threatening illnesses every year, Cooks Children’s has one of the country’s largest pediatric transport teams and one of only five neonatal transport teams accredited worldwide from CAMTS. These caring professionals continuously strive to make miracles an everyday occurrence and ensure bright futures for their patients and families. Learn more at www.cookschildrens.org.

In the spirit of Halloween, a holiday beloved by children of all ages, Cutting Edge CEO Todd James announced recently that proceeds from ticket sales on Friday, September 26th will go to benefit Cooks Children’s, adding, “Running a successful entertainment business can be difficult at times, but when we all slow down and look at what challenges many families face who have children with life threatening illnesses, it is truly our honor to donate in hopes to have a positive impact on their lives.”

So run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer, smartphone or tablet — oh wait, you’re already on one — and get your tickets for Friday night at Cutting Edge Haunted House. And if your significant other gives you any grief, just tell the ball-and-chain you’re doing it for the kids!



Often associated with bad luck, death and dying, black cats are also a key symbol of Halloween. Feared and revered in different cultures around the world, few other creatures have achieved the cult status of the black cat. Here are some fascinating factoids about black cats:

1. The black cat’s reputation as a vessel of evil dates back to the witch hunts of the Dark Ages. Elderly, solitary women were most often the ones accused of witchcraft. Since they tended to keep cats for company, these animals were said to be their witches’ “familiars,” given to them by the devil. In fact, one myth has it that Satan turned himself into a black cat in order to socialize with witches without being recognized.

2. Western mythology holds that if a black cat crosses your path it will bring you bad luck. If this should happen while driving, you should turn your hat around backwards and mark an X on your windshield. You may feel better, but won’t you look silly!

3. Black cats aren’t considered unlucky everywhere. In Japan and the U.K., black cats are actually said to bring good luck.

4. If a funeral procession meets up with a black cat, it’s believed to foretell the death of still another family member.

5. People in 16th century Italy believed that if someone was ill, that person would die if a black cat were to lie on their bed.

6. While a black cat may bring bad luck, if the animal has a stray white hair, that’s considered good luck. But don’t pluck it or your luck will run out!

7. According to Scottish lore, if a strange black cat turns up on your porch, it will bring prosperity to the owner of the house.

8. Pirates of the 18th century believed that a black cat could bring both good and bad luck. If the animal walks towards you, you will have bad luck. If it walks away from you, then you will have good luck. If a black cat strolls onto a ship and off it, the vessel is doomed to sink on its next voyage.

9. In the early days of television in America, TV stations designated VHF channel 13 often made sport of being located on such an unlucky channel number by featuring a black cat as their mascot.

10. Published in Boston, MA from 1895 to 1920, The Black Cat was an American literary magazine that specialized in short stories of an “unusual” nature.

All kidding aside, black cats have only half as much chance of being adopted from an animal shelter as others, due to their unfortunate association with bad luck. Just something to think about next time you’re in the market for a furry companion!

And if a black cat crosses your path this week, turn your hat around backwards, put an X on your windshield, then go online and buy a ticket to Cutting Edge Haunted House. 


10 Things You May Not Know About Witches

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1. The word “witch” originates with the Old English term wicce, meaning “wise woman,” and indeed, wiccan were considered highly respected elders at one time. According to popular belief, witches held one of their two main meetings, or sabbats, on Halloween night. We call that a Halloween party!

2. According to one superstition, if someone were to wear their clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night, he or she will encounter a witch at midnight — or at least get picked up by the local law enforcement for drunk and disorderly conduct.

3. A large percentage of witches are vegetarians. Except, of course, the one that tried to put Hansel and Gretel into a stew pot…

4. Contrary to popular belief, witches do not believe in the devil. Devil dogs, maybe, but not the devil.

5. During the notorious witch trials in Salem Massachusetts in 1962, 24 perished after being accused of witchcraft. Of that 24, 19 were hanged, one was pressed to death between two rocks (I know, weird!) and four died in prison of various causes while awaiting trial. None were actually burned at the stake.

6. Modern witchcraft, or Wicca, is a nature-based faith that is recognized as an official religion in the U.S. Based on pre-Christian traditions, the religion holds that Mother Earth and Nature are sacred. So really, you have nothing to fear from witches unless you toss that cigarette butt from your car…

7. The concept of witches flying on broomsticks has its origins in Middle Age lore. Those who practiced witchcraft made use of various plants to formulate brews, salves and ointments. Upon discovering that some of these plants, such as belladonna, jimsonweed, mandrake and hyoscine, produced hallucinogenic effects, some mischievous practitioners used them for illicit purposes. Since these effects were enhanced when the substance was absorbed through the armpits or mucus membranes (and we’re not talking about your nose here), these rapscallions applied these strange brews with the end of a broomstick. The afflicted person did fly, in the ancient version of a psychedelic acid trip. If you don’t believe us, read the Science Blog.

8. Between 1480 and 1750 AC, an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 “witches” were executed in Europe and North America. In order to identify a witch, self-appointed witch-hunters would search for a “witch’s mark” on the body of the accused. Thought to be a mark of the devil, these marks could have been birth marks, warts, blemishes or even a third nipple. Suspected witches were detained, restrained and “inspected.” And we thought today’s politicians were depraved…

9. So where do we get the stereotypical image of the haggard witch with a wart on her nose and pointy black hat, stirring her cauldron? This image actually stems from a pagan goddess known as “the crone,” who was honored during Samhain. Also known as the “Earth mother, or simply “the old one,” the crone symbolized wisdom, transformation and the changing of the seasons. Once a kind, wise old sage, the crone has since been transformed through popular lore into a menacing, cackling wicked witch. Ain’t it always the way?

10. Where did the witch’s cauldron come from? Well, the pagan Celts believed that after death, all souls returned to the crone’s cauldron, a symbol for the Earth mother’s womb, to await reincarnation. As the crone stirred the cauldron, new souls would enter and old souls would leave to be reborn. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

Want to find out the real meaning of Halloween? Come to the Cutting Edge Haunted House, open every Friday and Saturday night from 8 to 10 pm!

Top 10 Dumbest Halloween Pranks Gone Wrong

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TOP10 copyHave you ever played a Halloween prank on someone that didn’t turn out quite as you hoped — and maybe in retrospect, you realized it was a pretty dumb thing to do? Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House, we know all about Halloween pranks. And in honor of Halloween, we’ve scoured the web for the ten dumbest Halloween pranks gone wrong, just to give you a few giggles at other people’s expense. (Hey, what are pranks for?). Here they are, in no particular order:

10. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity member dressed up as the grim reaper and rigged up a contraption to emit smoke and shoot out Halloween party invitations into a crowded classroom. Instead the machine blew up, giving the student severe lacerations and prompting the bomb squad to be called in. Several campus buildings had to be evacuated.

9. In Florida, a woman sued her neighbor for defamation, harassment and emotional distress after he set up Halloween decs that included a sign for an insane asylum that pointed to her yard and a plastic tombstone with an epitaph making fun of her single status. It read, “At 48 she had no mate, no date. It’s no debate, she looks 88.” Now that’s just rude.

8. A 15-year-old Pennsylvania youth decided to egg the local electric company substation one Halloween. The combination of egg splatter and rain caused an explosion that knocked out power to 8,000 people. The boy had to be treated at the local ER for ringing ears.

7. A man and his wife in Galatia, Illinois decided to prank their two children, ages 6 and 8, by staging a fake murder in front of them. (How could anyone not think this was funny?) The man donned a Mike Myers mask and pretended to strangle his wife. The two children ran screaming from the house and straight over to the neighbors, where they proceeded to call 911 and tell the police that their mother had been strangled by Mike Myers. Deputies were dispatched to the scene and mom and dad were horribly embarrassed, but no charges were filed.

6. A teacher at Taunton High School in Massachusetts asked a 15-year-old student to answer a knock on the classroom door. In the hallway was another teacher wearing a goalie mask and brandishing a running chainsaw, in a ill-conceived attempt at a Halloween prank. In a frantic attempt to flee, the startled youth tripped and fractured a kneecap. The family is suing for $100,000.

5. In England, a man by the name of Peter Wallace was returning from a soccer match on a train full of fans dressed up in various costumes. One fellow was dressed up as a sheep, and Wallace thought it amusing to keep flicking his lighter near the cotton balls covering the man’s white track suit. Inevitably, the costume burst into flames, and the situation worsened when well-meaning friends tried to put out the fire with their cocktails. Fortunately, Wallace was the heir to a large estate, which he will be using to cover the victim’s medical bills and other damages.

4. A police officer in Maryland decided to turn the tables on one of the actors in a haunted attraction he was attending by pulling out his service weapon and brandishing it at the man. The actor promptly dropped his chainsaw and ran out of the room. The police officer was charged with assault and reckless endangerment. Who’s laughing now?

3. In Kamloops, British Columbia, an 18-year-old man walked into a dollar store on a Sunday afternoon just before Halloween wearing a skeleton mask, and demanded that the clerk turn over all the money in the register. When the clerk, in a panic, attempted to comply, the man told her “just joking” and left. Half an hour later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police caught up to the man, still wearing the mask, and arrested him for armed robbery. After searching the suspect, the RCMP discovered he also had on him a few items from the store that he had not paid for. They marched him back to the dollar store and forced him to apologize to the clerk, then gave him a stern talking to and released him. They kept the mask, however. No wonder they call Canadians “decaffeinated Americans.”

2. A Colorado man pointed a toy gun at a Grand Junction police officer on Halloween of 2013, and when the officer drew his weapon, the man told him it was “just a Halloween prank.” The officer wasn’t laughing, and booked the man for attempted robbery and felony menacing. This one falls under just too stupid to live.

1. For three years running, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents watching the show to play a dastardly Halloween prank on their children by telling them that they ate all of their kids’ Halloween candy, and then video their responses. Parents all over the country have responded eagerly, putting their children through tears, tantrums and fits of uncontrollable rage for a fleeting moment of celebrity. Funny? Child psychologists apparently don’t think so. “Pranking your own children is not harmless fun, but is cruel and potentially damaging,” according to Professor Mark Barnett, Graduate Program Coordinator at Kansas State University’s Department of Psychological Sciences. “A parent who would violate this trust for a big laugh or 15 minutes of fame is, in my opinion, acting irresponsibly and not looking out for the best interests of the child.”

You gotta admit though, the videos are hysterical.


1. Did you know that the first Jack O’Lanterns were not made from pumpkins at all, but turnips? Pumpkins are actually indigenous to the Western hemisphere, and were completely unknown before the days of Columbus in Europe and especially Ireland, birthplace of Halloween and Jack O’Lanterns. Turnip pie, anyone?

2. According to Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a stingy, mean old drunkard named Jack who liked to play tricks on everyone. One night he even tricked the devil into promising not to take his soul when he died. Unfortunately, when he finally passed on he was refused entrance to Heaven, and when the devil, as promised, also refused him entrance to Hell, he was forced to wander the earth without a resting place. To light his way, he placed an ember given to him by the devil inside a hollowed out turnip, which became the first Jack O’Lantern.

3. When French explorer Jacques Cartier reconnoitered the St. Lawrence region of North America in 1954, he discovered what he termed “gros melons” (translation, big ta-tas). The Greek word pepon, which means large melon, somehow became the English pompion, which later evolved into the name we all know and love, the pumpkin.

4. The heaviest pumpkin on record weighed in at a whopping 1,810 pounds, 8 ounces, and was presented by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater in October of 2010 in Stillwater, Minnesota. That’s a lot of pies!

5. Speaking of pies, the largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed an astounding 3,699 pounds, far surpassing the previous record of 2,020 pounds. Measuring 20 feet in diameter, the pie was concocted in New Bremen Ohio at the 2010 New Bremen Pumpkinfest, and contained 1,212 pounds of canned pumpkin, 233 dozen eggs, 109 gallons of evaporated milk, 525 pounds of sugar, 7 pounds of salt and 14-1/2 pounds of cinnamon. Yumm.

6. Stephen Clarke holds the record for the world’s fastest pumpkin carving time: 16.47 seconds, smashing his previous record of 24.03 seconds. According to Guinness, the rules state that the pumpkin must weigh less than 24 pounds and be carved in a traditional way, which requires at least eyes, nose, ears and a mouth. Wonder what he could do with a Thanksgiving turkey…

7. The City of Keene, New Hampshire holds the record for the most Jack O’Lanterns lit at once, 30,581 on October 19, 2013. And it wasn’t even Halloween!

8. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” first aired in 1966 and was the third Peanuts special and the second holiday-themed one, after “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Produced and animated by Bill Melendez, it pre-empted “My Three Sons” on CBS on October 27, 1966. It continued to air annually on CBS through 2000, when ABC picked up the rights. Check your local listings for this year’s air date!

9. Morton, Illinois is the self-proclaimed pumpkin capital of the world, and home to Libby Corporation’s pumpkin industry. The State of Illinois harvests nearly 12,300 acres of pumpkins annually, more than any other state in the U.S. Oy!

10. Although pumpkins originated in South America, today they’re grown all over the world, even in Alaska. There is one place on earth you won’t find any pumpkins, though; Antarctica.

You’ll find plenty of pumpkins at Cutting Edge Haunted House this Halloween — we love our Jack O’Lanterns! It’s the Haunting Season, and we’re open again Saturday night, September 13 (ooh–eeh–ooh) from 8 to 10 pm! Be there!

10 Fun Facts about Halloween

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The first day of fall is nearly upon us, and Halloween is just around the corner!  How much do you know about your favorite holiday?  Here are ten fun facts about Halloween:

1.  Did you know that Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween?  The holiday originated there over 2,000 years ago!

2.  Short for “Hallows’ Eve,” Halloween is the evening before All Hallows’ Day, also known as Hallowmas or All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

3.  The colors orange and black are most often associated with Halloween.  A symbol of strength and endurance, orange also denotes the autumn harvest, along with gold and brown.  Black is a symbol of darkness and death, and serves to remind us that in many countries, Halloween is a festival that marks the boundaries between life and death.

4.  Halloween has many names, including All Hallows’ Eve, Lamswool, Witches Night, Snap-Apple Night, Summers End and Samhaim.

5.  An intense, persistent fear of Halloween is known in the scientific community as Samhnainophobia.

6.  Scarecrows symbolize the ancient agricultural roots of Halloween.  Many Halloween games such as bobbing for apples also relate back to the harvest.

7.  World-renowned magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween night from peritonitis, following a ruptured appendix.  Authorities concluded that the ruptured appendix was caused by three blows to the stomach delivered by a misguided fan.

8.  Both Salem, Massachusetts, and Anoka, Minnesota claim to be the Halloween capitals of the world.

9.  The largest Halloween parade in the U.S., the Village Halloween parade draws over 2 million spectators annually and features some 50,000 participants.

10.  Halloween is the fourth highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.  According to the National Retail Federation, 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities, spending an average of $75.03 on décor, costumes and candy.  Total estimated spending is expected to reach $6.9 billion in the United States.

 What are YOU planning to do for Halloween this year?  Visit the Cutting Edge Facebook page and let us know!


And So It Begins…

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Fort Worth, Texas


It’s here!  It’s here!

The 2014 Haunting Season officially kicked off last Saturday, when Cutting Edge Haunted House opened for a Sneak Peek presentation, drawing hordes of rabid fans from all across the country.

The festivities kicked off with the Zombie Marching Band playing a lively funeral dirge, while Cutting Edge’s Monster Hearse trolled the parking lot looking for fresh corpses. A vengeful band of evil clowns raced through the crowd brandishing chain saws, while slow-moving zombies lurked near the porta-potties, searching for a snack.

And throughout the night, the voodoo-cursed Zombie Drumline beat a relentless post-apocalyptic tattoo with drumsticks carved from human bone, as they strode through the crowd in a mesmerizing, death-like trance.

Emergency rescue personnel stood by with resuscitation equipment at the ready, but fortunately, no one was actually scared to death, although some were scared straight, scared silly, scared stiff and even scared out of their minds, requiring admission to nearby Mesa Springs Hospital for mental health evaluations.

Over two dozen attendees are still unaccounted for. Hey, it was a long, hungry summer…

All in all, a good time was had by everyone who made it out alive, and for those that didn’t, (burp), thanks. We needed that.

If you missed all the fun last week, it’s not too late to get tickets for the encore performance this Saturday, September 6 from 8 to 10 p.m.! Because, after all, fans are like Chinese food — a week after you eat some, you get hungry for more…



Forth Worth, Texas

Dubbed “the Dog Days of Summer,” this playful cloud formation made headlines across the country in recent weeks, and seemed to signal the dwindling days of barbecues and beach parties, and the approach of brilliant fall leaves, pumpkin patches and towering corn mazes.


Now a much more sinister apparition has skywatchers agog as a popular Fort Worth haunted house prepares to open Saturday night for a long awaited “Sneak Peek.”


As if to herald the beginning of the 2014 haunting season, the roiling clouds over Fort Worth paused for just a moment, long enough for one lucky photographer to capture this uncanny formation.

Anyone on the fence about whether to brave the crowds — and the clouds — and be first in line at Cutting Edge Haunted House on Saturday night must surely be swayed by this cunning visual illusion.

According to Fort Worth Psychoanalyst Kenu Seemy, if you think you see Cutting Edge in this purely innocent cloud formation, then it’s likely that your subconscious is telling you:

“Take me to Cutting Edge Saturday night. I want to be scared out of my mind. Go online and buy a ticket NOW, or I’ll bite you!”

So if you see what I see, don’t wait — get your tickets now for Saturday night’s Grand Opening Sneak Peek and get ready for an all-out extravaganza of terror!

Oh, and you might want to go get something to eat now. I think your subconscious is hungry.

According to AAA, gas prices dropped a penny a gallon across the great State of Texas this week, after falling 3 cents last week, and are down overall by 14 cents a gallon versus this time last year — so what are you waiting for?  Gas up the truck, load up the kids and head on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this Saturday for the Grand Opening Sneak Peek!

That’s right, the doors open at 8 p.m. this Saturday night, August 30, heralding the start of the Haunting Season here in Fort Worth, and oh what a season it will be!

Be afraid; be very, very afraid.  The best in the business have been lying awake nights for months on end, dreaming up new and terrifying ways to separate you from eight of your nine lives.  Be prepared to face every fear and phobia you can imagine, and some you’ve never even thought of, till now — that you’ll wish you could forget!

Cutting Edge Haunted House is not for the faint of heart; not for those with pacemakers, oxygen tanks or small children.  It takes a strong set of lungs to scream like a little girl, and sturdy knees that won’t buckle like soft aluminum beer cans when the darkness comes alive and breathes softly down your neck…

There’s no “wimp lane” here, no small or medium size helpings of horror; it’s all or nothing, supersize scare factor, and once you enter, there’s no turning back.

 Do you think you have what it takes?

We’ll see about that.

Saturday, August 30, 2014.  8 o’clock.




See you there.



Since the release of the renowned thriller, “Night of the Living Dead,” the zombie apocalypse concept, in which a global zombie infestation decimates the entire civilized world, has been a theme of many books, articles and movies.

In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread outbreak of zombie-ism threatens to destroy all human life.  Victims of zombies often themselves become zombies, causing the outbreak to spread exponentially.  Governments, military and law enforcement organizations are helpless to defend against the overwhelming plague, and the entire human society collapses, leaving only isolated pockets of non-zombie survivors, forced to scavenge for food and supplies in a hostile wilderness.

 Good story, but could it really happen?

While the internet is rife with examples in which scientists and laymen expound about the various viruses, parasites and drug-induced genetic mutations that could turn an entire population into mindless, rabid zombies, we at Cutting Edge Haunted House have another theory on how it will all go down.

It will all start quite innocently, with the introduction of a new form of breakfast cereal, made from genetically modified corn.  Designed to make the corn more resistant to small weevils known as billbugs, this corn will inadvertently activate a little known genetic receptor in the billbugs’ tiny brains, causing them to become incredibly voracious.  Ravenously seeking to devour everything in sight and oblivious to their own peril, the bugs will be inadvertently ground up into the corn, to be consumed by unwitting humans in the form of the new breakfast cereal.

ZombieApocalypseIn the human gut, the genetically modified billbug remnants will cause such considerable digestive distress that zombie-like customers, glassy-eyed and moaning in agony, will be lined up in droves outside every corner drug store, desperately seeking a dwindling supply of anti-diarrheal medicine.

A radical yet high-tech terrorist group will then seize upon the opportunity to incapacitate the world’s population, by ambushing emergency vehicles rushing supplies of antidiarrheal medicines to hospitals and drug stores everywhere.  These diabolical fiends will then switch the anti-diarrheal medicine with a new designer psychedelic drug called simply, Z.

Hopped up on Z, hordes of drug crazed, projectile vomiting, digestively-challenged zombie-like humans will be observed wandering the earth with a really bad case of the munchies, causing news stations everywhere to herald the arrival of the long dreaded zombie apocalypse.

Hey, it could happen.

 Don’t forget — Cutting Edge Opens August 30th at 8 pm!  BE THERE, or we’ll send our zombies after you!

Cutting Edge Countdown – 25 Days!

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Just 25 days till Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas opens the doors for the 2014 Haunting Season. What are YOU looking forward to?



Clowning around with my BFFs!


In honor of International Clown Week, August 1-7, Cutting Edge salutes clowns everywhere, the good, the bad and the ugly!


Come and meet our clowns in person, at the Sneak Peak on August 30!  They’ve been sharpening their chainsaws for months now!




Have you ever thought about working in a haunted house? Considered what it would be like to go to work every night and scare the pants off of people? If you love the smell of fear, the sound of terrified shrieks and the gratification of slipping in and out of the enveloping darkness, if you think Halloween should be every night of the year, then we have the job for you!

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas is looking for a few good mummies — and ghouls, and zombies and maniacs, to round out their cast and crew for the season. Whether you delight in the spotlight or you’d rather lurk behind the scenes, creating wicked hair designs that would make Paul Mitchell positively shudder, and painting faces in a way Max Factor never conceived of, you can now be a part of this world famous house of horrors during the 2014 haunting season!

We’re looking for parking attendants, concessions and sales, security personnel, cashiers, stage managers, makeup artists, hair stylists, costumers, tech support and of course, actors and actresses with a talent for terror. Simply fill out an application online and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! You must be 16 years or older to apply, and applicants under 18 must have parental/guardian consent.

What do cast members think about working at Cutting Edge? Ray Don, or Big Ray as he’s known, has this to say: “When the show is running, it’s probably the best time of my year. It is so much fun. We have a blast!”

According to Head Makeup Artist and Set Designer Frances Woodruff, “This is like playtime every day, and this is what we do for a living.”

Makeup Artist Delena Williams calls it a “loving, dysfunctional family,” while Danger Dave says, “It’s like hanging out with my friends every day. How many people can say they get to go to work and hang out with their friends?”

“Chain Saw” Brent James enjoys being part of the “front line entertainment,” scaring patrons when they arrive in the parking lot, and when they’re waiting to use the restrooms. “What amazes me is, I’m out there with the parking lot lights on and everything, and people still manage to not see me,” he says. “They actually know I’m there, and they forget I’m there and get scared anyway.” It’s all part of his mission, to “give them a good time. That’s what it’s all about.”

Don’t wait — fill out the application today, because the Sneak Peak/Opening Night is just 37 days away!!!

What’s Your Favorite Scary TV Show?

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What is you Favorite Scary TV Show?  Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth Texas wants to know! If you love to be terrified by some of the latest and greatest blood-curdling, spine-tingling, hair-raising horror series showing on various networks and cable television, tell us which is your favorite. Just go to our Facebook page
and click on the contest. Then like the photos from your favorite shows. The one with the most likes wins. By participating, YOU will be eligible to win some Cutting Edge Creepy Stuff!

If you don’t see your favorite show listed there, it’s because we had to limit the contest to the top ten. We realize that there are many, many great shows out there. In fact, it’s a positive gore-fest of disturbing, cutting edge, violent and evil sci-fi, fantasy, murder and mayhem television shows the likes of which have never been seen before in the history of the “boob tube!”

If you’re not familiar with some or all of the shows, here is the lineup of where to find them:

American Horror Story – Wednesday nights on FX
Bates Motel – Monday nights at 10:00 pm on A&E
Grimm – Friday nights at 9:00 pm on NBC
Hannibal – season just ended but watch full episodes here
Salem – watch 5 episodes back to back Sunday, July 20 on WGNAME, starting at 9 a.m.
Sleepy Hollow – Monday nights at 9:00 pm on Fox
The Strain – Sunday nights at 10:00 on FX
Teen Wolf – Monday nights at 10:00 pm on MTV
True Blood – HBO – watch full episodes here
The Walking Dead – Sunday nights at 9:00 pm on AMC

So bone up on your favorite horror-genre television shows, and don’t forget to vote at the Cutting Edge Facebook page before 5 p.m. on July 21! It’s FREE STUFF, people!!


Did you ever wonder where the term “dead end” comes from? When you see that yellow diamond-shaped sign with the harsh black lettering, do you feel a chill run down your spine and wonder if perhaps you might actually perish if you were to venture down that path?

DeadEnd copy

Perhaps because of its sinister connotations, dead end has been a popular name for plays, movies, cartoons and even an Android app available on Google Play.

Dead End was the title of a play about 1930’s Manhattan and the juxtaposition of lush highrise apartments and the poor street thugs who roamed the pavements below. Sidney King’s Broadway play was later made into a popular movie by the same name, debuting a young Humphrey Bogart.

The latest movie to go by that name is a 2003 horror flick about a hapless man who makes an unfortunate choice of shortcuts on his way to the in-laws house with the family on Christmas Eve.

A dead end street is often called a “cul-de-sac,” a French term which literally translates to “bottom of a bag.”

In ancient Athens and Rome, dead end streets were used for defense purposes, where an unwitting invasion force could be trapped and annihilated.

Later civilizations used dead-ends or cul-de-sacs to keep outside traffic from using residential neighborhoods as a cut-through.

In modern times, the term dead end has social connotations, i.e.: “Permitting no opportunity for advancement, as in a dead end job.”

At Cutting Edge Haunted House, our many dead ends are havens for the undead. They’re favorite hiding places for zombies, ghouls and chainsaw-wielding maniacs. They’re full of spiders, snakes, creepy-crawlies and just plain creeps. Be very, very careful not to wander into a dead end at Cutting Edge, because not only is there no outlet, there’s no way out!

Just 47 days till the August 30 Sneak Peak!

The Cutting Edge of Independence

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CuttingEdgeFourth copy

Happy Fourth of July from Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas! Here in the nation’s 17th largest city, folks will be celebrating with a good old fashioned baseball game at LaGrave Field, movies at the Coyote Drive-In, partying at Sundance Square and a spectacular fireworks show at Panther Island Pavilion.

Not every town in the nation gets as excited about the holiday as Fort Worth, however. The town of Vicksburg, Mississippi was the site of a significant Union victory during the Civil War, one that marked a turning point that shifted the momentum to the North. On July 4, 1863, Confederate General John Pemberton surrendered to Union forces at Vicksburg, after a perilous month of hard-fought battles and seemingly endless artillery barrages. The town of Vicksburg refused to celebrate the Fourth of July for the next 81 years.

The Fourth of July also seems to have been a less than fortuitous day for three of America’s first five presidents, who ultimately perished on Independence Day. John Adams, our second president and Thomas Jefferson, our third, died within hours of each other on July 4, 1826. Adams was 90 and Jefferson 83. Five years later, James Monroe, our fifth president, passed away on July 4, 1831.

If fireworks aren’t your thing, you may want to take in the new horror flick, “Deliver Us From Evil,” being released this Fourth of July weekend in theaters everywhere. Based in New York City, the movie stars Eric Bana as a NYC police officer who teams up with a priest specializing in exorcisms, to fight a series of demonic possessions taking place all over the city. Ooh, goosebumps!

And if you can’t find any other reason to celebrate, consider this: It’s just 57 days until Cutting Edge Haunted House opens up on August 30 for a “sneak peak” at the all new monster line-up for 2014! Yayyyy!

Cutting Edge Hosts World Cup Soccer Match

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ZombieSoccer copy

The Zombies and the Evil Clowns faced off yesterday in Cutting Edge’s first ever World Cup Soccer Monster Match. In what will surely go down in history as the world’s most interesting soccer game, two well-matched teams took the field and let it all hang out.

In fact, play had to be stopped several times while officials removed excess body parts from the playing field.

With just 10 men on the pitch, the Evil Clowns found themselves at a distinct disadvantage, despite the Zombies’ clear lack of motility. The Zombies were the first to get on the scoresheet, with a powerful surge down the field that mowed down everyone and everything in their way. After a replacement referee was found, play resumed at a punishing tempo.

A foul was called against the Zombies when Zombie Midfielder Igor the Aggressor allegedly took a bite out of Evil Clown Defender Shaco the Demon Jester. The Evil Clowns won a free kick and used Igor’s head as the ball, firing a low cross into the box, goal Evil Clowns.

Despite the Zombies’ initial momentum, the veteran team seemed to crack under pressure in the second half, leaving fetid bits of flesh all over the field. Smelling victory, the Evil Clowns managed to rally and finish the game two goals ahead. What a disaster for the Zombies, who looked dead and buried at the finish.

It’s hard to describe the palpable excitement that pulsed through the crowd as the Evil Clowns did their victory dance on Cutting Edge’s “Back 40” soccer field, with chainsaws roaring, werewolves howling and the Zombie Marching Band playing a lively funeral dirge. Only in Fort Worth, Texas, at Cutting Edge Haunted House could such a remarkable grudge match take place.

The Zombies, Evil Clowns and the rest are just killing time, so to speak, till August 30th, when Cutting Edge opens its doors for a Sneak Peak, officially kicking off the 2014 haunting season. That’s just 61 days from now, so don’t hold your breath — yet, but do hold the date open and be ready for the scare of your life!

Keep checking back as we countdown to the throwdown!

Countdown to Opening Night: 71 Days!

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Halloween is still 133 days away, but don’t despair: Cutting Edge Haunted House will be opening up for a “Sneak Peek” on Saturday, August 30 – just 71 days from now!

That sneak peek will officially kick off the haunting season in Fort Worth, home of the World’s Longest Walk-Through Haunted House, followed by 26 more nights of thrills, chills and frightfully delightful entertainment.

So put a big red X on your calendar on August 30 this year. Cameron Diaz will turn 42 on that day, and Anne-Marie, titular Queen of Greece will turn 68. Happy birthday, ladies!

Historical events of note on August 30: Nazi Germany annexed Luxembourg in 1942, Hurricane Carol struck Long Island and Connecticut in 1954, killing 72 and causing $462 million in damage, and President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a killer rabbit while on a fishing trip in Georgia in 1979. Apparently the unfortunate creature leapt into the water in order to escape a pack of hounds, and swam toward the President’s boat in a panic. The Commander-in-Chief fended off the would-be attacker with a paddle and the rabbit swam away, but not before being captured on film by a White House photographer.

According to former Press Secretary Jody Powell: “The animal was clearly in distress, or perhaps berserk. The President confessed to having had limited experience with enraged rabbits. He was unable to reach a definite conclusion about its state of mind. What was obvious, however, was that this large, wet animal, making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth, was intent upon climbing into the Presidential boat.”


Here at Cutting Edge, we know all about killer rabbits!

So remember to keep Halloween in your heart always, and just hang on for 71 more days. You can do it. Stock up on horror flicks on DVD, put plenty of ketchup on your French fries, pretend that Grandpa is really a zombie and practice screaming at the top of your lungs in a dark closet. The time will seem to fly by, and before you know it, you’ll be screaming for real as you race through the Cutting Edge with a chainsaw-wielding maniac slashing at your back!

Howling copy

If the boss has been on your back at work, your better half has been salting your Cheerios, the roof is leaking, the washing machine’s broke, the car is making funny noises, your dog ran away and you just can’t shake the feeling that the universe is out to get you lately, then shake it all off and come out to the Cutting Edge Friday night to howl at the moon!

That’s right, the only Friday the 13th in 2014 coincides with June’s full moon, and the Cutting Edge is going all out with a Howl at the Moon party that’s guaranteed to make you forget the rest of the year so far. There’ll be werewolves and vampires, zombies and ghouls and more scary clowns than you can shake a chainsaw at, not to mention awesome music and mind-blowing special effects to beat the zombie marching band.

This is your chance to shake a fist at the universe, let your hair down, put your head back and howl at the moon like it’s 2049, which is the next time we’ll see a full moon on a Friday the 13th! So hide all the mirrors, stuff a handful of salt and a lucky rabbits foot into your pockets, scarf a garlic meatball sub and boogie on down to the Cutting Edge this Friday night for the greatest fearfest Fort Worth has ever seen. If you miss this one, you’ll have to wait another 35 years, and the Cutting Edge isn’t suited for walkers and wheelchairs!

It’s not too late to get your tickets online! Use the promo code “Friday” and save $5!

CEHH - Friday the 13th - Full Moon copyThe Full Moon of June will fall on Friday the 13th! This is a very rare event, the next time the Full Moon will fall on Friday the 13th will be in 2049! Are you Superstitious?

Do you cross the street when you see a black cat? Do you scrupulously avoid walking underneath any type of ladder? Are you always looking at your feet in order to miss the cracks in the sidewalk? Did you get a feeling of profound dread the last time you broke a mirror?

Folklore from all around the world is rife with superstitions, some of them quite peculiar. Did you know that many Turkish people believe that if you chew gum after sunset, you’re actually chewing the flesh of the dead?

Did you know that if you give gloves as a present, you must also receive a gift in return, or both giver and recipient will be plagued with bad tidings?

If you pass a graveyard in Japan, be sure to tuck in your thumbs to protect your parents. The word for thumb in Japanese translates as “parent-finger,” and so by tucking it in when passing a graveyard or in the presence of a hearse, you protect your parents from death.

What do you call a flock of crows? Not a flock, a murder. That’s the term for a group of crows. Next time you see a murder of crows, count how many are there to determine your luck. “One’s bad, two’s luck, three’s health, four’s wealth, five’s sickness, six is death. More than six? A murder, I guess…

Got poo? In Russia, getting torpedoed by a pigeon – or any other kind of bird, is considered to be a sign of impending good fortune. The more the poo, the more the money. Show us the poo!

Why do we knock on wood? Anytime you acknowledge your good fortune, you’re thought to be tempting fate. Ancient peoples believed that good spirits lived in trees, and so by knocking on wood you’re calling on those spirits for protection.

Mirror, mirror. Some people believe that mirrors are capable of capturing your soul when you look into them. And if you break one, all of those captured souls will bring you bad fortune.

If superstitions rule your life, you might want to think twice about coming out to the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth this Friday the 13th!

Not only is it considered by many to be a very unlucky pairing of day and date, this Friday the 13th will also signal the rising of June’s full moon. From tales of werewolves and vampires to just plain old wives tales, the full moon carries a load of superstitious baggage all its own.

Many of those who work in police and emergency services will swear that a full moon brings much more activity than any other night, including a rise in crime rate and violence. Some believe that the full moon brings out inner madness in those who are susceptible. One thing is sure; a full moon means more light, so more people are likely to be out on the street, including more criminals who use the lunar glow to aid them in their nefarious activities.

Speaking of the moon, did you know the moon has “moonquakes” registering up to 5.5 on the Richter scale? They can last as long as 10 minutes, and according to NASA, cause the moon to “ring like a bell.”

Shadows on the moon are also darker than those on Earth, due to a lack of atmosphere. When taking those legendary first strolls on the moon’s surface, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin found that whatever the sun did not shine upon directly was pitch black. Just stepping into a shadow caused them to lose sight of their own feet.

Party like it’s 2049

If you like creepy sensations, getting scared out of your wits and maybe even tempting fate just a little, come on out to Cutting Edge this Friday for a Full Moon Fearfest! We’ve got all the blood sucking vampires, brain-eating zombies and flesh-ripping werewolves you could ever ask for – and a whole lot more! Don’t miss this rare combination of Friday the 13th, the full moon and a rip-roaring, all-out Cutting Edge Haunted House throwdown. There won’t be another one until the year 2049! Buy tickets online with promo code “Friday” and receive $5 off!

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da1b0f58a40bcacfad9f61c5d61efad6In some cultures, Friday is considered unlucky. This is especially true for sailors — a long-enduring superstition holds that it bodes ill to begin a voyage on a Friday. Friday the 13th is considered to be especially unlucky, due to the conjunction of Friday with the unlucky number 13, sometimes referred to as “Black Friday.”

Heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath took a chance back in 1970 and released their debut album on Friday, February 13th, striking another kind of metal – gold. The album reached number eight on the UK Album Chart, and went on to reach number 23 on the U.S. Billboard 200, remaining there for over a year and selling a million copies. The original songs on that album? Black Sabbath, The Wizard, Behind the Wall of Sleep, N.I.B., Evil Woman, Sleeping Village and Warning.

An English rock band originally going by the name of Earth, Black Sabbath was formed in Birmingham in 1968, by guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, singer Ozzy Osbourne, and drummer Bill Ward. What inspired these guys to incorporate occult themes with horror-inspired lyrics and tuned-down guitars during an era dominated by flower power, folk music and hippie culture? It all started with a movie. One night Geezer Butler observed people lining up outside the cinema across the street to see the newly released 1963 Mario Bava film, Black Sabbath, starring Boris Karloff. Noting that it was “strange that people spend so much money to see scary movies,” he was inspired to collaborate with Ozzy Osbourne on the lyrics for the song, Black Sabbath.

Drawing from the work of horror and adventure-story writer Dennis Wheatley, the song partly comes from a vision Butler had of a black silhouetted figure standing at the foot of his bed. The song features the musical tritone, also known as the “Devil’s Interval,” and its dark lyrics and ominous nature took the band in a much darker direction. Judas Priest front man Rob Halford pronounced the track “probably the most evil song ever written.” Inspired by the new sound, the band changed their name to Black Sabbath in August 1969, and the rest is history. Over the years, band members have come and gone, with the exception of main songwriter Tony Iommi, who remains with the band today. Black Sabbath’s 19th studio album, featuring three of the original members, was released in June of 2013, and is titled simply, 13.

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth has a profound appreciation for the music of Black Sabbath and other heavy metal bands. We like to think they would truly appreciate our awesome stereo and sound tracks, macabre, twisted tableaus and totally insane visual effects. We’ll be opening Friday, for anyone brave enough to tempt fate, the way Black Sabbath did so many years ago!

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Friday the 13th: Famous or Infamous History

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downloadFriday the 13th: Famous or Infamous History.. Here are a few fun facts that you may not know about the history of Friday the 13th.

Remember that Ethan Hawke movie, “Alive,” about the plane crash, where the survivors were forced to eat the flesh of the passengers who died in the crash? That was based on a true story! The plane was carrying a rugby team from Uruguay to Santiago, Chile when it crashed in the Andes Mountains with 45 crew and passengers on board. When they were finally rescued two months later, only 16 remained alive. The date of the crash? Friday, October 13, 1972.

All you can count on is death and taxes — who said that? It was Benjamin Franklin, only he phrased it thus: “Everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” And he was waxing melancholy on Friday, November 13, 1789.

Blitzkrieg! During Hitler’s strategic WWII bombing campaign, five German bombs hit Buckingham Palace, destroying the Palace Chapel on Friday, September 13, 1940.

Friday the 13th just doesn’t seem to be a good day to fly. In the summer of 1952, a Swedish military DC-3 with an eight-man crew disappeared over international waters in the Baltic Sea, never to be seen again. Two Catalina rescue planes searched for the plane, and subsequently one was fired on by Soviet forces, leading to the designation, the “Catalina Affair.” Many years later in 1991, the Soviet Air Force admitted to having shot down the ill-fated DC-3 on Friday, June 13th of 1952.

Arguably the first big computer virus was unleashed on Friday, January 13, 1989, infecting hundreds of IBM computers across Great Britain, wiping out program files and causing considerable anxiety and even panic. What was it? The “Friday the 13th Virus,” of course.

Black Friday! Back in October of 1989, the Dow Jones plummeted 190.58 points in one day. Although today that drop wouldn’t even make the top ten of large drops, at the time it was the second largest drop ever. And that was on Friday, October 13th. They called it the “Friday the 13th Mini-Crash.”
Famous people born on Friday the 13th include Samuel Beckett – April 13, 1906, Margaret Thatcher – October 13, 1923, Fidel Castro – August 13, 1926, actor Steve Buscemi (the creepy guy from Fargo) – December 13, 1957 — and — Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Olsen twins, were born on Friday, June 13, 1986.

Had he survived, Master of the Macabre Alfred Hitchcock would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday, August 13, 1999.

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas pays homage to this great day by opening up every Friday the 13th of the year. Don’t miss this one, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for Halloween!

Buy tickets online now!


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DIY Cover Shot-cropped


Do you love Haunted Houses? Zombies? Have you ever wanted to create a Cutting Edge Army of Zombies..?  I know… we all have, right!  Well the Makeup Artists at a Fort Worth Texas based  Haunted House have put together this easy step-by-step tutorial to help you create your own Walking Dead Army.  So grab your sponges and brushes and get started creating your own legion of the undead.

Have Some Fun!







Pic 1 and 2 copy

Pic 3 and 4 copyPic 5 and 6 copyPic 7 copy



Untitled-1 copy1. Start with a clean dry face!

2. Apply a makeup grade liquid latex to selected areas of the models face. Be careful to avoid hairline, brow and delicate area around eyes. We used Ben Nye, Liquid Latex.

3. When latex is dry, carefully pick/pull selected areas away from skin to create a loose, peeling flesh look.

4. Use an airbrush or sponge applicator to apply a light basecoat over entire face. Then add a dark creme makeup to add contour to face and depth inside selected areas. We used Ben Nye, Cadaver Grey for the basecoat and Ben Nye, Death Purple for the contour.

5. Add Black or Dark Brown for additional depth inside selected areas, under and around eyes and below cheekbones to give the face a sunken and drawn appearence.

6. Add Yellow or Green around the outside of selected areas for highlight and to simulate decay. We used Ben Nye, Goldenrod and Sallow Green. Blend all with a sponge applicator or blending brush.

 7. Add Red, inside selected areas, we used Ben Nye, Fresh Cut. Set makeup with setting powder. Add Blood to selected areas after setting, We used Ben Nye, Fresh Scab.

Makeup Artist:  Ray Mitchell, Model:  Lori Wisakowsky,   Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins

The products used in this tutorial are basic stage cosmetics and can be purchased at most local costume suppliers.

Images used in this tutorial are the property of Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth, Texas.  Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of Cutting Edge Haunted House or its agents.





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14f3f9204323863adbbbf89fad9161d3If so, then you’re not alone. According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Ashville, North Carolina, nearly 21 million people in the United States are fearful of Friday the 13th.

What’s with the funny name? The day Friday was named after Frigga, a Norse goddess, and triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13. It’s also called Paraskevidekatriaphobia, which breaks down to Paraskevi, the Greek word for Friday, and dekaitreis, also Greek for — you guessed it, 13.

So what’s the big deal about Friday the 13th? According to Wikipedia, this superstition didn’t really pop up until the late 19th century. The earliest known documented reference comes from a biography of Italian Composer Gioachino Rossini by Henry Sutherland Edwards in 1869, which says of the composer’s passing:

“He was surrounded to the last by admiring friends; and if it be true that, like so many Italians, he regarded Fridays as an unlucky day and thirteen as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday 13th of November he passed away.”

While the Friday the 13th superstition may be relatively recent, the bad juju surrounding the number 13 goes all the way back to the Last Supper. It was, after all, the 13th guest who betrayed Jesus, who was then crucified on the following day – a Friday. Coincidence? We think not.

Since that time, having (or being) a 13th guest at any sort of affair is considered quite unlucky. Mark Twain was once the 13th guest at a dinner party. Warned by a friend not to go, he later reported to the man: “It was bad luck. They only had food for 12.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to ever host 13 guests at a meal (or to travel on the 13th day of the month). Both Napoleon and President Herbert Hoover were also triskaidekaphobic, with an abnormal fear of the number 13.

In Paris, if you’re stuck with 13 diners, you can always hire a quatorzieme, or professional 14th guest.

Airports often do not have a Gate 13, and endeavor to leave out the number 13 in anything to do with their operations. It is the real estate industry, however, that has played perhaps the most significant role in perpetuating the myth of unlucky 13 by deliberately skipping the 13th floor designation in many buildings. As many as 85% of the world’s high rises don’t have a 13th floor, according to the records of Otis Elevators. After all, how do you lease a 13th floor to a company whose employees — and clients — may have qualms about riding an elevator up to Suite 1300?

Then again, if you’re actually on the 13th floor and a fire breaks out, only it’s reported to the fire department as the 14th floor, and the boys in red arrive and count up 14 floors from the outside and proceed to try to rescue you, how unlucky is that?

Some people are so frightened of Friday the 13th that they refuse to go to work or even leave the house on that day, leading to a loss of $800 million to $900 million in business revenues each time the unlucky combination is perpetuated. Staying home or even staying in bed will not save you if your number is up. On Friday, August 13 of 1976, a New Yorker by the name of Daz Baxter endeavored to avoid disaster by staying home in bed. The floor of his apartment block collapsed in and he plummeted six stories to his death.

So you might as well come on out to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, and show the reaper you’re not afraid! 

Buy tickets online Here

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

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Yes, even Zombies have mothers, and Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth gives a special shout-out to all the mothers out there, whose darling offspring forever retain a special place in their maternal hearts, no matter how hideous, grotesque and utterly revolting they may seem to the rest of the world.

Some people cater to the belief that all babies are cute, but let’s face it, babies CAN be unattractive, and some of them are downright ugly, enough so to scare the fur off a tarantula! Worse, they can grow up to be really hideous adults, both inside and out. Imagine being the mother of a mass murderer, or worse, someone like Jeffrey Dahmer (for the record, he was adopted). Dahmer was a formiddable argument for the concept of nature over nurture, because he grew up with two very loving adoptive parents who positively doted on him. It’s just too bad they didn’t notice he was torturing and killing the neighborhood cats every time their heads were turned…

A mother’s work is never done, and sometimes quite thankless.

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

Actually, Lizzie Borden was quite devoted to her mother, who died when she was just a child. The woman who received some 18 or 19 blows with a hatchet was her stepmother, and her father received a mere 11 blows, not 41. Although indicted for the murders by a grand jury, Lizzie was later acquitted at trial, and lived on in Fall River, Massachusetts with her sister Emma, ostracized by the community until her death in 1927 at the age of 66. Upon her death the left the bulk of her estate to the Fall River Animal Rescue League, so she couldn’t have been all bad. Whether it was Lizzie or someone else who committed the heinous murders remains a mystery.

On this Mother’s Day, Cutting Edge Haunted House salutes mothers everywhere; mothers of monsters, mothers of Zombies, mothers of axe murders and even mothers of politicians. It’s a dirty thankless job, but someone has to do it!

Ssscared of Sssnakes?

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Known as ophidiophobia, (try to say that one five times fast), fear of snakes is said to affect around one-third of adult humans, making it the most common of the phobias.

New research suggests that primates have evolved an innate tendency to sense snakes – and spiders, too – and to learn to fear them. Young children, and even young monkeys, react fearfully to pictures of snakes, even when they have never seen a real one before. Researchers found that both adults and children could detect images of snakes among a variety of non-threatening objects more quickly than they could pinpoint flowers, frogs or caterpillars. This ability may have helped humans survive in the wild.

Still, snakes capture our imagination; we use them to represent evil, or at least questionable motives. In the Harry Potter series, the Slytherin House was the more sinister of the four, its members known for their wile and cunning. Professor Snape was also a rather spooky fellow…

Apart from our own innate instincts, what is it about snakes that is so frightening? Perhaps it’s because they undulate and slither in a deceptively slow manner, yet are capable of covering great distances with alarming speed. Perhaps it’s because some of them are capable of injecting us with deadly poison that kills within minutes. Perhaps it’s because they’re sssilent, capable of ssslithering and sssneaking up ssso sssoundlessly – although the heart-stopping buzz of a rattlesnake’s tail is little comfort.

Did you know there are around 700 different species of venomous snakes on the planet? Around 250 of these are capable of killing a human with one bite. The King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world, growing upwards of 18 feet in length. Pythons can grow to nearly 30 feet in length.

In India, there are as many as 250,000 snakebites recorded annually, with as many as 50,000 resulting deaths. In that country, snakes are worshipped as gods, and women often pour milk on snake pits. This hardly seems like an effective form of worship, however, since snakes have an aversion to milk. Maybe that’s why there are so many snake bites…

W.C. Fields once said, “Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite. And furthermore, always carry a small snake.”

Whatever the reason for it, most of us have only to imagine the feel of a snake slithering over our feet to send a fearful shiver up our spines. At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, it’s more than just your imagination. We’ve got snakes – big ones, little ones, you name it! We’ve got snakes that could wrap around you and crush you like a banana.


We’ve got snakes that could swallow – well, let’s just say we don’t hire anyone below a certain height. We’ve lost too many of them.

But don’t worry, when you feel something brush softly against your arm or your leg, or see something moving in the darkness, it might not be a snake. It might be one of our giant spiders…

Why are we Afraid of Clowns?

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BlackWhiteClownClowns are supposed to be innocent, playful creatures engaged to entertain children, yet many people have an instinctive dislike for them, and still others have an actual fear, known as coulrophobia, that can lead to dizziness, nausea and even panic attacks in their presence. Furthermore, you’re quite as likely to see a clown at a haunted house as you are at a circus, television show or children’s party. Exactly why is that?

Just as we know that the person behind the mask or evil makeup that we encounter at a haunted house is probably not as scary in person as they look, so do we perceive that the person behind the happy makeup may not actually be quite so friendly. In fact, the makeup could well be a cover for a truly sinister personality.

Convicted mass-murder John Wayne Gacey was said to be fond of masquerading as a clown, performing a children’s parties and hospitals. He once told investigators, “A clown can get away with anything.”

While today’s clowns appear innocuous and lighthearted – think Clarabel and Bozo, clowns of yesteryear were actually rather disturbed individuals. Joseph Grimaldi, said to be the first recognizable ancestor of the modern clown, was prone to bouts of depression and died a tragic, penniless alcoholic. His son was also an alcoholic clown who died at the age of 33.

Pierrot, another famous clown character invented by Jean-Gaspard Deburau was ever more sinister in nature. Deburau once killed a boy on the streets of Paris with a walking stick, allegedly for shouting insults at him.

clown-plakat-von-vogelPsychiatric studies point to the clown’s distorted features as being unseemly enough to instinctively frighten children. The over-sized mouth, red bulbous nose and exaggerated eyes are surely the stuff of nightmares, especially if your dreams are haunted by Picasso.

Whatever the reason, for most of us, clowns are an unsettling, and for some even downright terrifying experience. At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we have some of the most horrific clowns in the world. They love to pop out when you least expect it, with leering, sneering, distorted evil grins. They’re all of your worst clown nightmares all rolled up in one garish bundle of impressionistic, paint-covered apparition. If you thought you had nightmares before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Do You Believe in Vampires?

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With the publication of the book series and unavoidable blockbuster movie resulting from The Twilight Saga, a fresh craze of vampire worship seems to have struck teenage girls the world over. Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer purports that the vampire stories came to her in a dream, one that left her writing feverishly, night and day, until the four-part series of vampire romance novels was finished.

Was it a dream?

Vampires are purported to have mystical powers to hypnotize and enslave people to do their bidding.

Beginning with The Vampyre by John Polidori and Bram Stoker’s popular Dracula, vampires have been the subject of a great many fictitious tales, romance novels and horror movies for hundreds of years. What is it about these mythical creatures that so fascinates us?

Although the ancient Greeks and Romans, among others, had myths of spirits and demons considered to be early precursors to the modern vampire, today’s vampire can trace his roots directly back to 18th century Europe. Many ethnic groups of the region believed that malevolent spirits came to possess corpses, which then rose from their graves to wreak havoc amongst the living.

Vampires were said to be created in a variety of different ways. One belief held that an animal, particularly a dog or cat, leaping over a corpse would cause that corpse to become undead. A body that had a wound which was left untreated was also fair game. Suicide victims were prime suspects for vampirism. And of course, being bitten by a vampire became a favorite method of propagating the flock.

At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, vampires are some of our most entertaining colleagues. Always the life of the party, they positively sparkle when guests arrive, and there’s absolutely nothing they won’t do to ensure you have a memorable evening. Whether it’s a late night soiree or a midnight brunch, there’s nothing they enjoy more than having you in for a bite!

Top 10 Things that Scare You the Most

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MaskAccording to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 10% of the adult population is afflicted with phobias. Defined as an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something, phobias can cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and breathlessness. In extreme cases, phobias can lead to a full blown panic attack. For most of us, though, these are simply things or situations which we tend to avoid – until we’re confronted with them, say, in a haunted house…

In no particular order, here are ten common phobias, or things that go bump in the night:

Mysophobia. Defined as a pathological fear of contamination or germs, this was a condition said to have plagued reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes in the later years of his life. Rumor had it that even his daily newspaper came wrapped in an outer layer of newspaper. Imagine Howard’s reaction to a plague-infested zombie, reaching out with raw, flesh-rotted fingers…

Trypanophobia. Fear of needles is not uncommon. Most of us don’t like injections. So think about being chased by a bloodied, undead, zombie nurse with a very large, very dirty syringe!

Cynophobia. Many people are afraid of dogs. Some people are so afflicted that they’re even afraid of cute little puppies. Everybody’s afraid of the large, horrific, wolf-like mutant canines that stalk the halls of the Cutting Edge!

Coulrophobia. Originally intended to entertain children, clowns unfortunately often have the opposite effect on the youngest members of the population, causing childhood traumas that lead to a lifelong fear of these oddly-painted, freakish beings.

Agoraphobia. Often thought to be a fear of public places, agoraphobia is also a fear of being trapped, of being unable to escape, being suffocated by crowds and unable to break free. Imagine being surrounded by a crowd of evil clowns!

Ophidiophobia. From the Greek word, “ophis,” or snake, this is a phobia common to many people in varying degrees. There’s just something about the way a snake slithers around your ankles that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. And knowing that things are slithering around in the dark where you can’t see them, well that’s just creepy!

Acrophobia. Fear of heights, it has been suggested, may be simply an early adaptation to a world in which falling posed a significant danger to early humans. Fear of falling and fear of loud noises are two very common inborn fears. Watch your step at the Cutting Edge!

Astraphobia. As with the fear of falling, fear of loud noises is completely natural, so fear of thunder is not terribly unusual. Combine it with the fear of electric shock from a lightning strike, and you have a very powerful combination!

Arachnophobia. Although spiders are very helpful creatures that eat other, more pestiferous insects, and only a small percentage of spiders are poisonous, there’s just something, well, creepy about them. Maybe it’s their ability to drop down from the ceiling unexpectedly, or to jump out from a dark corner. . Creepy crawlers abound in the Cutting Edge!

Fear of the Unknown. While not technically a phobia, fear of the unknown is perhaps the greatest fear known to man. Fear of the unknown can be positively paralyzing, because without knowing what is ahead of us, we tend to conjure up the worst. No Hollywood special effects artist, computer graphics generator or movie studio is capable of producing a more powerful image than what we create in our own minds. Perhaps the most terrifying movie scenes ever filmed are those that merely suggest a horrific scenario, and leave the rest to our imagination.

Even though we know – or think we know – that no one has ever been killed, or maimed, or infected in a haunted house – that’s been documented, anyway, we aren’t quite sure. After all, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?

Do you believe in ghost?

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downloadDo you believe in Ghost? That is the question! This exact question has come up time and time again in our profession. Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House we do believe there are spirits that roam this old building. If you stop to think about it for just a minute, this entire area is known as Hell’s Half Acre. It was dubbed this name in the late 1800’s when famous gun slingers and cowboys from all over the country began coming around for the booming cattle industry and needed a place to “unwind”. Many local business men were more than happy to offer their saloons and gaming parlors for this purpose and Hell’s Half Acre was born. Have you heard the story of Sally? Sally was a young “soiled dove”, many said she was a beautiful young thing and very popular with the “gentlemen” of the area.images Not much more than that is known regarding Sally’s sad story though. One early morning, Sally was found murdered. Her body found nailed to an outhouse door not far from the gaming houses she frequented. Some say Sally still roams the area where she was so gruesomely murdered and placed on display. Many people say it was a unrequited lover who committed the tragic act, angry and hurt that she would not leave her profession to be with him. There are many old timers that tell stories like this about the people in Hell’s Half Acre district. These old buildings have many seen many such unhappy stories play out.images (1) The Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of those buildings. Built over 100 years ago, during the rough and rowdy days when Fort Worth was growing faster than it could keep up. This old Meat Packing Plant has seen more than few tragedies. Sometimes when you are alone you’ll hear it whisper echoes from a not so happy time. You’ll catch a shadow dart out of the corner of your eye, footsteps where there is no one and voices when you are completely alone. So the Answer to the question… Yes… we believe in ghosts. We believe they are all around us. Think about the history of where you are the next time you are asked “Do you believe in Ghost?”

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Leprechaun Infestation at The Cutting Edge

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Not all leprechauns are as nice as some would have you believe. Just try stealing a leprechaun’s gold, and you’ll find out! Although a leprechaun is supposed to be able to grant you three wishes if captured, it’s more likely the leprechaun will trick you, and leave you poorer than when you started!

And leprechauns have a fierce temper. Some leprechauns have been known to get downright murderous and go on a killing spree upon discovering that someone has stolen their gold.

At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, a virtual infestation of evil leprechauns have been known to prey on guests, darting out and nipping at their ankles as they run screaming through the darkness. Leprechauns have been spotted swinging from the rafters, poking at people with sharp sticks, snarling viciously and laughing like hyenas.

Unfortunately, Cutting Edge fell prey to the leprechauns’ twisted sense of humor this year, when the sneaky little devils put superglue on all the toilet seats, virtually shutting down the attraction and leaving cast and crew, well, indisposed. Cutting Edge, regrettably, was unable to open for St. Patrick’s day shenanigans.

The next opening day will be Friday, June 13th, for those of you willing to walk under a ladder, step on a crack, break a mirror and have an encounter with a dark-colored feline. But bring your lucky shamrocks to protect yourselves from the little green men. Just because it’s not St. Patrick’s day, doesn’t mean they won’t be waiting for you in the dark!

While the world was watching events unfolding in Ukraine recently, another sort of uprising was taking place at the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth. Fed up with what they perceive as “irresponsible leadership” on the part of the centrist Zombie party, a radical upstart group calling themselves the “Chainsaw Gang” has seized control of the Guinness record-holding haunted house.

Storming the audio-visual booth and seizing control of the sound and lighting systems, they have gained a virtual chokehold on the heart and soul of the operation. Reports coming from inside the building confirm the illumination of a large disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and the repeated play of the song “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

In retaliation, the Zombie party has moved to barricade the stairwells, preventing any movement between floors. So far, however, apart from a minor skirmish in the break room over some leftover barbecued spare ribs, there has been no (unusual amount of) violence or bloodshed. It’s a tense standoff, and the stakes are high. The victorious party stands to gain control of the entire operation, and could set the tone of the haunt for many years to come.

Will the Cutting Edge maintain its long-standing acid rock vibe, or be converted to a mellow, disco-loving operation? Only time will tell. Check back for weekly updates on this breaking news story!

Valentine’s Day Shenanigans

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In Arizona, a man being held in jail on various charges made a daring escape, crawling past razor wire, scaling two fences and making his way to a bar about 10 miles away in order to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, only to be apprehended by sheriff’s deputies before he could meet up with his intended.

On another front, the flower delivery service 1-800-Flowers botched the delivery of flowers and candy to thousands of customers this Valentine’s Day, citing weather delays and scheduling snafus. Of course, it isn’t quite clear how many orders were actually placed, and how many boyfriends, husbands and significant others simply took advantage of the foul-up by claiming to have used the service…

Police and FBI are seeking a man dubbed the “Valentine’s Day Bandit,” who robbed a bank in Burlingame, California on, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. The man is described as slim, dark skinned, between 5′ 5″ and 5′ 10″ and approximately 50-60 years old. Maybe Sanford just needed some money to buy flowers for his girlfriend!

The most exciting shenanigans going on this Valentine’s Day, however, had to be those taking place at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas. For two consecutive nights, blood curdling screams could be heard coming from the building, as hapless lovers disappeared into the darkness, clinging tightly to each other with only candlelight to illuminate their path. Zombies, werewolves, vampires and evil clowns ruled the night and by the time it was all over there was nothing but a pile of bloody bones. Okay, maybe that was barbecue sauce, because the crew celebrated afterwards with a big rib dinner. You know how it is…

In any case, a good time was had by all. Now the cast and crew are busy changing into leprechauns and painting the whole place green because you know what’s next – that’s right, St. Patrick’s Day! Keep your ear to the ground for more information – but watch out for fire ants!

Valentine’s Day may not seem the time to reflect on scary stories or those scary tales we tell around the campfires but there are tales of horror that revolve around love or the ongoing search for love and romance that continue to be shared in the dark. Everyone is familiar with the young man who took his young lady to the local lover’s lane on their way home. He parked in the dark, turned on the radio, and started making his moves. All at once, the announcer breaks in with a bulletin, a crazed murderer with a hook in place of one hand has broken out of the insane asylum and is being searched for in their area. The young lady is understandably nervous and scared and let’s face it, the mood is shot! Lover boy insists that they are safe, the doors are locked, and entices her back to romance. All of a sudden, they hear something in the brush and this time, he cannot persuade his lady love that everything is fine. A little upset, and not just a little frustrated, he starts up his engine, and tears out of the woods and heads for her home. Feeling a little put upon and out of sorts, he refuses to go around and open the door for her, insisting she just slide out after him on the driver’s side. She hurries to scamper out on his side and they start toward her door. He stops just short of the porch, ready to leave and she turns back to him and begins screaming in terror. He slowly turns to look back at where her terrified eyes are staring and sees a hook dripping blood hanging from the passenger door handle… obviously someone was definitely looking for love in the wrong place… As you travel through the dark hallways of the Cutting Edge Haunted House Fort Worth on Valentine’s Day, there are many young lovers looking for love, whether they, like you, are enjoying a night out on the town, or whether they didn’t make it out of lover’s lane one dark and lonely night, well, who can tell…it’s just a story, right…
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Cutting Edge Denied Gold in Figure Skating

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Coming on the heels of the painful decision by the Cutting Edge Zombie Bobsled Team to forego competing in Socchi due to heightened security measures, the Undead Delegation has suffered still another blow. Killer Wabbit, the team’s only entrant in Men’s Figure Skating has been struck from the competition for an allegedly “inappropriate outburst.”

The incident occurred during warm-ups, as the Canadian team was just leaving the ice. The Cutting Edge competitor reportedly leaped onto the ice shouting, “I’m going to eat you! I’m going to cut out your heart and feed it to the werewolves!”

A Cutting Edge spokesman who declined to be named explained, “It’s just friendly competition. He didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just trash talk, you know. It’s really kind of funny.”

The Canadian team, however, was not amused, and filed a complaint with the IOC.

“Trash talk or not, we have to take these things seriously,” said one official. “The Canadians are threatening to pull out of the competition. They say they’re in fear for their lives.”

“Trash talk my ass,” exclaimed one Canadian skater. “He was brandishing a giant meat cleaver when he said it!”

Cutting Edge’s spokesman explained that the meat cleaver was part of Killer Wabbit’s costume, and that the context would become clear during his performance. Unfortunately, it looks as though the public will never get to see Killer Wabbit’s routine.

“We just can’t allow this sort of behavior at the Olympics,” said the IOC official. “And we don’t understand how he got that meat cleaver through security.”

Ultimately, Killer Wabbit was disqualified from competing and asked to leave the venue, and the country. The meat cleaver was confiscated.

We caught up with Killer Wabbit as he was boarding a flight back to Fort Worth, and he had this to say:

“I did not have sex with that woman.”

Oh well, the good news is — it looks like Killer Wabbit will be back at the Cutting Edge just in time for the “Twisted Love” Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

Opening this Friday and Saturday night from 8 to 10 pm, Cutting Edge will be illuminated only by candlelight, and the whole place will be crawling with lovesick zombies, vampires, werewolves and even a Killer Wabbit!

Don’t delay — get your tickets online and save $5 by using the code “Twisted Love.” You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this one! The Wabbit will have his Wevenge!

More Exciting than the Super Bowl!

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If you thought this year’s Super Bowl was a blood bath, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The cast and crew of Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth have been slaving away for many a sleepless night, getting the four-story fear factory ready for “Twisted Love,” a candlelight Valentine’s Day presentation. Get ready to explore the world’s longest walk-through haunted house, lit only by candlelight, for a twisted romantic alternative to more traditional Valentine’s Day snoozarama activities.

Cling tightly to your loved one (ooh, fun!) lest he or she be snatched by Zombies as you run screaming through the darkness, chased by lovesick vampires bearing ghoulish gifts of dead roses and fetid organ meat.

Don’t miss this very special Valentine’s Day opening, just two nights, Friday and Saturday, February 14 and 15, from 8 to 10 p.m. Get your tickets on line and save $5 when you use the code, “Twisted Love.” Unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Super Bowl performance, the screams will be real and the music will be to die for!

In an unprecedented move this week, Cutting Edge’s Zombie Bobsled Team made a difficult decision not to attend the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Citing fears over a possible terrorist attack, team spokesman Imal Redidedd announced that the many threats and the increased security around the venue would make it just too difficult for the team to travel.

“It’s time-consuming enough getting through security on a normal day,” he said, reluctantly, “but with all the extra vigilance, we might as well just forget it.” Redidedd explained that the team’s dietary requirements entail carry-on coolers full of brains and plasma, which often cause raised eyebrows among TSA and other personnel, and their signature props are even more of a problem.

“They really freak out about the chainsaws,” he explained. “Even though the chains are removed, and we don’t put gas in them until we get to our destination, they just seem to have a problem with the whole thing.”

And without the chainsaws and the brains, “well, we just wouldn’t be Zombies, would we?”

“It’s very disappointing,” said the team’s brakeman, Icho Mahma, “but at least it means we’ll be here for the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Mahma was referring to Cutting Edge’s upcoming Valentine’s Day special opening, Friday and Saturday night, February 14 and 15. “It’s going to be a really awesome event this year, and we were a little disappointed to be missing it, so I guess that’s our silver lining,” said Mahma.

Catch up with Imal Redidedd and Icho Mahma at the Cutting Edge Haunted House this Valentine’s Day weekend, with tickets now available online for just $25 – or $35 for the Speedpass! You won’t find snow, scantily clad figure skaters or fearless bobsled teams, but there will be plenty of screaming and terror – without the terrorists! That’s right, after an explosive evening of frightfully good fun, you get to go home with all of your arms and legs – and most of your brain! Log on to CuttingEdge.com now to get your tickets!

Countdown to Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air, and it’s beckoning you to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas! Never mind flowers, candy and romantic dinners, nothing says I love you like bloody corpses, rabid werewolves and lovesick zombies bearing bouquets of black roses and wilted calla lilies!

Celebrate your love with a night of horror, bloodlust and undead creatures of the night, stalking you as you run screaming through the darkness, illuminated only by romantic candlelight and the occasional spark of a chainsaw.

Love never dies, and neither do zombies. Keep your love alive, or at least undead, with a night of pure passion, fear and unadulterated panic at Cutting Edge, where love is not just another four letter word!

The doors open at eight o’clock, so don’t be late! This is a night you won’t want to miss!

Weird Valentine’s Day Trivia

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Touted as a day of love and romance, Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of romantic failures and loneliness. Maybe that’s why eight million Americans send themselves presents on Valentine’s Day.

Still, if you haven’t got a significant other to send flowers to, there’s always man’s best friend. About three percent of pet owners give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.

In the U.S., it’s estimated that 64 percent of men do not make plans in advance for Valentine’s Day. Watch out boys, because 53% of women in America say they would dump their boyfriends if they did not get them a present for Valentine’s Day!

Kissing helps reduce tooth decay because the extra saliva helps clean out your mouth. Also you burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss.

During Abraham Lincoln’s campaign for President, a Democrat named Valentine Tapley swore he would never shave again if Abe were elected. Tapley kept his word and his chin whiskers went unshaved from November 1860 until he died in 1910, attaining a length of 12 feet 6 inches. That’s totally ZZ Top on steroids!

If you’re stuck for something to do on Valentine’s Day, or even if you’re not, make plans to bring your sweetie to the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth for a fright to remember! Our zombies haven’t had a date in eons, and they’d like to take a bite of yours!

For candle light, lots of romantic interludes and a screaming good time, make Cutting Edge your Valentine’s Day tradition!

Eat Your Heart Out Cupid!

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Ah Valentine’s day, one of the most over-rated, over-hyped, over-commercialized holidays known to man! Few holidays trigger more anxiety in the male of the species than Cupid’s revenge, when no romantic gesture ever seems to be quite right in the eyes of the fairer sex, especially when there’s literally, no gesture at all…

Men, skip the flowers and candy this year and bring your date to the only place more romantic than a Texas slaughterhouse – an actual meatpacking plant on Hell’s Half Acre in Fort Worth!

Your honey will cling to you like a girdle on Dolly Parton as you bob and weave your way through a moving train of bloody corpses, chased by evil, chainsaw-wielding fiends though the darkened old death factory.

Aided only by flickering candle light, you’ll stumble through floor after floor of romantic tableaus and bittersweet surprises, such as a zombie tenderly feeding his bride a quivering slice of brain, or a blood-encrusted vampire, feasting hungrily on his one true love.

Yes, there’ll be lots of romantic lighting, lovesick zombies and enough blood and guts everywhere to give you fond memories of the Valentine’s Day Massacre! Hold on tight to your date and don’t let go till you’re both safely back in your car! And remember, nothing says I love you like a bloodcurdling scream!

Happy New Year from the Cutting Edge

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As 2013 draws to a close and a New Year approaches, Halloween and haunted houses may seem distant memories as we prepare to welcome in 2014 amidst a flurry of winter storms across the nation.

January is a time of renewal, however at the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, where we’re busy preparing a one-night only, Valentine’s Day spectacular performance that is literally TO DIE FOR.

Unlike other haunts in the nation, Cutting Edge is probably the only one that opens up multiple times throughout the year, just because we love what we do so much that we can’t wait for Halloween. We provide special themed events on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, every Friday that falls on the 13th of the month – June 13th this year, and whenever we bloody well feel like it, so watch our blog and our Facebook page for details!

So make plans to bring that special someone to the scariest place on earth this Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th, 2014 — because nothing warms the heart like a night of terror!

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