4 Reasons Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday. Ever.

Sorry, summer lovers and Christmas freaks. With October finally here, that means only one thing:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween enthusiasts can finally break out their go-to masks, dance to the “Monster Mash”, and sip on pumpkin spice lattes -with zero shame.

Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House, we’ve been waiting all year to play, and we’re thrilled to commence Halloween 2019 in Fort Worth, TX. As one of the best and largest haunted house attractions in North America, we’ll be celebrating all the creepy, strange, and blood-curdling fun that makes Halloween the best time of year. 

If you agree that Halloween is the greatest holiday ever, you’re in for some real tricks-n-treats these coming weeks. But if you’re less than enthused about the arrival of October, let us help you get into the holiday spirit. 

Here are four reasons why Halloween is the best holiday ever!

1. You Can Be Anyone (Or Anything) You Want to Be

Have you always dreamed of being a creature of the night, a princess, or a zombified astronaut? Or, have you always wondered what it would be like to be a cat, a robot, or an alien? 

Let’s face it: Every one of us has fantasized about being someone else or living a different life at one point or another. But what if, for one day, you actually could?

Therein lies the beauty of Halloween. Because for a single day out of the year, it’s socially acceptable to put on a costume, wear scary makeup, or pretend to be anyone (or anything) you want to be.

For the other 364 days out of the year, you have to shine on as the unique, special you. But on October 31st, you can be whoever or whatever you want -and not be the only one playing along!

2. It’s an Actual Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is not some made-up holiday invented by candy companies and costume stores. In fact, Halloween has ancient roots that go as far back as 2,000 years ago. 

In the Christian faith, Halloween commemorates on the eve of All Saints’ Day, which is soon followed by All Souls Day. These holidays honor the Christian saints, as well as all those who’ve passed away. 

But that’s not all. Halloween may have origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark winter months. It also marks the period where the line between this world and the spirit world disappears, and spirits can walk among us. 

Of course, Halloween took on newer, less spiritual forms by the 20th century. But the history of Halloween shows that it has a far deeper meaning than eating chocolate and wearing costumes; though we’ll admit, we do enjoy dressing up, scaring folks, and eating lots of candy here at Cutting Edge Haunted House. 

3. You Can Experience the Rush of Fear

Whether darkness, heights, the sight of blood, or killer clowns make you shudder, you’re not alone. So often people think of fear as a negative thing. But fear is actually what makes us human… and what better way to celebrate who we are than to scare ourselves once in a full moon? 

We experience fear all the time. It’s that jolting, split-second where we pause and suddenly react. It’s sitting in our heads, worrying, and falling into the dark pits of the unknown. Or, it’s the adrenaline rush of skydiving, bungee jumping, or entering an uncertain and exhilarating situation.

There is a science behind fear, and it helps us survive by a series of physiological reactions. When our minds enter a state of fear, our bodies release hormones, our hearts begin to race, we breathe fast, and we can even get goosebumps, run, or react by fighting. During Halloween, it’s possible to experience these sensations by playing on our worst nightmares - without those things actually coming true.

4. It’s a Lot of Fun

The bone-chilling air, the dying leaves, and the darker skies always mark the start of autumn. Some people dread this time of year. After all, old man winter is coming. But this is also the best time to cozy up, spend time with our friends and family, and enjoy some wholesome, Halloween fun!

From picking apples and pumpkins to visiting haunted houses and jumping in leaf piles, there’s no shortage of activities you can enjoy with your loved ones during Halloween. 

If you like the wilder side of life, you’re probably looking forward to costume parties, trick-or-treating, and haunted attractions. Or, if you appreciate the simpler things, you’re likely getting ready to decorate, bake treats, or binge on horror movies. 

The bottom line: Enjoy this time of year while it lasts, because it never seems to last long enough!

Start Celebrating Halloween 2019 

The countdown to Halloween is officially on! So, what are you waiting for? 

Embrace Halloween 2019, bust out your pumpkin sculpting kit, or dare to brave a creepy walk through the woods or cemetery -and bring a friend or family member along for the ride. And if you’re located in Fort Worth, TX, come check out Cutting Edge Haunted House for a thrill of a lifetime. Tickets are on sale now!

The Real Story Behind Creepy Leprechauns

Think you know all about leprechauns?

If you tuned into our last blog post, then you probably heard about our latest evil leprechaun infestation.

We might know a thing or two about them here at the Cutting Edge. But with St Patrick’s Day 2019 right around the corner, it’s high time you brushed up on your own knowledge of them.

The history of the leprechaun is actually quite creepier than you probably ever imagined. Where do creepy leprechauns come from and are leprechauns real? What should you do if you encounter one yourself this St Patrick’s Day?  

Read on to find out!

What Are Leprechauns?

When you think of a leprechaun, what do you imagine?

Most people tend to think of a short and stout bearded man clad in green. He could be wearing a hat, carrying a pot of gold, or throwing four-leaf clovers around.

A lot of people equate leprechauns to elves. Contrary to popular belief, the leprechaun is not an elf. In Irish folklore, leprechauns are actually fairies.

They’re not like the typical winged fairy you may imagine in a bed of flowers or on a lily pad. Irish mythology may portray them similarly to how we know them today. Miniature. Stout. Bearded. But they fall under the fairy family in mythological terms. The word “leprechaun” comes from the word, leipreachán. In the Irish language, the word refers to fairies and elves. Luchrapán is an older variation within the Celtic language family.

If you imagined a leprechaun to resemble the Lucky Charm leprechaun, think again! A leprechaun is traditionally an old man – and a wrinkly one at that. In early portrayals, leprechauns also wore red – not green.

Did you also know that the role of a leprechaun is not gold hoarding? In Irish folklore, the leprechaun is, in fact, a shoemaker. They tend to reside in wooded areas, caves, and gardens. But they’re quite handy with shoes and shoe buckles, and this is how they have so much gold. They also like to dance and play the fiddle. Even the creepy leprechauns like to jig and enjoy a pint or a whiskey every now and then.

However, they also prefer to be alone and rarely congregate with other leprechauns. Their true nature is introverted, solitary, and colder than commonly portrayed.

The True Nature of Creepy Leprechauns

Now, if you’ve heard anything about leprechauns being joyous and friendly creatures, you heard wrong. Popular culture likes to portray leprechauns as fun-loving beings. Yet, they’re anything but.

The leprechaun is actually a trickster by nature. They’re known to deceive anyone who crosses their path – especially those after their gold. They’ll even go as far as to capture anyone who tries to lay out a leprechaun trap.

Perhaps it’s all that isolation in the gardens or forest that makes them such volatile creatures. They’re certainly more introverted than commonly believed. And like a true fairy in Irish folklore, they’re unpredictable… and even a bit cunning and ruthless. They enjoy causing damage and hurting others.

You may have heard about how they’ll even grant their captors three wishes. But not all creepy leprechauns are this generous. If you don’t choose your wishes wisely, you could fall victim to the leprechaun’s trickery and regret what you wished for.

What Should You Do If You Encounter a Leprechaun?

So, are leprechauns real?

The answer is likely no. But if you’re a believer in the mythological, they could be… and as creepy as Irish folklore portrays them to be.

Leprechauns made their way from the lush forests and hills of Ireland and settled across the US. Around this time of year, they’ll start to come out of their corners and caves. After all, they like to commemorate Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, too.

But beware!

They also think all humans are out to steal their gold. And should they come across a leprechaun trap, they’ll grow angry and even a bit vengeful.

So, what should you do if you encounter a leprechaun this St Patrick’s Day 2019?

There are all types of ways you can set a leprechaun trap. You could leave a trail of shamrocks to yours. Or, you could leave out a handful of gold, chocolate coins. Whatever you do, don’t do what Baron Verdun and Lady Cassandra did at Thrillvania Haunted House Park. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a leprechaun infestation.

If you capture one, it might grant you three wishes. You should release it as soon as it grants you your wishes. If you choose not to, you could be in for some trouble.

What else should you do if you encounter creepy leprechauns this St Patrick’s Day? Unless you’re clever and daring, don’t attempt to steal their gold. You could look for them at the end of a rainbow and maybe you’ll get lucky. But you could fail in the process and wind up having a real menace on your hands.

St Patrick’s Day 2019 is Right Around the Corner

Corned beef and cabbage. Guinness. Irish music. Shamrocks. AND creepy leprechauns?

Cutting Edge Haunted House wishes we could be celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2019 with you all. But it is possible to celebrate a scary St Patrick’s Day this year no matter where you are. 

Have a safe and happy St Patrick’s Day. Until we see you all in October, stay spooky!

Evil Leprechaun Infestation at Cutting Edge

St Patrick’s Day 2019 will commence in less than a week… and that only means one thing:

The leprechauns will soon be on the loose!

We’re all familiar with the plump and bearded little elves and their pots of gold. Leprechauns may be mischievous all in good fun – but not all are as jolly and harmless as they seem. In fact, we here at Cutting Edge have endured our fair share of the wicked leprechaun in years past… and we’re here to tell you the story.

The Story of the Foul Leprechaun

Not long ago, Cutting Edge laid out a leprechaun trap when our resident ghouls got word of an evil St Patrick’s Day parade hitting Hell’s Half Acre. You may already be familiar with the history of Cutting Edge and Hell’s Half Acre. But in case you don’t, let us bring you up to speed with this blog post.

The ghouls went hard to work and assembled a leprechaun trap with Cutting Edge’s old meat packing equipment… and it worked! After the evil St Patrick’s Day parade wreaked havoc on all of Fort Worth, we caught an evil leprechaun with our haunted meat hooks.

Though short in stature, it looked far from the typical leprechaun you’ve seen in books and illustrations. This leprechaun had bright green skin, orange eyes, and razor-edged teeth. And unfortunately, it wasn’t long until the little devil pried open its cage with its claws.

Evil Leprechaun Crashes Cutting Edge

Before we knew it, Cutting Edge fell victim to a leprechaun infestation by the dozens. For years, the leprechauns have nipped and clawed at the ankles of our guests. They’re known to dart across the rooms, cackling and screeching into the echoes of the darkness. Some will poke you with a splintery, sharp stick made from tree branches. Others will simply jump out and scare you, snarling with evil satisfaction as they dangle upside down from the rafters. But most of them enjoy laughing like maniacs as they plot revenge into the wee hours of the night.

In 2014, the leprechauns glued all our toilet seats shut. This lead to the shutting down of Cutting Edge until we were able to reopen on Friday the 13th. This year, we made sure to have one of our evil clowns stand guard at each bathroom. That way, we could celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2019 in horror with you all.

But our attempts still didn’t deter the leprechauns from plotting against us. This year, they decided it would be fun to throw eggs throughout Cutting Edge, dousing the entire warehouse in a sticky, rotting stench. A leprechaun even destroyed St Patrick’s Day at Thrillvania Haunted House Park, too!

Beware This St Patrick’s Day 2019

We wish we could smell corned beef and cabbage instead of the putrid, sulfuric scent of eggs. Regrettably, Cutting Edge will not be open for St Patrick’s Day 2019. Until we’re able to clean up this mess made by the leprechauns, we won’t be open until further notice.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day without us! We’ll be bringing you more St Patrick’s Day-inspired news and stories right here at the Cutting Edge Blog

7 of the Creepiest Romances in Film

How will you ring in Valentine’s Day 2019 this year? Do you and your lovebird prefer the stranger side of life?

If so, there are all types of dark Valentine’s Day dates you could try. You could get a cactus massage followed by a blindfolded dinner. You could even visit the world’s largest haunted house.

But cuddling up on the couch with a movie may be more of your thing. So, should you choose to watch a scary movie or a romantic one?

Why not both?

There are a handful of movies to feature the creepiest romances of all time. That’s why we’re bringing you a countdown to the 7 creepiest movie love stories of all time. Let’s begin!

7. Bride of Chucky

A murderous, red-headed doll is creepy enough on its own. Add in a second murderous doll and make them fall in love… Now that is creepy!

Horror movie fans are all well aware of the Child’s Play franchise and its star, Chucky. But in 1998, Chucky meets his match in Tiffany Valentine, and the two embark on a journey to leave their doll forms once and for all. 

1998’s Bride of Chucky is chock full of resurrections, soul transporting, cold-blooded murder… and did we mention it’s a comedy, too? If you’re looking for a truly unconventional romantic film to watch, Bride of Chucky is a good one to start with.

6. Fatal Attraction

A brief affair gone horribly wrong… Look no further than 1987’s psychological thriller Fatal Attraction. The film stars Glenn Close as the obsessive antagonist who takes clingy to a whole new level.

Michael Douglass plays Dan, a married man who has a short weekend affair with Alex (Glenn Close). Dan believes the affair was only a fling and that it’s over. But Alex’s persistence escalates into full-blown obsession.

The film became iconic for one of the most disturbing scenes of all time. (Spoilers ahead!)

Who could forget the scene when Alex boils the rabbit of Dan’s daughter and leaves it on the stove for his wife to find? Back in 1987, this scene was all movie-goers could talk about, and it’s still etched in our memories to this day.

Sometimes the creepiest romances take vengeful and bloody turns. Nothing is more painful than unrequited love. Just ask the jilted, forgotten lovers who will be at the “Twisted Love” event this year at Cutting Edge Haunted House… if you dare.

5. Ghost

Even when people pass on, we still love them and learn to cope with their absence. But what if their soul doesn’t pass on and remains in this world as a ghost? Can we still love them even when we cannot see them?

1990’s Ghost stars Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. In this heartfelt story, Patrick Swayze plays Sam, a banker killed in a mugging. But his soul becomes stuck in this physical world until he can accomplish what he needs to finish. 

With the help of a medium (played by Goldberg), Sam not only uncovers the truth behind his murder. He races against the clock to protect his girlfriend, Molly, who is in danger from the men who murdered him.

Ghost may not be your typical creepy love story. In fact, it contains a blend of steamy romance, heartfelt humor, and edgy thrills. But the ghostly romance between Sam and Molly made for one of the most memorable movie love stories of all time.

4. Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire doesn’t portray a romance between lovers. But it does tell the story of two companion vampires who have love for one another.

The film version of Anne Rice’s novel occurs as a series of flashbacks. Immortal Louis (played by Brad Pitt) tells his life story as a human and vampire to an interviewer. The entire film follows the story of Louis and his companion vampire, Lestat (played by Tom Cruise). Early in the film, Lestat turns a dying little girl into a vampire. Her name is Claudia (played by a young Kirsten Dunst). 

 Though trapped in a child’s body, Claudia matures and grows close to Louis. The two attempt to break away from Lestat and find new meaning in immortality.

Movie love stories don’t always have to be romantic. Love can take many forms. The companionship between Claudia and Louis in Interview with the Vampire is a testament to that, and the film will make for a dark and heartfelt night this Valentine’s Day 2019… especially if you’re a fan of vampires.

3. Bride of Frankenstein

Even Frankenstein needs loving, too! After cheating death, the monster meets his match in 1935’s Bride of Frankenstein. Mad scientists, Frankenstein and Pretorius, embark on creating the perfect companion for Frankenstein. But will she love him back or ultimately reject him?

Bride of Frankenstein not only portrays one of the creepiest romances in film. It was one of the earliest portrayals of blind dating in cinematic history. This Valentine’s Day 2019, find out for yourself if the Bride will accept Frankenstein as her match made in monster heaven.

2. Get Out

When it’s time to meet the parents, you know your relationship is getting serious.

All seems to be going well for Chris and Rose in 2017’s Get Out. They’re embarking on a weekend getaway to meet Rose’s family. But like any horror film, the weekend takes a very disturbing turn. It’s not long until Chris realizes that something is horribly wrong with Rose’s family.

Get Out is not only considered one of the scarier movies in recent memory. It also combines elements of science fiction and thrills. There’s even a bit of romance – although fleeting.

1. The Shape of Water

The concept of a human falling in love with something non-human is not a foreign concept in film. But Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water took this concept to a whole new level… and the story made for one of the creepiest romances of all time.

In the film, protagonist Elisa encounters a humanoid amphibian at the laboratory she works at. Elisa is a mute and communicates with sign language. This makes it easier for her to bond with the Amphibian Man. It’s not long until she’s going to any length to save the Amphibian Man from the throes of scientific experimentation.

The love between the Amphibian Man and Elisa seems like a doomed romance from the start. How can a human love a non-human? But The Shape of Water makes for an unforgettable love story… even if it’s a little bit creepy at the same time.

Watch the Creepiest Romances in Film This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2019 is only days away. If you plan to spend it snuggled up at home, be sure to pop in a romantically creepy flick. If you plan to watch one of the top 7 creepiest romances in film, let us know which ones you choose by leaving a comment!

Still, you could always save the flick for the end of the night. Before you get cozy on the couch, take your special someone out on a date they’ll never forget.

Tickets for “Twisted Love” at Cutting Edge Haunted House are still on sale. Get your tickets today!


The Strange History of Valentine’s Day

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially on!

Come February 14th, we’ll all be feeling Cupid’s presence in the air. Couples will make dinner reservations and gift each other with candy and roses. Everything will be dripping in pink and red, and you may even discover that you have a secret admirer.

If you and your partner love the stranger side of life, you may even try out some unusual Valentine’s Day dates. Or, if you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day 2019 solo, you can take yourself out for a peculiar and memorable time.

But contrary to popular belief, these are not the only ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, the true history of Valentine’s Day is actually much darker than most people realize. Of course, chocolate and card companies wouldn’t want you to know this. But if you’re ready to understand the real story of Valentine’s Day, read on!

Who is Saint Valentine?

It’s not uncommon to hear people praise Saint Valentine every February 14th. But who was he really and what’s his association with the history of Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentine was a Roman priest during the time of Emperor Claudius II’s reign. Claudius was a ruthless ruler who not only persecuted Christians. He also banned marriage, believing this would help make better fighters out of young soldiers.

Being the true romantic that he was, Saint Valentine disobeyed Claudius’ unjust ruling. Once the authorities discovered Saint Valentine’s defiance, they tortured and imprisoned him. He was brutally killed on February 14th in either 269 or 270. He was only in his early 40’s at the time of his death.

Some view Saint Valentine as a martyr for love and marriage. But there are conflicting beliefs as to how else he stands as a martyr. According to one legend, he prayed and cured a young blind girl. It’s also suggested that he helped Christians flee the empire, in addition to wedding them.

To this day, Saint Valentine is often referred to as the Patron Saint of Love. The story of Saint Valentine is romantic and honorable indeed. But he is not the only reason why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The Festival of Lupercalia

The holiday of love may get its name from the Roman priest and martyr, Saint Valentine. But the history of Valentine’s Day dates even further back to ancient times… long before the rise of Christianity and the Roman empire.

Lupercalia was an ancient Roman festival that usually fell sometime around February 14th. Before it became known as Lupercalia, it was commonly referred to as Februatus. This Latin name denotes several meanings, usually in honor of the god, Februalis.

Lupercalia later got its name as the festival would occur in the cave of Lupercal. This cave rested at the edge of Palatine Hill in Rome. It is here the goddess, Rumina, lived. It’s also where the she-wolf nursed Romulus and Remus, which, as a story, has always symbolized the city of Rome.

During Lupercalia, the Romans would travel to Lupercal, where they would sacrifice animals. The blood of a male goat and a dog were usually smeared onto the foreheads of virgins during the sacrifice. The priest performing the ritual would then wipe the blood using a milk-dipped piece of wool.

That’s not even the half of it. Athletes attending the festival would then wear the skin of the sacrificed goat. These athletes would then parade around the city of Rome, whipping those they came across. Women would often present themselves to the athletes in the hopes of improving their fertility.

So, what’s the connection between Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day? The correlation between the two isn’t quite clear. But Lupercalia has always occurred around the time of February 14th. Both Lupercalia and the legend of Saint Valentine are prominent in Roman culture. It’s likely that the Romans began to associate the two – despite their stark differences.

What About Cupid?

We’ve talked plenty about the story of Saint Valentine. We’ve even delved into the bizarre festival of Lupercalia. But what about our man, Cupid? Who was he and why is he so rooted in Valentine’s Day?

Cupid is the Roman god of desire, affection, and erotic love. He’s often portrayed as a cherub-like boy with wings. He’s most known for his bow and arrow, which he uses to attract two potential lovers to one another.

Cupid has made appearances in ancient folklore, art, and pop culture alike. For generations, Cupid has served as the quintessential icon of Valentine’s Day. But the origins of Cupid’s correlation to V-Day are not exactly known.

Valentine’s Day & Poetry

It’s not uncommon for die-hard romantics to proclaim their love to their Valentine in the form of a poem. But it’s not that unusual, as Valentine’s Day is deeply-rooted in poetry. So, if you were wondering where the lovey nature of V-Day comes from, you can thank the great English poets for that!

In his 1382 poem, Parlement of Foules, Chaucer mentions Valentine’s Day. It was among the earliest mentions of the holiday in the English language. But in this same poem, Chaucer goes on to illustrate how lovebirds come together to mate on this day especially.

Some couple hundred years later, more English poets began to mention Valentine’s Day. Shakespeare, Donne, and Spenser were among the first to correlate the holiday to love. There’s been no shortage of V-Day references in modern music and poetry, either.

How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated Around the World?

In the United States and Canada, people celebrate V-Day with flowers and candy galore. But in other parts of the world, it’s celebrated differently… and not always on February 14th.

In China, for example, there is Chinese Valentine’s Day. On this day, people celebrate the folktale of the Cowherder and the Weaving Maid. The tale tells the story of two lovers banned to opposite ends of the Milky Way. It’s believed that once a year, a bridge forms across the Milky Way, allowing the lovers to be together.

In Israel, it’s not uncommon to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. But it’s more common to celebrate another holiday known as Tu B’av, which occurs in the summer rather than in February. It’s considered the Jewish equivalent to Valentine’s Day. On this day, couples gift each other with cards, candy, and flowers. But in ancient times, girls would frolic around gardens wearing white while their suitors awaited their arrival.

In other parts of the Middle East, Christians view Saint Valentine as the patron saint of love. Roses, chocolate, and gift-giving are not uncommon in places like Lebanon. Throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, people celebrate V-Day in the same way Americans do.

Celebrate the History of Valentine’s Day

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019?

Now that you understand the history of Valentine’s Day, you’ll have some knowledge to share with your Valentine. Talking about Lupercalia will surely make for interesting dinner conversation. Or, you could recite a Shakespeare poem as an alternative to giving flowers or chocolate.

To honor the stranger side of Valentine’s Day, consider going to the “Twisted Love” event. This year, Cutting Edge Haunted House is making way for a handful of lovelorn ghouls and ghosts… and they’ll be angry to see you with none other than their ex.

Here’s a sneak peek to “Twisted Love” at the Cutting Edge:

So, what are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is only a week away. Tickets for “Twisted Love” are on sale now!

10 Dark Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dates

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you know what that means:

Stores are stocking up on candy, flowers, and chocolate. It’s red, white, and pink galore out there. And with Cupid’s arrival only a short couple of weeks away, you may be wondering what to do to get into the holiday spirit…

But let’s face it. Everybody celebrates with chocolate, romantic dinners, and a bouquet of roses. And not every couple finds the run-of-the-mill Valentine’s traditions all that romantic.

So, what are some ways you can shed some sweet, sweet darkness on the holiday of love? Here are 10 dark and unusual Valentine’s Day ideas for dates!

10. Take a Walk Through a Cemetery

Going for a walk may not seem like much of a date at all. But there is something special about going on a walk with someone you love… and can even be quite soul-stirring depending on where you go.

If you’re looking to escape the outside world on Valentine’s Day, visit a cemetery. You and your partner will finally get the peace and quiet you deserve. But there’s also something eerie and invigorating about cemeteries you both might enjoy. 

You may feel like you’re treading on the barrier between this life and the next. It’s not exactly grounds for the happy and bubbly feels of V-Day. But again, you and your significant other may be looking for that type of uncanny experience.

9. Nighttime Picnic

A picnic might not be one of the most creative date ideas. But it’s still a great opportunity to enjoy the company of your one and only.

So, instead of going on a picnic during the day, wait until sundown so you can bask under the stars. It’s definitely out-of-the-ordinary. And you’ll still get to enjoy all the deliciousness of picnic recipes (in the darkness, of course.)

8. Stay in & Watch a Scary Movie

Maybe you and your S.O won’t be feeling very adventurous come Valentine’s Day. So, you might opt for cuddling up on the couch with takeout and a movie.

Nothing wrong with that! But a gushy romantic movie might annoy you more than it entices you. Believe it or not, but horror and romance can make quite the coupling! So, what are the best horror movies that feature twisted romantic subplots?

Let’s start with Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. What could be more romantic than Jack Torrance proclaiming he’ll bash in his wife’s brains with a bat? All while calling her his “darling” and “the light” of his life, too. Talk about romantic pet names! This is one of the scariest movie scenes of all time – and there’s plenty of others you can watch for yourself on V-Day.

Even Frankenstein got hit with Cupid’s arrow in The Bride of Frankenstein. And who could forget how much of a romantic Dracula is? So, stay in this February 14th with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the company of these on-screen, drop-dead romantics.

7. Explore an Abandoned Building

Do you and your significant other enjoy exploring the unknown? Do you often see the beauty even in decrepit, urban decay? Are you looking for fun date ideas that are free, fun, and a little bit eye-opening?

A dilapidated building may not seem as picturesque as a sunset or a beach. But there can be something beautiful about exploring the ghostly ruins of the past.

Contrary to popular belief, visiting an abandoned building can actually be rather romantic. If you and your partner love to explore, scope out your area for abandoned places. You’ll want to avoid places that explicitly say “No Trespassing.” But there are usually buildings that are otherwise permissible to visit. If you’re not sure, check with your local city and inquire about abandoned places open to the public.

While there, respect the property and don’t touch or take anything. Bring a camera, wear protective shoes, and enjoy immersing yourselves in the ghostly ruins.

6. Read Scary Stories by a Fire

You and your partner may be looking plenty forward to relaxing this Valentine’s Day. But you may be wondering what are some creative date ideas that can also help you unwind?

Cuddling with your partner by the fire makes for the quintessential romantic evening. If that sounds like the perfect way to relax, make things a bit freakier by reading a scary story together.

In the coming weeks, you and your partner can peruse scary novels, short stories, and famous urban legends. Then, choose a story that interests you both. 

Turn off all the lights, light the fire, and spark a few candles nearby so you’ll be able to read aloud together. But you might want to silence your cellphones. Should they ring, you might get a bit jumpy.

5. Dinner in the Dark

Going out to a restaurant is by far one of the most common Valentine’s day ideas for dates. After all, who wants to do dishes when you could be snuggling up with your S.O? But instead of going with the safe, go-to options, step out of your comfort zone this V-Day… and quite literally!

Dinner in the dark is a restaurant concept that you can find in almost any major city. And it’s quite simple:

You sit down and wear a blindfold. You order off the menu, engage with the person sitting across from you, and dine out in total darkness. It can be challenging, but that’s what dark dining is really all about. When you don’t have your vision, you can focus more on the texture, smell, and taste of the food. Dark dinners can help to raise awareness for blindness and visual impairment. Some restaurants may even donate the proceeds to organizations for the blind.

If you can’t find a dark dinner restaurant in your city, try it at home. You can even make things interesting by cooking your own dish and having your partner cook their own. Then, once the blindfolds go on, you’ll have no idea what the other person has whipped up for you to eat.

4. Visit a Fortune Teller

Want to look into your future this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re looking for fun date ideas, visit a fortune teller and discover what the future has in store for you. You and your partner can each have your own reading done. Or, you can have a reading completed as a couple. It’s not uncommon for fortune tellers to run couples specials on February 14th.

Tarot readings and psychic meetings certainly aren’t the same as dinner and flowers. But these experiences will definitely make for interesting conversation afterward.

3. Ear Candling & Exotic Massages

Visiting a spa and getting a massage may be just what you and your partner need to unwind this V-Day. But what if you’re also interested in unusual Valentine’s day ideas? Believe it or not, but there are lots of exotic (and downright weird) massages out there.

Imagine a 500+ pound python slithering over your back. You heard that right! In some parts of the world, python massages are an actual thing. And they certainly don’t make for the typical Swedish massage, either.

Are you and your partner fans of acupuncture? Try a cactus massage! It’s not the same as acupuncture. But you may enjoy the prickliness while the cactus hydrates your dry skin.

There’s even something known as ear candling. So, if it always seems like your partner doesn’t listen to you, a candling session can make for the perfect date!

We don’t recommend trying these at home with a do-it-yourself approach. Research which exotic massages and spa services are available in your city before V-Day rolls around.

2. Play Ouija

Are things weird enough for you yet? Are these unusual Valentine’s day ideas not quite as dark as you had hoped? We have plenty more in store, and with this next idea, you’ll give game night a whole new meaning.

Spice up this Valentine’s Day by finding your third wheel with a Ouija board. You never know whom you’ll cross paths with. Whoever you encounter, they will surely make for an interesting night.

To set the mood, dim the lights and spark a few candles. Make tea or enjoy some wine along with cheese and other appetizers. Who knows – your ghostly guest may have quite an appetite.

1. Visit the World’s Largest Haunted House

Out of all the fun date ideas you could try this Valentine’s Day, none are as thrilling as visiting a haunted house.

Visiting a haunted house… in February?

That’s right! Halloween may be over. But Cutting Edge Haunted House is opening its doors once again this Valentine’s Day… and this time, it’s out for the blood of those in love.

The Cutting Edge is among one of the largest haunted houses in the world. And it’s made plenty of room for the jilted, heartbroken lovers this February 14th and 16th. They’re searching for their lost love within the cold walls of the old meat packing warehouse. Hell’s Half Acre is a cozy spot for the bitter, cold-blooded rejected – and they’re definitely not forgiving.

So, you and your partner better watch out. If the vengeful lovers can’t catch you, the resurrected meat packing belt will try!

Fall in Love with Dark & Unusual Valentine’s Day Ideas

Candy, flowers, candlelit dinners… who needs all that? Not when you can experience the thrills of the darker side to Valentine’s Day.

With these strange Valentine’s day ideas, this V-Day will be one you’ll never forget. And if you and your significant other are big haunted house fans, come on down to the Cutting Edge. Tickets for this year’s Twisted Love event are on sale now!

The Weird History of Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition that nearly every child across the country looks forward to. Halloween is the one night of the year a kid can dress up as anything they want, roam around the neighborhood at night with their friends, and return home with a big bag of goodies.

We’re all familiar with this timeless tradition, but how and where did it begin? Here’s a glimpse into the weird history of trick-or-treating.

Samhain Origins

Trick-or-treating may have origins dating back thousands of years ago. The Celtic festival, Samhain, historically marks the end of the harvest season and the slow descent into winter. But this ancient festival may have also inspired trick-or-treating as we know it today.

During Samhain, Celtic villagers would dress themselves in masks and animal skins to ward off demons and spirits rising from the dead. It was believed that the real demons would be confused by their costumes and leave them alone instead of harming them. Some poor Celtic villagers would dress up and go door-to-door, exchanging songs and prayer in hopes of food and other goods.

All Saint’s Day

Later, the Catholic church began adopting and reforming all of the existing holidays so that they better fit the Christian religion. Eventually, Halloween became “All Saints Day” where people were encouraged to dress as saints, angels, and even some demons. This led to the mixture of both evil and happy costumes that we see today.

The tradition of trick-or-treating eventually took on a new form, known as “souling.” During All Saints Day, “soulers” would visit the homes of the wealthy townspeople and sing for cakes, also known as “soul cakes.”

The tradition of “souling” also occurred in Ireland and Scotland, but was instead referred to as “guising.” It consisted of children singing songs or offering other deeds in exchange for nuts, coins, and other household goods.

20th-Century Trick-or-Treating

When immigrants fled the potato famine in the late 19th Century, the tradition of “souling” and “guising” made its way over to the American colonies. These immigrants helped popularize Halloween in the United States; however, by the 1920’s, rowdy children and adolescents began using Halloween as an opportunity to pull pranks and cause damage. The pranks became so notorious that eventually, communities began implementing the nationwide tradition of trick-or -treating in hopes of putting an end to the craziness.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little, old-fashioned Halloween fun. But if you’re going to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, make sure you’re following the proper Halloween etiquette so everyone around you has a fun time.

During World War II, the sugar ration led to families refraining from trick-or-treating for a few years. Eventually, though, the tradition returned and is now back with a vengeance.

Understanding the History of Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is one of the many fun Halloween traditions the entire family can enjoy. Now that you understand the history of trick-or-treating, what will you do to celebrate this Halloween season?

Even if you don’t have kids to take out on Halloween, there’s still plenty you can do to get into the spooky holiday spirit. If you’re looking to start a new Halloween tradition this year, buy your tickets to Cutting Edge Haunted House today! There’s plenty of opportunity to dress up, have fun with friends, and brave all the scares lurking around every corner.

Understanding Halloween History

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for… it’s finally the week of Halloween! And with October 31st only days away, now is the time to celebrate before it’s too late.

Of course, you could go buy a bag of your favorite candy and pop in a scary movie. You could carve some pumpkins or get your pants scared off at a haunted house. You could even do a culmination of all these festive activities… But would you still know the true meaning of Halloween?

There’s more to Halloween than dressing up, being scary, and trick-or-treating. Halloween history goes back hundreds of years. And it’s celebrated in various ways around the world.

In this article, we’ll not only explore the history and origin of Halloween. We’ll also hash out some interesting Halloween facts to go along with this history lesson.

No fake news here. We’re about to creep it real!

Halloween History: The Early Origins

October 31st. Many of us know this date as a day when little kids dress up and go door-to-door asking for candy. We call it Halloween. And in the Christian calendar, Halloween day kicks off Allhallowtide, a period of 3 days when Christians remember and honor the dead.

The term Halloween (or Hallowe’en) derives from “hallowed evening” and “All Hallows’ Eve”. In fact, the term Halloween didn’t come into being until the mid-18th century. But the holiday and its customs have been around for far longer than that.

Where did the origin of Halloween begin?

Keep reading to find out!


We can trace Halloween history back 2,000 years to a Celtic festival known as Samhain.

The proper way to pronounce Samhain is “sah-win”. In Gaelic, it translates to “summer’s end”. This is exactly what Samhain celebrates: The end of the harvest season. And the beginning of the darker months.

Records indicate that the origins of Samhain date as far back as the 10th century in Gaelic Ireland. But it’s likely much older than that. It’s one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals and it occurs around November 1st.

Samhain is a time when people come together and gather what they’ll need for the winter. It’s predominantly celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man to this day. But back in the medieval times, Samhain celebrators would gather whatever food they could. This was a time to bring in the herds and make note of how many animals were around for slaughter.

It was also not uncommon for celebrators to burn ritualistic bonfires. This practice is still done to this day, mostly in the Scottish Highlands and in Wales. It’s believed that the bonfires cast out evil or harmful forces. In some parts of Wales, it’s believed that this ritualistic practice can foretell the future… and even predict future marriages and deaths.

Communing with the Dead

In Celtic and Gaelic mythology, there’s this world. And then there’s the Otherworld, where a higher power reigns and where the dead go.

During Samhain, it’s believed that spirits cross into this world from the Otherworld. Many spirits wish to revisit their homes, and this is the only time of year they’re able to do so.

It’s believed that many of them bring good fortune for the winter ahead. The spirits cross over during Samhain to protect the people, as well as their livestock. Tribal villages who celebrated Samhain back hundreds of years ago would leave out offerings for the spirits. They believed that the spirits would especially bring them good fortune if they did so.

But not all spirits cross over into this world to bring protection for the winter ahead. It’s believed that some spirits are out to cause trouble. Many tribesmen would choose to stay near their homes during Samhain out of fear. Should they have to go far, they’d act superstitiously by wearing their clothes inside-out or carrying salt with them. It was also not uncommon for tribes to leave out food offerings to keep hostile spirits contained.

Halloween’s Christian Roots

It’s true that Halloween was likely influenced by the customs of Samhain. But that’s not to say that Samhain and Halloween are one in the same.

Halloween day is technically known as All Saints’ Eve. Then, the following day, All Hallows’ Day (or All Saints’ Day) takes place. This day is for celebrating all the mainstream Christian saints, as well as the lesser-known ones.

Then, on November 2nd, All Souls’ Day takes place. On this day, observant Christians commemorate their lost loved ones. This is a day when family members visit the gravestones of their past relatives. It’s also a time for helping the dead cleanse their souls and help them rest easier in purgatory.

In some parts of the world, people will ring bells to help the spirits through the cleansing process. Families will often get together for a feast. In traditional practices, followers pass out soul cakes to the less fortunate. This is also believed to help the dead cleanse their souls in purgatory.

Halloween Facts About Trick-or-Treating

The origin of Halloween has deep roots in both Samhain and Allhallowtide. But how did the concept of trick-or-treating come into being?

Halloween history shows that there are a few possible explanations as to why we give out treats on Halloween. During Samhain, treats appeased both good and unruly spirits. On All Souls’ Day, treats helped spirits caught in purgatory rest a little easier.

And it turns out that playing tricks and pranks during Halloween is more of a North American custom. By the late 19th century, North Americans conceptualized the practice playing pranks. Throwing eggs, tipping outhouse bathrooms, and messing around on farms were commonplace.

But it’s argued that playing pranks are reminiscent of certain Samhain beliefs. After all, many Celtic and Gaelic tribes believed some spirits caused mischief. So, it’s not totally random that celebrators would stir up pranks around the time of Samhain.

There’s Still Time to Celebrate & Learn More About Halloween!

The Halloween season may be coming to a close. But it’s not yet October 31st, which means there’s still time to celebrate the most glorious time of the year!

If you’re looking for some good, old-fashioned, downright terrifying fun, there’s still time to buy your tickets to Cutting Edge. We’re open October 30th and 31st, as well as November 3rd.

Don’t wait – get your tickets now!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. If you haven’t bought a Halloween costume yet, you may be in a frenzy to get one together.

But never fear! There are lots of great costume ideas that you don’t have to pay top dollar for, and with a little DIY magic, you can make this Halloween truly unforgettable!

What are some of the best DIY Halloween costumes? At Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, TX, a lot of our guests pull off awesome costumes at the last minute. They’ve shared their tried and true methods and ideas with us, and we’re here to help you create a fun and exciting Halloween costume without having to break the bank!


If you’re a secret creature of the night, going as Dracula is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can pull off. Throw on some face white face powder, black eyeliner, and maybe colored contact lenses if you already have them. When it comes to your attire, black is the mantra. You’ll need a black cape, black pants, and whatever black you can grab from your closet (along with a creepy Transylvanian accent, while you’re at it.)

If you want to go for a full dramatic effect, paint on a little bit of fake blood from the corners of your mouth. At first sight, people will think you’ve just devoured your last feeding.

Little Red Riding Hood

Are you a fan of spooky fairy tales? If you are, and you’re looking for effortless DIY Halloween costumes, it’s time to head on your way to grandma’s as Little Red Riding Hood. You’ll need a simple dress covered with a red cape and a red hood. Try to acquire an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket, and stuff it with your favorite goodies that you can pass out to friends and pedestrians.

And for the full Little Red Riding Hood effect, skip from place to place wherever you go!


Are you a free-spirited who loves to dance or aimlessly wander? Channel your inner gypsy this year and layer up on a cold Halloween evening. A gypsy costume is great because you can piece together a mixture of colors and loose-fitting fabrics.

Every gypsy needs plenty of jewelry in their arsenal, so be sure to include lots of jingly bracelets, dangling earrings, and don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver. For a real gypsy allure, make your hair messy and carefree, rock a pair of sandals (weather-permitting), and wrap a head scarf around your head.

Minnie or Mickey Mouse

Fans of Disney can go as Minnie or Mickey Mouse if they’re looking for last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. Mickey and Minnie Mouse also make a great idea for couples costumes!

Make a set of round mouse ears with cardboard (and add a pink bow if you’re going as Minnie.) Paint your nose black and flaunt long, fake eyelashes (if you have them). If you’re going as Mickey, red pants and a black sweater will suffice. For an added effect, rock some suspenders. If you’re going as Minnie, you can get away with any sort of dress or tutu.

The Mickey and Minnie accent might be a little hard to pull off, but if you can master, it you’ll definitely be spreading laughter wherever you go.


If you’re looking for an easy and scary Halloween costume, why not channel the inner witch in you? There’s not one right way to go about the witch costume, as there are many variations of it. You could go as a cackling old woman with green skin or a hooked nose. You could go as a sleek and evil witch whose dressed in black with a pointed hat, a magic wand, or a broom. Or, you could go as a dark magic mistress in an extravagant, medieval dress.

While creating this costume, the best thing you can do is think long and hard about the type of which you’d want to be. What types of magical powers would you want to harness? From there, you can decide what to wear in accordance with your witchy personality.


Going as a puppet makes for a super creepy Halloween costume. The best part is that you can wear almost anything to your heart’s desire. It all depends on the type of puppet you want to be! If you want to be a classic entertainment puppet, wear a suit, bow tie, and top hat. Or, if you want to go as the puppet version of yourself, rock your favorite outfit.

The highlight of this costume is all about the puppet mouth. Using face paint, create lines from the corners of your mouth down to your chin. If you want to go all out, attach strings to your wrists and pretend you’re a puppet on the loose!

Sugar Skull

Are you on the artistic side and have an eye for detail? If so, why not harness your inner Los Muertos spirit with a beautiful sugar skull design? You can wear anything you please, so long as you take the time to paint your face. After all, you are soon to transform yourself into a riveting and ghostly calavera. For the best effect, go for all black attire, or amp it up with bright colors, lots of layers, or traditional Mexican attire.

Celebrate with DIY Halloween Costumes

There’s no reason to stress during the best and spookiest time of year. When it comes down to it, you don’t need to shell out lots of time and money to create an awesome and memorable costume. With these DIY Halloween costumes, you can celebrate Halloween in true spirit and focus on enjoying the festivities with your loved ones.

If you, your friends, or family are looking for a fun way to celebrate this year, come on down in your DIY costume to Cutting Edge Haunted House. We’re located in Fort Worth, TX, and we’re open every weekend in October until Halloween and the first week of November. Get your tickets today!

Best Horror Movies of the Last 20 Years

With Halloween only days away, you may be wondering which films are the best horror movies of all time.

A few weeks ago, Cutting Edge delved into the scariest movies scenes of the 20th century. We covered the moment Danny Torrance meets the ghosts of the Grady sisters in The Shining. Nosferatu’s iconic ascent up the stairs, and even Quint’s bone-chilling monologue in Jaws.

Most of these films came out between the 1920’s and the 1970’s… and they changed the horror genre – and cinema as a whole – forever.

Yet, there are other horror films that have terrified audiences since then… so horrifying that they’ve etched themselves in people’s memories for years to come.

So, which films have lacerated cinema in the last 20 years? Get your popcorn and Halloween candy ready. Lock your door… and maybe keep a light on (or two). Because here are the best horror movies to come out since the 1990’s!

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

There’s nothing more terrifying than the possibility of horrific events actually taking place. Horror mockumentaries had existed prior to 1999. But none compared to what The Blair Witch Project had in store for audiences nearly 20 years ago.

The Blair Witch Project was a Sundance hit in early 1999. But by the summer, the $60,000 budget film became a box office smash grossing over $248 million.

The movie tells the story of three student filmmakers who set off into the Black Hills of western Maryland. They set off to investigate an urban legend known as the Blair Witch. They go missing, which the audience learns in the opening credits. And a year after their disappearance, the lost footage of their journey is discovered.

The movie that audiences watch is the alleged lost footage. Unlike typical horror movies, you never see what’s lurking – and terrorizing – the students.

To add to the terror, the directors marketed the film to portray it as having actually happened. They used a missing persons poster showing the three characters, for example. And at the time, the world was still new to the Internet. So, when the film’s website showed fake news reports from “police”, people really began to wonder.

Nowadays, the modern film-goer can easily tell what’s fake from what’s real. But in 1999, just shy of 20 years ago, we weren’t conditioned the same way we are now… making The Blair Witch Project one of the best horror movies of all time.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Are you looking to enjoy scary movies on Netflix this Halloween?

Every October, Netflix ups the ante on their selection of horror films. And if you’re a fan of supernatural horrors or thrillers, you’re in luck this year!

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense is one of the newer scary movies out now on Netflix. The film put Shyamalan on the map, who has since created some of the most memorable plot twists of all time. But none compare to the plot twist in The Sixth Sense, a story about a troubled boy who can see and talk to the dead.

The Sixth Sense is not like a typical gory horror film. It’s more suspenseful and thrilling than it is horrifying. But Shyamalan does a good job at creating a bone-chilling, creepy atmosphere. Not to mention, character arcs played by Bruce Willis, Toni Colette, and Haley Joel Osment.

The Ring (2002)

Asian horror is a genre in its own right. Unlike mainstream, Hollywood horror, Asian horror films draw on trepidation rather than gore. They’re also distinguished by creepy, dream-like atmospheres and psychological concepts involving malevolent spirits.

Back in the early 2000’s, Hollywood began to remake many horror films that were popular in East Asia. But the defining film that started the trend was 2003’s The Ring.

The Ring begins like a typical Hollywood slasher film. Two teenage girls begin discussing the legend surrounding a bizarre videotape. The tape allegedly kills those who watch it within 7 days. And after the bizarre death of one of the girls, the film transitions to its eerie, foreboding roots.

The rest of the film explores a journalist’s investigation into the videotape… and audiences learn the horrifying truth behind it. 

The Ring is not a film you want to watch alone at night with the lights off!

Saw (2004)

Psychological, supernatural horror films may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you’re a fan of everything bloody, gory, and horrendous. And if that is the case, you’ll want to sit down with James Wan’s Saw franchise this Halloween.

In 2004, the first Saw debuted and paved the way for 7 more films in the span of a decade. The original film begins with two men waking up in a deteriorating bathroom, shackled. It’s not long until they discover that they’re pawns in a deadly game perpetuated by a serial killer.

Audiences themselves feel the high-stakes game that the characters must play on screen. The film is gritty and cold in style. And it’s twisted gore is enough to make viewers squeamish.

The Conjuring (2013)

James Wan forever etched himself in horror history with his work on the Saw franchise. But Wan made himself a horror legend with his work on The Conjuring franchise.

Wan bases The Conjuring off of real-life paranormal psychologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The two are most known for their investigative work involving The Amityville Horror. But The Conjuring instead focuses on a different case that the Warrens investigated.

In 1971, the Warrens go to a Rhode Island farmhouse where an alleged haunting is taking place. The Perron family, who live on the farm, have experienced a malevolent presence in the home. They call upon the Warrens, who determine that they’ll need to perform an exorcism on the house.

Are you a fan of haunted house stories based on real events? And are you looking for quality scary movies on Netflix right now? If so, The Conjuring is definitely worth a watch as it’s based off events reported to have happened. If you enjoy the first film, the rest of the franchise is also worth checking out this Halloween.

Halloween (2018)

To this day, John Carpenter’s Halloween is world-renowned as one of the best horror movies of all time. The original film not only introduced one of the scariest villains of all time, Michael Myers. Carpenter laid the foundation for future horror films to come.

The Halloween franchise totals eleven films that span the course of 40 years. Nine of the films center around the murderous Michael Myers. And the films have always explored his thirst to murder his baby sister, Laurie Strode.

But in 2018, the eleventh installment of the franchise chose to ignore all the films prior to it. Instead, this new film occurs 40 years after the events of the original 1978 film… with the major difference having Michael and Laurie not be brother and sister. And this time, Laurie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, awaits Michael’s return.

The new Halloween film is one of the only scary movies out now in theaters. And so far, it’s already grossed nearly $91 million its first weekend alone.

Watch the Best Horror Movies of All Time This Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away, which means there’s still plenty of time to binge-watch scary movies. If you’re looking to celebrate the best time of year with the best horror movies, look no further than this list. And if we forgot to mention a scary movie made in the last 20 years, let us know in the comments.

But before you do, have you bought your tickets to the main Halloween event of the season? Cutting Edge Haunted House is still open every weekend until November 3rd. If you’re a horror fan, you won’t want to miss this!

Top 7 Creepiest Sea Creatures That Really Haunt Our Oceans

Not everything spooky thing is the star of a horror film. In fact, some incredibly eerie creatures are very real and are located in the depths of our oceans. The ocean is home to a number of pretty creepy fish and other marine life. They almost never see the light of day, though. It’s probably a good thing because you’ll soon learn that you don’t want to see them either.

Here are some of the creepiest creatures that really haunt our oceans:

Frilled Shark
This ancient sea creature looks like the ancestors of the hammerhead but crossed with a massive snake. Its terrifying appearance is incredibly archaic, but they have apparently shaped that way for a reason. Some think that it bends its body much like a serpent and launches forward, striking its prey with massive force. They live in the deepest depths of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, but given the chance, they wouldn’t hesitate to take a bite out of you.

gray shark decor

Giant Squid
Many people thought the giant squid was a thing of legends since only a few real-life accounts have ever been recorded. However, the giant squid is very real and just as terrifying as you probably assumed. They live in the deepest parts of the ocean, and because of this suffer a condition called deep-sea giantism. This causes them to reach monstrous sizes, up to 43 feet from top to bottom. They are definitely carnivorous, and there isn’t much doubt that they could eat a human whole if they wanted to. They are also known to be pretty violent, and sometimes beat their prey to death again rocks or the ocean floor before finally chowing down on the remains.

Gulper Eel
Eels are already admittedly creepy, but the gulper eel has a few special features that make it downright terrifying. Perhaps the freakiest feature is its massive jaw. It looks almost like a pelican’s beak and is several sizes too large for its body. Lined with razor-sharp teeth, they can devour things much larger than they are, much like a snake. Eels are much creepier than snakes, though, because they swim through the darkest, deepest oceans, waiting to swallow their prey whole.

Blue Ringed Octopus
The blue-ringed octopus is actually quite aesthetically appealing. Make no mistake, though, because it’s definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They might have some of the worlds strongest venom, which could kill you in minutes depending on your size. There is no anti-venom either, making it one of the worlds most dangerous predators, so you should probably steer clear at all costs.

selective focus photography of octopus

Goblin Shark The goblins we see in freaky films are terrifying enough, but this real-life creature is easily one of the most terrifying animals you’ll ever witness. With a massive snout and a retractable jaw, it is the ultimate predator. Not much is known about this terrifying beast though, since only a few have ever been caught, usually by deep sea fishermen. They definitely look as old as time, so we are guessing there aren’t many left.

The Black Swallower
It kind of looks like the archaic, fish-bone version of Charizard. But instead of a cute, snuggly demeanor, it has razor sharp teeth and a massively distended stomach. It can easily eat and digest prey that is up to ten times its size, which means nobody is safe. Not even humans. Again, it lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, so your chance of coming in contact with one is fortunately pretty slim.

The Anglerfish is one of the most terrifying creatures in the original Finding Nemo, but even that depiction is mild compared to the real thing. This fossil-like creature has large, needle-like teeth, as well as the iconic glowing orb protruding from its head. Its one of the best predators in the ocean, since most of its prey swim right to its light, and then into its mouth. It isn’t the slightest bit friendly, either, and will attack you if given the chance. It looks pretty threatening too, like a swimming skeleton with a neon bulb above its head.

Selective Photo of Gray Shark

Although it could easily be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever experienced, a deep sea dive might be a bit out of season (or out of reach) for the Halloween season. If you’re looking for an alternative that’s equally as terrifying, grab some haunted house tickets for the entire family. At Cutting Edge Haunted House we can scare the pants off of you, and you don’t even have to get wet. We have enough terror for the entire family, but we won’t eat you whole like some of these creepy creatures will. Enjoy your Halloween season with a night full of fright at the largest haunted house in Dallas area.

What’s New at Cutting Edge Haunted House?

Cutting Edge Haunted House is here to ask you one question:

What scares you the most?

Maybe it’s the kind of darkness that swallows you whole. Or not knowing who – or what – may be lurking in those woods.

Maybe it’s clowns that make you shudder… with their blank stares, white faces, wide smiles, and creepy, bloody red cheeks. Or it could be the slithering movement of snakes or the sight of dolls that send chills up your spine.

We all know what it’s like to feel scared.

Your blood pressure kicks into high gear. A ball suddenly shoots up and clenches your throat. Your heart races. Sometimes you can’t even look away from something so horrifying until your stomach starts to churn.

Fear is part of what makes us human as it helps us survive and ward off danger. But the feeling of fear coursing through our veins is also something that we seek out… especially this time of year.

Here at the Cutting Edge, we know what it’s like to feel scared. We’re still one of the largest haunted houses in 2018. And some new creatures have been lurking around our parts.

So, what’s new at the Cutting Edge Haunted House? Read on to find out… if you dare.

The Story

If you’ve never heard of the Cutting Edge, let us bring you up to speed:

We’re located on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas in what’s known as Hell’s Half Acre. Back in the days after the bloody Civil War, the Acre was home to the poor Fort Worth souls lurking on the fringes of society.

They were the thirsty gun-slingers. The dancers and gamblers in the smoky, sticky saloons. And then there were the robbers and vagabonds who hid out in the Acre when they weren’t in the clinker.

It wasn’t long until the city of Fort Worth put an end to the riff-raff. In 1908, the old meat packing plant went up. For decades, the plant went unoccupied… until one day in 1991 when the old packing equipment started working again… only they started moving human corpses instead of meat.

This was the beginning of the Cutting Edge Haunted House. And Hell’s Half Acre has never been the same since.

Birth of the Cutting Edge

It could be the spirits of all those unfortunate souls who once called Hell’s Half Acre home. Maybe they’re trying to stir up trouble again when Halloween rolls around. The Cutting Edge could be a source of bad energy like in real-life haunted houses. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of horror-loving, mischievous beings who love to scare people. We’ll let you decide.

Annually we’ve ranked as one of the most terrifying Halloween experiences in the country. We’re recognized as the largest haunted house by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 and 2015. And we’re still one of the largest with a staggering average of 45-55 minutes to complete… that is if one of our meat hooks don’t catch you first.

What have we got cooking up at the old meat packing factory? We’ve got some pretty exciting news to spill with you…

We’re Ranked One of the Most Innovative Haunted Houses!

You read that right. The Cutting Edge is one of the best haunted houses in 2018 according to America Haunts. And if you’re not familiar with who they are, we’ll break it down for you below:

If there’s one association that understands haunted attractions, it’s America Haunts. Each year, they go deep into the darkness of some of the country’s biggest and baddest haunted houses. They go behind-the-scenes in search of the most innovative when it comes to acting, makeup, special effects, and props.

This year, America Haunts named Cutting Edge Haunted House one of the most groundbreaking and best haunted houses in the country. And aside from mingling with some haunted meat packers and blood-thirsty vampires (the marching band will rise from the dead, too), what can visitors expect this year?

Jurassic Swamp, Dragon Lair, & 1920’s Circus

Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, right?

We thought so, too. Until a swamp began to puddle around the Cutting Edge… resurrecting the dinosaurs from their very long slumber in the process.

You won’t find Chris Pratt lurking around here (Sorry, ladies). But you should know that the dinosaurs are not pleased to be awake.

Neither is the mama dragon whose babies are causing quite a ruckus around Cutting Edge.

And if that weren’t enough, a circus has also rolled into Hell’s Half Acre. Rumor has it they were once the biggest show in town back in the 1920’s. Suddenly they’re back and they’ve pitched their tent right at the Cutting Edge… and they’re definitely clowning around.

Visit Cutting Edge Haunted House This Halloween

The countdown is on!

There are 13 days until Halloween. Which means there’s still plenty of time to get your pants scared off. If you’re seeking real-life, terrifying thrills this Halloween, look no further than one of America’s largest and best haunted houses in 2018.

What are you waiting for? Cutting Edge Haunted House tickets are on sale now through November 3rd!

Scary Pumpkin Carvings & Decorations for Halloween 2018

The leaves are changing… and if you live in Texas near Cutting Edge Haunted House, it’s certainly not getting any colder. But that doesn’t matter!

It’s Halloween season, which means it’s time for scary movie marathons, haunted house fun… and pumpkin carving!

If you still haven’t got your pumpkins yet, what are you waiting for?

Perhaps you’re in need of a little carving inspiration… and that’s okay! We’ve got you covered. With these scary pumpkin carvings ideas, you’ll send chills up people’s spines!

The Basics

Before you set off to create a nightmare of scary pumpkins, it’s important to know the basics… especially if this is your first rodeo!

First, you’ll need some newspaper to lay out. Pumpkin guts can get pretty messy. To hollow out the pumpkin, use a keyhole saw. Cut a circle around the stem – wide enough to reach in.

If you plan to use lights, cut out the whole from the bottom. That way, you’ll be able to hide the cords.

After cutting out the hole, it’s time to get your hands dirty. To scoop out the pumpkin pulp and seeds, it helps to use scrapers, large spoons – anything that’ll make it easier.

Once you hollow out the pumpkin entirely, it’s time to get to the carving part. It’s really that easy!

Not Your Typical Jack-o-Lantern

Ah, Jack-o-Lanterns. The quintessential pumpkin carving. Two triangles cut out to form the eyes… followed by a big old toothy smile.

But what if you’re a horror enthusiast looking for a much more sinister Jack-o-Lantern? Take it from artist Eric Freitas to show you what a real Jack-o-Lantern ought to look like…

If you’re looking to create a Jack-o-Lantern like this one, you’ll want to use a thin blade. Be sure to sharpen it beforehand. A dull blade could lead to injury.

Rather than triangles for eyes, you’ll want to created angled slits. They should extend from the top sides of the pumpkin towards the center.

For the mouth, you’ll want to create a wide smile that curves at the ends. If you’re a fan of fangs, carve out some razor-sharp teeth. Or, like Eric Freitas did, you can leave some pumpkin guts dangling down.

Pumpkin Zombie

This next idea is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re on the artistic side and love zombies, you’ll probably be up for the challenge!

We want to say that this one may have taken hours – even days – to create. And the artist who created it probably needed a very large pumpkin.

It may take some time finding the right pumpkin. Not only should it be large. It should have a skin that’s at least a few inches thick. That’s because you’ll really be carving intricately into it. It’s the same concept as with this witch pumpkin carving you’ll see below:

If you decide to try out these challenging and scary pumpkin carvings, let us know how it goes in the comments!

Jack-o-Lantern Skeleton

For this next idea, you’ll need a regular orange pumpkin and a smaller white one.

First, carve out a standard Jack-o-Lantern. After doing so, slice it in half. You may want to take this one outside and put an ax to it.

Then, taking the white pumpkin, carve out a skeleton’s head. Its eyes should be large and round and it should also have an upside down heart for its nose.

To carve out its mouth, take two chunks out of the side. You could also hollow out the skin without taking it out completely. That way, if you decide to light up the skeleton pumpkin, its hollowed cheeks will illuminate.

Next, using a small knife, create a delicate slit. Then, have lines going out from the top and bottom of the slit for its teeth.

Ravenous Pumpkin

For lots of people, Halloween is the only time of year they can channel the inner monsters inside them. Many will go all out when it comes to decorating houses for Halloween. And if you’re one of them, you’re definitely going to need scary pumpkin decorating ideas.

This next idea will only work if you have a mannequin, a large doll, or a scarecrow. And it’s just as funny as it is scary!

To recreate this idea, the Jack-o-Lantern’s mouth will need to be very wide. Make it scary by giving it sharp blades for teeth and coating them with red paint. This will especially complement a haunted house if you’re making one this Halloween.

Puking Its Guts Out

If you’re on the humorous side, this next idea is for you – and it’s very simple!

Create small slits for the pumpkin’s eyes so that it looks like it’s squinting. Then, make a gaping hole for its mouth.

Instead of tossing away the insides, have them pouring out of the pumpkin’s mouth. Seeds and all.

As long as you don’t mind pumpkin guts sitting on your porch for a while, this is a hilarious and brilliant idea.

Decoration Ideas

Not looking to get your hands too dirty? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of scary pumpkin decorating ideas.

Paint makes for some of the scariest pumpkin decorations – and it’s likely that you already have some. You could douse a pumpkin in red paint, letting it drip down the sides. Or, you could make it look possessed by doing the same with black paint.

Try hot gluing tons of bumpy and warty gourds all over some pumpkins. You could even make a face out of them. You’ll turn heads in the process!

Create Scary Pumpkin Carvings This Halloween

There’s a whole market out there for pumpkin decorations and carving stencils. But rather than spend the money, why not try out these simple and scary pumpkin decorating ideas?

All you’ll need are the decorations and the right sized blades to recreate them. And one thing is certain if you do… You’ll give trick-or-treaters and pedestrians the creeps while they marvel at your skills.

Which scary pumpkin carvings will you create this year? Let us know in the comments!

And if you haven’t got your tickets to Cutting Edge Haunted House yet, now is the time to do so!

Top 5 Haunted Hospitals Across America

One thing is for certain: hospitals and asylums are pretty creepy even when they are up and running. So it’s no surprise that thrill seekers flock to the abandon establishments after they’ve been shut down. When a hospital has a dark history of patient abuse, there’s a chance that some unfriendly ghosts will even sweeten the deal. We’ve uncovered the truth about five of the scariest hospitals and asylums in the country. And if these spooky stories aren’t enough to quench your Halloween thirst, try a haunted house this holiday season.

  1. Alton Mental Health Hospital, Illinois
    The Alton Mental Health Center was built in the early 1900’s and is still open today, but we aren’t sure just how safe and sound it is for patients and visitors. The hospital’s history features a long line of patient abuse and mistreatment, followed by lawsuits (which they mostly won). The Alton Mental Health center was known for its regular use of cruel mental health therapies, like electrode shocking patients to “rewire the brain,” forcing frontal lobotomies to “unruly” patients, and utilizing cold water treatments when a patient was out of hand. Many patients that were committed to the center were committed for life, and many patients died during their stay. Many people believe the deaths were due to the cruel treatment, and that these “murders” were covered up by the patient’s pre-existing mental health conditions. Some patients simply died of old age, but it’s apparent they weren’t looking back on the place from the afterlife with fond memories.

Now, workers, patients, and visitors alike report strange occurences in the hospital. Doors slam on their own. Torturous screams can be heard from the ends of the corridors. Vicious whispers haunt the quiet nights. Because the hospital is still running, you can’t tour the creepy facility. However, that hasn’t stopped visitors from snapping photos of their spooky experience when visiting loved ones. Some of these photos reportedly revealed an orb with the face of a man who appeared to be in excruciating pain. There were so many deaths in the hospital over the years, there’s no telling exactly who’s unsettled spirit may remain in the center, but most reports agree that there’s definitely something there.

2. ByBerry Mental Hospital, Pennsylvania
This mental hospital has an interesting history, and when it opened in the early 1900’s was a working farm designed for the mentally ill. As if using mentally ill patients for capital gain isn’t bad enough, the center was later expanded into a mental hospital and stuffed full of patients in order to increase profits. The patient list grew and grew, and within a few years, there were way more patients that could be properly cared for. The lack of space and overpopulation led to extreme abuse and neglect, and eventually, the hospital neared bankruptcy. The lack of funds severely impacted patients, most of which had no family to care for them or were committed by the state. Patients survived with very little clothing, food, or personal necessities. Many patients were without a bedroom, and instead were docked in the hall, strapped to beds or restraint chairs. The halls, bathrooms, and bedrooms were filled with sewage due to lack of funds to repair plumbing damage. Treatment by the staff was more than inhumane, and patients were regularly beaten into submission, forced into frontal lobotomies, electroshock, or solitary confinement.  When confined, patients were restricted to a closet-sized padded cell without access to a toilet or shower and very little access to food or water.

These conditions continued until 1990 when the hospital was thoroughly investigated and then closed down. However, the building still stands to this day, and according to many reports, so do the angry spirits of those who suffered the terrible fate of being committed to the hospital.

After the hospital was closed, it became a meeting place for gangs, satanic cults, and even shelter for homeless men, women, and children. Some patients were released when the hospital is shut down, and many that had nowhere else to go stayed at the abandoned building. It is said that one patient in particular, a mentally deranged and violent old man, still resides in the tattered building today and waits patiently with a blade to kill anyone who enters.

Other reports tell of vicious screaming and painful whaling that can be heard from the building. Many visitors have gone to check out the haunted hospital, and some have reported physical scratches appearing on their body during their tour. Others report human-like growling noises, and others claim to have seen apparitions. One frequent report in particular claims to have seen a young woman, bound in a straight jacket, bleeding from the temples of her head. Of course, reports vary wildly, so the best way to discover the truth about ByBerry Hospital is to take a look for yourself.

3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia
With such an unpleasant name, it’snot  hard to imagine that any wrongdoings went on at this “Lunatic Asylum.” The building was constructed in the 1880’s and was designed only to hold 250 patients. By the 1950’s there were more than 2,400 patients admitted to the asylum, with only very few expansion projects taking place to increase space.

Many patients were women who were committed for absurd causes, like “desertion by husband” or “imaginary female troubles.” Patients could have been committed to the center for things like laziness, over-sleeping, or falling from their horse. It wasn’t long after the center opened that patient treatment got out of hand. The center was known for cruel “experimental therapy” and was one of the leading “mental health research” centers in the area.

It is said that many angry spirits haunt the building, which was shut down in the ‘90’s due to the poor condition of the building and the tightening of laws concerning the treatment of mental health patients. Now, visitors experience truly chilling experiences. Most reports claim to hear women’s voices, as well as screams from the room that was previously used for electroshock therapy. One nurse who worked in the center decades ago reported that she once saw 40 doors simultaneously slam. Another report claims to have seen a little ghost boy walking down the halls asking “Where is my mother?”

4. Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania
The history of Pennhurst Asylum is no secret and includes a long line of patient abuse and neglect and absurd treatment. Some reports claim that children were left in cribs for years at a time and patients were chained to walls. Several murders were said to take place.

The asylum was opened in 1908 and was originally a state school for the mentally ill, which would easily house over 10,000 people at a time. However, it was closed in the ‘80’s and accused of “dehumanization” of patients, and many former patients filed accusations of abuse. The building was abandoned as it, including patients belonging and medical equipment. Many well-known ghost hunting crews have explored the building. They found and documented sudden temperature changes, objects that move on their own, and voices screeching things like “Why won’t you leave?”

5. Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio
This asylum opened in early 1874 and was meant to specialize in the treatment of the criminally insane. The center began as a peaceful place that genuinely helped patients recover, but quickly took a turn for the worst when it was overcroweded. Many patients suffered neglect, but one patient in particular suffered neglect that ended in her death. Margaret Schilling, a young girl, was playing hide and seek with a nurse in the cold month of December, 1978. The nurse got distracted and forgot about Margaret, where she lay hidden until her body was recovered the following January. It is said that a clear imprint of her body and clothes still stains the floor, despite decades of cleaning.

Many patients died in the center, and the ones without families were buried in the center’s cemetery. However, graves were not marked with names, but numbers instead. This resulted in a mass of unknown graves. Visitors who visit the center and the cemetery have reported sightings of apparitions, strange, sudden smells, and even unexplained screaming in the middle of the night.

These are definitely some of the eeriest places in the country, and they’d make for a spooky experience indeed. If these locations are a bit out of reach for your seasonal thrills, you can get your kicks at the top haunted house in Texas. Cutting Edge Haunted house is sure to give you the Halloween thrill you’re looking for, so grab your Cutting Edge tickets for you and your whole family today!

America’s Creepiest, Real-Life Haunted Houses

Do you believe in ghosts?

It’s not always a question that people can answer with a definitive answer.

Sure, non-believers will outright tell you “no” when presented with the question. But there are some who ponder the possibility of a realm between this life and the next. And then there are others who’ve experienced things beyond reason and explanation first-hand.

America is home to some of the creepiest, real-life haunted houses in the world. Where are they? And what are the stories behind them?

Halloween will soon befall upon us. And there’s no better time to learn the truth behind these haunted places!

The Chelsea Hotel

At one point in time, the Chelsea Hotel was the tallest building in New York City. But its extensive – and spooky – history makes this landmark one of the most notorious.

The Background

Mark Rothko, Allen Ginsberg, and Stanley Kubrick once lived there. Janis Joplin and Leonard Cohen had a love affair there. Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols arguably killed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, there. Dylan Thomas died there, too. And dozens of other pop-cult icons – and hundreds of residents – once called the Chelsea home.

But many past guests and residents have made claims about paranormal activities occurring there, as well.

Source: HGTV

What Happened

Cold spots. Wind gusts in rooms with closed windows and doors. Mysterious sounds and items moving with no explanation. Some have even claimed to see the apparitions of Nancy Spungen and Dylan Thomas there.

The Chelsea Hotel closed for remodeling in 2011. It’s set to reopen its doors in early 2019. There’s no way to know for certain if the paranormal activities will resume then – or if they’ve ever stopped. But one thing is certain:

The Chelsea Hotel has gone down as one of the most famous haunted places in America.

The Amityville House

If there’s one haunted house that’s been the center of the paranormal debate, it’s 112 Ocean Avenue… otherwise known as the setting of The Amityville Horror.

The book – and the subsequent movie saga – has told the story of one of the scariest haunted houses ever. But if you’re not familiar, let us bring you up to speed!

The Amityville Horror

In 1975, the Lutzes moved into the colonial-style home in Amityville, Long Island. Prior to the Lutzes residency, the house went unoccupied for 13 months. The DeFeo family, who lived there before the Lutzes, were murdered by the eldest son the year prior.

The Lutzes experienced a number of paranormal activities in the 28 days they lived there. George Lutz would wake up at 3:15 every morning, which was the same time that the DeFeo murders took place. Kathy Lutz began having nightmares of the murders. She could also sense an unseen presence on numerous occasions. Green slime would ooze from the walls. Mysterious sounds of opening and closing doors and windows. Unexplained voices speaking to George and Kathy. Kathy levitating from the bed. An apparition in the shape of a demonic pig befriended 5-year-old Missy Lutz.

Source: Wikimedia

And that’s not even the half of it!

Is It True?

Many have long disputed over whether the Lutzes account is a hoax. But there have been numerous investigations and polygraph exams. And in 1976, paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, confirmed that the family’s ordeal wasn’t a hoax.

The address of 112 Ocean Avenue has since changed. Yet, the Amityville saga continues to tell the story of one of the world’s most infamous haunted houses.

The Whaley House

This next spot on our list of America’s most haunted places takes us all the way to sunny San Diego, California.

The Whaley House is widely recognized as a historical and architectural landmark. But it’s also rumored to be a place where unusual, paranormal activities take place.

The Whaley Tragedies

Thomas Whaley, an early settler who set off to California during the Gold Rush, built the home in 1857. He lived there with his wife and six children. But during their time living there, the family experienced immense tragedy.

Baby Thomas, Jr. passed away in the house when he was only 1 1/2 years old. Thomas’s daughter, Violet, committed suicide in 1885 at age 22. Violet’s suicide perpetuated scandal in San Diego high society. Her younger sister, Corinne, lost her engagement as a result.

After all the tragedy, Thomas Whaley built a new home for the family to live in. But not long after, he and his eldest daughter passed away. The Whaley House went unoccupied until 1909, when Thomas’s son, Francis, renovated it.

Eventually, the remaining Whaley family moved back in. But in 1913, the family matriarch, Anna, died there. The following year, Francis passed away there. Then, in 1928, the eldest son, George, died in the home. The last living member of the Whaley family, Corinne Lillian, passed away in the house in 1958.

The Hauntings

The Whaley property may have had a paranormal presence before the family moved in. A Canadian man who went by the name “Yankee Jim” was subsequently hung on the property after stealing a boat. While the Whaley’s occupied the house, they claimed to have heard unusual noises. They attributed the sounds to Yankee Jim’s ghostly presence.

For decades, guests and staff members have claimed to see the apparitions of the Whaley’s. It’s said that the ghost of Thomas Whaley often occupies the upper landing. Anna Whaley is often found downstairs, and at one time, in front of her portrait.

The Whaley House not only served as the family’s residence. It was also a prominent gathering point in the San Diego community. It once served as a general store, a courthouse, and even as the city’s original theater.

For all these reasons mentioned, people continue to visit the Whaley House. But the hauntings continually draw in believers and skeptics alike.

Villisca Axe Murder House

Imagine a sleepy, Midwestern town with a population of no more than 2,000 residents. Sounds like it could be the backdrop for a horror story, right?

Only there is actually a real-life horror story in a setting like this. The next location on our list of the scariest haunted houses in America takes us all the way to Villisca, Iowa. Here’s the story…

The Villisca Ax Murders

In June 1912, neighbors to the affluent Moore family discovered a grisly murder scene. Neighbors found Josiah and Sarah Moore, as well as their four young children, bludgeoned to death by an ax. Two additional children, who had stayed the night, were also murdered.

The brutal mass murder sparked national attention. But despite many investigations and trials, the murderer was never discovered.

The Haunting

It comes as no surprise that the Moore residency garnered the name Villisca Ax Murder House. But it’s also gained a reputation as a haunted site for paranormal activities.

There are many claims of apparitions and sounds of laughing and crying children. Some have reported being able to play games with spirits. There’s also a door in one of the children’s bedrooms that opens and closes on its own.

The LaLaurie Mansion

Are you familiar with the Lone Star State’s creepiest urban legends? If not, they’re certainly worth learning about – whether you’re a skeptic or a believer.

But did you also know that the southern United States – including Texas – is home to some of the scariest places on earth?

The LaLaurie House in New Orleans may be the scariest. And if you’ve seen American Horror Story: Coven, you likely know about this house of horrors.

The LaLaurie Horrors

Back in the day, the French Quarter in New Orleans was the heart of high society.  Delphine LaLaurie and her husband were prominent figures who lived in a mansion in the French Quarter.

In public, Madame LaLaurie seemed polite to her slaves. But others have said otherwise. Neighbors began to have strong suspicions that Madame LaLaurie’s mistreated her slaves… far beyond cruelty.

To bystanders, it seemed like many LaLaurie slaves would disappear without explanation. The rumors turned out to be true after a fire broke out in the LaLaurie kitchen. Firefighters subsequently discovered a torture chamber containing mutilated, shackled, strapped, and emaciated slaves on the brink of death.

A mob broke out as a result of the discovery. They destroyed the LaLaurie mansion. But not before the LaLaurie’s fled – never to be seen in New Orleans again.

Source: Top Tenz

The Haunting

It’s believed that the infamous haunting began as soon as the LaLaurie’s left the city. Since the 19th century, people have claimed to see apparitions. When the mansion served as a dance school later on, its students would show physical signs of abuse. There was never a concrete explanation for their scratches and bruises.

It’s most common to hear moans and wailing from inside and on the nearby street outside. People have experienced cold spots and the sensations of feeling touched. Paranormal experts have also picked up on strong electronic voice sounds.

Visit Haunted Houses This Halloween

We’re all familiar with haunted houses from film, television, and books. And so often fiction arises from people’s real – and terrifying – experiences. These locations mentioned are only a few of America’s long list of haunted places… and they’re definitely among some of the scariest and most influential.

Are you looking for a thrilling experience this Halloween – minus the actual paranormal activity?

It’s okay. Testing whether you’re a true believer or a skeptic is not for the faint of heart. But it is possible to scare your pants off in an all-inclusive experience right in Fort Worth, Texas.
Cutting Edge is home to the world’s largest haunted Halloween attraction. If you’re looking to shriek and scream this Halloween, now is the time to buy your tickets!

The Truth Behind The Spookiest Texas Urban Legends

Texas is anything but scary. In fact, you’ll probably be met with the cutting edge of hospitality and an endearing southern drawl by the locals. But there are some deep dark secrets of the past that have stuck around to haunt the Lone Star State. In fact, Texas may just have some of the spookiest urban legends around. If you dare to venture out to these spooky spots this Halloween, you may get the thrill of your lifetime.

1. The Death Shift Nurse

Genene Jones, a  licensed vocational nurse, started her career at the Bexar County Hospital in the neonatal ICU. It wasn’t long after her start that the county witnessed indescribable misfortune. Several children in the unit suffered mysterious emergencies, and before long, other nurses noticed a trend. These children were dying, all of conditions that should have been easily handled, during Jones’ night shift. The occurrence was so regular that hospital staff began referring to Jones’ shift as “the death shift.”

The hospital did not want any publicity on the matter, and Jones’ could not be linked directly to the death of any children. Instead of calling authorities, they booted her out, and she soon began working at a pediatric clinic. The trend continued, with several patients experiencing near-fatal emergencies, and one little girl passing away. Eventually, Genene Jones was tried and later convicted for the murder of up to 60 infants. Bexar County Hospital wanted no such connection to the serial killer and was later convicted for destroying evidence of the untimely deaths within their own ICU.

Now, locals say that Genene’s ghost has risen at the county hospital. Some say that you can see her creeping past the ICU windows during the death shift. Others report hearing the faint sound of a baby’s cry during their hospital stay. Fortunately, the murderous trend has not continued, but if you are so unfortunate to have an overnight stay at that hospital, she might pay you an untimely visit.

2. La Llorona

This one could date back as far as the Aztecs, but only gets creepier with age. La Llorona, which translates roughly to “weeping woman,” is a tale about a young woman and her children. Legend says that she married a young man in San Antonio, and together they had two children, one girl and one boy. Later, her husband fell ill and died, leaving her and the children behind, as well as a mountain of bills and very little money.

The woman, in all her grief, eventually spotted a young man around town. He was handsome and rather well off, and she saw him as a solution to all of her problems. She struck up a conversation, and eventually he began courting her, finding interest in her as well. He proposed, asking her hand in marriage. Until one day he learned of her kids, who she had kept a secret, and broke off the engagement, stating he was not ready to be a father. The woman was shattered, angry even, and did not take kindly to the heartbreak.

She packed a basket and told her kids they were going on a picnic. She had no such intention and instead carried them to the river. Grief-stricken, she drowned her children in the water, hoping that the man would love her once again once her children were gone. Seconds after holding her lifeless children in her hands, she realized the sin she had committed. Her children floated downstream, and in an attempt to catch their bodies, the woman drowned too.

Now, Texas locals say you can still see the woman wandering up and down the river. According to the tales, she is tall and thin, wearing white, and weeping loudly. She’s still searching for her children, and you are unfortunate enough to cross her path or hear her cries, she’s likely to cause you some trouble.

3. Arlington’s Screaming Bridge

The Screaming Bridge, located on what is now known as Greenbelt Road, is a local hotspot for tourist, teens, and paranormal investigators due to the local’s stories of the “haunting screams of girls” that can be heard coming from the demolished bridge. This legend has some background, though, and can be linked back to a fatal car crash in the 1960’s. A group of girls who had just left an evening movie and were out for a ride on the town crossed the bridge at a fair 45 mph, and quickly plunged to their death below.

The local fire department at the time confirmed that the bridge has been partially burned, probably by “hoodlums” in the area. Some local’s say a few of the girls had picked the wrong bones. Later the boys’ were found and brought to trial, where their case was dismissed. The burning bridge was determined to be “just a prank” and local news reports say they “had no malice in their hearts.” Either way, their spirits have stuck around the let us know about the wrongdoings that were done to them. Legend says that you can hear the screams of girls when you approach the bridge, and it’s a sound you’ll carry with your wherever you go.

4. Demon’s Road

Any winding dirt road is sure to be a little spooky at night, but they have nothing on this haunted road in Huntsville, TX. Nobody is sure where exactly the legend originates, but locals will warn you about the dangers of traveling the path, especially at night. The road leads to a small gravesite, Martha Chapel Cemetery, at its winding end, which might explain the demonic apparitions and hooded figures that have been spotted on its course.

Over the years, reports have surfaced of satanic rituals and witchcraft ceremonies that took place on the edge of the path. Perhaps the eeriest part of this haunted legend is the child-like phantom handprints spotted on people’s cars after passing through. Be careful if you choose to take this path, formally known as Bowden’s road, because its phantom tenants may just try to run you off the road. If you are brave enough to take the old dirt road, be aware you’re likely being watched.

These local hotspots might give you all the thrill you need this Halloween, but if you are looking for a more all-in-one destination, grab your Cutting Edge tickets for one of the best haunted houses in Texas.

Top 10 Scariest Movie Scenes from the 20th Century

The recipe for horror has, more or less, always been the same. Have a scary plot that involves a villainous character or creature. Throw some jump scares, shock value, and suspense into the mix. And depending on the story, there could be a pinch of gore or a bloody abundance of it.

Most horror films all possess these elements. But some films did a better job at creating memorable – and downright terrifying – movie moments. Many of these films are hallmarks of the 20th century. But which of them have the scariest movie scenes of all time?

Here’s a countdown of 10 scary movie moments that we’ll remember for generations to come!

10. Quint’s Indianapolis Speech – Jaws

We don’t always see or know what’s lurking in the water we swim in. And no film plays on this fear better than Jaws. Of course, it’s scenes where the shark devours people that we find most disturbing. But one scene, in particular, still sends chills up people’s spines 43 years on.

Towards the end of the film, Chief Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint set off to find – and kill – the shark. While drinking and comparing scars, Quint reveals that he was on the USS Indianapolis. The famous vessel sank during WWII after delivering the Hiroshima bomb. The sinking became the worst loss of life in the history of the US Navy. Those on board were subject to dehydration, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks.

Jaws (1975)

Shaw’s monologue may not be your typical horror scene. But the scene itself not only describes what nature is capable of, but the horrors, like war and violence, man inflicts on each other. The delivery is as bone-chilling as it is memorable. The monologue also serves as a grim foreshadowing of Quint’s fate in the jaws of the shark, something the character couldn’t escape twice.

9. Prom Scene – Carrie

What’s next on our list of the scariest movie scenes of the 20th century? With this next film, we’ll still stay in the 1970’s, but with an entirely different horror film.

The prom scene in the 1976 film adaptation of Carrie is iconic even to this day. As the telekinetic teenager comes to terms with her powers, her life seems to start to change for the better. She’s asked to go to the prom by a popular student. She learns to stand up to her religious fanatic mother. Her classmates, who once ridiculed and bullied her to no end, begin to accept her.

But that all changes when she’s crowned prom queen. After a couple of vicious students douse her in pigs blood, Carrie unleashes the infamous rampage.

Carrie (1976)

8. “They’re Here” – Poltergeist

Take a happy suburban family with 3 kids and a dog. Place them in a cookie cutter home built on top of an old cemetery. And you’ve got the makings of one legendary haunted house story.

The genre of horror was no stranger to the concept of haunted houses. But 1982’s Poltergeist took it to a whole new level.

Before the poltergeists kick it into full gear and terrorize the Freeling family, little Carol Anne makes contact with them. She does so by communicating with them through television static. A ghost’s wispy hand reaches through the screen, which acts as a portal to other side. The spirit-like entity then enters the house violently, causing an earthquake.

Carol Anne  goes on to announce their arrival in one of the most quotable movie lines of all time:

“They’re here.”

Poltergeist (1982)

7. Michael Stalks Laurie – Halloween

Compared to Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, there’s a realness to Michael Myers… at least in the earlier films. And it’s for this reason that Halloween continues to be one of the scariest slasher movie franchises of all time.

In one of the very first scenes of the series, Michael stalks Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) around town. Though miniscule in comparison to the horror Michael will go on to unleash, it’s creepy nonetheless. It’s the first time we see his blank stare and shadowy silhouette. And it’s certainly not the last.

Halloween (1978)

Not to mention, John Carpenter’s daunting piano melodies in this scene is still spooky to this day.

6. Shower Scene – Psycho

A beautiful screaming damsel in distress. It’s one of the key ingredients in any horror story. And it all began with Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho.

Janet Leigh plays Marion, a woman who stops for a night at the Bates Motel. Though, she probably shouldn’t have because while in the shower, she’s stabbed to death.

Psycho (1960)

It’s not only a central point of the film. Janet Leigh’s screams and the angles from which the scene is shot makes it one of the most memorable of all time. Leigh also paved the way for future female leads in horror films – including her own daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis!

5. Chestburster – Alien

We’ve reached the top 5 scariest movie scenes of the 20th century. Lots of screams and nightmares went into these top 5 moments… but as horror fans, we’re certainly grateful for them.

Science fiction and horror often go hand-in-hand. No other movie demonstrates this better than Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien. It’s the first of a popular franchise among Sci-Fi fans and horror enthusiasts. And it’s most well-known for one gruesome, gory scene. If you haven’t seen the film yet, proceed with caution!

Alien (1979)

The Nostromo crew enjoys a meal together back on board. Everything seems to be going fine. That is until one of the crew members starts convulsing. He’s then killed when a small alien bursts through his chest.

So often when people think of Alien, it’s this scene that comes to mind… and we can understand why.

4. Staircase Scene – Nosferatu

German Expressionism, the roots of noir and horror, graced the world in the 1920’s. There was The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and then there was Nosferatu, arguably one of the first vampire films ever.

But Nosferatu is more than just a vampire movie. It was a groundbreaking visual masterpiece for its time. Its abstract imagery and shadows were influential not only on horror, but other film genres.

Nosferatu (1922)

The scene where Nosferatu climbs up a staircase is a scene that’s studied in film classes today. You can see his hooked nose, his hunched back, and his clawed hands from just his shadow. Few films had ever implied a character’s presence through a shadow alone. And it’s a film practice we see so much today but hardly pay attention to.

3. Danny Meets the Grady Sisters – The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is world-renowned as not only one of the scariest movies of all time. Kubrick’s cinematography exemplifies how you can transform a simple story into a living Hell.

There’s a scene where Danny rides his big wheel through the halls of the Overlook Hotel. Kubrick’s use of symmetry while filming this is impeccable. As Danny turns a corner, he’s confronted by a set of young twin girls clad in matching blue dresses. They hauntingly utter out to him from the end of the hallway:

The Shining (1980)

“Hello Danny. Come play with us. Come play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever.”

These words serve as a warning to Danny, who could suffer the same fate as them at the hands of his father, Jack. In between their echoing words, Kubrick narrows in on Danny, whose facial expressions quickly shift from a hard, perplexed stare to outright terror. He begins to see the girls brutally murdered with an ax in the hallway, with blood puddled on the floor and the walls.

2. Baseball Bat Scene – The Shining

The Shining gets another mention on our list of the scariest movie scenes from the 20th century. Coming in at #2 is the baseball bat scene featuring Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson. Like Quint’s USS Indianapolis speech in Jaws, this scene in The Shining is not your typical horror scene. But what makes it so terrifying is its portrayal of madness and the violence we as humans inflict on each other.

All Work & No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Duvall plays Wendy Torrance, the terrorized wife of Jack Torrance (Nicholson). She realizes he has written a novel’s worth of , “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It’s the first time the suspecting wife gets confirmation of her husband’s descent into madness. And Duvall’s convincing performance makes audience-goers feel her unease.

Discovering her, Jack slowly intimidates a hysterical Wendy, who clutches a baseball bat because her life literally depends on it. There are also flashes to a horrified Danny, who is seeing visions of blood flooding the hotel lobby.

The Shining (1980)

Duvall’s performance as poor, tormented Wendy is so convincing for one legendary reason. Kubrick had bullied and wore out Duvall intentionally to bring out her character. In fact, Duvall became so stressed over filming that her hair began to fall out. And despite Kubrick’s questionable treatment of Duvall, we can at least feel grateful for her legendary performance.

1. Headspin – The Exorcist

When The Exorcist premiered in 1973, it changed the world. People were not only lined up around blocks to see this tale of demonic possession. Many wound up leaving theaters in hysterics, crying – with some even vomiting and fainting.

At the time, no other film had tested people’s faith quite like The Exorcist. We’re used to usual scare tactics, like demonic possession. But The Exorcist truly set a precedent for future films to come.

Out of all the unforgettable horror scenes, the head spin comes in as the scariest movie scene of all time. There are several elements that make this the most horrifying movie scene of all time. There’s the makeup and Regan’s demonic eyes. The foul language in the chilling voice of the demon. Not to mention, the fact that a little girl’s head has twisted 360° around.

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist Changed the Horror Genre Forever

Maybe it’s the fact that, at the time, no other film had ever touched on demonic possession. Nor had any other film grappled with such a scary concept and involved children in the process. But The Exorcist truly set the stage for future horror films.

There were other freaky – yet iconic – body movements throughout the film. For example, the possessed Regan comes bolting down the stairs in a crab-like, spider walk. We see this same evil, unsettling walk again in The Ring (1998), The Unborn (2009), and in various TV shows.

Whenever we see headspins or crawl walks in film and TV today, we can’t help but cringe… and we can thank The Exorcist for that.

Watch the Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time This Halloween

The genre of horror has been around since the ancient times. But with today’s special effects, horror has evolved exponentially. Many of the scariest movie scenes of all time were in films created before CGI and prosthetics. And there are still qualities about these classic films that we love and will come back to time and time again.

This Halloween, you can be sure to binge on the scariest movies of the 20th century. But when it’s time to experience the horror for yourself, haunted houses do more than deliver.

Cutting Edge Haunted House is the world’s largest haunted attraction. Experience the horror for yourself and buy your tickets today! And stay tuned for more countdowns of the scariest movie moments in cinematic history.

10 Best Spooky Couples Costumes

There are plenty of cute couples costumes floating around on Halloween, but what better way to really capture the spooky spirit of the night than to draft up something terrifying with your partner. If you’re looking for something bold and bone-chilling, check out this list of couplings that are truly grotesque. And if you’re looking for somewhere to showcase your hair-raising wardrobe, try Cutting Edge Haunted House. We can add some serious fright to your Halloween night.

  1. The Possessed and The Priest

    Look towards the classic Halloween horror film, The Exorcist, for inspiration here. There is nothing more creepy than demonic possession, and the overall look should be pretty easy to pull off. A little blood and scratch marks, smeared eyeliner, fake vomit, and you’ve got a pretty convincing (and creepy) costume. The priest costume will be equally easy to fashion. Bonus points if someone learns to grumble a few freaky Latin phrases.

  2. Victor and Emily (Corpse Bride)
    You’ll have to have some makeup skills to pull off Tim Burton’s iconic Emily. Pulling inspiration from arguably one of his best films, the lady in blue is unmistakable. Her withered gown and exposed bones give this outfit a ghastly touch, but she would be nowhere without the love of her life, Victor. A pale face, dark under-eye circles, and a tailored suit is all it takes. Then go on with the normal lovey dovey stuff and you’ve got a match made in he— you get the point.
  3. Betelgeuse and Lydia
    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Be— very aware that this costume coupling will easily be the talk of the night. Beetlejuice’s suit will probably need to be specially ordered, but all you will need to pull off Lydia’s iconic look is some pretty rad bangs. Get your quotes ready and “turn on the juice to see what shakes loose.”
  4. Kim and Edward (Edward Scissorhands)
    You’ll need to pull off some special effects (or maybe just look for a “scissorhand” glove on the web) to nail this one down, but if you do it right you and your partner will be the stars of the night. Another Burton classic, the artificial man is dressed in full black and unbelievably creepy. When paired with the soft skin and blonde hair of his co-star, Kim, they give off a pretty frightening vibe. If you can get your hands on the 1950’s style off-the-shoulder all-white dress, you’ll have no trouble pulling this look together. Be aware, though, Winona Ryder is a tough act to follow.
  5. Moira and the Rubber Man
    If you’re an American Horror Story fan, then this is right up your dark alley. Moira and the Rubber Man, appearing in the first season, are arguably two of the eeriest characters on the show. The latex suit and maid outfit should be easy to acquire, and a little special effects, colored contacts, and fake blood can bring Moira’s missing eye into the mix. Add a feather duster and you two will quickly be the life of the party
  6. Morticia and Gomez
    The Addams Family has been a household name for generations, and their spine-chilling romance is a great opportunity for couples to let their spooky love glow. A long black gown and pinstripe suit is all you need to recreate this aesthetic. Just make sure you don’t forget the ‘stache. If you’d like, make it a family event and throw Wednesday and Pugsley in the mix.
  7. Frankenstein and His Bride
    If you’ve ever seen this spooky sequel, you know that the awkward love between these monsters is unmatched. You’ll definitely need to seek out a wig, but you should have no problem pulling together the wardrobe for this iconic duo. Spend a little time mastering the “Frankenstein walk” and you and your bride will be well on your way to a hair-raising night.
  8. Dracula and His Wife
    This sinister pair comes straight from the depths of Transylvania. And yes, we know Dracula has a laundry list of wives, but that’s the beauty in this costume match up. You can essentially choose any one of his eerie brides. You’ll need a couple sets of vampire teeth and some thoughtfully placed blood, but it shouldn’t take much to recreate the Count and his eternal lover. Rewatching any one of these legendary films will help you perfect that uncanny accent.
  9. Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll
    There’s a myriad of movies we could reference here, but the end result is all the same. The witch doctor’s outfit is the perfect opportunity to get a little wild. Go for a top hat and cane, or choose something a little more tribal. The voodoo doll has button eyes but is anything but cute. Be careful where you place the push pins, you never know who could get hurt.
  10. Puppet and Puppeteer
    Ah, puppets. Generally created for the entertainment of children, but somehow they are undeniably creepy every time. This costume duo is a great way to switch it up since there are no gender roles here. There’s a lot of room to play around with this one. All it takes is a little makeup and some strings, but if you want to step it up a notch, try adding some fake flood, matching top hats and three-piece suits. There’s something blood-curdling about a puppeteer parading around a puppet that looks exactly like himself.

No matter what you
choose, you and your partner can be in for some spine chilling fun this
Halloween season. Don’t forget to grab ahold of your haunted house tickets this
year, or you’ll risk missing out on a sinister show.

5 Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2018

For some people, September marks the beginning of the autumn season. Grocery stores are stocking up their candy aisles. And the pumpkin spice fever is already well underway.

Still, many people consider it too early to commemorate the start of the Halloween season. But if you drool over the thought of horror movies and haunted houses, it’s never too early to celebrate.

Nor is it ever too early to start perusing scary makeup ideas for Halloween!

Do you dress up as something downright terrifying every year without fail? Or, are you looking to spread your horror wings for the first time this upcoming Halloween?

Either way now is the time to start planning and practicing your scary Halloween makeup. And you’ll need some bone-chilling inspiration straight from the pros. Here are 5 scary ideas for Halloween makeup to help you get started!

1. Speak No Evil

The world of horror is no stranger to the concept of sewn mouths. Films like Strangeland and The Crazies featured memorable scenes depicting stitched mouths. And in recent years, this concept has garnered the name “Speak No Evil” in the realm of special effects makeup.

The Speak No Evil look is a terrifying way to play on some people’s worst fear. There are a variety of horrifying looks that manipulate the appearance of the mouth. No matter which looks you’re going for, you’ll need liquid latex, first and foremost.

If you’re going for a cleaner look, you may only need concealer or foundation, needle, and thread. You won’t actually sew your mouth, silly! You will sew layers of the liquid latex once it’s completely dry, however.

For example, if you’re going for a simple scary makeup look, you can follow a_skeleton’s method. Her method involves building layers of latex and toilet paper and then sewing the latex. She then uses black and red face paint to make it look like a very bloody sewing job.

a_skeleton / @macabremakeup

We’re also a fan of @_harlequinade’s concept of Speak No Evil. Instead of sewing the dried latex, this makeup artist applied twine.

But there are many horrifying ways to manipulate the mouth that don’t involve sewing. Take it from Sara Clauson of Glam&Gore. She perfected the See No Evil look using cotton balls and liquid latex. Her Speak No Evil resembles what a zombie’s rotting or melting mouth would look like.

No matter which Speak No Evil look you go for, one thing is certain: You’re bound to make bystanders do a double take.

2. Zombie Superhero

Marvel and DC Comics have dominated the box office in recent years. So, it’s only expected to see some Wonder Women and Batmen walking around this Halloween. If you love superheroes but want to try scary makeup ideas for Halloween, you’re in luck! You can zombify any superhero your inner dark and horror-loving heart desires.

First, you’ll need to decide which superhero you’ll revive from the dead this Halloween. Then, you’ll need to recreate or acquire their costume so you can zombify it! Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Spritz brown/black food coloring or bleach onto the costume
  • Tatter up and make rips in the cloth
  • Dip areas of the cloth in fake blood
  • Smear and rub dirt on the cloth

Chances are, your superhero’s mask didn’t come out unscathed during the zombie apocalypse. So, you’ll also want to tatter or rip it up, as well. That way, you can show off some terrifying zombie makeup.
Zombie makeup can be as simple as powdering your face and applying dark circles around your eyes. It’s the easiest way to create a gaunt and sunken appearance. Add some fake wounds and white colored contacts, and you’ll be ready to walk the earth once again.

Of course, you can go the extra mile by channeling the skills of the industry’s finest makeup artists. Take the makeup and special effect artists from The Walking Dead, for example. The TV series is, after all, based on a comic series, too.

You can also keep your makeup in the spirit of comic books. No one does this better than makeup artist Argenis Pinal.

His Zombie Wolverine looks straight out of a Marvel comic!

3. Trypophobic

Are you looking for scary Halloween makeup that will play on people’s nightmares?

If so, playing on trypophobia is quite possible with makeup. Trypophobia is, by definition, a pathological fear of holes. Whether it’s a honeycomb, coral reef, or actual holes in the skin… Some people are downright disgusted by the images of holes.

More makeup artists are manipulating their skin to look like its infected with holes. Check out @bulldozer_speech_demon’s trypophobic look:

There are varying methods of how to create the illusion of holes in the skin. We like artist Cynthia Koning’s method of creating a tacky base with spirit gum. Then, she uses flesh-colored wax and applies it onto the sticky base. The final step involves (you guessed it) digging out tiny, irregular holes from the wax layer.

If you’re looking for a simple scary makeup idea that will make trypophobics shudder, this look is for you!

4. Demonic Nun

Every Halloween, there’s always someone, somewhere, dressed up as a nun. For some non-religious people, dressing up as a nun is an ironic jab at their lack of faith. For others, Halloween is a chance to channel all those years of Catholic school and Sunday school.

But this year, you can expect to see some pretty terrifying nun costumes out there. The Nun is one of the biggest horror movies to come out this year. It’s a prequel to The Conjuring 2, which tells the story of how Valak, the demonic nun, came to be. And now, makeup artists are drawing on Eleanor Sabaduquia’s work from The Nun.

Makeup artist Adela Mejia has kicked off her Halloween series inspired by Sabaduquia. For fans of the movie, they too can recreate the demonic nun using Adela Mejia’s tutorial.

The Valak look from The Conjuring universe is just one style people can grace this Halloween. But there are other simple scary makeup ideas that revolve around nun costumes. Take the idea of the weeping nun, for example. You may be familiar with this look from American Horror Story: Asylum.

First, you’ll paint your face completely white. Lips, eyelids, ears, and all. Then, you’ll apply blacked out colored contacts. Taking black face paint, create a melting stream of tears pouring out from your eyes. After that, all you’ll need is a nun costume to make people around you whisper a Hail Mary to themselves.

5. Sea Monster

Step aside, Ariel. In folklore, traditional mermaids were nothing like the Disney princess. In fact, they were once believed to enchant sailors and shipwreck them.

Mermaid costumes have grown in popularity over the years. But after the premiere of The Shape of Water, the fascination with sea monsters has been reborn. So, whether you’re looking to be a demonic mermaid or the Gill-Man, pay attention!

First, you’ll need fishnet stockings. These vary in size and design, but it’s good to acquire one with large knits and one with smaller knits.

There are plenty of ways to create the illusion of fish scales on your face. Not to mention, you can use just about any color makeup you desire. But this tutorial is perfect for an underwater simple scary makeup look.
If you want a concept more on the monstrous side, consider going as a piranha or angler fish this Halloween. Madeyewlook’s tutorial is great inspiration whether you want to go as an anglerfish or some other underwater monster this year.

Make people think twice about going swimming by channeling your inner sea monster this Halloween!

Find Inspiration with Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween

It may still feel like summer in some parts of the U.S. But Halloween is right around the corner – and now is the time to start planning and practicing your scary Halloween makeup look!

Once October rolls around, where’s the best place to rock scary makeup ideas for Halloween? The good news is that you don’t need to wait until October 31st to wear your makeup. Haunted houses are the best place to show off your scary makeup and meet others who are just as scary as you.

If you love haunted houses, rock your scary makeup at the world’s largest haunted house in Fort Worth. There’s something for every horror fan at Cutting Edge Haunted House. Buy your tickets for the 2018 season today!

Cutting Edge Haunted House 2016 Grand Opening

chris-ellis-1It is officially the grand opening of Cutting Edge Haunted House for the 2016 season! Cutting Edge Haunted House opens Friday, September 16th for the first time this Halloween season. You can view our calendar here for days/times of operation. You will want to scream, cry and run away, but will have an unforgettable, literally and figuratively, time at Cutting Edge Haunted House. Our monsters, terrifying live actors and special effects will follow you through the multi-story venue and deliver you multiple unbelievable scares.
First time visitor? Here are just a few reasons to make a trip to us for the 2016 season:
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Don’t just take our word or our rankings and awards for it. Take the communities! Here’s what they are saying about us:
• “The longest adrenaline rush money can buy!”
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We are open rain or shine and are a cash only venue, unless you purchase your tickets before hand online. Parking is available for $10 and ticket prices are as follows (group rates are available online only):
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Cutting Edge Haunted House is located at the intersection of I-30 and I-35:
1701 East Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Questions? Call us on our Hauntline at 817.348.8444.

Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentines-day-cutting-edge-2014 copyWondering what to get your sweetie pie for Valentine’s Day? Did you wait till the last minute? Oh no! Before you run out to the nearest convenience store to browse the seasonal aisle, here are a few items you should definitely avoid.

10. Scratch and win lottery tickets. Sure, the fantasy of possibly winning a fortune can briefly heat up the moment, but as soon as she’s done scratching, it’s a nothing but a big fat zero. And that’s what you’ll be getting from HER tonight.

9. A diamond ring keychain. Think you can hint at taking it to the next level without actually going there? Think again. While you’re at it, avoid any jewelry that comes in a ring-sized box that isn’t actually a ring.

8. A self-help book. This is not the occasion to suggest there is anything wrong with her that she needs help with. She just might help you right out the door. If you disregard our advice, at least make sure it’s a paperback so it won’t do as much damage when she throws it at you.

7. Pornography. This is a bad gift for so many reasons. Men, suffice it to say, you don’t want her comparing you to the studs in the flick. And gals, if you’re thinking of buying something smutty for your man, he’s probably already got a more extensive collection than you ever dreamed of.

6. Cooking utensils. Are you hinting she’s a bad cook, or too cheap to take her out to a fine dinner? Better make sure it’s not a set of knives…

5. Viagra. This is just downright humiliating, no matter which one gives it to the other. Think about it.

4. Facebook gifts — send her a Valentines Day present on Facebook and watch how quickly she changes her status.

3. A gym membership. This is 100 times worse than answering in the affirmative to “does this make me look fat?”

2. Lingerie. Guys, you can’t win. If it’s too big, she’ll accuse you of thinking she’s fat. If it’s too small, she’ll cry hysterically. Even if, by some miracle you choose the right size, she’ll think it makes some sort of insinuation about her virtuosity, or lack of it. Better not go there, but if you do, spend the money for some silk. Cheap nylon panties cause yeast infections.

1. Spanx. Okay, are you just a complete moron?

So what should you do? Don’t panic. It’s not too late. Show your sweetie-pie some Twisted Love at Cutting Edge Haunted House, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 10 p.m. After all, what’s more romantic than a candelight romp through a meat-packing plant, being chased by a horde of blood-thirsty zombies? Buy your tickets online and get $5 off with the code “Rose.” Guaranteed to get your blood pumping!

A Rose, By Any Other Color…

Black Rose CE SmallThe symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Over thousands of years, people have used the various colors of roses to convey a variety of emotions, from affection to sympathy to undying love. Before you spring for a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, you might want to think about what message you’re trying to send.

Red is traditionally the color of love, beauty, courage and respect, romantic love and, congratulations, and a single red rose is used to say, “I love you.”

Dark red or deep burgundy symbolizes unconscious beauty.

Pink roses signal appreciation, thanks, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, and can also be used to say, “please believe me.”

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness, worthiness, heavenliness, and are a favorite for weddings and bridal bouquets.

Yellow roses are used to indicate friendship, joy, gladness, delight, new beginnings, welcome back, jealousy and caring.

Yellow roses with a red tip symbolize friendship and falling in love.

Orange roses signify desire and enthusiasm.

Red and white roses given together demonstrate unity.

Red and yellow roses together demonstrate happy feelings.

Lavender roses are a symbol of enchantment, and love at first sight.

Coral roses indicate desire.

Black roses are a rose of another color. They are used to signify death, sadness, bereavement and farewell, and are often used in funeral arrangements. They may also be sent to the living, as an ominous warning, or reflection of a desire on the part of the sender that the receiver might soon perish unexpectedly. Black roses are also symbolic of dark magic, evil, witchcraft, and revenge, and play a role in numerous works of fiction and fantasy.

Apart from a few extremely rare and exotic varieties, black roses, by and large, are not actually black, by nature. They start out as a very dark shade of red, purple or maroon. Cut roses are placed in a vase of water mixed with black floral dye, and as they absorb the water, they darken in color. Alternatively, they may be dipped in a dye solution or sprayed with a floral spray paint, which is a faster, yet messier method of creating truly black roses.

Black roses are also a favorite of goth girls, so if your sweetheart is into the black nail polish and spiked dog collars, a bouquet of black roses might actually be a hit, as long as they’re live black roses, not wilted or dried out with a dead rodent thrown in the box for good measure…

Or, you could just bring her to Cutting Edge Haunted House on Valentine’s Day Weekend, open Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 10 p.m. Because nothing says “I love you” like a bloodcurdling scream…

Cutting Edge to Open for Valentine’s Day!

VD12016Fort Worth’s Cutting Edge Haunted House will open Saturday and Sunday, February 13 and 14th from 8 to 10 p.m. for some Valentine’s Day shenanigans.

Christmas is over but the bills have just started coming in, and you’re still reeling from the season of sweet confections; cookies, cakes and pies, not to mention all the chocolates and candy canes. Instead of giving your sweetheart still more sugar for Valentine’s Day, why not treat her to an hour of blood-curdling cardio at Cutting Edge Haunted House!

Nothing gets the heart racing like a lovesick zombie, wielding a box of chocolates in one hand and a chain saw in the other. She’ll cling to you like a wet T-shirt as you run the gauntlet together, dodging fresh horrors around every corner while your hearts pound in sweet synchronicity.

Make memories of a lifetime as you stumble through more than a mile of madness in the world’s longest walk-through haunted house, illuminated only by candle light for the perfect touch of Valentine’s Day ambiance. Just imagine the calories you’ll burn!

For a romantic candlelight evening she’ll never forget, get your tickets now for Valentine’s Day weekend at the Cutting Edge Haunted House! After all, there’s a fine line between romance and terror…

Top 10 Zombie New Year’s Resolutions

CENewYearsIt’s New Year’s Eve, and all around the world, zombies are busy making plans for what to do better in the New Year — how to be healthier, happier, scarier, all the important things that zombies have on their worm-eaten brains. Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we polled our zombies to come up with the top 10 zombie resolutions for 2016, and here they are:

10. Eat more brains, and less cats.

9. Get more cardio “shuffling to the oldies” with Richard Simmons.

8. Use public transit more frequently, and leave the hearse at home.

7. Buy “Energy Star” rated chainsaws to protect the environment.

6. Quit smoking brains — eat ’em raw!

5. Spend more time reading and less time watching the Kardashians.

4. Learn a new language — maybe English.

3. Update wardrobe with fresh bloodstains.

2. Spend more quality time with fellow zombies.

1. Scare the living daylights out of as many people as possible in 2016!

Happy New Year, America, and we look forward to frightening you again in 2016! We’ll leave the lights out for you…

The Perils of a Full Moon at Christmas

CEWerewolfMoon Santa’s not the only creature roaming the Earth this Christmas Eve…

Early Christmas morning marked the first occurrence of a Christmas full moon in 38 years, and it will be the last until the year 2034. The full “cold moon,” the last full moon of the year peaked Friday morning just as Santa Claus was finishing his Yuletide rounds.

What are the ramifications of a full moon occurring at the same time as the jolly old elf is circling the globe, with a sleigh full of goodies, a big fat jelly belly and nine juicy morsels of venison? Clearly he’s a prime target for a wide variety of night stalkers, not the least of which is the ravenous bloodthirsty werewolf.

We all know Santa ranges all around the globe, even to some parts of the planet where angels fear to tread. Imagine the perils of delivering Christmas gifts to homes in Transylvania, under the ominous glow of a blood red moon, surrounded by dark, somber forests of twisted, leafless tree trunks silhouetted against the cold, snow-covered ground. Brrrr. That’s enough to make anyone’s egg nog freeze over.

Not to worry, we have it on good authority, courtesy of NORAD, that Santa Claus did indeed make it back to the North Pole safe and sound on Christmas day – or did he? Might he have had a close encounter along the way, with say, a werewolf? Even Santa Claus is not immune to the bite of a lycanthrope, and could be changing at this every moment into something not so jolly. Imagine a bloodthirsty werewolf with the magical powers of Santa Claus, and things could get a little, well interesting, to say the least.

So as you’re taking down your Christmas decorations, you might want to close the chimney flu, lock your doors and windows and be sure to hide the milk and cookies the next time a full moon rolls around, because Santa CLAWS might well be on the prowl!

This heartwarming seasonal tale brought to you by Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, wishing you and yours a Very Scary Holiday Season!

The Cutting Edge of Christmas

HoHoHOBetter watch out, better not cry…

Just run, run like Forest Gump, ’cause someone’s coming to Cutting Edge Haunted House and it’s not a jolly fat man!

Tis the season of fear and loathing, and all things creepy at the world’s longest walk-through haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without creepy clowns, evil elves and maniacal chain-saw-wielding zombies, now would it?

If too much sickly sweet holiday cheer is giving you a toothache, then come on out to Cutting Edge and taste the dark side of the Yuletide! We’ve been bad. We’ve been very, very bad, and every one of our elves is on the naughty list. We’ve got Christmas spirits — lots and lots of evil Christmas spirits, and they’re just dying to jingle your bells.

It’s all happening this Saturday, December 12th, from 8 to 10 p.m. Buy your tickets online using the promotional code “Frosty” and pay just $19.95! That’s the best deal of the season — buy one for a friend! They’ll thank you at the top of their lungs as they run screaming through the dark Texas night. What’s more precious, after all, than the gift of fear?

Remember, Christmas comes but once a year, and so does Cutting Edge’s Nightscare Before Christmas, so get your tickets now while there’s still time! Ho, ho, ho — we’ll be waiting for you…

It’s a Very Scary Christmas

Holiday blues got you down? Small wonder. Black Friday sales are over, and Thanksgiving is but a Pepto-Bismol coated bit of indigestion lingering in your mid-gut. What to do for fun? Put up Christmas lights? Much too dangerous, especially after you’ve been swilling eggnog spiked with Uncle Bubba’s special brand of greased lightning. Sing Christmas carols, decorate a tree, send out Christmas cards? Bah humbug. If all the sickly sweet yuletide sentiments are rotting away your soul, then we have just the thing to put the “holy crap!” back into your holiday: The Nightscare Before Christmas!

That’s right, Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas is opening once again for our annual Nightscare Before Christmas creepy crawly spooktacular extravaganza, on Saturday, December 12th from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.

There’s nowhere to run to, Santa baby, and nowhere to hide, when the elves turn into zombies and break out the chainsaws. It’s madness and mayhem with a peppermint twist. So put down the cookies, fat man, and start running, because Rudolph’s sharpening his antlers and he’s got you in his sights.

That’s right, nothing screams Christmas like a good old fashioned slaying. So don’t delay — get your tickets online for this one-night-a-year special performance. Halloween may be over, but the 12th Night is coming….

It’s Friday the 13th – Do You Feel Lucky?

Friday13BlackSo, that special day of the week is coming around again, Friday the 13th. Are you feeling lucky? Sure, it’s probably just mere superstition, however, paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th, affects people the world over, leading to responses ranging from mild dread to full blown panic attack whenever the two dates shall clash.

Should you be afraid? Just because the 13th guest at the Last Supper was Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, and the Code of Hammurabi omits the 13th law for fear of it’s being evil, hey, who’s to say that’s bad?

Most hotels and many high rise buildings around the world have opted to skip the 13th floor. Traditionally, doomed prisoners climbed 13 steps to the gallows. And an old superstition says that those with 13 letters in their name are doomed to a life of misery. Think Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo. Apollo 13 was the only moon mission which failed, with near disastrous consequences. Still feeling lucky?

On Friday, Aug. 13, 2010, a 13-year-old boy was struck by lightning at 1:13 p.m. — that’s 13:13 hundred hours, in Suffolk, England. According to Rex Clarke, a St. John Ambulance team leader, “Suddenly there was this huge crack of lightening really close to the seafront and really loud thunder. Seconds later we got a call someone had been hit. The boy was breathing and was conscious.” The boy had only a minor burn. Clarke said, “It’s all a bit strange that he was 13, and it happened at 13:13 on Friday 13.”

History is filled with tales of horrific happenings that have occurred on Friday the 13th, such as the date of two fatal plane crashes, Friday October 13, 1972. Not only did the infamous Swiss rugby team end up battling for survival in the Andes (think “Alive”), but a much larger flight crashed that same day near Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, killing all 174 passengers and crew.

While you may be tempted to stay home and curl up in bed in order to avoid the ravages of this unlucky day, history has proven that there is no safe place when Friday the 13th rolls around. Witness an unfortunate gentleman by the name of Daz Baxter, who attempted to bury his head beneath the blankets of his bed on Friday, August 13th, 1976 to avoid any possible peril. He was killed that day when the floor of his apartment building collapsed.

So what is there to do? Why not venture out, seize the bull by the horns, look fate in the eye and laugh like a maniac! Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth and show the world you’re not afraid of any silly old superstitions! Laugh in the face of peril! Embrace the dark side! Open this Friday the 13th. We’ll keep the lights out for you…

Happy Halloween from Cutting Edge

Tis night for revel, set apart
To reillume the darkened heart,
And rout the hosts of Dole.
‘Tis night when Goblin, Elf, and Fay,
Come dancing in their best array
To prank and royster on the way,
And ease the troubled soul.

The ghosts of all things, past parade,
Emerging from the mist and shade
That hid them from our gaze,
And full of song and ringing mirth,
In one glad moment of rebirth,
Again they walk the ways of earth,
As in the ancient days …

—J.K. Bangs, Harper’s Weekly, Nov. 5, 1910.

Merry Samhein!

It’s not too late to get your tickets for Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, open tonight and tomorrow night for your ghoulish pleasure!

Walk Like a Zombie

From Phoenix to Fayetteville, Zombie Walks continue to entice die-hard living dead/Walking Dead fans into getting out and enjoying some fresh air — and brains, zombie style.

Zombie walks originated in North America shortly after the turn of the century, with the earliest one being hastily assembled at the Gen Con gaming convention in August of 2000. It was actually more of a flash mob with around 60 participants, that was organized to poke fun at Vampire: The Masquerade LARPers who were monopolizing the convention.

As zombie movies became more popular, so did zombie walks, as well as zombie fests and other zombie related events. Let’s face it, this country just loves their zombies!

In downtown Phoenix, the annual Zombie Walk has been luring teeming masses of zombie fans to Heritage & Science Park every fall for six years now. The event has attracted upwards of 20,000 people in recent years, some 15,000 of them in costume.

Starting at sundown, the walk covers a whopping 1.5 miles of downtown Phoenix, serenaded by live bands and lined with food and drink vendors. While 1-1/2 miles might not seem much of a distance for you marathon runners, at a zombie’s pace, well let’s just say you’ve got time for a few beers along the way.

Over in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a similar event takes place every October on the weekend before Halloween. Starting at the Headquarter Library at 7:45 p.m., the zombies parade down Maiden Lane through the streets of downtown Fayetteville to the corner of Hay Street and Ray Avenue, where they can chill and rock out to some cool zombie style live rock music.

In fact, zombie walks are going on all across the country, in Portland, Oregon, Rochester, New York, Fort Collins, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Rome, Georgia and even in the nation’s capital. In good old New York, New York, aka party town, they’re calling it a “Zombie Crawl.”

If you can’t find a zombie walk in your neighborhood, don’t despair. We’ve got more zombies than you could shake shstick at! Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas and crawl, walk or run through Zombie Central! Open every night through November 1st — get your tickets on line and save some zombie bucks!

Countdown to Halloween: Just 3 days!!!

10 Freaky Facts About Spiders

CESpiderWebWhile most people have at least a credible amount of fear or aversion to all forms of creepy crawlies, spiders in particular tend to get a bad rap. Household spiders perform a valuable service by keeping the insect population in check, and while a notorious few can have dangerous bites, the vast majority are perfectly harmless to humans. Spiders are, in large part, nocturnal, and mostly keep to themselves. In other words, if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you.

Nevertheless, arachnophobia affects some 3-1/2 to 6 percent of the population, and the mere sighting of a spider has been known to make grown men squeal like a little girl. What’s the big deal? Well, could it be because all spiders are predators, and together they make up the largest group of carnivores in the world? Here are ten more freaky facts about spiders:

1. All spiders are venomous, except for one (the hackled orb weaver). They use their venom to paralyze their prey.

2. Spiders transfer venom to their prey by biting them with sharp fangs. In the case of the South American goliath birdeater, those fangs can be over 3/4 of an inch and reach up to 1-1/2 inches!

3. All spiders produce silk, which they use for different purposes. Some use it for shelter, to protect offspring and/or to assist them as they move. Some use it to capture prey, and most use it to keep their victims immobile while they wait for them to liquefy.

4. A spider’s digestive process actually takes place outside the spider’s body. Using its fangs, it injects digestive enzymes into its prey, which cause the tissues inside the exoskeleton to liquefy. It then sucks out the liquefied matter, leaving the insect’s empty shell intact. Some spiders use a slightly different method to break down their prey, but you get the idea.

5. Spiders use a combination of muscle and blood pressure to move their legs. They do this by contracting muscles in their cephalothorax (fused head and thorax), which increases blood pressure to the legs. Jumping spiders can use this sudden increase in blood pressure to spring as much as a foot, horizontally. Yikes!

6. The jumping spider family, or Salticidae, as the eggheads call it, comprises around 13% of all spider species, making it the largest family of spiders. Jumping spiders have exceptional eyesight, owing to their four pairs of eyes. Jumping spiders have no need for webs; they simply pounce on their prey.

7. Like jumping spiders, wolf spiders don’t bother with webs, preferring to hunt down their prey using superior strength and exceptional eyesight, especially at night. Wolf spiders can be found all over the world, are solitary hunters and sometimes mistaken for tarantulas, due to their large size and predilection to remain on the ground, using vegetation or leaf litter for cover. Female wolf spiders are known to be aggressive when they’re carrying around an egg sac, and after hatching, carry the hatchlings around on their backs for several days.

8. Male spiders are generally smaller than female spiders, and risk being eaten by them if the female is hungry enough. For this reason, male spiders of different species are known to perform elaborate courtship rituals to identify themselves as potential mates before approaching a female spider. Jumping spiders perform dances from a safe distance, and then await approval before getting too close. Male orb weavers and other web builders wait on the outer rim of a female’s web, where they gently pluck at the silk to transmit a signal to the female. If she likes the vibes, she’ll send back a signal that it’s safe to approach.

9. The black widow actually comes from a whole family of widow spiders (Theridiidae), so named for their penchant for eating their mates after copulating. The bite of a black widow spider secretes a neurotoxin called latrotoxin, which causes a condition known as latrodectism, both terms deriving from the name of the black widow species: Latrodexus. While rarely fatal in humans, the condition causes pain, vomiting, sweating and muscle rigidity; so you may only wish you were dead. Domestic cats, however, have been known to die from it. Brown recluse, or violin spiders, on the other hand, inject a venom that sometimes leads to necrotizing ulcers that destroy soft tissue, take months to heal and leave deep scars. Rarely, the bites can lead to systemic illness, organ failure and even death in small children or those with a weakened immune system.

10. Arguably the largest species of spider is the South American goliath birdeater, whose leg span can reach up to a foot (about the size of a dinner plate). Found in coastal rainforests of Surinam, French Guiana and Guyana, a few have been spotted occasionally in Brazil and Venezuela. With a reported lifespan of 10 years, the birdeater can weigh more than 6 ounces and has hardened tips and claws on its feet that produce a distinctive clicking sound when it walks. Now THAT’s creepy!

Although some would argue that the giant huntsman is larger since it has a slightly larger leg span, it’s body is much lighter and more delicate. It’s somewhat like comparing a giraffe to an elephant.

In addition to its long fangs, which can reach up to 1-1/2 inches, the birdeater is capable of sending out clouds of hairs from its body which wreak havoc in the eyes and mucous membranes of its enemies. While venomous and quite painful (like driving a nail through your hand), the bite of a birdeater is not deadly to humans.

Contrary to its name, the birdeater doesn’t usually eat birds, although it will attack most anything it encounters and is capable of killing small mammals. Fortunately for the birds, this gargantuan spider mostly hunts for frogs, insects and especially earthworms which come out on humid nights. If a birdeater does happen to stumble on a bird nest, however, it has no qualms about puncturing and drinking bird eggs, and could easily kill chicks and parents as well.

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Countdown to Halloween: 5 DAYS!

The Corn Maze: An American Tradition

Halloween is almost upon us, and all around the nation families are visiting local farms to pick out pumpkins, go on hay rides and navigate through elaborate mazes carved in fields of corn. A relatively new fall tradition, corn mazes have become a popular way for small farmers to supplement their incomes and attract customers to their pumpkin fields.

In fact, the first corn maze was created in 1993, Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania, as a fundraising effort to aid Midwest farmers whose farms had been damaged by severe flooding.

Disney World producer and LVC Alumnus Don Frantz and LVC student Joanne Marx teamed up with Adrian Fisher of Minotaur Designs in England to design a maze, based on the UK’s popular country garden variety. Fisher had designed some 70 mazes including one in the shape of a dragon, but nothing of the size and complexity envisioned by Frantz.

The final creation was open to the public for just two weekends in the fall of 1993, and drew national attention. With an admission of just $5 per person, the college drew nearly 6,000 visitors and raised over $27,000 over the opening weekend alone. All the proceeds went to the Red Cross to aid the stricken farmers.

Since that first effort, corn mazes have become popular tourist attractions in North America, and are created in a variety of artistic shapes and designs. Some are based on a particular theme, or created to tell different stories. Most feature a path which traverses the entire pattern, finishing either in the middle or at the outside, with intermittent false paths leading away from the main trail.

Interestingly, corn mazes have also caught on back in the United Kingdom, where they are known as “maize mazes” since the Brits tend to refer to wheat as “corn.” Especially popular on small family farms in the east of England, these mazes are normally combined with hay rides, petting zoos and picnic areas.

Dixon, California is home to the world’s largest corn maze, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007. Measured at 45 acres in 2010, the attraction has since been unofficially surpassed by Adventure Acres in Bellbrook Ohio, whose 62 acre corn maze features 8.5 miles of trails. Wow — you could be in there a while!

Contrary to popular belief, corn mazes are not simply cut from an existing crop. Corn maze fields are carefully planned, with farmers selecting an appropriate hybrid species to deliver the desired height and stalk strength and spacing the plants for optimal denseness. Also, corn maze fields are generally planted two to three weeks later in the season than crops planted for harvest.

What’s better than a corn maze? A haunted corn maze! As if navigating your way through a complex series of hairpin turns and passageways isn’t scary enough, imagine doing so at night, with ghostly scarecrows, ghouls and monsters lurking around every corner!

Corn Mazes America estimated there were over 800 corn mazes around the country back in 2008. Since many corn mazes are private and not registered anywhere, it’s difficult pinpoint how many are created annually.

Although only a fraction of corn mazes are also haunted, that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of scaring the popcorn out of somebody. In 2011, police in Danvers, Massachusetts (a short distance from Salem) got a 911 call from a family of four who had been lost in a corn maze for several hours. Night had fallen, and the farmer who owned the maze had departed to run some errands and was unable to hear their cries for help.

He returned to his farm a short time later to find squad cars, police and tracking dogs searching for the errant tourists. The family was quickly located just 25 feet from the exit.

Farm owner Bob Connors hadn’t been worried when the family didn’t come right out. “People like to take their time and we don’t like to rush people out of the maze,” Connors said. “We like to give people their money’s worth.”

If you’re into mazes, monsters and scary good times, come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, open every night through November 1st. There’s nothing CORNY about US! (Bring a change of underwear).

Countdown to Halloween: 7 days!

How Much Do You Know About Scarecrows?

IMG_3359The Halloween holiday brings with it a slew of iconic images, from Jack o’lanterns, witches and ghosts, to haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides and scarecrows. Used primarily to discourage crows and other avian pests from devouring corn and wheat before they could be harvested, scarecrows quickly became associated with fall, and make superb Halloween decorations.

It’s easy to see what makes a scarecrow a natural for spooky décor; after all, it is a SCARE crow, and farmers often endeavored to make them as hideous looking as possible.

While scarecrows have been found in ancient Greece and Rome, and even Japan, (the Japanese used rotting meat and fish to make them smell wretched and called them kakashis, meaning something that smells badly) the country that really embraced the scarecrow was Britain. After the population was so reduced by the Great Plague in 1348, farmers could no longer find enough young boys to patrol their wheat fields with bags of stones, and so they resorted to stuffing sacks with straw and carving faces in turnips or gourds. These straw men were then placed on poles in their fields.

So fond are the Brits of their scarecrows, that every year a myriad of festivals crop up, from one end of the United Kingdom to the other. In Meerbrook, Staffordshire, the festival has a storybook theme, featuring animated hay-stuffed Humpty Dumpty’s, Miss Muffets and Little Bo Peeps, among others. Many of these festivals are actually trails, where participants go from display to display, finding clues and solving riddles.

In the U.S., frustrated farmers forsook scarecrows and took to putting a bounty out on crows, and fairly decimated the crow population by the late 1700s. With the crows out of the picture, corn borers and other worms and insects moved in, and were soon doing more damage to the corn and wheat than the crows ever had. So, farmers stopped killing crows and went pack to using scarecrows to keep crop loss to a minimum.

In a small village in modern-day Japan, scarecrows outnumber people. A woman by the name of Tsukimi Ayano started making scarecrows 13 years ago, creating the first one in the likeness of her departed father, as a tribute to him. She has since created more than 350 of them, 150 of which reside in various parts around the town, in homes and businesses of people who have died or moved away. The rest of the straw people have fallen victim to time and the elements.

In fact, the population of the village of Nagoro has dwindled over the years from 150 to just 35 living residents, well outnumbered by the straw people. In the village school, which was closed in 2012 after the last two pupils graduated, scarecrows sit at the desks, and fix their button eyes on a scarecrow teacher standing at the chalkboard. Ooh, that’s too creepy!

ZombieCollegeSpeaking of schools, Thursday is COLLEGE Night at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth! Show your college student ID and get $8.00 off online tickets or $4.00 off at the door. For online tickets, use the promo code “FBThurs8” — valid for October 22nd only!

Countdown to Halloween: 11 Days!

It’s Almost Halloween: What’s in YOUR Closet?

skeleton2Got a skeleton in your closet? Since the early 1800s, if not earlier, this was a phrase that was meant to imply that you were concealing something of such a serious nature that it might damage your reputation if revealed. In a more sinister connotation, it could refer to past criminal activity, perhaps even the existence of an actual decomposing corpse on the premises.

To this end, skeletons have been turning up unexpectedly in backyards and domiciles for thousands of years. Some have innocent origins and explanations, everything from homes built on ancient burial grounds or forgotten, unmarked graveyards to “Grandma died of a heart attack and we couldn’t afford a cemetery plot.”

On the darker side of the proposition, attics, crawl spaces, walls, chimneys, basements, gardens and backyards have long been favorite hiding places for serial killers or even your seemingly friendly neighbor to stash the bodies of their victims. Often these unfortunate corpses languish for decades or more before being discovered, usually long after the culprit has moved on (or passed on) and some unwitting new homeowner embarks on a remodeling project.

And then, sometimes skeletons are legitimately obtained for some purpose or other and then forgotten about, only to cause hysteria and consternation upon their inadvertent discovery by later generations. Such is the case with a charitable organization dating back to 17th Century England called the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows.

Pledged to “visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan,” the fraternal order was composed of wealthy society members who wished to aid the lower classes, which was considered “odd” during that period in history, and hence the name.

But it seems their penchant for charity wasn’t the only thing that was odd about the Odd Fellows.

Similar to Freemasons and other secretive societies, the Odd Fellows practiced clandestine rituals involving human bones and skeletons, witnessed only by members of the inner sanctum who were sworn to silence.

The first American Odd Fellows lodge opened in Baltimore in 1819, and after a minor setback during the civil war, the organization flourished. Known as the “Golden Age of Fraternalism” in America, the period of 1860 through 1910/1920 saw the Odd Fellows building lodges in every state, beating out the Freemasons to become the largest of all fraternal organizations according to the 1896 World Almanac.

Although events of the 20th century (depression, wars) led to a serious decline in membership for the Odd Fellows and fraternal organizations in general, membership in the 21st century has begun to rebound. Nonetheless, as the organization evolves and changes, old ways — and old lodges — have fallen by the wayside.

And as those old lodges are closed and sold, skeletons are turning up willy nilly, in places like Warrenton, Virginia, where a contractor found a ritual skeleton in a black wooden box hidden between two walls of the Warrenton Odd Fellows Lodge.

In recent years, the discovery of Odd Fellows skeletons has sparked police investigations in Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. In Oklahoma, the discovery of human remains prompted a work crew to flee in terror.

Owing to the clandestine nature of the society, no one is talking, and therefore no one knows where these skeletons came from or what they were used for.

Famous members of Odd Fellows include Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Wyatt Earp, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Burl Ives and Red Skelton. The first national fraternity to accept both men and women, the society also welcomed into its ranks Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Georgia Dwelle, the first woman physician of African American descent.

Here at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas, we have more than a few skeletons in our closets, along with evil clowns, zombies and bloodthirsty psychopaths. It’s actually kinda crowded in there. Come on down and take a look — we DARE you! Open Thursday through Sunday nights!

Countdown to Halloween: 18 Days!!!

How Long do Zombies Live? Ask Igor!

AskIgorAt Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, we consider ourselves to be subject matter experts on all things supernatural. From ghosts and goblins to werewolves and wicked witches, we’ve had experience with all kinds of spooky beings and paranormal phenomenon. So we are proud to offer up our resident Master of the Macabre, Igor, to answer your questions on the subject.

Our question for this week was sent in by Silly Sally from Selman City, and she asks, “How long do zombies live?” Take it away, Igor!

Well Sally, that’s kind of a trick question, since zombies aren’t actually alive in the first place. They’re not quite dead, either. What they are is undead, and in that state they tend to stumble around for quite a while, frightening people and eating their brains. So what I’m guessing you really want to know is, how long can a zombie be undead before he becomes just plain old dead?

There are a lot of things that factor into this equation, Sally, including decomposition. While a zombie doesn’t decompose as quickly as someone who’s just plain dead, his flesh does eventually rot away, depending on things like temperature, humidity, and insect activity. Accordingly, a zombie in a tropical region might only last a few weeks, while one in Alaska could keep going for decades.

Then there’s the matter of sustenance. A zombie does not live on bread alone, after all. Actually, zombies don’t eat bread, they eat brains. Consuming the brains of living creatures is what gives a zombie his life force — or death force — or undeath force — whatever. If a zombie can’t find brains to devour, he loses his mojo, and will eventually turn into a door stop. No brains no brawn.

The last thing to consider is the amount of physical damage inflicted on the zombie. A zombie who’s had his head blown off may only stumble around for a few hours, while I’ve personally seen zombies hop around on one leg for weeks at a time. A zombie with missing limbs, however, is usually somewhat compromised in his ability to capture prey, and without a fresh supply of brains, once again, we’re talking doorstop city.

So, I guess the answer to your question then, Sally, is — it depends. And no, we’re not talking about incontinence here. That’s another subject entirely.

Are you off your rocker with supernatural infestations? Got bats in your belfry? Send your quizzical queries to Ask Igor! And be sure to provide a home address, so my friends and I can drop in for a bite!

And if you want to see a whole herd of zombies up close and personal, come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth — We’ll leave the lights out for you…

Countdown to Halloween: 31 days!

Giant Blood Moon Over Cutting Edge Haunted House

The rare combination of a near-earth super moon and a lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon was seen roiling the skies above Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth Sunday night, and is suspected to be a possible cause of some other odd sightings at the world’s longest walk through haunted house.

Although the haunt was closed for the night (open Sunday nights in October), satellite imagery revealed some strange goings on around the grounds of the old converted meat-packing plant. Zombies, vampires and rabid clowns were seen running amok, chasing each other with chain saws across the roof of the building, swinging from the parapets and baying at the moon. One blurry photo appears to reveal a zombie wearing what could only be a pair of ladies panties on his head.

While eminently disturbing, this kind of phenomenon is not unheard of during a lunar eclipse, when it is said that animals’ internal clocks get out of whack and creatures on the fringes of humanity seem to drift even further from their human roots. Accordingly, a great number of myths and superstitions have sprung up through the years around both solar and lunar eclipses.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that children conceived during a lunar eclipse would be born with demons inside them. A somewhat more recent superstition holds that if a pregnant woman touches her belly during a lunar eclipse, the baby will be born with a birth mark on the area that was touched.

In India, some believe that if you sleep with wet hair during a lunar eclipse, you will awake stark raving mad, while others believe that you should bathe before and after the event, to wash away evil spirits — and also wash your eyes out with urine to keep them from hurting… To KEEP them from hurting?!

Some Eskimos turn their utensils upside down during an eclipse to keep the “sick” sun and moon from shining poisoned rays onto them, bringing on disease and famine. In Thailand, many citizens still bang on pots and light off fireworks during an eclipse to scare away the evil spirits that have devoured the sun or the moon.

It is said that Christopher Columbus used his foreknowledge of an upcoming lunar eclipse to trick hostile native chiefs into giving him food by threatening to darken the moon unless they did his bidding. After initially refusing, the chiefs caved when the moon went dark, seemingly on cue, at the intrepid explorer’s spoken command.

And so, if things got a little weird Sunday night, or if you work for NASA and you happened to capture some very bizarre satellite images, just chalk it up to the blood moon. Not to worry; there won’t be another one until 2033!

Cutting Edge Haunted House, however, is open every Friday and Saturday night in September, plus Sundays and selected weekdays in October. So if you REALLY want to see some super scary supernatural beings just being themselves — come on down!

Countdown to Halloween: 34 days!!!

Coming to a Night Sky Near You…


A rare, super moon/lunar eclipse combo is set to occur late Sunday evening, September 27th. If you miss this one, you won’t see another until 2033!

Seasoned celestial observers and whuffos alike (“whuffo you looking up at the sky?) will be craning their necks late Sunday evening to get a peek at a rare giant blood moon. Starting around 8 p.m. in the United States, the earth, moon and sun will begin to align, and as the moon passes through the shadow of the earth, the darkened moon will appear to have turned a deep reddish color, hence the moniker, “blood moon.”

Don’t have a telescope? Don’t need one! This particular lunar eclipse coincides with a “super moon,” when the moon happens to be at the closest point in its orbit of the earth, causing it to appear around 30% brighter and 14% larger than the norm. Unlike a solar eclipse, no special viewing equipment is required to observe the lunar variety, although binoculars or a telescope can certainly enhance the experience.

The eclipse is expected to reach its peak during the 10 o’clock hour, for those who just want to step outside and take a brief gander. The whole thing should be over shortly after midnight.

It’s great opportunity to host a viewing party. It’s likely a bad time to be out and about, however. After all, if a plain old full moon can trigger all kinds of strange behavior, we shudder to think what frightening occurrences might be brought on by a super blood moon! Stay safe out there!

Get psyched up for the blood moon by visiting Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend, open Friday and Saturday nights! Do it for the kids —

Because Cutting Edge believes Halloween is about the Child in all of us, this weekend a portion of every ticket sold will benefit the Cook Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth!

Countdown to Halloween: 37 days!

Trick-or-Treating Etiquette


Countdown to Halloween: 43 Days!

With the advent of global media, a certain amount of understandable paranoia has developed around the practice of trick-or-treating, and sadly, in this safety-minded, child-proofed world we live in, many parents choose to eliminate it altogether from their children’s life experiences. We think that’s just sad.

Those of us raised in an earlier era have such fond memories of racing around the block at sunset, trying to collect as much candy as possible before midnight. No silly little plastic pumpkins for us — we carried sturdy pillowcases, and made pit-stops at home to empty them before heading out to a new neighborhood.

We started planning our costumes at least a month in advance, and spent weeks fashioning papier-mâché masks and props. We lay awake the night before, too excited to sleep just thinking about the adventure ahead, and the treasure trove of sweets that would soon be ours for the taking (or the asking).

For those of you lucky enough to live in a community where trick-or-treating is still alive and well, we offer a few tips on proper trick-or-treating etiquette to keep things fun and safe for all concerned.

1. Masks are great, but make sure yours allows you plenty of visibility, both directly ahead and peripherally. Not only will this help you stay alert to your surroundings, but could save you the humiliation of a black eye when you keep bumping into your sister’s back with your big papier-mâché mouse nose and she finally loses it.

2. Only go to houses that are lit and clearly participating in the holiday. There was a time when we used to throw eggs at houses where people were hiding inside with the lights off because they were too cheap to give out candy, but these days there are just too many of those, and have you seen the cost of eggs lately? Ditto toilet paper. Just leave them alone if they don’t want to play.

3. Wear a real costume. It’s not “cool” to go trick-or-treating in jeans and a T-shirt. If people can make the effort (and spend the money!) to buy candy, you can make the effort to put on a costume. It’s Halloween, not free candy night.

4. If you see a bowl of candy with a sign that says, “take one,” step back and let someone else go first, and encourage them to take a handful. Better to spring the trap than be the patsy.

5. Carry your stash in a dark pillowcase, and hold out a Halloween-themed decoy bag with just a small amount of candy. People will be more generous if they think you haven’t collected all that much.

6. When you sort through your loot at the end of the night, discard anything that’s unwrapped, appears to have been tampered with or is homemade, unless it’s from someone you know and trust (even then it’s likely to be something yucky.)

7. Don’t forget Mom and Dad. They have a sweet tooth too, and if you award them a generous cut right off the bat, they might not confiscate the entire stash and ration it out to you through Christmas, all the while sneaking an occasional piece for themselves.

Need some scary costume ideas? Come on down to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Forth Worth for some inspiration! From evil clowns to bloodthirsty zombies, we’ve got a horrific cast of characters that will scare the nuts right off your chocolate bar!

Are You a Halloween Junkie?

Halloween is fast approaching, but for some of us, it just can”t get here fast enough. Are you one of those people? Here are a few sure signs you could be a Halloween junkie.

o PETA is after you for dying all of your cats black.

o You have an actual skeleton in your closet.

o You frequently post selfies wearing vampire teeth.

o Your music collection consists of organ music and the Michael Jackson “Thriller” album.

o You think candy corn is one of the four food groups.

o Instead of a wok, you prefer to cook in a cauldron.

o You own more fright wigs than Dolly Parton.

o You take your kids trick-or-treating and you come home with more candy than they do.

o You’re positively giddy with excitement that Cutting Edge Haunted House is opening this weekend! Yeah!

Top Ten Ways to Spend the Labor Day Holiday

Get in the holiday spirit — the Halloween holiday spirit this Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day, the last lazy holiday of the summer, a time for cookouts, picnics, last trips to the beach and for some unlucky husbands, time to clean out the garage along with various other “honey-do’s.”

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day signals a time to change wardrobes, as the days grow shorter and markedly cooler. It’s also — just 54 days till Halloween! So skip the garage and the clothes shopping, and let’s get down to what’s really important. Here are ten important ways you could be spending your Labor Day holiday:

10. Get to work on your Halloween costume. Break out the band saw, arc welder, paint gun and Dremel tools and let’s get this baby started!

9. Put up your Halloween decorations. It’s never too early, really.

8. Unwrap your mummies and take their wraps to the fluff ‘n fold. Remember, a clean mummy is a happy mummy. And as they say, if mummy’s not happy, nobody’s happy…

7. Binge watch the last three seasons of “The Walking Dead” on NetFlix.

6. Start shopping for Halloween candy. You don’t want to be the one giving out last year’s favorites. Invite some friends over for a “tasting” party.

5. Put a fresh coat of whitewash on the backyard cemetery. We don’t want little ghosties tripping over tombstones in the dark, do we?

4. Oil the chainsaw, clean out the fog machine and take the hearse in for a good detail job.

3. Take the Hounds of Hell in for a rabies shot and a flea dip.

2. Freshen up the bloodstains on your front porch and maybe add some bloody handprints on the railing.

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