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Why are we Afraid of Clowns?

Posted on 17 Apr 2014 In: Haunted House News

BlackWhiteClownClowns are supposed to be innocent, playful creatures engaged to entertain children, yet many people have an instinctive dislike for them, and still others have an actual fear, known as coulrophobia, that can lead to dizziness, nausea and even panic attacks in their presence. Furthermore, you’re quite as likely to see a clown at a haunted house as you are at a circus, television show or children’s party. Exactly why is that?

Just as we know that the person behind the mask or evil makeup that we encounter at a haunted house is probably not as scary in person as they look, so do we perceive that the person behind the happy makeup may not actually be quite so friendly. In fact, the makeup could well be a cover for a truly sinister personality.

Convicted mass-murder John Wayne Gacey was said to be fond of masquerading as a clown, performing a children’s parties and hospitals. He once told investigators, “A clown can get away with anything.”

While today’s clowns appear innocuous and lighthearted – think Clarabel and Bozo, clowns of yesteryear were actually rather disturbed individuals. Joseph Grimaldi, said to be the first recognizable ancestor of the modern clown, was prone to bouts of depression and died a tragic, penniless alcoholic. His son was also an alcoholic clown who died at the age of 33.

Pierrot, another famous clown character invented by Jean-Gaspard Deburau was ever more sinister in nature. Deburau once killed a boy on the streets of Paris with a walking stick, allegedly for shouting insults at him.

clown-plakat-von-vogelPsychiatric studies point to the clown’s distorted features as being unseemly enough to instinctively frighten children. The over-sized mouth, red bulbous nose and exaggerated eyes are surely the stuff of nightmares, especially if your dreams are haunted by Picasso.

Whatever the reason, for most of us, clowns are an unsettling, and for some even downright terrifying experience. At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we have some of the most horrific clowns in the world. They love to pop out when you least expect it, with leering, sneering, distorted evil grins. They’re all of your worst clown nightmares all rolled up in one garish bundle of impressionistic, paint-covered apparition. If you thought you had nightmares before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Do You Believe in Vampires?

Posted on 8 Apr 2014 In: Haunted House News


With the publication of the book series and unavoidable blockbuster movie resulting from The Twilight Saga, a fresh craze of vampire worship seems to have struck teenage girls the world over. Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer purports that the vampire stories came to her in a dream, one that left her writing feverishly, night and day, until the four-part series of vampire romance novels was finished.

Was it a dream?

Vampires are purported to have mystical powers to hypnotize and enslave people to do their bidding.

Beginning with The Vampyre by John Polidori and Bram Stoker’s popular Dracula, vampires have been the subject of a great many fictitious tales, romance novels and horror movies for hundreds of years. What is it about these mythical creatures that so fascinates us?

Although the ancient Greeks and Romans, among others, had myths of spirits and demons considered to be early precursors to the modern vampire, today’s vampire can trace his roots directly back to 18th century Europe. Many ethnic groups of the region believed that malevolent spirits came to possess corpses, which then rose from their graves to wreak havoc amongst the living.

Vampires were said to be created in a variety of different ways. One belief held that an animal, particularly a dog or cat, leaping over a corpse would cause that corpse to become undead. A body that had a wound which was left untreated was also fair game. Suicide victims were prime suspects for vampirism. And of course, being bitten by a vampire became a favorite method of propagating the flock.

At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, vampires are some of our most entertaining colleagues. Always the life of the party, they positively sparkle when guests arrive, and there’s absolutely nothing they won’t do to ensure you have a memorable evening. Whether it’s a late night soiree or a midnight brunch, there’s nothing they enjoy more than having you in for a bite!

Top 10 Things that Scare You the Most

Posted on 1 Apr 2014 In: Haunted House News

MaskAccording to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 10% of the adult population is afflicted with phobias. Defined as an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something, phobias can cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and breathlessness. In extreme cases, phobias can lead to a full blown panic attack. For most of us, though, these are simply things or situations which we tend to avoid – until we’re confronted with them, say, in a haunted house…

In no particular order, here are ten common phobias, or things that go bump in the night:

Mysophobia. Defined as a pathological fear of contamination or germs, this was a condition said to have plagued reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes in the later years of his life. Rumor had it that even his daily newspaper came wrapped in an outer layer of newspaper. Imagine Howard’s reaction to a plague-infested zombie, reaching out with raw, flesh-rotted fingers…

Trypanophobia. Fear of needles is not uncommon. Most of us don’t like injections. So think about being chased by a bloodied, undead, zombie nurse with a very large, very dirty syringe!

Cynophobia. Many people are afraid of dogs. Some people are so afflicted that they’re even afraid of cute little puppies. Everybody’s afraid of the large, horrific, wolf-like mutant canines that stalk the halls of the Cutting Edge!

Coulrophobia. Originally intended to entertain children, clowns unfortunately often have the opposite effect on the youngest members of the population, causing childhood traumas that lead to a lifelong fear of these oddly-painted, freakish beings.

Agoraphobia. Often thought to be a fear of public places, agoraphobia is also a fear of being trapped, of being unable to escape, being suffocated by crowds and unable to break free. Imagine being surrounded by a crowd of evil clowns!

Ophidiophobia. From the Greek word, “ophis,” or snake, this is a phobia common to many people in varying degrees. There’s just something about the way a snake slithers around your ankles that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. And knowing that things are slithering around in the dark where you can’t see them, well that’s just creepy!

Acrophobia. Fear of heights, it has been suggested, may be simply an early adaptation to a world in which falling posed a significant danger to early humans. Fear of falling and fear of loud noises are two very common inborn fears. Watch your step at the Cutting Edge!

Astraphobia. As with the fear of falling, fear of loud noises is completely natural, so fear of thunder is not terribly unusual. Combine it with the fear of electric shock from a lightning strike, and you have a very powerful combination!

Arachnophobia. Although spiders are very helpful creatures that eat other, more pestiferous insects, and only a small percentage of spiders are poisonous, there’s just something, well, creepy about them. Maybe it’s their ability to drop down from the ceiling unexpectedly, or to jump out from a dark corner. . Creepy crawlers abound in the Cutting Edge!

Fear of the Unknown. While not technically a phobia, fear of the unknown is perhaps the greatest fear known to man. Fear of the unknown can be positively paralyzing, because without knowing what is ahead of us, we tend to conjure up the worst. No Hollywood special effects artist, computer graphics generator or movie studio is capable of producing a more powerful image than what we create in our own minds. Perhaps the most terrifying movie scenes ever filmed are those that merely suggest a horrific scenario, and leave the rest to our imagination.

Even though we know – or think we know – that no one has ever been killed, or maimed, or infected in a haunted house – that’s been documented, anyway, we aren’t quite sure. After all, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?

Do you believe in ghost?

Posted on 28 Mar 2014 In: Haunted House News

downloadDo you believe in Ghost? That is the question! This exact question has come up time and time again in our profession. Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House we do believe there are spirits that roam this old building. If you stop to think about it for just a minute, this entire area is known as Hell’s Half Acre. It was dubbed this name in the late 1800’s when famous gun slingers and cowboys from all over the country began coming around for the booming cattle industry and needed a place to “unwind”. Many local business men were more than happy to offer their saloons and gaming parlors for this purpose and Hell’s Half Acre was born. Have you heard the story of Sally? Sally was a young “soiled dove”, many said she was a beautiful young thing and very popular with the “gentlemen” of the area.images Not much more than that is known regarding Sally’s sad story though. One early morning, Sally was found murdered. Her body found nailed to an outhouse door not far from the gaming houses she frequented. Some say Sally still roams the area where she was so gruesomely murdered and placed on display. Many people say it was a unrequited lover who committed the tragic act, angry and hurt that she would not leave her profession to be with him. There are many old timers that tell stories like this about the people in Hell’s Half Acre district. These old buildings have many seen many such unhappy stories play out.images (1) The Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of those buildings. Built over 100 years ago, during the rough and rowdy days when Fort Worth was growing faster than it could keep up. This old Meat Packing Plant has seen more than few tragedies. Sometimes when you are alone you’ll hear it whisper echoes from a not so happy time. You’ll catch a shadow dart out of the corner of your eye, footsteps where there is no one and voices when you are completely alone. So the Answer to the question… Yes… we believe in ghosts. We believe they are all around us. Think about the history of where you are the next time you are asked “Do you believe in Ghost?”

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Leprechaun Infestation at The Cutting Edge

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 In: Haunted House News

Not all leprechauns are as nice as some would have you believe. Just try stealing a leprechaun’s gold, and you’ll find out! Although a leprechaun is supposed to be able to grant you three wishes if captured, it’s more likely the leprechaun will trick you, and leave you poorer than when you started!

And leprechauns have a fierce temper. Some leprechauns have been known to get downright murderous and go on a killing spree upon discovering that someone has stolen their gold.

At the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, a virtual infestation of evil leprechauns have been known to prey on guests, darting out and nipping at their ankles as they run screaming through the darkness. Leprechauns have been spotted swinging from the rafters, poking at people with sharp sticks, snarling viciously and laughing like hyenas.

Unfortunately, Cutting Edge fell prey to the leprechauns’ twisted sense of humor this year, when the sneaky little devils put superglue on all the toilet seats, virtually shutting down the attraction and leaving cast and crew, well, indisposed. Cutting Edge, regrettably, was unable to open for St. Patrick’s day shenanigans.

The next opening day will be Friday, June 13th, for those of you willing to walk under a ladder, step on a crack, break a mirror and have an encounter with a dark-colored feline. But bring your lucky shamrocks to protect yourselves from the little green men. Just because it’s not St. Patrick’s day, doesn’t mean they won’t be waiting for you in the dark!

While the world was watching events unfolding in Ukraine recently, another sort of uprising was taking place at the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth. Fed up with what they perceive as “irresponsible leadership” on the part of the centrist Zombie party, a radical upstart group calling themselves the “Chainsaw Gang” has seized control of the Guinness record-holding haunted house.

Storming the audio-visual booth and seizing control of the sound and lighting systems, they have gained a virtual chokehold on the heart and soul of the operation. Reports coming from inside the building confirm the illumination of a large disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and the repeated play of the song “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

In retaliation, the Zombie party has moved to barricade the stairwells, preventing any movement between floors. So far, however, apart from a minor skirmish in the break room over some leftover barbecued spare ribs, there has been no (unusual amount of) violence or bloodshed. It’s a tense standoff, and the stakes are high. The victorious party stands to gain control of the entire operation, and could set the tone of the haunt for many years to come.

Will the Cutting Edge maintain its long-standing acid rock vibe, or be converted to a mellow, disco-loving operation? Only time will tell. Check back for weekly updates on this breaking news story!

Valentine’s Day Shenanigans

Posted on 19 Feb 2014 In: Haunted House News

In Arizona, a man being held in jail on various charges made a daring escape, crawling past razor wire, scaling two fences and making his way to a bar about 10 miles away in order to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, only to be apprehended by sheriff’s deputies before he could meet up with his intended.

On another front, the flower delivery service 1-800-Flowers botched the delivery of flowers and candy to thousands of customers this Valentine’s Day, citing weather delays and scheduling snafus. Of course, it isn’t quite clear how many orders were actually placed, and how many boyfriends, husbands and significant others simply took advantage of the foul-up by claiming to have used the service…

Police and FBI are seeking a man dubbed the “Valentine’s Day Bandit,” who robbed a bank in Burlingame, California on, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. The man is described as slim, dark skinned, between 5′ 5″ and 5′ 10″ and approximately 50-60 years old. Maybe Sanford just needed some money to buy flowers for his girlfriend!

The most exciting shenanigans going on this Valentine’s Day, however, had to be those taking place at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas. For two consecutive nights, blood curdling screams could be heard coming from the building, as hapless lovers disappeared into the darkness, clinging tightly to each other with only candlelight to illuminate their path. Zombies, werewolves, vampires and evil clowns ruled the night and by the time it was all over there was nothing but a pile of bloody bones. Okay, maybe that was barbecue sauce, because the crew celebrated afterwards with a big rib dinner. You know how it is…

In any case, a good time was had by all. Now the cast and crew are busy changing into leprechauns and painting the whole place green because you know what’s next – that’s right, St. Patrick’s Day! Keep your ear to the ground for more information – but watch out for fire ants!

Valentine’s Day may not seem the time to reflect on scary stories or those scary tales we tell around the campfires but there are tales of horror that revolve around love or the ongoing search for love and romance that continue to be shared in the dark. Everyone is familiar with the young man who took his young lady to the local lover’s lane on their way home. He parked in the dark, turned on the radio, and started making his moves. All at once, the announcer breaks in with a bulletin, a crazed murderer with a hook in place of one hand has broken out of the insane asylum and is being searched for in their area. The young lady is understandably nervous and scared and let’s face it, the mood is shot! Lover boy insists that they are safe, the doors are locked, and entices her back to romance. All of a sudden, they hear something in the brush and this time, he cannot persuade his lady love that everything is fine. A little upset, and not just a little frustrated, he starts up his engine, and tears out of the woods and heads for her home. Feeling a little put upon and out of sorts, he refuses to go around and open the door for her, insisting she just slide out after him on the driver’s side. She hurries to scamper out on his side and they start toward her door. He stops just short of the porch, ready to leave and she turns back to him and begins screaming in terror. He slowly turns to look back at where her terrified eyes are staring and sees a hook dripping blood hanging from the passenger door handle… obviously someone was definitely looking for love in the wrong place… As you travel through the dark hallways of the Cutting Edge Haunted House Fort Worth on Valentine’s Day, there are many young lovers looking for love, whether they, like you, are enjoying a night out on the town, or whether they didn’t make it out of lover’s lane one dark and lonely night, well, who can tell…it’s just a story, right…
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Cutting Edge Denied Gold in Figure Skating

Posted on 10 Feb 2014 In: Haunted House News

Coming on the heels of the painful decision by the Cutting Edge Zombie Bobsled Team to forego competing in Socchi due to heightened security measures, the Undead Delegation has suffered still another blow. Killer Wabbit, the team’s only entrant in Men’s Figure Skating has been struck from the competition for an allegedly “inappropriate outburst.”

The incident occurred during warm-ups, as the Canadian team was just leaving the ice. The Cutting Edge competitor reportedly leaped onto the ice shouting, “I’m going to eat you! I’m going to cut out your heart and feed it to the werewolves!”

A Cutting Edge spokesman who declined to be named explained, “It’s just friendly competition. He didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just trash talk, you know. It’s really kind of funny.”

The Canadian team, however, was not amused, and filed a complaint with the IOC.

“Trash talk or not, we have to take these things seriously,” said one official. “The Canadians are threatening to pull out of the competition. They say they’re in fear for their lives.”

“Trash talk my ass,” exclaimed one Canadian skater. “He was brandishing a giant meat cleaver when he said it!”

Cutting Edge’s spokesman explained that the meat cleaver was part of Killer Wabbit’s costume, and that the context would become clear during his performance. Unfortunately, it looks as though the public will never get to see Killer Wabbit’s routine.

“We just can’t allow this sort of behavior at the Olympics,” said the IOC official. “And we don’t understand how he got that meat cleaver through security.”

Ultimately, Killer Wabbit was disqualified from competing and asked to leave the venue, and the country. The meat cleaver was confiscated.

We caught up with Killer Wabbit as he was boarding a flight back to Fort Worth, and he had this to say:

“I did not have sex with that woman.”

Oh well, the good news is — it looks like Killer Wabbit will be back at the Cutting Edge just in time for the “Twisted Love” Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

Opening this Friday and Saturday night from 8 to 10 pm, Cutting Edge will be illuminated only by candlelight, and the whole place will be crawling with lovesick zombies, vampires, werewolves and even a Killer Wabbit!

Don’t delay — get your tickets online and save $5 by using the code “Twisted Love.” You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this one! The Wabbit will have his Wevenge!

More Exciting than the Super Bowl!

Posted on 5 Feb 2014 In: Haunted House News

If you thought this year’s Super Bowl was a blood bath, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The cast and crew of Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth have been slaving away for many a sleepless night, getting the four-story fear factory ready for “Twisted Love,” a candlelight Valentine’s Day presentation. Get ready to explore the world’s longest walk-through haunted house, lit only by candlelight, for a twisted romantic alternative to more traditional Valentine’s Day snoozarama activities.

Cling tightly to your loved one (ooh, fun!) lest he or she be snatched by Zombies as you run screaming through the darkness, chased by lovesick vampires bearing ghoulish gifts of dead roses and fetid organ meat.

Don’t miss this very special Valentine’s Day opening, just two nights, Friday and Saturday, February 14 and 15, from 8 to 10 p.m. Get your tickets on line and save $5 when you use the code, “Twisted Love.” Unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Super Bowl performance, the screams will be real and the music will be to die for!